8 Reasons Why College Students Use Cannabis

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Why do students use marijuana? This article provides you with 8 reasons why the use of marijuana is rising among students, especially those at the college level. According to a recent study by the University of Michigan, marijuana use among American college students is now highest in 35 years. This study polled 1,400 students between the ages of 19 and 22.

With that said, let’s jump straight into why students partake in cannabis.


Many high school and college students who try weed for the first time are just curious. It is not entirely unexpected, given that curiosity is a normal part of growing up. See, as students interact, they will want to try out what they see their friends do, including weed, and it’s only natural.

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is one of the common reasons why students start partaking in ganja. As a new student with no history of using the substance adjusts to a school setting, they create new friends and social circles. At the same time, the student is cultivating their identity.

This phase of life can be quite impressionable, leaving a student vulnerable to several things. In this case, if their social environment comes with weed smoking, such a person is likely to start experimenting with the substance.

An important thing to note here is that a student is not necessarily pressured to use ganja. Rather, since the student’s social environment makes it normal, they are more likely to start partaking to fit in.

Peer groups extend way beyond schoolmates. Family members can also be a source of peer pressure, just like pop culture. Regarding the latter, the display of marijuana use on the media has played a huge part in normalizing the substance’s use among many people.


Several studies have concluded that a significant fraction of students uses cannabis to cope with boredom. For these students, marijuana is the best way to pass their time between classes or over the weekends and holidays.

The Perception That Marijuana Is Safe

Very few studies have explored the negative impact of extensive ganja use. Given this development, many students consider cannabis to be safer, especially over cigarettes and other hard drugs. Nonetheless, this does not mean that cannabis has no effects. Like any other substance, abusing it is sure to come with various issues, including substance abuse disorder and addiction.

An Escape from Various Issues

Students face a myriad of problems, and each of them has to deal with theirs in their way. Some students will turn to cannabis to manage stressful emotions and cope with various challenges. Often, marijuana is considered a choice option, given the high sensation it delivers to the user. This feeling appears to numb the pain one is experiencing, making it an excellent way of overcoming stress.

To Manage Mental Issues

Many students have a diagnosable mental health issue, for example, anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder. To manage such conditions, students turn to cannabis to lead normal lives in the face of their peers. Many students say that cannabis offers relief for various mental issues, including stress, troubled sleep, concentration problems, physical discomfort, etc.

Are you struggling with a mental health problem? Self-medicating with marijuana is not the ideal approach. Consider talking to a psychotherapist if you have an underlying psychological condition that’s undermining your studies. 

Also, do not allow the pressure of academic life to push you to the edge. Get the right assistance from the right expert. For example, a professional essay helper will help you manage a composition assignment, sparing you from the stress and pressure of doing it independently.

To Get High/ Feel Awesome

Some students partake in cannabis simply because it makes them high, which is considered fun. After taking the substance, a student might loosen up and start laughing easily. This easiness makes socializing easier and gatherings more enjoyable.

Availability & Opportunity

Unlike many other drugs, marijuana is easily accessible. Besides, the legalization of cannabis means that obtaining it is even easier than before. These developments have made it possible for students to acquire cannabis and use it whenever they feel like it.

For college students, being away from the supervision of parents offers an opportunity to partake in cannabis. This situation contributes to the increased use of the substance among students.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the reasons why many students today are using marijuana. Of course, there are more of them out there. If you have some ideas, feel free to share them with us below.


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