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Nicole RichterFebruary 27, 2021


Editors Note: This is a guest post. 

Vaping CBD infused juices has become an extremely popular way to consume CBD in the UK and around the world. While the idea of vaping was something that most people had not even considered a few years ago, there is an ever-growing number of people looking to try CBD vapes for themselves.

The idea of vaping is often associated with being a potentially healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. The comparison between smoking and vaping has put some people off in the past, but vaping is increasingly being linked to CBD and its wide-reaching health benefits.

Products such as CBD vape oil and CBD vape juice provide a fun and flavor-packed way to consume CBD on a regular basis with ease. When looking to buy CBD vape oil in the UK, there are many different options, both flavored and unflavored.

The wide range of choices when it comes to CBD vape products is just one of the reasons that it has become many people’s number one way to use CBD. With so many different flavor options available, it is not always easy to tell which offers the best experience. Some say this is the best CBD Oil in UK. What is the best flavor of CBD vape juice in the UK, and is it the most critical factor?

Flavored CBD vape juices

One of the main reasons that vaping has become a popular alternative to smoking is as a result of the range of fun flavor options that are available. Whether infused with CBD or not, many people enjoy the experience of inhaling flavored vapor in much the same way they might enjoy a candy bar.

In the UK, there is an almost endless list of options when it comes to flavored vapes. From sweet berry oils to sweet cotton candy, if you can think of a flavor, the odds are that you will be able to find it as a CBD vape liquid.

There are certain flavors that are easier to find than others, and there are common flavors that can be found across most UK brands. Vanilla, citrus, mint, and cinnamon are popular options and tend to be much easier to find than more ambitious flavors like “birthday cake.”

Flavored CBD vape oils and e-liquids can be broken down into two main groups: those that contain natural flavorings and those that have been packed with artificial flavorings. When purchasing CBD vape products, the difference between these two groups is worth considering.

Vape products that use naturally occurring terpenes and flavorings to create their unique flavor profile are generally going to offer a higher quality experience. Products made using artificial flavorings might provide a stronger flavor but also mean subjecting your body to artificial ingredients that might not always be the best option.

Unflavored CBD vape juices

Not all CBD vape e-liquids and juices are flavored. Some brands, like Provacan, opt to create e-liquids that provide a much more natural experience.

Unflavored vape liquids offer all of the potential health benefits of vaping CBD only without the lingering aftertaste that some people can find annoying. The lack of flavoring also means that vape oils can be made using fewer ingredients, which some people believe to be better for the body.

Why use CBD vape juices?

There is a great deal of interest within both the scientific and natural wellness communities to understand the full effects on the body when consuming CBD on a regular basis.

There have been a number of studies focused on the specific effects of CBD and how it can be used as a more natural treatment option. One study, in particular, found that CBD can be used to help manage the effects of anxiety and, in turn, also improve the quality of sleep. It is also thought that CBD can be used as a natural way to manage pain.

More generalized studies have also found that using CBD on a regular and consistent basis has a lot of the same benefits on the body as taking regular vitamins.

There are many ways to incorporate CBD into one’s diet, but few offer the same flavor-packed experience as CBD vape liquids. Vaping is also acceptable in most social situations, making it something that can be enjoyed throughout the day rather than something that requires discretion, as many other CBD predictions do.

Is Flavor Important?

When looking to try CBD vape e-liquid for the first time, a common question is whether the e-liquids and juices’ flavor actually matters. The main difference between flavored and unflavored vape products is that additional ingredients are needed to create individual flavors.

For some people, the extra flavorings don’t make a difference. There are, however, many people that believe CBD should be consumed as simply as possible, with as few extra ingredients as possible. There is, of course, no consistent scientific evidence to prove that either view is the correct one.

Ultimately, the flavor of CBD vape oil does not impact its effectiveness. The different flavors within vape liquids are ultimately there to make them more enjoyable to consume. While one person may prefer an unflavored liquid, another may find that vaping is much more appealing when it involves a burst of bright, fruity flavor.



The author of this story is Nicole Richter.

Nicole RichterFebruary 26, 2021


Editors Note: This is a guest post.

CBD capsules are often marketed as being a modern and simplistic alternative to traditional CBD oil tinctures. CBD capsules remove many of the factors that can put people off trying CBD supplements. As a result, they have quickly become one of the fastest-growing niches within the CBD industry.

There are many reasons why people are increasingly looking for products like CBD capsules. There have been a number of studies focusing on how regular use of CBD can help to improve both general health and even manage specific health issues.

With an ever growing number of people turning to CBD supplements – including capsules – the industry has responded. Now, one can find a variety of CBD capsule options available across a range of online and retail markets.

Knowing where to find the best CBD capsules and soft gels can feel a little daunting at first. We have put together a guide to some of the best CBD capsules on the market to help you discover the benefits of CBD supplements.

#1 PureKana – Best for targeted effects 

PureKana has taken the idea of using CBD capsules as a general supplement one step further, offering a range of capsules designed for specific effects. PureKana CBD capsules include an immune boost capsule, AM caffeine capsule, and PM melatonin capsule.

One of the things that PureKana has done really well is the ability to use different capsules throughout the day for a truly personalized CBD intake. Not only do the other capsules available trigger slightly different effects, but they also contain varying amounts of CBD tailored to match their effects.

There are currently four different capsules to choose from, providing a range of different combinations and effects to match an individual’s specific and health goals. PureKana’s general purpose CBD capsules are also available in two different strengths for daily, all-around support.

#2 Premium Jane – Fast-acting CBD soft gels 

Premium Jane has two different strength CBD soft gels to choose from, and both offer the brand’s high quality organic formula. Premium Jane has become a popular CBD brand thanks to their continued commitment to only using the very best organic ingredients possible.

Using their rich full-spectrum CBD blend, Premium Jane has crafted both 25mg and 40mg soft gels options giving their customers control over the amount of CBD they consume at any one time. By using full-spectrum CBD, Premium Jane has been able to pack a healthy and natural blend of cannabinoids and terpenes into each fast-acting soft gel.

#3 Provacan – Best full-spectrum CBD capsules 

Provacan is known for their simplistic approach to CBD, working to create products that deliver effective results using as few ingredients as possible. One of Provacan’s CBD capsules’ defining features is that they offer an experience remarkably similar to their CBD oil tinctures.

Provacan CBD capsules are made using the same base formula as their tinctures, meaning the two products can be used interchangeably. Across both oils and capsules, Provacan uses their rich Cannabis Sativa (L) extract, which retains all of the healthy cannabinoids found within hemp plants.

The HPMC capsules coating used in all of Provacan’s capsules ensures a smooth experience with each use. Provacan’s capsules are great for both those who are used to CBD capsules, as well as anyone looking to try them for the very first time.

Committed to making their products as accessible as possible, Provacan has three different strength options to choose from: starting with their 180mg capsules and working up to a much stronger 2880mg of CBD, Provacan ensures that everyone can experience and benefit from their CBD capsules.

#4 CBD FX – Best broad-spectrum CBD capsules 

CBD FX’s capsules provide the perfect balance between CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD. By choosing to use broad-spectrum in their capsules, CBD FX is able to offer all of the essential healthy cannabinoids found within hemp plants without the extra compounds (namely THC) that tend to occur with full-spectrum products.

CBD FX only uses two additional ingredients to create their CBD capsules: MCT oil and gelatin. This results in a very natural final product. Also, the smooth coating helps to ensure that CBD FX capsules can be taken quickly and with ease.

Customer trust and transparency are essential at CBD FX, and that is why they make all of the third party lab test results accessible to their customers while shopping. These reports provide essential information, including the exact cannabinoids and terpenes which can be found within CBD FX capsules.

#5 Joy Organics – Best CBD Isolate capsules 

Joy Organics Everyday Formula Soft Gels are the perfect solution when looking for a CBD isolate capsule. Joy Organics guarantees that their soft gel capsules contain 0% THC, and they come with lab analysis reports to prove it.

Each Joy Organics’ soft gel is made using their unique water-soluble nanoemulsion technology, which both increases bioavailability and makes them easy to swallow. Each capsule contains exactly 25mg of pure, third party tested CBD isolate for effective results that can be enjoyed day in, day out.


The author of this story is Nicole Richter.


Nicole RichterFebruary 25, 2021


Editors Note: This is a guest post.

The CBD industry has attracted a great deal of attention over the last few years. A combination of high profile cases in the media and an investment in research has led to an increasing number of people showing interest in the potential benefits of CBD.

Research into the varying benefits of CBD has shown that it can be an extremely versatile supplement affecting health in a number of positive ways. A large number of studies have focused on the benefits of using CBD as a general wellness supplement.

There have also been more focused research projects that have found CBD possesses powerful anti-inflammatory capabilities and has led CBD to become a common natural remedy for treating related inflammatory conditions.

The effect of CBD on mental health and, in particular, anxiety and stress is another popular area of research and one that has attracted a great deal of interest. Early studies have yielded positive results, causing a rise in CBD products and PureKana CBD gummies focused on managing mental health.

Research into CBD and mental health

Early studies have shown that mental health could be one of the areas to benefit the most from CBD supplements and products like CBD gummies.

The effect that CBD supplements can have on anxiety has been an area of great interest within the scientific community. One study found that CBD can be beneficial when treating anxiety symptoms, although it was felt that further research was needed to understand this fully.

Taking CBD in the form of supplements increases the level of cannabinoids in the body. Cannabinoids are able to bind to CB1R and CB2R receptors within the nervous system. It has been found that when cannabinoid levels are increased, these receptors alter the signaling pathways, which in turn can impact a number of psychology responses.

There has also been evidence that CBD interacts positively with serotonin receptors in the brain. Serotonin can affect a range of functions within the body and is often linked to a person’s mental state. A common goal of mental health medication is to balance serotonin levels within the body.

There is still a lot more research needed to fully understand the link between CBD supplements, serotonin, and mental health. However, initial research has shown promise that CBD could be used in a similar way to medication that aims to alter serotonin levels and positively impact mental health.

Most studies conclude that there are still a lot of questions to be answered when it comes to using CBD to treat mental health. However, it has been shown that CBD products can be used as a useful general wellness tool and that CBD gummies are an excellent way to do so.

Benefits of CBD gummies over other CBD products

CBD gummies are a super popular option for taking CBD supplements on a regular basis. CBD gummies offer something that is hard to find in other CBD products combining a fun, fruity snack with a healthy dose of CBD.

One of the main benefits of CBD gummies is that they are incredibly discreet. Most CBD gummies look and can be used just like regular gummies. Mental health is something that often carries a lot of stigma, and therefore products like gummies are usually recommended as they draw much less attention.

CBD gummies can also be a fun snack in a way that other CBD products are not. The bright, fruity flavor that comes with a CBD gummy can provide a small and much-needed burst of joy.

Most brands also have a few different options to choose from when it comes to gummies, including various flavors and shapes. Shopping for CBD gummies can be a fun and rewarding experience, much like walking into a candy store.

The simplicity of CBD gummies is another benefit, especially at times when it can be challenging to focus. The manufacturer has already made a lot of the effort required with other CBD products with CBD gummies.

There is no need to measure out a precise dosage or to worry about how many gummies should be consumed at one time. CBD gummies can be enjoyed just like a regular sweet snack.

Should you try CBD gummies to help with mental health?

It is still unclear whether CBD gummies can be used as an effective way to treat mental health. There are still a number of reasons to buy CBD gummies, though, whether as an enjoyable snack or as a wellness supplement.

Early studies have highlighted the positive benefits that added a small amount of CBD to one’s diet can have. CBD gummies offer many of the same effects that can be found in other CBD products, such as oil tinctures, capsules, and topicals.


The author of this story is Nicole Richter.

Nicole RichterFebruary 24, 2021


Editors Note: This is a guest post.

When it comes to getting started with imbibing CBD, there is a natural desire to lean towards smoking CBD joints.

After all, smoking cannabis just seems like the most natural way to enjoy it, right? However, CBD is a lot more granular than regular cannabis, and there are a myriad of ways to enjoy it.

To help make the decision easier, here are a few of the pros and cons of CBD joints by Premium Jane to find out if this method is the right choice for you.

The Pros of Smoking CBD Joints

  • Great Flavor

While other methods of imbibing CBD might be more popular or more comfortable to use, none of them have the excellent, natural flavor that smoking regular CBD joints has.

In precisely the same way that some people enjoy cigars and whiskey, there are people who sample and enjoy cannabis strains. They aren’t looking for the effects, per se, but for the unique flavors.

By smoking CBD joints, users can enjoy all of the natural terpenes and flavors that cannabis has to offer.

  • Easy to Assemble Ahead of Time

A significant benefit of smoking CBD joints is that a user can easily prepare them ahead of time at home. This means that, when it comes time to smoke the CBD joint, it is as simple as lighting it up and breathing in.

Aside from the rather irritatingly finicky assembly required, when a person actually wants to smoke, they can just light up and enjoy.

  • Higher Bioavailability

Bioavailability is the rate at which the CBD a person imbibes is absorbed, broken down, and utilized by the body. Different methods of CBD consumption have different levels of bioavailability, and for some reason, smoking has one of the highest.

A study by Millar et al. for the Journal of Frontiers in Pharmacology found that smoking CBD has a bioavailability of 31%. This might not initially seem like much, but it is actually considered one of the highest rates of bioavailability, technically making it the most efficient way to imbibe CBD.

The Cons of Smoking CBD Joints

  • Danger to Your Health

Despite the higher bioavailability of smoking CBD, it still presents a big problem when it comes to health – the fact that the user is smoking at all.

No matter how healthy the substance within the joint is, the fact remains that you are smoking it, which is, unfortunately, inherently unhealthy.

Smoking involves combusting plant matter at high temperatures, resulting in inhaling burned substances into the lungs. This stuff can cause damage to the respiratory system, including scar tissue and any number of different medical conditions.

  • Anti-Social

Another big problem with smoking CBD joints is that it is just as antisocial as regular smoking is. If a user wants to enjoy some CBD joints, they need to light them up and force everyone around them to breathe in the same smoke that they are.

For those who frequently want to imbibe in public, CBD joints are definitely not a good option, as they force others to become irritated by the second-hand smoke.

What Other Alternatives Are There for Enjoying CBD?

Even if CBD joints aren’t the right option, there are still plenty of ways for new users to enjoy CBD. Considering all the useful benefits of CBD, like how CBD can help with treating nausea, it only makes sense that people would want to try CBD products, even if they don’t like smoking.

From CBD oils to CBD edibles, there are all kinds of ways to enjoy CBD without having to resort to smoking. It all depends on what kinds of methods provide the best solution for different people.

Final Thoughts on the Pros and Cons of CBD joints

Ultimately, the choice of whether or not to use CBD joints is a personal one. It all depends on the preferences and priorities of any particular user to determine if it is right for them.

Whether or not CBD joints are the perfect option, there will always be those who want to try CBD joints out regardless. Websites like Premium Jane, among others, offer high-quality CBD products, including a variety of different types of CBD joints for new users to choose from.


The author of this story is Nicole Richter.

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