2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Flower & Joints

Cannabis gifts are great. They’re fun, exciting, and sometimes, they are limited edition products! It is so much fun to find a unique gift or something that won’t be around forever. We all love the novelty of gift giving, but sometimes – you simply need to stick to the classics. 

If you’re gifting to a flower connoisseur, this is the gift guide for you to read! We’ll be featuring both flower and pre-rolled joints for any cannabis enthusiast. As always, the products containing THC are only available in select states. 

Indica House Doobie by Caliva 

We’ve featured some of Caliva’s products in the previous gift guides, and today we’re featuring them again! The Indica House Doobie is a very chill pre-rolled joint. It has roughly 15% THC, so it’s not a crazy high, but rather a chill and feel-good kind of vibe. This will be the gift for your sometimes-smoker friend, or the one who doesn’t like a heavy hit. This is probably not the joint to buy for your friends that love high-THC strains – but keep reading because we have something for them, too! 

The pre-rolls are blended perfectly for optimal burn and consistency, and feature a half gram of cannabis per joint. They’re only $5 for one, so it makes for a perfect stocking stuffer or budget gift! 

Christmas Lights by Insane Strains

This cultivar is frosty, merry, and bright. Christmas Lights contains approximately 21% THC, so it can be a heavy hitter. The hybrid flower contains notes of citrus and a hint of pine, with some even claiming hazelnut vibes. The name comes from the glistening frost that covers the Earth after a fresh snow, and Christmas Lights by Insane Strains sure does glisten! 

You can find Christmas Lights at Dr. Greenthumb dispensaries in California. 

Z Cube by Caliva 

Caliva’s Z Cube flower has a little more THC than their Indica House Doobie, so this would be perfect for someone who likes higher THC. According to Caliva’s website, the flower tests out at 25.06% THC. Caliva describes it as a “sweet and tropical blend” that provides an “energetic edge.” An eighth of this flower retails for $35, and is only available for your friends in California! 

22 Red’s Caramel Gelato

22 Red’s Caramel Gelato is as sweet as it sounds, featuring fruity and sweet notes. The strain is a cross between Gelato and Orange Apricot, so it has those holiday flavors we all crave! Find Caramel Gelato with dark purple buds, fiery orange hairs, and a beautiful coat of crystal resin on top. Caramel Gelato is considered a hybrid indica, and can be found in dispensaries in Arizona and California. Caramel Gelato has a pretty high THC content, so only give this strain to those who can handle it!

Her Highness x Last Prisoner Project’s CBD Pre-Roll

It’s cannabis with a cause! And thankfully, this pre-roll can be gifted to your friends anywhere since it is hemp-derived CBD. This is the perfect gift for the cannabis enthusiast that loves to support a great cause. 

Her Highness CBD partnered with the Last Prisoner Project to create this pre-roll with a message. Each package has the story of one of three women The Last Prisoner Project helped release, and 50% of the proceeds go to these women and other women like them who have been impacted by incarceration due to non-violent cannabis charges. It will feature one pre-roll and a lighter and costs just $15, making this the perfect stocking stuffer! 

Justice Joints

Justice Joints donates 100% of their profit to those most affected by cannabis prohibition. Specifically, to the expungement, release, and rebuilding of these lives who are affected. Currently, there are 40,000 people sitting in prison for cannabis crimes as a legal industry encompassing the very thing they are imprisoned for blazes on outside their cells. Those working on behalf of these people will not rest until every last cannabis prisoner is free.

The joints are available in indica, sativa, and hybrid strains for under $10.

Kaitlin Domangue

Kaitlin is a cannabis reporter for the Green Market Report, covering every angle of the industry. She also works directly with cannabis brands as a content marketer.

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