2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts Under $50

It can get expensive fast when trying to buy holiday gifts for your family and friends, and that becomes especially true when you’re searching for cannabis-related gifts! So, we’ve compiled a list of the best cannabis holiday gifts that are under $50. We tried to make them pretty unique gifts, and not just throw products that happen to be under $50 on a list and call it good. 

You’ll find a mix of things on this list, and some of these gifts do have THC – so they are only available in select locations. 

THC Olive Oil by Om Edibles

Om Edibles infused olive oil is the perfect gift for the cannabis-enthusiast and foodie in your life. Featuring 20 milligrams of THC per teaspoon, this olive oil adds a chill vibe to any dish. It also has approximately 24 total milligrams of CBD, so it balances the THC very well. You can use this infused product just as you would regular olive oil, however that may be! Because of the THC content, this product is only available in California and retails for $29. 

CBG Topical by Goodekind

Goodekind’s CBG topical is a unique product for all of the cannabis-enthusiast people in your life. CBG is quickly rising in popularity, with science discovering that the cannabinoid has awesome therapeutic properties – just like CBD! Goodekind’s topical contains 300 milligrams of CBG, as well as other amazing ingredients like organic shea butter, organic beeswax, and organic coconut oil. The topical also includes soothing essential oils, eucalyptus and peppermint. The topical retails for $35. 

Plus, when you support Goodekind – you support human rights! An eighth (pun likely intended) of the brand’s profits go to human rights initiatives in the United States.

Kanha Nano Sugar Plum Gummies

Kanha has released a holiday edition of their nano gummies in the flavor Sugar Plum. The Sugar Plum flavor comes in an indica strain, and features 10 milligrams of THC per serving. The gummies use Kanha’s nanomolecular technology which creates a stronger and more hard-hitting effect. Kanha’s gummies are available in California. 

Rhythm CBD Seltzer

Rhythm CBD’s seltzers come in three different flavors: blackberry lavender, lemon ginger, and grapefruit rosemary. While they have a 12-pack of sparkling water for $70, you can also purchase a 4-pack for $24 to be well under your $50 budget! The flavors provide different effects, blackberry lavender for sleep, lemon ginger for recovery, and grapefruit rosemary for alertness and vitality. 

This is a hemp-derived product, so these refreshing beverages are available in most U.S. states, excluding a few! 

Pokers by Elevate Jane

We’ve featured Elevate Jane a few times in our gift guide series, but the woman-owned brand just has so much to offer – and at a great price! Elevate Jane has a few different pokers for all of your cannabis poking needs, and their cute styles make clearing bowls fun! Choose between an avocado, pineapple, or ice cream poker – all styles retailing for just $18. These pokers are the perfect low-cost gift for your bowl smokin’ cannabis friend! 

Kaitlin Domangue

Kaitlin is a cannabis reporter for the Green Market Report, covering every angle of the industry. She also works directly with cannabis brands as a content marketer.

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