Cannabis Consumers Have More Sex Than Others

To celebrate winter’s sexiest holiday, multi-state cannabis company MariMed (OTC: MRMD) compiled a survey for their edible brand Betty’s Eddies. The results suggest that you might want to consider picking up your Valentine’s favorite brand of cannabis edible to heat things up this February 14th. According to MariMed’s survey, 72% of cannabis consumers are already planning to incorporate cannabis into their Valentine’s Day festivities, with more than half saying they would like to receive cannabis as a gift for the lover’s holiday.

More broadly, the survey found that of the 76% of cannabis users who reported being sexually active, cannabis users have more sex than non-cannabis users. 50% of cannabis-consuming respondents said they get intimate several times a week compared with only 35% of non-users. Most people would agree that, when it comes to sex, it’s not just the quantity but the quality that counts. Nearly two-thirds of cannabis users who responded to the MariMed survey reported that cannabis enhances their sex lives overall. 

When it comes to getting in the mood for sex, 63% credit cannabis for stimulating their desire for intimacy. In fact, more than half of cannabis consumers believe that cannabis is a natural aphrodisiac, and 30% rank it as number one in terms of effectiveness. That finding makes a jump among consumers aged 35-44, 40% of whom rank cannabis as the most effective aphrodisiac. Among those households with children (a common outcome of sex, but also a common deterrent), 61% of cannabis consumers reported that cannabis helps their partner get in the mood. This might explain why a whopping 82% of cannabis users with children in the household and 82% of parents with a child under the age of 18 say they will be incorporating cannabis into their Valentine’s Day celebration. That’s almost 20% more than those without children.

Edibles Are The Winner

And what is the preferred cannabis consumable to set the stage for sexy times? You guessed it. A full 52% of consumers surveyed prefer edibles over smoking cannabis to get those loving feelings flowing. The Brightfield Group produced a report on cannabis distribution trends in the US focused specifically on cannabis chocolates, which credits improved edibles technology with taking the taste of cannabis chocolate to the next level and increasing its popularity. 

While plain still holds down most of the space on shelves, flavors like mint, caramel, espresso, raspberry and almond have also been popular pairings with chocolate. The rising star on the flavor scene, however, is pomegranate, which has tripled from 0.1% to 0.3% in nationwide distribution since September 2021. Brightfield also found that a strong majority of consumers surveyed preferred their cannabis chocolates on the milder side (10 mg) in terms of potency. So rather you’ve been plotting the perfect Valentine’s surprise with the focused precision of a Navy Seal captain or making a panicked last-minute purchase on your way home from work on Monday, chances are that if your sweetie is a cannabis consumer, they might be hoping for a greener version of the Whitman’s Sampler this year.

Julie Aitcheson

Julie Aitcheson is a freelance writer, author and educator. In addition to Green Market Report, her work has appeared in Vanguard Magazine, The Fresh Toast, Green Entrepreneur, Daily Press, The Baltimore Sun, LA Weekly and The Chicago Tribune. She received a full fellowship to the 2013 Stowe StoryLabs and won second place in the 2014 San Miguel Writers' Conference nonfiction writing competition. She has published two young adult novels and is currently at work on a piece of adult fiction.


  • Joan Irvine

    February 14, 2022 at 6:23 pm

    So agree about cannabis and sex. In fact, last week I spoke about Enhancing Sexual Wellness at Harborside in Desert Hot Springs. In preparation, I communicated with Jordan Tishler MD
    Cannabinoid Specialist; Harvard Medical School; Association of Cannabinoid Specialists who had just been stated in an article that edibles were not the best for sex. His concern was that some edibles can take up to 90 minutes to take effect. So people need to be aware of this and/or use nano technology edibles which kick in quicker.

    My recommendations:

    KISS – Keep It Simple and SUCCESSFUL aka intimacy, pleasure, and orgasms.
    HOT SEX in five easy steps:
    1. Relax into the mood with a cannabis beverage – Kikiko Sensuali tea –
    2. Prepare your vagina, clitoris, and lips for enhanced pleasure with an infused lubricant- Quim is my current favorite in California –
    3. Turn on your mouth for tasty delights with infused chocolate – in addition to a sensual creamy delight in your mouth, chocolate naturally produces arousal chemicals and cannabis intensifies the experience –
    4. Flower – while waiting for the above products to take effect, enjoy a few hits to prepare your mind and body for HOT Sex…/strai…/best-weed-strains-sex…
    5. A VIBRATOR — every woman will benefit from the added stimulation on her genitals that propels her to sexual ecstasy and orgasm. You can buy one at Target –…/prospera-pl021…/-/A-51041523…

    Have fun but remember ‘low and slow’. Nothing worst than being too high and missing out on HOT SEX.


  • Don H Minor

    February 15, 2022 at 9:54 am

    I have been a cannabis user for 54 of my 73 years on this earth. I ABSOLITELY AGREE that pot enhances the intimacy and intensity of me and my partners experience. In fact, today’s strains are much more tailored to not only the intensity, but also the frequency. At age 74, in May, we still celebrate this very important “quality of life” activity every 4-5 days.
    I am looking for Indica flower and edible suggestions to continue this lovely journey!
    Thanks, Don M


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