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Debra BorchardtDebra BorchardtFebruary 26, 2021


The Cannabis Spa at Home: How to Make Marijuana-Infused Lotions, Massage Oils, Ointments, Bath Salts, Spa Nosh, and More

by Sandra Hinchliffe

 -Topic Focus-

Now you can enjoy that legit cannabis spa experience from home thanks to Sandra Hinchcliffe and her book, “The Cannabis Spa at Home”. This notion is super appealing as many modern cannabis spas can be a bit hefty when it comes to the price tag so just buying a book and being able to customize our own spa experience.

Learning to do more things from home seems more and more relevant these days, doesn’t it? It’s also always fun to learn and explore more ways to get creative and use your marijuana.

Let’s get into just what “The Cannabis Spa” brings to the table for us so we can all destress from the past year with some awesome cannabis spa action!

About the Author

The author of “The Cannabis Spa at Home” is Sandra Hinchcliffe and she brings a diverse array of experiences to the table ranging from writing on cannabis-related topics, an artisan herbalist, an allergy chef, and more. This variety of skill sets and knowledge help her to put together books that combine these experiences to create genuinely useful content and recipes for cannabis users who value wellness.

She currently lives in Del Norte County in California and is also the owner and founder of while also working to create cannabis and food recipes to serve people with immune challenges.

Her other books include “The CBD and Hemp Handbook”, “High Tea”, “CBD Every Day”, and more.

-Reading Experience-

First off, the high-quality photos are quite appealing and really help to bring the concept of creating your own cannabis spa experience at home to life. Now that idea just sounds fancy and pampering right off the bat!

The list of recipes has a wider range of recipes than I had initially imagined ranging from lotions, salves, tinctures, balms, and more. You can really spoil yourself here if you feel so inclined!

The recipes themselves are clearly written, possess minimal fluff, and are very accessible to even those of us with zero experience as herbalists or with cannabis product creation. I am very interested in being able to expand my own cannabis-infused creation repertoire.


You can’t go wrong with “The Cannabis Spa at Home” by Sandra Hinchcliffe if you’re looking to create your own canna-infused heaven-on-earth in the comfort of your own abode. Sounds great, right?

The recipes are solid and easy to perform, the range of possibilities is actually fun to explore, and you will learn new and interesting ways to utilize your marijuana. Nothing wrong with spicing up your regular usage with new and interesting ways to consume your favorite flower.

Get started infusing, mixing, and creating your own cannabis spa concoctions for personal use today by acquiring your copy of “The Cannabis Spa at Home” here:



Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesFebruary 19, 2021


Friday Book Club: Terpenes: The Magic in Cannabis

If you consider yourself to be a proper aficionado of cannabis or even a professional of some sort then you had better have at least a basic understanding of terpenes and their role in how cannabis affects our brains. If you didn’t already know, terpenes are the chemical oils produced by plants that create the unique flavors and scents that we so enjoy. We should be eternally appreciative of these lovely terpenes!

Did you know that there are over 30,000 types of terpenes? There is just so much to learn about this wonderful flower and it’s always a pleasure!

Topic Focus

If you have ever enjoyed a unique aroma emitting from some tasty nugget then you have experience with terpenes, the topic focus of this educational book put together by Beverly
Potter Ph.D. Here the author will take you on an educational journey that will leave you something of an expert in this chemical compound produced by marijuana plants. This becomes absolutely relevant if you’re planning to enter the cannabis industry and need to be looked at as a trusted and knowledgeable source of information. Even those of us who are just passionate hobbyists can always stand to further grow our own understanding of just what makes this flower so magical in terms of flavors, scents, and even experiences.

About the Author

The author of “Terpenes: The Magic in Cannabis” is Dr. Beverly A. Potter, Ph.D. who is based in Oakland, California where she works on her writing projects, engages in public speaking
endeavors, and also serves as a corporate trainer. She received her doctorate in counseling at Stanford University and went on to earn her Masters degree in Vocational Rehabilitation while at San Francisco State University and also generates content for her website, Beverly has also published books that focus on topics such as goal setting, mediating conflict, overcoming burnout related to work, and more.

Reading Experience

Dr. Potter does an excellent job balancing between keeping the book light and accessible for those of us less educated in such matters while also imparting a healthy dose of scientific
information regarding terpenes. One could use this book as an introduction to the world of terpenes as it is not quite and full tome of knowledge but rather a nice sampling of information on terpenes in a way that will not overwhelm the average reader. There is also some additional information present in the book covering topics such as how to make hash and ways to utilize your kief. This is good stuff to know for cannabis users!


“Terpenes: The Magic in Cannabis” serves as an excellent and approachable gateway to learning more about terpenes in cannabis and just how they affect your system and the flavors
of your favorite flowers. Not too heavy on technical information but just enough to help you gain a basic understanding. It never hurts to lean toward cannabis-related books written by medical professionals or those with specialized educations on such topics as they tend to be more reliable sources of information and this book checks that box.

You can acquire your own copy of “Terpenes: The Magic in Cannabis” here:

Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesFebruary 5, 2021


Friday Book Club: The Cannabis Health Index: Combining the Science of Medical Marijuana with Mindfulness Techniques To Heal 100 Chronic Symptoms and Diseases by Uwe Blesching

















It is common knowledge now that cannabis has a plethora of beneficial medical applications but there is not enough credible information regarding how to target specific symptoms and diseases with a strategy that is backed by a knowledgeable medical professional.

That’s where “The Cannabis Health Index” comes into play.

Today we are going to take a quick look at “The Cannabis Health Index” by Uwe Blesching in order to see just what this book brings to the table for those seeking useful information regarding the health benefits and healing abilities of marijuana.

-Topic Focus-

This book is broken down into chapters that focus on specific symptoms or diseases that cannabis can help within conjunction with mindfulness practices all put together by an author with a PhD in Alternative Healthcare and a background as a paramedic.

Here you will genuinely useful content regarding health issues ranging from inflammation issues, neurological diseases, various infections, cancer care, wound care, and so much more.

-About the Author-

The author of “The Cannabis Health Index” is Uwe Blesching, who is a consistent writing contributor on topics such as mind-body medicine, mindfulness phytopharmacology, cannabinoid health sciences, and more.

He holds a BA in Humanities acquired from the New College of California, has a PhD in Higher Education and Social Change, holds a PhD in Alternative Healthcare, and served as a Paramedic for over 20 years.

-Reading Experience-

There is a surprising amount of data present in this book to back up its bold claims, which is rather refreshing to see. It’s also very interesting to explore the dynamic between the science-based medical information with that of the mindfulness techniques discussed in this book.

The treatment information alone makes this book more valuable than the cost of it. The information can help you to pinpoint how to alter your own lifestyle, eating habits, and treatment options to live a healthier life by leveraging the power of cannabis.

The number of studies cited in this book really brings a weight of validity to the information presented here. Not to mention the level of detail which is provided in each subject.


Breaking down “The Cannabis Health Index” by Uwe Blesching was surprisingly exciting as it really displays just how far we have come in understanding the potential medical applications of marijuana and that this high-quality information is more available than ever before.

Having the book organized by affliction was a smart move as it allows the book to be utilized as a reference for real-life application as well as an educational tool.

The information at hand is thorough yet digestible by the average reader and does a fantastic job of bridging the gap between mindfulness exercises and health practices relating to cannabis usage.

You can get your hands on a copy of “The Cannabis Health Index” here:


Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesJanuary 8, 2021


From Seed to Success

by Ryan Douglas

-Topic Focus-

If you’re looking to get moving at warp speed upon entering the cannabis industry then author Ryan Douglas has put together exactly the book you need to achieve this goal.

“From Seed to Success” quickly proves itself to be quite a potent tool in the arsenal when it comes to building a productive and plentiful business in the marijuana industry. In an age where the cannabis industry is seeing incredible growth, it is vital to increase your level of knowledge in order to manifest your goals.

Let’s poke around and see which useful topics this book touches upon that might benefit an aspiring cannabis entrepreneur.

About the Author

Author Ryan Douglas is an entrepreneur and writer who is passionate about the cannabis industry and has had work published in sites such as the New York Times, NPR, Vice, Bloomberg News, and more. Douglas also served as Master Grower for Tweed inc. from 2013 to 2016 and has spent over 15 years as a commercial greenhouse grower where he was producing and maintaining large amounts of various edible crops.

This variety of expertise has allowed Douglas to bring a unique perspective to his writing and consultation projects as he further hones his understanding of how to rapidly develop an efficient cannabis production business. The level of expertise of the author becomes evident very quickly as you read into this book.

-Reading Experience-

“From Seed to Success” by Ryan Douglas feels like a more stylish and fascinating textbook as the structure and flow of the book is very fluid while also being incredibly detailed with the technical knowledge being present.

Some of the topics addressed in this book seem obvious while others might not have thought about them in advance. There is no doubt that this book can save someone some serious trial and error, time, and effort.

There are great photos available in “From Seed to Success” as well as useful resources such as helpful links to sites that growers can benefit from checking out. You can tell that the author was really striving to put together a book that would pass on genuine value to the reader.

Here you will find information on topics ranging from the actual cultivation itself, proper business practices in the cannabis industry, facility design, and so much more.


For those of us who aspire to grow into the cannabis industry and lack formal training, books such as “From Seed to Success” can literally trim years of trial and error away from your experience as you can leverage the experience of a seasoned professional.

Author Ryan Douglas has done an excellent job at presenting a genuinely useful plethora of actionable information in this book that can benefit even experienced growers with the level of knowledge presented here.

You can get started with your own education in the cannabis industry by getting your copy of “From Seed to Success” here:




Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesDecember 18, 2020


“Cannabis 101”
by Daniel Ulloa


Topic Focus

As Cannabis grows in terms of social acceptance than those of us who are more familiar with the nuances of cannabis must be prepared for the waves of the uninitiated who are curious about cannabis but are struggling to discern fact from fiction. Perhaps you, the reader, are one of those who are new to cannabis usage and want to learn as much as possible about this wonderful flower. Well, you’ve come to the right place then! That is exactly where books such as “Cannabis 101” by Danial Ulloa comes into play!

About the Author

The author of “Cannabis 101” is Daniel Ulloa and he possesses a wide array of writing and journalism experience ranging from reporting on state and local level governmental movements, modern activism and so much more before beginning to focus on reporting about the cannabis world. Daniel also has experience as a political campaign manager in Ohio and his writing content has been featured on platforms such as Talk Poverty, TAPinto, Pot Network, Folks Magazine, and many other reputable platforms.

Daniel also went to school at Syracuse University where he received his Bachelors in Political Science and also earned his Master’s degree in Legislative Affairs while attending George
Washington University. It’s this unique range of expertise that allows author Daniel Ulloa to put together such a comprehensive educational book that focuses on cannabis education.

Reading Experience

“Cannabis 101” is a fantastic resource as it starts with the fascinating history of cannabis and takes the reader on a crash course that covers hemp, legalization from state to state, the growth of the industry, issues with the banks, and so much more. The writing itself does indeed feel a touch dry at times but it is intended as more of an educational tool rather than a fun read to approach like a light novel. The subject matter in itself is what keeps the book interesting to read. The notations help to further detail the facts referenced in this book and it really lends to the credibility of the book and author as a reliable source of information on the topic of cannabis.


All in all, “Cannabis 101” is a fantastic tool that can be used to help the newcomers to the wonderful world of marijuana and help them to not fall victim to many of the modern myths and
misinformation still prevalent in today’s world. The feel of the book is like that of a legal textbook or something comparable which really helps the book to feel much more credible and professional. It is also worth noting that the depth of information available in this book means that even the more experienced cannabis veterans will find some useful and interesting nuggets of information here as well.

Start your own cannabis education here by getting your own copy of “Cannabis 101” here:

Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesDecember 11, 2020


“Design And Build A Room To Grow: Money
Can Grow On Trees” by Bill Faulconer


Does money grow on trees? Such a thought might have once been seen as crazy but these days not so much as we are currently some years into this modern green rush. If you want to be able to keep up with the modern level of cannabis that is on the market then you need to be able to grow some high-quality herbs by properly constructing your own grow room.

This is exactly where “Design and Build a Room to Grow” comes into play as it breaks down so much useful information regarding how to structure your own personal grow operation in a
manner that is efficient, cost-effective, and more likely to produce higher-quality marijuana. Ready to start learning about how to plan your grow? Here we go!

Topic Focus

This book does a fantastic job of breaking the step-by-steps when it comes to designing, planning, and implementing your own cannabis grow room. There are some of the topics you might expect such as how to plan out your space accordingly, which types of lights are ideal, room construction tips, and more while also addressing certain topics that many rookie growers might not think about in advance such as potential utility costs, revenue estimates, and so much more.

“Design and Build a Room to Grow” is ideal for beginners who are looking to start their first grow while also offering tips that might save time or money for a veteran grower. Enhancing your own level of education on such topics is always a worthy investment in yourself, even more so if you’re looking to experience a degree of success in the cannabis industry.

About the Author

Author Bill Faulconer has a wide array of unique experiences ranging from spending time as an electrician, performing in-field estimates and sales as a contractor, and has eventually evolved into the cannabis industry after exploring his own grow options. He eventually dared to open his own grow store as his level of expertise grew and he began to make in-home consultation visits to help others begin to set up their own grows or just to perform a degree of troubleshooting.

This unique combination of experiences and levels of expertise have given this author a useful perspective when it comes to creating grow room solutions and writing on the topic.

Reading Experience

You get a sense right from the start that this book will be packed with great information as soon as you peruse the table of contents and see the topics at hand and how they are displayed. This one does indeed feel a bit heavy at times as there are tons to learn here but all of it is genuinely useful and will help you to create a much more efficient grow room that should stand the test of time and help you to produce some quality nugget.

The pictures included really add to helping cultivate an understanding of just what needs to be done and best to set up certain aspects of your grow. Besides, who doesn’t appreciate a nice
high-quality image when learning something new? -SummaryThis author takes growing seriously and that becomes abundantly clear quickly as you dive into this book. The instructions are clear, the language is comfortable to grasp, and the level of detail present in this book really brings serious value to the table. If you’re looking to learn the basics of growing or are just looking to sharpen your own existing marijuana growing game then “Design and Build a Room to Grow” makes for an excellent resource to keep on hand.
You can get your own copy here:

Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesDecember 4, 2020


“Beyond Buds, Next Generation: Marijuana Concentrates and Cannabis Infusions”

by Ed Rosenthal and Greg Zeman


Topic Focus

At this point in the game, good ol’ fashioned smoking of cannabis has become a touch old-hat as more people embrace this futuristic wave of extraction methods to enjoy cleaner modes of
consumption coupled with higher concentrations of THC. This book takes a deeper dive into the world of extracts and you can expect to learn more about Co2 extractions, the benefits of concentrated CBD, the protocol surrounding proper dabs, and so much more.

This book is penned by cannabis legend Ed Rosenthal so you know that the information presented in this book will be quite legitimate and useful to you.
Let’s begin!

About the Author

The man, the myth, the legend himself Ed Rosenthal is a renowned cannabis activist with years of experience advocating for cannabis rights and writing many books on the subjects. We have reviewed other books by him on this site in the past. Greg Zeman is also passionate about the benefits of marijuana and what they can bring to the table and is also an Editor at Cannabis Now. His unique experience and expertise couples nicely with Ed Rosenthal on this project. Other books written by Rosenthal include “Marijuana Grower’s Handbook”, “Marijuana Garden Saver”, and so much more.

Reading Experience

If you’ve read Rosenthal’s work then you know that he knows what he’s talking about. The information presented is clearly that of a professional who has years of experience in the field.
This book is no different as Rosenthal shares his level of expertise with the rest of us. The book starts on a personal note from Greg Zeman regarding his personal introduction to
cannabis and that helps to ground the book from a personal narrative before moving on into the more technical matters. I must note that at times the book felt like a bit of an ad for specific extraction equipment but perhaps he just felt strongly about those specific products. Even if there is a bit of an advertisement deal struck for this book it does not detect at all from the quality of information presented here.


“Beyond Buds, Next Generation” makes for a great addition to anyone that is interested in further exploring the wonderful world of cannabis extractions and learning how to make them
yourself.  It is worth noting that certain extraction methods do carry a degree of risk so if you choose to engage in such activities it is worth investing in education/books that will guide you to do so as safely as possible moving forward. The style and flow of the book make for enjoyable reading while also teaching you more about how to properly engage in extractions yourself in a safe fashion and just what benefits these concentrates have to offer us.

Start learning about extractions from a reliable source and get your copy here:

Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesNovember 27, 2020


“Edibles for Beginners: A Cannabis
Cookbook” by Mary and Laurie Wolf

Who doesn’t love some solid edibles in their life? Getting culinary with this one today as we explore just what author Mary Wolf has to share with
us regarding marijuana edibles and how we can make them ourselves. This book takes us a bit deeper than the standard edible methods.
Let’s see just what we can glean from “Edibles for Beginners”!

Topic Focus

The topic at hand is cannabis edibles and how to prepare a wide variety of potent food items that are pleasant to taste and well medicated to ensure proper results. Here you will find over 50 recipes ranging from deserts, entrees, and more. Get the low-down on decarboxylation, learn how to set up your kitchen, explore the basics of cannabis cooking, and much more useful information pertaining to marijuana edibles and how to create your own with consistent results.

There is also a useful breakdown of which strains pair best with which recipes for those of us really looking to maximize the marijuana edible experience.

About the Author

Author Mary Wolf has been making edibles with her mother-in-law (Laurie Wolf) in the Oregon area for years and contributing to the medical marijuana community by helping to alleviate
the pain of as many people as possible through medicated food items. Mary has taken her passion for helping via medicated edibles to as many people as possible by sharing her level of expertise when it comes to making marijuana edibles. These two amazing ladies also co-authored “The Medical Marijuana Dispensary” together.

Reading Experience

The book begins with “Cannabis 101” so even the most rookie among us have a place to start in this book and can comfortably begin their own marijuana edibles journey. There is also
plenty of information available for the more experienced in the canna-kitchen to take their edibles game to the next level. This book is fun to read while also bringing a degree of science and facts to the table as you learn more about THC, CBD, and much more. The recipes are written in a way that is very easy to follow even for those of us who are a bit clumsy or inexperienced in the kitchen.


If you’re looking to get better at cooking up your very own cannabis-infused edibles then this book absolutely needs to grace your book collection. Even if you are already a bit seasoned in
the kitchen and know your way around some edibles you will still find some useful detail here that will take your game to the next level. “Edibles for Beginners” flows well, has crisp photos, and shares genuinely useful information regarding marijuana edibles. You can expand your repertoire of edibles beyond staples such as brownies and cookies. Start cooking up some properly medicated goodies by getting your own copy of “Edibles for Beginners” here:

Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesNovember 20, 2020


“Listening to Ecstasy: The Transformative
Power of MDMA”
by Charles Wininger


Topic Focus

Now here’s a fascinating personal narrative covering the author’s journey of discovery when it comes to how MDMA can revitalize one’s mental health, personal relationships, and more from the perspective of a trained therapist. This licensed psychoanalyst and mental health counselor does a wonderful job of documenting the experiences shared with his wife when it comes to further exploring just what MDMA has to offer in terms of mental health benefits. Let’s crack this one open and see what we can learn about beneficial MDMA usage from this
unique perspective!

About the Author

Author Charles Wininger is a veteran mental health counselor and a licensed psychoanalyst who possesses a genuine passion for contributing to the lives of others via mental health and
seems quite ardent when it comes to spreading his message regarding the benefits presented from proper MDMA usage. Charles considers himself to be an avid psychonaut (psychedelic explorer) and has been a licensed psychoanalyst for over 30 years and lives in the New York area with his wife. His appreciation for what MDMA has to offer has been a huge factor and motivation when it comes to his work, writing, and other endeavors as he sees it as a way to help change the world for the better one person at a time.

Reading Experience

Finding the unique narrative style between personal experience combined with the expertise of a mental health professional makes for a rare book indeed. A few things become quite evident quickly here; the author is very knowledgable when it comes to the topics at hand, he is very passionate about the potential benefits of MDMA, and that this book was not put together on a sudden whim or with minimal effort. Everything from the authors owns introduction to the personal observations regarding MDMA sessions, MDMA usage tips and protocols, and all the way through to the notes and resources provided at the end reads as though the author were striving to convey just how much of a benefit this can be to so many people.


It’s not every day that you get to peer into the mind of an MDMA-oriented psychoanalyst with years of experience as a mental health advisor so this book has unique value and insight to
offer right off the bat. If you’ve been curious about exploring MDMA usage, then this book would make for an excellent jumping-off point as a legitimate professional writes it with years of experience who seems to possess a genuine passion for helping others to live better lives from the inside out. The balance between personal anecdotal experience coupled with the expertise of a licensed psychoanalyst makes for a potent combination that seems much more trustworthy than other comparable titles.

You can acquire your own copy of “Listening to Ecstasy” here:

Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesNovember 13, 2020


“The Rebel’s Apothecary: A Practical Guide to
the Healing Magic of Cannabis, CBD, and
by Jenny Sansouci and Frank Lipman

-Topic Focus-
“The Rebel’s Apothecary” is a unique culmination of data, information, and personal experience garnered from the life experience of author Jenny Sansouci after she learned about her father’s stage 4 pancreatic cancer diagnosis and she took action to find ways to help him to heal and
combat the brutal effects of chemotherapy. This journey led her down the myriad path of potential healing benefits when it comes to cannabis, CBD, and even psychoactive mushroom consumption.

Let’s learn about how to bolster our immune systems via cannabis use and so much more by seeing what this book has to offer!


About the Author

Author Jenny Sansouci is the creator of a renowned health blog known as “” and is based in Brooklyn. She is a certified health coach who has been writing since 2008 and has a genuine passion for helping others to live better quality lives through the power of cannabis, diet, lifestyle, and more. Dr. Frank Lipman provided the foreword of this book and trained Jenny in New York. His expertise in functional medicine is welcome as it helps to further clarify the information and research provided in this book.

Jenny and Dr. Frank have combined their unique levels of expertise and life experience to create a genuinely useful compendium of information and data regarding cannabis, mushrooms,
and how they can positively affect your health.


Reading Experience

We can all relate to desiring to help others in our lives and it always fascinating as well as enlightening to learn more about how cannabis and mushrooms can be utilized to boost our
health levels and bring a higher quality of life to others in a more natural fashion. There is so much useful content to dive into here ranging from some of the latest data on CBD,
recipes for mushroom and cannabis smoothies, tips regarding building your own personal apothecary, and so much more.

The author does an admirable job of taking a challenging and complex topic and breaking down in a fashion that allows the rest of us to keep and understand. She writes:

First I’ll teach you all about cannabis and why our bodies are so nourished by it. We’ll go over CBD, THC and how to use cannabis without feeling intoxicated (now that you know my story, you know I care a lot about that aspect.) After that, I’ll guide you through the wild world of mushrooms in the fungi kingdom.

Once you get acquainted with cannabis and mushrooms, I’ll guide you through protocols for daily wellness and share a few delicious cannabis and mushroom-infused recipes so you can easily incorporate them into your life.


If you’re looking for a book that does an excellent job of weaving an interesting tale while communicating genuinely useful information regarding the health benefits of cannabis and
mushrooms then “The Rebel’s Apothecary” is a great fit for your bookshelf or digital collection. There is no shortage of applicable stuff you can learn that can really contribute to your own
quality of life and health. The level of research that was performed while writing this book becomes very clear as you move through it and the way it is written allows for this information to be accessible to many more people.

You can start becoming something a Rebel Apothecary yourself by getting your copy here:


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