Cannabis Leaders Thoughts On New Biden Administration

Clever Leaves 

A multi-national company with operations and investments in Canada, Colombia, Germany, Portugal, and the United States. The company just closed a SPAC deal to become publicly traded on NASDAQ this month using the symbol CLVR.

Spokesperson: Kyle Detwiler, CEO


  • The recent passing of the MORE Act is a giant step towards advancing the understanding of the medical benefits of cannabis and reducing barriers on medical cannabis research. In addition to the expected tax revenue and new jobs that legal cannabis could bring, we’ve only scratched the surface of the medical benefits of the plant, and the 2020 Green Wave and the House’s MORE Act is a sign of medical progress. At Clever Leaves, we hope to have an opportunity to be a leader in this field and support the development of high-quality, consistent medical cannabis treatments.
  • With a Democratic President in power, the cannabis industry will likely continue to grow internationally. There were many international movements in cannabis reform, including Israel announcing a plan for a recreational program in less than a year, and the UN voting to reclassify cannabis as a less dangerous narcotic drug. Clever Leaves has operations and export capabilities in 14 countries and 5 continents and we are poised to take advantage as new markets open up internationally.
  • At Clever Leaves we operate in strict compliance with all federal laws and so we are looking forward to providing Clever Leaves’ high-quality, pharmaceutical grade cannabis to patients and customers in the U.S., when the legal framework allows.

NewLake Capital

A cannabis real-estate investment vehicle that has tenants across the supply chain in the U.S. including cultivation, manufacturing and retail. Company owns 20 properties across 8 states that are operated by experienced, well-capitalized medical and adult-use operators like Columbia Care, Trulieve, Curaleaf and PharmaCann.

Spokesperson: Anthony Coniglio, CEO

  • The Democrats gained control of the majority with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ tie-breaking vote forward for the cannabis industry and put federal legalization one step closer. While this is an exciting time for the industry, the reality of legislative priorities, narrow majorities in the House and Senate, as well as a lack of scientific research on cannabis will cause federal legalization to take longer than the industry would like and some prognosticators are predicting.
  • Cannabis is a capital-intensive business and those operators with access to capital will be best positioned to thrive over the next few years.  That capital access will allow companies to further scale, which will enhance profits and cash flow.

SLANG Worldwide Inc.

A leading global cannabis consumer packaged goods (CPG) company with a diversified portfolio of popular brands across the United States.

Spokesperson: Chris Driessen, CEO

  • We will see swift action by Democrats to introduce meaningful cannabis policy reform. This could be Safe Act or rescheduling of cannabis. I don’t think full federal legalization will come anytime soon. Any or all of these measures would be welcome news, especially the Safe Act, as it would likely eliminate 280e. This tax provision is extremely punitive to cannabis businesses as it only allows minimal deductions for things like COGS. This would be a big relief, especially for public cannabis companies.
  • Slang would welcome any legislation that allows cannabis businesses to operate like their mainstream counterparts. We thrive in open, competitive markets, so the ability to operate in a more efficient way would be positive news. Whether that be fair taxation, interstate commerce or outright legalization, any of which would be a positive catalyst for our business.
  • Publicly traded cannabis companies stand to benefit the most with cannabis policy reform. Retail investors can find liquidity in the short term with the expected positive momentum that would be expected if politicians enact meaningful reform. Institutional investors would also benefit as many of these firms are hesitant to invest in cannabis in a meaningful way until it’s clear that federal policy is changing.
  • CPG focused cannabis companies, like Slang, stand to benefit the most with federal legalization. This is due to our market leading brands and their respective performance across 13 states, Canada and Jamaica. It’s our belief that large MSO’s with capital intensive requirements to grow their businesses will not be as desirable as companies that are able to command large market share positions across multiple markets with far less capital requirements.


The Fyllo Compliance Cloud is a suite of enterprise-grade software and services powered by RegsTechnology, the largest database of cannabis laws and regulations at the federal, state and local level. We deliver advanced data, media and compliance solutions that are built for the complexities of highly regulated industries. Ambitious marketers and legal professionals choose Fyllo as their partner to go bigger and grow faster with trust and confidence in compliance.

Spokesperson:  Jeff Ragovin, Chief Commercial Officer.

  • Biden will face an unprecedented array of challenges, but federal legalization will open up many opportunities for the U.S. and for cannabis business:
    • Job creation as well as generate additional tax revenues for the many states in need
    • If cannabis companies are able to operate similarly to other legal CPG companies we will see a wave of great product creation that will also force brands to focus greatly on sales and make every effort to be more efficient, preserving margins while aggressively seeking out new customer bases.
    • Better quality control systems to ensure product quality and safety – as brands and governments are struggling to fight the illicit cannabis market and define quality standards, better regulation will provide overall product transparency as well as crackdown on non-compliant operations

The Valens Company 

A global leader in the end-to-end development and manufacturing of innovative, cannabinoid-based products. Valens is focused on being the partner of choice for leading Canadian and international cannabis brands by providing best-in-class, proprietary services including extraction, analytical testing, formulation and product development, and custom manufacturing. Valens is the largest third-party extraction company in Canada.

Spokesperson: Everett Knight, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development & Capital Markets

  • Cannabis 2.0 Products Will Dominate the Market in Canada with 3.0 Products Gaining Market Share: Similar to the US we will see 2.0 products take more market share and next generation products such as cannabis/CBD infused bath bombs, lip balms or CBD-infused honey will start to gain market share in 2021. We’ll also see an explosion of stores in Ontario and the beverage market in Quebec will gain massive steam compared to the rest of Canada because of the restrictions on other products.
  • The US Will See More Regulation: With many more legal markets in the States, the FDA will pass more regulations in 2021. The liability risks because of lack of regulations reminds regulators of the tobacco industry when it was unregulated in the past. Expect to see increased safety requirements and product recall processes instituted in the US market. US MSOs will have to transition to GMP and food safe regulations imposed on Canadian LPs.
  • International Market Expansion: A strong trend has emerged in the last couple of years across the world – medical legalization paves the way for adult-use – this will come through bigger and faster in 2021. Mexico and Israel look like they could be close to legalization. These markets have the potential to open up a landslide of opportunities for established companies in the US and Canada looking to capture global market share. Everyone has to remember the cannabis space is just getting started.

4Front Ventures  (CSE: FFNT) (OTCQX: FFNTF) is a national multi-state cannabis operator and retailer, with a market advantage in a mass-produced, low-cost quality branded cannabis products. 4Front manufactures and distributes a portfolio of over 25 cannabis brands including Marmas, Crystal Clear, Funky Monkey, Pebbles, and the Pure Ratios wellness collection, distributed through retail outlets and their chain of strategically positioned Mission branded dispensaries.

Expert: Kris Krane, President

  • Cannabis is poised to be an even better market in 2021 for a variety of reasons. New states like New Jersey and Arizona that legalized this November are poised to come online for adult use for the first time. Newer markets like Illinois, Michigan and Massachusetts are poised to expand and mature. A Biden administration is likely to be friendlier towards this industry than the current administration. But most importantly, the larger companies in the space are now focused on operations and execution, resulting in better overall performance, revenue, and EBITDA. I would expect that we will see more consolidation in 2021, as companies use some of their new profits to acquire businesses and market share.
  • 2021 will likely see a continued focus on operations and execution, separating out the major players from those that were always built on hype and smoke and mirrors.  We may see some name brands go under in 2021, but the cream will rise to the top and the likely eventual big winners in the market will start to emerge.

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