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Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesNovember 27, 2020


“Edibles for Beginners: A Cannabis
Cookbook” by Mary and Laurie Wolf

Who doesn’t love some solid edibles in their life? Getting culinary with this one today as we explore just what author Mary Wolf has to share with
us regarding marijuana edibles and how we can make them ourselves. This book takes us a bit deeper than the standard edible methods.
Let’s see just what we can glean from “Edibles for Beginners”!

Topic Focus

The topic at hand is cannabis edibles and how to prepare a wide variety of potent food items that are pleasant to taste and well medicated to ensure proper results. Here you will find over 50 recipes ranging from deserts, entrees, and more. Get the low-down on decarboxylation, learn how to set up your kitchen, explore the basics of cannabis cooking, and much more useful information pertaining to marijuana edibles and how to create your own with consistent results.

There is also a useful breakdown of which strains pair best with which recipes for those of us really looking to maximize the marijuana edible experience.

About the Author

Author Mary Wolf has been making edibles with her mother-in-law (Laurie Wolf) in the Oregon area for years and contributing to the medical marijuana community by helping to alleviate
the pain of as many people as possible through medicated food items. Mary has taken her passion for helping via medicated edibles to as many people as possible by sharing her level of expertise when it comes to making marijuana edibles. These two amazing ladies also co-authored “The Medical Marijuana Dispensary” together.

Reading Experience

The book begins with “Cannabis 101” so even the most rookie among us have a place to start in this book and can comfortably begin their own marijuana edibles journey. There is also
plenty of information available for the more experienced in the canna-kitchen to take their edibles game to the next level. This book is fun to read while also bringing a degree of science and facts to the table as you learn more about THC, CBD, and much more. The recipes are written in a way that is very easy to follow even for those of us who are a bit clumsy or inexperienced in the kitchen.


If you’re looking to get better at cooking up your very own cannabis-infused edibles then this book absolutely needs to grace your book collection. Even if you are already a bit seasoned in
the kitchen and know your way around some edibles you will still find some useful detail here that will take your game to the next level. “Edibles for Beginners” flows well, has crisp photos, and shares genuinely useful information regarding marijuana edibles. You can expand your repertoire of edibles beyond staples such as brownies and cookies. Start cooking up some properly medicated goodies by getting your own copy of “Edibles for Beginners” here:

Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesNovember 20, 2020


“Listening to Ecstasy: The Transformative
Power of MDMA”
by Charles Wininger


Topic Focus

Now here’s a fascinating personal narrative covering the author’s journey of discovery when it comes to how MDMA can revitalize one’s mental health, personal relationships, and more from the perspective of a trained therapist. This licensed psychoanalyst and mental health counselor does a wonderful job of documenting the experiences shared with his wife when it comes to further exploring just what MDMA has to offer in terms of mental health benefits. Let’s crack this one open and see what we can learn about beneficial MDMA usage from this
unique perspective!

About the Author

Author Charles Wininger is a veteran mental health counselor and a licensed psychoanalyst who possesses a genuine passion for contributing to the lives of others via mental health and
seems quite ardent when it comes to spreading his message regarding the benefits presented from proper MDMA usage. Charles considers himself to be an avid psychonaut (psychedelic explorer) and has been a licensed psychoanalyst for over 30 years and lives in the New York area with his wife. His appreciation for what MDMA has to offer has been a huge factor and motivation when it comes to his work, writing, and other endeavors as he sees it as a way to help change the world for the better one person at a time.

Reading Experience

Finding the unique narrative style between personal experience combined with the expertise of a mental health professional makes for a rare book indeed. A few things become quite evident quickly here; the author is very knowledgable when it comes to the topics at hand, he is very passionate about the potential benefits of MDMA, and that this book was not put together on a sudden whim or with minimal effort. Everything from the authors owns introduction to the personal observations regarding MDMA sessions, MDMA usage tips and protocols, and all the way through to the notes and resources provided at the end reads as though the author were striving to convey just how much of a benefit this can be to so many people.


It’s not every day that you get to peer into the mind of an MDMA-oriented psychoanalyst with years of experience as a mental health advisor so this book has unique value and insight to
offer right off the bat. If you’ve been curious about exploring MDMA usage, then this book would make for an excellent jumping-off point as a legitimate professional writes it with years of experience who seems to possess a genuine passion for helping others to live better lives from the inside out. The balance between personal anecdotal experience coupled with the expertise of a licensed psychoanalyst makes for a potent combination that seems much more trustworthy than other comparable titles.

You can acquire your own copy of “Listening to Ecstasy” here:

Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesNovember 13, 2020


“The Rebel’s Apothecary: A Practical Guide to
the Healing Magic of Cannabis, CBD, and
by Jenny Sansouci and Frank Lipman

-Topic Focus-
“The Rebel’s Apothecary” is a unique culmination of data, information, and personal experience garnered from the life experience of author Jenny Sansouci after she learned about her father’s stage 4 pancreatic cancer diagnosis and she took action to find ways to help him to heal and
combat the brutal effects of chemotherapy. This journey led her down the myriad path of potential healing benefits when it comes to cannabis, CBD, and even psychoactive mushroom consumption.

Let’s learn about how to bolster our immune systems via cannabis use and so much more by seeing what this book has to offer!


About the Author

Author Jenny Sansouci is the creator of a renowned health blog known as “” and is based in Brooklyn. She is a certified health coach who has been writing since 2008 and has a genuine passion for helping others to live better quality lives through the power of cannabis, diet, lifestyle, and more. Dr. Frank Lipman provided the foreword of this book and trained Jenny in New York. His expertise in functional medicine is welcome as it helps to further clarify the information and research provided in this book.

Jenny and Dr. Frank have combined their unique levels of expertise and life experience to create a genuinely useful compendium of information and data regarding cannabis, mushrooms,
and how they can positively affect your health.


Reading Experience

We can all relate to desiring to help others in our lives and it always fascinating as well as enlightening to learn more about how cannabis and mushrooms can be utilized to boost our
health levels and bring a higher quality of life to others in a more natural fashion. There is so much useful content to dive into here ranging from some of the latest data on CBD,
recipes for mushroom and cannabis smoothies, tips regarding building your own personal apothecary, and so much more.

The author does an admirable job of taking a challenging and complex topic and breaking down in a fashion that allows the rest of us to keep and understand. She writes:

First I’ll teach you all about cannabis and why our bodies are so nourished by it. We’ll go over CBD, THC and how to use cannabis without feeling intoxicated (now that you know my story, you know I care a lot about that aspect.) After that, I’ll guide you through the wild world of mushrooms in the fungi kingdom.

Once you get acquainted with cannabis and mushrooms, I’ll guide you through protocols for daily wellness and share a few delicious cannabis and mushroom-infused recipes so you can easily incorporate them into your life.


If you’re looking for a book that does an excellent job of weaving an interesting tale while communicating genuinely useful information regarding the health benefits of cannabis and
mushrooms then “The Rebel’s Apothecary” is a great fit for your bookshelf or digital collection. There is no shortage of applicable stuff you can learn that can really contribute to your own
quality of life and health. The level of research that was performed while writing this book becomes very clear as you move through it and the way it is written allows for this information to be accessible to many more people.

You can start becoming something a Rebel Apothecary yourself by getting your copy here:


Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesNovember 6, 2020


“Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana: (Books about Marijuana, Guide to Cannabis, Weed Bible)”
by Dan Michaels


Topic Focus-
“Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana” gives the reader a fantastic look at marijuana and what it has to offer. Literally.

The cover already depicts some high-quality cannabis and the rest of the book contains professional photos of quality nugget that the experienced connoisseur and the uninitiated alike can enjoy looking at. The information presented in this book between the tempting nugget photos is intended to serve as a modern guide for cannabis regarding topics such as strains, benefits, types of high, and so much more.

About the Author

Dan Michaels, author of “Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana”, is also the founder of a cannabis research group known as Sinsemedia and works to innovate in the cannabis industry by leveraging his marketing skills and other experiences. Dan spends much of his time as a consultant in the cannabis industry and focuses on building up new brands and products for consumers.

It would also seem that his eye for buds is on point as the cannabis depicted in this book appears to be some very tasty fire. The credit for the high-quality photos goes to Erik Christiansen.

Reading Experience

Even those of us with a decent background in cannabis can learn a thing or two through this book so the inexperienced will find this book to be a veritable treasure of cannabis information and very informative photos. Learning about the tastes of different strains, sativas versus indicas, common effects, and more are very useful tidbits of information that are available for you in “Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana.” There are also a variety of really sharp infographics that break down topics such as flavor palettes and the difference between sativa and indica oriented cannabis. This book is an excellent way for rookies to begin to learn the ropes about the world of marijuana or as a nice coffee table book for the seasoned veterans out there. You can also review some of the cannabis lingo presented in this book as well to see just how well versed you and your friends are on that topic.


Here’s a fun addition to the cannabis library that can be rather enlightening and fun to just drool over those bud pics now and again. Those are some pristine booking flowers that would tempt any fan of marijuana. Moving past the introduction and into the section about plant anatomy already has the reader interested in the high definition photos coupled with the flow of the writing keeps this book moving along well. The structure of the book is easily navigable and really helps to feel like a reference guide you can visit as needed.

The diagrams and breakdowns of the cannabis information really help the reader to understand just what the author is working to convey.
You can get your own copy of “Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana” here.

Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesOctober 30, 2020


“A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis: Using
Marijuana to Feel Better, Look Better, Sleep
Better–and Get High Like a Lady”
By Nikki Furrer


Topic Focus

As the veil of propaganda and clouded public opinion has been lifted regarding cannabis use we
are seeing an influx of newcomers to the world of marijuana who are interested in exploring but
do not know where to begin.

In particular, we are seeing a larger amount of women desiring to explore what cannabis has to
offer so it is amazing to see a book like “A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis” brought forth for public
consumption to help the curious women out there find their way.

This title sure makes quite the bold promise, eh? Let’s see what “A Woman’s Guide to
Cannabis” has to offer!

About the Author

Author Nikki Furrer has a unique array of experiences to draw from such as owning a bookstore,
working the counter at marijuana dispensaries, cultivating marijuana, and so much more. Going
from owning a bookstore to working in the marijuana industry sounds like quite the adventure
and change of pace.

She draws passion from her own experience having suffered in an accident and utilizing
cannabis to increase her own quality of life. This experience has inspired Nikki to share her
message with as many people as possible.

She also takes great pleasure in sharing her wisdom by helping other women find their way
when it comes to cannabis usage and what it can do for them.

-Reading Experience-

“A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis” does a wonderful job of feeling welcoming right off the bat,
introducing the author’s voice, and clarifying the intent of this book. The blend of personal experience and updated information does a great job of compelling the reader to further explore what cannabis has to offer the modern woman while keeping the book
an interesting read.

Women can feel intimate at times when it comes to learning about marijuana strains,
concentrates, ingestions methods and so much more so it is very helpful to see a reliable guide
for women to lean on if needed.


Easy to digest and genuinely useful information for women in this book while also providing the
personal context from the author that allows the reader to learn and understand the journey of
author Nikki Furrer.

There is so much information out there that is incorrect so it very useful for women to have
access to solid information provided by someone who has experience in the marijuana industry
and genuinely cares.

There is so much to take from this book such as learning about edibles, how to use cannabis for
superior health, how to use cannabis for better sleep, terminology of the weed world, and so
much more.

If you would like to get your copy of “A Woman’s Guide to Cannabis: Using Marijuana to Feel
Better, Look Better, Sleep Better- and Get High Like a Lady” by Nikki Furrer you can go here:

Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesOctober 23, 2020


“High on Design: The New Cannabis Culture” by Gestalten and Santiago Rodriguez Tarditi

As we have seen the rapid proliferation of legalized cannabis we are also seeing a wild evolution of the industry itself and how these up-and-coming brands are choosing to express themselves.

“High on Design” does a fantastic job of breaking down and analyzing the style, brand voice, and more of many of these energetic entrepreneurs and their business identities and the trends popping up in the world of legal marijuana.

There is also much contribution directly in the book from some of the minds behind these growing cannabis business endeavors.

Time to get a little stylish ourselves as we dive into “High on Design”!

-Topic Focus-

Entrepreneurs who are in the ever-evolving cannabis game seem to be developing styles and aesthetics all their own as time goes on and the authors of this book have invested their time in analyzing this subject extensively and seeking the input from other leaders in the cannabis space.

Here we will also learn about modern cannabis trends, social perceptions surrounding the plant and its uses, as well as exploring potential political implications as these booking industries continue moving forward.

The sections discussing the best dispensaries might also be useful for those of you looking for amazing places to acquire your own flower and concentrates.

-About the Author-

This book is the culmination of the effort of the team at Gestalten and is written and edited by Santiago Rodriguez Tarditi by putting together content sourced from a wide variety of credible and fascinating sources in the cannabis industry that are on the forefront of this evolving business sphere.

Gestalten is a publisher that has grown rapidly over the years and has a focus on our modern culture, architecture, art, design, escapism, consumables, and so much more. Seems like it would be no surprise to learn that Gestalten would put together a very comprehensive piece with observations regarding the modern aesthetics and design trends of the legal cannabis world.

Santiago Rodriguez Tarditi is an experienced writer and creative director who is currently engaged in a reforestation project based in Colombia known as “RamaRama”.

-Reading Experience-

It’s very interesting to take a step back and observe the legal marijuana industry through the filter of aesthetics, design, and trend as there are very few other books on the market today that look at the cannabis world from this angle.

The sources pulled from here help to paint a very unique picture of the current trends we are seeing today in the cannabis world and author Santiago Rodriguez Tarditi does a fantastic job of weaving together these observations to help us understand how the market is currently evolving.

The wide array of entrepreneurs, creators, and businesses covered in “High on Design” is inspiring and eye-opening to learn more about how many different creative ways people are looking to capitalize on this green wave while also contributing legitimate value.


Going through this book is downright inspiring, fascinating, and enlightening as it is hard to keep up with everything going on in the legal marijuana industries that have been springing up left and right since the legalization.

The insights from the author regarding what we are seeing in modern cannabis design, dispensaries, and more help to bring a degree of context regarding the current trends and what we might expect to see in the future. It’s very fascinating to think about the future aesthetics of the cannabis world and how it might evolve.

You can buy your copy here.

Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesOctober 16, 2020


“High Magick: A Guide to Cannabis in Ritual & Mysticism”

By Philip H. Farber

-Topic Focus-
Now this book seems like a proper fit for the spooky Halloween season as “High Magick” is a modern cannabis grimoire in the sense that it focuses on combining marijuana use and exploring the topic of magic and other related mystical concepts.

Here you will find such a fascinating range of topics varying from how to leverage cannabis when it comes to magical rituals, taking a look at bizarre characters such as Timothy Leary and Aleister Crowley, and how to make various concoctions and elixirs.

It’s always incredibly engaging to take a look a the world of cannabis from different angles ranging from the scientific to the more esoteric.

Let’s crack this tome and see what we have on our hands with this one!

-About the Author-

Author of “High Magick” Philip H. Farber has written several other books such as “Meta-Magick: The Book of Atem: Achieving New States of Consciousness Through NLP, Neuroscience, and Ritual” and “Futureritual: Magick for the 21st Century”.

He has had a wide variety of content that has appeared in an array of publications such as Green Egg Magazine, The Journal of Hypnotism, Hypnosis Today, Mondo 2000, High Times, Paradigm Shift, Reality Sandwich, and many others. He has also put together a variety of DVD courses focusing on Magick oriented topics.
Phil also spends his time as an instructor for Maybe Logic Academy (, a Certified Hypnotist and a Licensed Trainer of Neuro-linguistic Programming, with a private practice in New York’s Hudson Valley.

-Reading Experience-

If you have a fascination with magick and the esoteric then you will find the step-by-step guides that focus on various rituals to be quite interesting and detailed as well as the exploration of healing applications, meditation practices, and so much more.

It is rare to find a book that works to blend the topics of magick and cannabis so it is quite interesting and fun to explore what “High Magick” has to offer on the subject and is written in a way that helps you to grasp the passion and depth of knowledge the author possesses.

Take a look at the index in this book and you will find that this book dives into an array of fascinating topics and flows smoothly from one chapter to the next.


You can enjoy a fun and unique read while also learning about the fascinating relationship between magick and cannabis use that author Philip Farber has put together for our enjoyment and education.

The book touches on a wide array of topics ranging from the history fo magick and cannabis, purported mystical characters from the past, how to make elixirs, ritual guides, and so much more in a fashion that is both entertaining and illuminating to read.

Start your own journey to better grasp the relationship between magick and cannabis by getting your own copy of “High Magick” here:

Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesOctober 9, 2020


“Stoner Meditation” by Withered Tree

Meditation and cannabis/psychedelic use is one of those dynamic duo combinations that will go down in history like peanut butter and jelly so it is fascinating to dive into just what “Stoner Meditation” by Withered Tree has to offer on this topic.

This book takes great care to explore the insights gained from these psychedelic experiences and the differences between our perceptions of reality and the world around while under the influence versus how we see the world when not under the influence.

It is also worth noting that the author indicates that all profits from this book are sent to charity.

Let’s take a look at “Stoner Mediation” for ourselves and analyze our own realities from there!

-Topic Focus-

The primary focus of this book is for the attainment of a  lower degree of enlightenment for regular stoners via the use of psychedelics and marijuana.

The type of meditation style that this book takes a look at is known as “calm abiding” and is more intent upon exploring enlightenment as opposed to diving into the more esoteric nature of religions and their relationships with meditation.


It has long been discussed that there is merit to utilizing psychedelics for meditation and internal exploration but this book does a fascinating job of teaching the novice how to combine the two to begin the journey toward attaining enlightenment for one’s self.

About the Author

Now here’s an interesting “About the Author” for you! Withered Tree is not an individual but rather is a collective non-sectarian group that adheres to Buddhist ideals.

They have a meditation center in Michigan where they focus on guiding people toward discovering their own internal enlightenment via guided mediation sessions, discussion groups, and more.

Their group sessions are temporarily restricted due to COVID but will likely resume soon so if you are in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, and are interested in learning more then be sure to keep up with them.

-Reading Experience-

It is quite refreshing to see content on the market that can approach the topic of meditation without diving deeply into religious rhetoric.

The flow of the book is solid and it does a great job of tackling complex and ambiguous concepts by explaining them in a fashion that is far more approachable for us novices and those not as familiar with the subject at hand.

Whether or not you believe for yourself in the more esoteric nature of mediation and psychedelics or simply wish to explore what others have to say on the topic then this book can help you to see a unique perspective on the subject.


It is interesting to explore a book on such a fascinating topic that was put together by a non-sectarian collective who is not shy or scared to publicly explore the relationship between psychedelics and meditation.

The authors are clearly passionate about the subject and well versed when it comes to their understanding and study of Buddhist text.

If you are looking to begin your own journey toward enlightenment via psychedelic nd marijuana use then you can your own copy of “Stoner Meditation” by Withered Tree here:



Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesOctober 2, 2020


“Cannabis Is Medicine: How Medical Cannabis and CBD Are Healing Everything from Anxiety to Chronic Pain by Dr. Bonni Goldstein MD 

The wonderful myriad of potential medical applications of cannabis/hemp is less and less of a secret so it is very welcome to see more quality content brought into the world that helps to educate people as to how marijuana can bring healthier lifestyles and pain relief to the world.

All the better when the content presented from a reliable source such as a medical doctor who possesses a genuine passion and desire to see people live better quality lives by intelligently leveraging the power of cannabis.

Dr. Bonni Golstein has put in some serious research and work into this book so let’s see just what we have in store here for us!

-Topic Focus-

Here you can find solid information regarding how to identify quality cannabis products and how to best utilize them, how we can live healthier lives by utilizing cannabis, an enlightening breakdown of the current state of medical research and knowledge pertaining to marijuana, an exploration of medical issues that can be relieved by cannabis use, and so much more.

This book is put together by an expert that clearly is familiar with a deeper level of knowledge on the topic of cannabis use in the medical field and the quality of the education gained from this book makes that apparent.

The focus on the medicinal applications of cannabis makes this book a great read for medical professionals and potential patients alike who might be struggling with some condition that could be alleviated by cannabis use.

About the Author

The author of “Cannabis is Medicine”, Dr. Bonni Goldstein is a medical doctor who has years and years of experience researching and treating patients by utilizing the medicinal aspects of cannabis.

Her passion for alleviating the discomforts, pains, and suffering of patients partially stems from her experience as a pediatric ER doctor and seeing her own mother suffer needlessly when cannabis could have been used to treat her issues.

Dr. Goldstein now strives to spread the message of how cannabis can improve the quality of life for many by engaging in public speaking as well as putting together content that demonstrates the precise scientific data regarding just how accessible a better life can be through intelligent cannabis use. Dr. Goldstein is the owner and medical director of Canna-Centers Wellness & Education and medical advisor to

-Reading Experience-

There is much to gain here for the aficionado, medical professionals, and anyone who might be looking to explore their own options for how cannabis might lift them from their own pains and discomforts.

The beginning of “Cannabis is Medicine” grants the reader a look into the philosophy and perspective of what drives Dr. Goldstein to put together such a comprehensive guide to the world of medical cannabis usage.

This book also possesses a guide after the foreward to help you navigate the content and get what you need from it. The examination of the current science is fascinating as it is enlightening and the content covering how to identify ideal cannabis products is genuinely useful.


Dr. Bonni Goldstein does a fantastic job of putting together a solid compendium of science regarding the medicinal benefits of marijuana in a way that is revealing and accessible to those of us who lack her medical expertise.

The book flows well from her own personal experiences and perspectives right into the scientific and medical content in a way that keeps this book both interesting and enlightening. The range of topics touched upon is very much welcomed as they are all genuinely useful and eye-opening about how we can bring a higher quality of for ourselves and the people in our lives by exploring the medical applications of cannabis.

Start your own education regarding cannabis and the possible medical benefits by getting your copy here:




Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesSeptember 25, 2020


“American Hemp: How Growing Our Newest Cash Crop Can Improve Our Health, Clean Our Environment, and Slow Climate Change” by Jen Hobbs

As legal cannabis has become more and more prevalent the need for solid information regarding how to grow quality hemp in a safe and healthy fashion has grown significantly. All the better when we can learn how to grow that high-quality cannabis in a way that is also conscious of how we are treating our planet while learning so much more about the potential positive applications that hemp can bring to so many businesses, industries, and aspects of our lives.

There is a wide and fascinating array of information available in this book ranging from how cannabis can bolster existing industries, how it can make for superior products, how it can positively impact soil for farming, and so much more.

The author of this book is definitely looking to the future through the lens of intelligent hemp use so let’s see for ourselves what this book brings to the table!

-Topic Focus-

The cannabis/hemp game was transformed in December of 2018 when the 2018 Farm Bill passed as it legalized hemp for so many uses. After years of being listed as a narcotic, we are finally seeing hemp being properly recognized as the agricultural boon that it is.

Forward-thinking industrial applications, CBD usage in the medical field for pain relief and more, the creation of hempcrete for the construction industry, making cosmetics, the vitamin content of the seeds, and so much more are all broken down and discussed in “America Hemp” by Jen Hobbs.

I thought I knew about the possible applications of hemp beyond consumption but apparently, I still have so much to learn and this book has been very enlightening to review.

About the Author

Author Jen Hobbs began her writing career by co-authoring “Jesse Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto” in 2015 and it was that very experience that inspired her to write “American Hemp” down the road.

Jen Hobbs is dedicated and passionate about spreading her message regarding all the possible potential positive uses that our society can benefit from with hemp. She is also the author of “Cooking with CBD” and continues her work to spread awareness of how hemp can be utilized.

Author Jen Hobbs was a publicity consultant prior to her work as a hemp/cannabis author and had started a marijuana collective with her family in California. Now their family owns and operates a CBD store called “The Hive”

-Reading Experience-

“American Hemp” dives right into a wide variety of fascinating topics and uses pertaining to hemp usage and cites the sources that the author used to come to these conclusions so that the reader may look into and see what the author sees.

It is kind of exciting to think about the possible ways that hemp usage can possibly affect the future of society and even our planet.

Reading this one absolutely leaves you feeling like you just attend a seminar or college class on the topic of hemp applications.


It makes a powerful difference when a book backs up their claims with their references and author Jen Hobbs does just this in “American Hemp” while also painting an exciting picture of a future that leans more into this new green wave we are seeing.

The book moves from one fascinating topic to the next which makes for an engaging read that leaves you feeling more educated for having read it.

See for yourself what “American Hemp” has to offer by checking out the book below:



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