Book Review: The ABC's of CBD

“The ABCs of CBD: The Essential Guide: Why Pot Is NOT What We Were Taught” by Shira Adler

The social stigma surrounding CBD/hemp/cannabis has been gradually decreasing as more and more people are beginning to accept the fact that marijuana does indeed possess medicinal qualities and that the negative stories surrounding this plant are mostly myths designed by those financial interests threatened by cannabis.

Ok, so people are more comfortable with cannabis but where do they begin to learn about it while also unlearning many of the ideologically based lies about it?

“The ABCs of CBD” by author Shira Adler is one of the reliable resources available today for the curious to begin to learn about the benefits that marijuana has to offer.

Let’s take a cruise through “The ABCs of CBD” and break down just what it brings to the table for the cause.

-Topic Focus-

Misinformation has been such a powerful factor in keeping cannabis outside the realm of the law for so long and it comes as no surprise to learn that as legitimate information is further spread that the negative public opinion of marijuana begins to recede.

You can find a wide array of educational topics available in this niche ranging from just what CBD is, the history of public cannabis perception, medicinal applications, how to talk to your kids about cannabis, and so much more.

-About the Author-

Author Shira Adler has evolved in the CBD/cannabis industry as a voice that passionately educates others on topics such as CBD use and proper applications while also being a public speaker, entrepreneur, activist, and has traveled quite the unique path over the years.

Shira invested over 3 decades of her life as a non-denominational Interfaith Minister after achieving her BA and an MFA in Voice. Her extensive experience in media, on podcasts, and being interviewed have helped more and more people to learn about the possible benefits of CBD use.

You can find out more about what Shira is up to at @the1shiraadler.

-Reading Experience-

From the initial foreword by Dr. Lynn Parodneck you can get a sense that there are serious thoughts and reliable resources employed in putting this content together in an approachable fashion to allow more people access to information about the CBD/cannabis use.

The question and answer format employed at times keep it simple and conversational which makes the content even more likely to be remembered. Having the praise for the book in the front done by multiple doctors certainly lends a further degree of credibility to author Shira Adley.

The tone is light at many points but does not make the reader feel compelled to take the content less seriously due to the solid presentation of appropriate data points.


If you yourself are in need of additional education on topics such as CBD, cannabis, or the medicinal benefits obtained from them then this book is a very solid addition to your bookshelf. It could also be a tool to whip out and own any anti-cannabis acquaintances or family members you might have.

The tone is light but that does not detract from the value of the content provided in any way.

The question and answer format that sections of the bok utilize make the information all the more digestible and the wide array of subjects within this niche make “The ABCs of CBD” live up to its moniker as a reliable field guide on the topic of marijuana/cannabis.

You can acquire your own copy here:

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