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Adam JacksonAugust 11, 2022


As talks revolving around the federal legalization of cannabis splinter in Congress, the question of whether the nascent industry can eat beverage alcohol’s margins remains a growing one.

In a report, titled, “Is Cannabis a Threat to Alcohol Sales?” BDSA Consumer Insights contends that while the crop is as popular as ever, any real breakthrough of consumer participation in adult-use and medical markets remains stymied in D.C. – casualties of political animosity and procedural acrobatics aimed at slowing progress.

Consumption Is High

“In just a few short years, attitudes towards cannabis across the country have shifted rapidly, with the share of those who have “bought-in” to cannabis consumption skyrocketing while fewer and fewer report not being open to consuming cannabis,” the report said.

BDS Analytics data showed that this past Spring, 51% of Americans in adult-use states claim to have consumed cannabis in the past six months, up 15% from Spring 2020. At the same time, the share who claim to be rejecters (non-consumers who are not open to consuming in the future) fell from 31% in Spring 2020 to just 23% in Spring 2022.

Overall consumer participation is lower in medical markets, yet BDS Analytics data suggest that consumer participation is growing at a similar rate.

The share of those who report past six-month consumption ballooned from just 26% to 41% between Spring 2020 and Spring 2022 – as the share of rejecters fell from 34% to 28% over that same period.

These realities have left many companies considering what they can learn from the alcohol industry — or how they can partner — as it continues to languish within its own prohibition.

“When we look deeper into the data, we see a cannabis consumer base that is knowledgeable, open to trying new product formats, and willing to experiment with incorporating cannabis consumption into more occasions throughout their lives,” the report said.

Stacking up to Big Alc

While consumer usage rates are starting to near beverage alcohol levels, experts generally agree that significant cannibalization of alcohol by cannabis would likely only occur over the course of at least another generation.

“While the trend toward alcohol’s displacement by cannabis is a durable one, especially among young adults, it is likely going to be a generational one, rather than one manifested in the next few years,” BDS Analytics Andy Seeger said. “Furthermore, it is expected that growing social acceptance will both increase substitutability and strengthen public preferences for cannabis over alcohol, though not completely dissuade cannabis consumers from drinking.”

Together, U.S. legal and illicit sales have been estimated to be $97 billion in 2021 – edging out against $87 million in spirit sales. Demand for cannabis in the U.S. now exceeds what the nation annually spends on spirits – and roughly matching what it spends on beer – according to a report by New Frontier Data.

Two-thirds of cannabis consumers surveyed by New Frontier said that they drink alcohol at least once per month, but 61% say that given a choice, they prefer cannabis.

Additionally, one-third of respondents said that they would like to quit drinking alcohol altogether, “though it is likely that the significant difference in social acceptability between alcohol and cannabis makes it more difficult to stop drinking entirely,” New Frontier wrote.

In another study, Colorado households – compared to all other states that did not legalize recreational cannabis – showed a 13% average monthly decrease in purchases of all alcoholic products combined and a 6% decrease in wine, according to a July 2021 report published in the Journal of Cannabis Research.

However, complicating the idea that cannabis will hurt alcohol sales, researchers’ findings showed that Washington saw an increase in spirits purchased while Oregon showed a significant decrease in monthly spirits purchased when compared to all other states without legalized recreational cannabis.

The conclusion was that the results “suggest that alcohol and cannabis are not clearly substituted nor complements to one another.”

“Future studies should examine additional states as more time passes and more post-legalization data becomes available, use cannabis purchase data and consider additional methods for control selection in quasi-experimental studies,” it said.

Shifting the culture (through regulatory action)

While the nature of cannabis consumption typically resides within the home, finding margins outside of those living spaces has been an ongoing challenge that has frustrated entrepreneurs in the industry.

Those who consume are consuming more often as consumers are pairing cannabis with alcohol and a variety of activities, BDS Analytics said in its report – though the lack of a three-tier system and on-premise regulation prevents cannabis companies from creating social hubs with experiences tied to their product.

“There is very, very little on-premise spending right now, which does add the margin,” Seeger said. “And that’s one of the things that the market, in general, is fighting right now – is a way to find margin. Those kinds of occasions would do that. That’s certainly what we see in beverage alcohol.”

According to BDS Analytics, the share of consumers in adult-use markets who report pairing cannabis with spirits or liquor rose from 12% in Spring 2018 to 22% in Spring 2022, while the share who report cannabis with cocktails doubled to a total of 20% in Spring 2022.

Pairing Up

Additionally, BDS Analytics found that consumers are increasingly pairing cannabis with activities not typically associated with cannabis.

The share of consumers in adult-use markets claiming that they pair cannabis with fine dining rose from 14% in Spring 2020 to 25% in Spring 2022, while the share of those who report using cannabis while exercising rose from 18% in Spring 2020 to 26% in Spring 2022.

“While these increases may not seem shocking to savvy industry insiders, they demonstrate that the use occasions for cannabis are incredibly varied,” the report said. “They also show opportunity for brands that can produce product with form factors and targeted formulations that speak to these varied need states and use occasions.”

Innovations in rapid-onset technology help push cannabis-infused, non-alcoholic beverage products to create a standard beverage serving of Delta-9 THC, such as Keith Villa’s non-alcoholic, cannabis-infused, Belgian-style ale — Ceria Brewing Co. — which sold out in Colorado dispensaries four hours after it’s release; or corona importer Constellation Brands multi-billion dollar investments in Canopy Growth.

Alcohol Meets Cannabis

More recently, distributing partnerships between cannabis companies and the alcohol industry are sprouting.

Fresh Hemp Foods, a part of Tilray’s Wellness (NASDAQ: TLRY) division, signed a distribution agreement on Wednesday with Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits — one of the nation’s largest distributors of wine and spirits.

The pact will provide Tilray Wellness with direct access to the alcohol distributor’s network, “reaching consumers everywhere from local bars and restaurants to independent and national grocery chains and convenience stores.”

“This agreement helps Tilray uniquely position itself to enter the multi-billion-dollar adult beverage category with a non-alcoholic, CBD beverage alternative, for consumers who want to relax and unwind,” said Tilray Wellness and Fresh Hemp Foods president Jared Simon.

The agreement allows Tilray to develop a U.S. CBD beverage portfolio within retail channels, “which will transition the category out of the fringe and into the mainstream,” the company said.

“Cannatourism” and the brewery model

Currently, marketing cannabis products toward specific experiential outcomes are limited without a legal framework.

Despite that, the industry has found creative ways to circumvent some of these limitations — even finding parallels with the brewery model.

Operators can establish deeper relationships with customers as people travel to and within states where cannabis is legal to visit the farms where the product is grown, similar to visiting wineries — also known as “cannatourism”.

“It’s a really big opportunity for states that have legalized cannabis to capitalize on that, not just for their own residents but also for tourists that might travel particularly for that,” said Christina Sava, an attorney at Troutman Pepper.

Other services help people find “Bud and Breakfast” spots — onsite consumption lounges in adult-use states such as a 420-friendly bed and breakfast type hotel.

“We kind of take it for granted that you can consume alcohol in entertainment venues and at bars and at restaurants,” Sava said, “but there really aren’t that many sanctioned spaces outside the home to try cannabis and share cannabis with your friends. I think this is an area that is ripe for evolution and will continue to grow.”

Joanne CachaperoJune 29, 2022


If predicted trends prove to be true, this Thursday, June 30, may be the busiest cannabis retail sales day for summer 2022, as Americans in legal states get ready to celebrate the long 4th of July weekend. Cannabis consumers are likely to celebrate independence by indulging in their favorite flower and other products that enhance a day at the beach, backyard BBQ with friends, or summer vacation in some legal destination.

Canna-tech company Surfside Solutions’ recently released its first-ever Summer 2022 Ad Planner for cannabis retailers. According to Surfside’s data analysis, several important factors are aligning that may result in a busy July 4th weekend for dispensaries and retail shops. The report “analyzed millions of cannabis transactions across dispensaries and websites from May 2021 to September 2021 to help understand future trends.”

4th of July

July is the busiest summer month for cannabis retailers, Surfside said. The Thursday before the 4th of July was the single strongest retail cannabis sales day of the summer, and the Friday before 4th of July showed 57 percent greater sales than an average day in July. This year, with July 4th falling on a Monday, there seems little doubt that locals and travelers alike will take advantage of the long weekend. 

Fridays, from June through August, possess a power of their own with an average of 41 percent higher sales than Fridays during other times of the year. At either end of the summer season, the Friday before the long Memorial Day weekend averaged a 69 percent increase in retail sales, while Labor Day Friday showed a 65 percent more sales. 

Though time is short for advertising aimed at 4th of July customers, July 10th – also known as cannabis holiday Dab Day for concentrate enthusiasts – is on the following Sunday. For the uninitiated – when viewed upside down and backward, the date 7/10 spells “oil,” the most common form of concentrate. Though nowhere near the popularity of the 4/20 holiday in April, Surfside suggested that retailers send Dab Day advertising starting on July 5, with special offers on concentrate products. 

Cannabis data company Headset in early June released an analysis of concentrate sales data from California, Colorado, Washington, Nevada, Oregon and Michigan in the U.S., and the provinces of Alberta, Ontario, British Colombia, and Saskatchewan in Canada.

“Since our last [October 2021] report on concentrates, market share to this category has increased in Canada (up from 2.9%) and decreased in the U.S. (down from 9.5%). In Canada, concentrates are the third best-selling ‘Cannabis 2.0’ category behind vapor pens and edibles. In both countries they are the fifth highest revenue product format behind flower, pre-rolls, vapor pens, and edibles,” Headset said. The report also noted that Boomer consumers were least likely to purchase concentrates; various forms of concentrate were most popular with male Gen Z consumers.  

In Pennsylvania, patients will be able to purchase cannabis vape products after a mid-June ruling overturned a February recall and sales ban on more than 670 cannabis vape products, mandated by the state’s Department of Health. Health officials had cited the use of terpenes (botanical compounds that can be derived from cannabis and other plants, commonly used for flavorings or adaptogenic effects) in concentrate formulations as the cause for the ban. The injunction handed down by the Commonwealth Court allowed vape products back on shelves in Pennsylvania’s medical dispensaries; the state has not yet approved recreational sales. 


A cannabis product category that has seen steadily increasing consumer interest – maybe, especially on long, lazy, hot summer days – are THC-infused adult beverages.

“Since the launch of beverages in Canada around January 2020, market share of this category has seen significant growth until reaching a peak of 2.1 percent of the total Canadian market in December of 2021. With a long history of beverages in the U.S., market share has experienced slower, more consistent growth in the U.S. over the same time period,” said Headset’s Cannabis Beverages: A look at Category Trends & Performance report.

Headset’s data indicated also that California leads the infused beverage market, and “by the end of 2021, California had doubled their product offerings to just over 530 distinct cannabis beverage products.” Canadian consumers purchased more carbonated beverages, though, while “drops, mixes, elixirs, and syrups,” made up more than 27 percent of American beverage category sales. 

Just in time for summer, artisan soda company Jones Soda recently released an infused offering, Mary Jones sodas formulated with 10mg of THC per bottle, in Berry Lemonade, Orange and Cream, Green Apple and Root Beer flavors. A 100mg THC-infused canned soda is coming soon, according to a company announcement, as well as a 1000mg “syrup” tincture that can be added to beverages. 

“Jones Soda is a legendary brand built from bold flavors and doing bold things,” said Bohb Blair, a chief brand officer at Mary Jones Cannabis Co. and chief marketing officer for Jones Soda Co. “Whether you’re a canna-newbie or a cannaseur, our sodas are the most exciting flavors in cannabis today, and our product roadmap will keep our fans delighted by what’s to come.” 

Award-winning, California-based Good Stuff Beverage Company has brought energy drink vibes to cannabis beverages with two-ounce, 100mg THC infused shots in sativa and indica strains. Twelve-ounce infused drinks come in sativa, indica and hybrid options, for energizing, calming, or euphoric effects. The line’s summery flavor blends include Honey Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade, Key Limeade, and Strawberry Hibiscus. 

THC-infused beverage manufacturers may be on to something, as warm summer temperatures drive consumers to keep chill and hydrated. Wellness drinks infused with non-psychoactive ingredients derived from hemp, like CBD and terpenes, are already readily available from mainstream vendors including grocery chains and convenience stores and appeal to adults who want more options than plain water or soda, to avoid an alcohol hangover. 

Beverage alcohol research company IWSR released a report in January that indicated low- and no-alcohol beverage options are increasing in popularity with consumers. The report analyzed data on beverages infused with CBD and non-psychoactive plant compounds, but not THC-infused formulations. 

“The alcohol-adjacent category is emerging rapidly as more people become interested in moderation and avoiding the effects of alcohol,” IWSR researchers said. “Alcohol adjacencies offer mood-enhancing or functional benefits, many employing ingredients such as CBD, nootropics and adaptogens. These products focus on how their ingredients will make consumers feel, and are seen as an alternative way to enjoy traditional alcohol occasions – thereby appealing to health-conscious (and stressed-out) consumers.” 

Merchants should make note: Labor Day is not far off, on Monday, September 5, which will mark a long weekend and the unofficial end of summer. According to Surfside, it could also be the second strongest weekend for summer sales. 

By then, days will be getting shorter, and it’ll be time to start planning for winter holiday promotions and advertising campaigns.

StaffJune 10, 2022


According to cannabis data firm Headset, since the launch of cannabis beverages in Canada around January 2020, the market share of this category has seen significant growth until reaching a peak of 2.1% of the total Canadian market in December of 2021. With a long history of beverages in the US, market share has experienced slower, more consistent growth in the US over the same time period. 

The count of cannabis beverage products has grown faster in California than in any other US market. By the end of 2021, California had doubled its product offerings to just over 530 distinct cannabis beverage products.

Segment shares are very different between the US and Canada. In the US, the largest beverage segment is the Drops, Mixes, Elixirs, and Syrups, which made up 27.7% of total beverage sales from January 2020 to January 2022. In Canada, carbonated beverages are the biggest segment, which made up 51.5% of sales during the same period.

As the cannabis beverage segment matures in Canada, prices seem to be stabilizing for the products. In January 2020, Canadian Beverage products averaged at $16.21 per product. By January 2021, the AIP for Beverages in Canada dropped 146% to $6.58 per product. The AIP of Beverages in Canada has been stable since July 2020, hovering around $6 per product.

Here are the best cannabis beverages for the summer:


Name of Product: Hi5 Energy

States Available: MA and ME

Price: $18/4-pack ($5.50 per can)

Product Info: With 5mg of THC and 80mg of caffeine, Hi5 Energy is formulated to lift you up quickly and keep you there. It’s made for those of us who seek a little excitement in our daily lives, but aren’t trying to jump motorcycles over the Grand Canyon or skydive from space.


Name of Product:  Levia 

Link to Images: HERE

States Available: MA

Price: $25/4-pack ($7 per can)

Product Info: Rooted in simple, delicious, all-natural ingredients, LEVIA cannabis infused seltzers & tinctures are the new way to imbibe. Our proprietary process delivers crisp & refreshing cannabis-infused drinks with zero calories and sugar. So you can enjoy a better tasting, better for you, buzz. Enliven your day, chill your nights and raise your spirits — one soul-lifting sip at a time.

Name of Product:  Select Squeeze

States Available: AZ, CA, CO, CT, FL, ME, MD, MA, MI, MO, NV, OH, OK, OR, NY, NJ, UT, VT

Price:  $25

Product Info: Squeeze beverage enhancer is a water-soluble liquid infused with nano-emulsified cannabis oil, transforming any drink into a THC-infused, flavor enhanced experience. With a gentle squeeze, the pocket-sized self-measuring bottle offers a precise 5mg serving every time. Flavors include Lemon Lime, Watermelon, Strawberry Lemonade, and Hint of Sweet.

Name of Product: Endless Coast 

States Available: MA

Price:  $4/seltzer OR $3.50/seltzer when you buy a four pack

Product Info: Powered by nano technology, Endless Coast Cannabis-Infused Seltzers provide an accelerated onset of calming effects that are low dose and low in calories, sugar and carbs. Offering a carefully crafted alcohol alternative that lets you hang loose without that next day hangover, the product is available in four micro-dosed options:

  • Grapefruit + Botanicals – 2.5mg THC, 2.5mg CBD
  • Lemon Ginger – 2.5mg THC
  • Lime – 5mg THC
  • Orange Mango Jalapeño – 5mg THC

Name of Product:  Wyld CBD Seltzers

States Available: Nationwide

Price:  $15.96

Product Info: We’ve cultivated these flavors over the years, carefully honing our recipes to create edible (now drinkable!) delights that enhance every moment with real fruit flavors and THC free hemp.

  • Real fruit-infused sparkling water
  • 10 calories / 2g sugar (or less) per can
  • USA Sourced Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • Enjoyed chilled for the best experience
  • CBD infused drinks in 4 different fruit flavors (Raspberry, Lemon, Blackberry, Blood Orange)

Name of Product: Klaus Mezzrole

States Available: CA

Price: $12 

Product Info: If you’re looking for a unique kind of cocktail this summer, Klaus is the name you need to know. From the “Cocktail Whisperer” himself Warren Bobrow, Klaus’ debut drink, the “Mezzrole” is cannabis-forward with the bold aromatics of terpenes from the Hippie Crasher strain. Then come dollops of zesty and zippy on the tongue with caramelized, spicy ginger cane syrup framed by exotic French lime puree. Rice vinegar carries each sip into a multi-minute finish, ebullient with bursts of heady salt spray splashing over crushed minerals. Clocking in at only three, culinary-grade ingredients and 10mg THC per can.

Name of Product: MXXN

States Available: CA

Price: $79.99 / 750ml bottle

Product Info: 

MXXN (pronounced ‘moon’), is the cannabis industry’s first 1:1 non-alcoholic replacement for gin, tequila and bourbon, making it the perfect sub for alcohol in  your summer cocktails. MXXN’s Kentucky Oak can take the place of bourbon, London Dry for gin or the Jalisco Agave for tequila. Refreshing cocktail recipes below:

MXXN Margarita

1oz MXXN Jalisco Agave

2 oz lime

.5 oz simple syrup

Lychee MXXN Martini

1 oz MXXN London Dry

2oz Lychee Puree

1 tbsp Simple Syrup

1 tbsp lime juice

Top with soda water

Ginger MXXN NEW Recipe

1 oz MXXN Kentucky Oak

1 tbsp fresh lime juice

½ cup ginger beer

MXXN is best dosed as follows: 2mg THC (0.5 oz) 4mg THC (1 oz) and 6mg THC (1.5 oz)

Name of Product: TeaPot Good Day Iced Tea

Link to Images: HERE 

States Available: Canada (Starting July) 

Product Info: From the makers of Sam Adams (NYSE: SAM), Truly Hard Seltzer and Twisted Tea, this new line of cannabis beverages comes just in time for summer. TeaPot pairs the right tea with the right pot for the right occasion. The brand’s first release is a Good Day Iced Tea, made with real lemon black tea and infused with Pedro’s Sweet Sativa. Each 12-ounce can of TeaPot contains 5mg of THC and is crafted to minimize any cannabis taste or aroma. Additional varieties of TeaPot will be announced in the coming months. 

StaffMay 11, 2022


The Luxury Meets Cannabis Conference was recently held in New York City and featured some of the top luxury brands in the cannabis space. Since New York doesn’t have a legal cannabis program yet, the brands are mostly CBD and many are centered around beauty. Still, not every company at LMCC was a beauty brands, there were accessories and edibles. Great Barrington MA dispensary Rebelle set up shop with a VIP lounge to introduce its new Halo mist fast onset oral spray. Here are some of our favorite items from LMCC:


Aurora Sparkling Hemp Beverage

These handcrafted sparkling beverages from Aurora feature fabulous flavors like Cayenne Citron, Rosemary Grapefruit and Lavender Orange. They are made with sustainably grown hemp and hops from the Pacific Northwest. Bright, balanced, and refreshing, Aurora is made in small batches with a proprietary blend of whole plant extracts to deliver a layered experience that restores and rejuvenates the mind and body. Each of the 200ml bottles of hemp beverage contains 25mg of hemp extract and zero THC. The elixirs are made with a blend of broad spectrum hemp oil and raw extract hemp oil. Talk about feeling refreshed!

Rose Delights

Rose Los Angeles was in the house with its tasty rosin-infused edibles. Rose Delights are Turkish Delight-style infused edibles using rosin extracted from the whole flower. The house-made full-spectrum flower rosin preserves the beneficial natural properties of the plant,  honoring the plant in its original form while providing the best quality experience. If you like Turkish delights, you’ll love these. We tasted the White Rock Ranch Meyer Lemon, which is made with these namesake lemons, wild Heimang and freshly steeped thyme infused with Hudson Hemp and contained 10mg of CBD. 


Who doesn’t love a good face oil? Oeuvre has a CBD + Bio-active + high-vibrational gemstones replenishing facial oil that is superb. It is lightweight and silky. The company has four products in all, but we only tried the facial oil. The foundation of the brand’s products is “the breakthrough Œ Complex: a Bio-Actives + Gemstone + Full Flower Hemp Extract infused formulation which is synergistically balanced to recalibrate skin’s natural functions, support one’s own natural biorhythm and maintain the natural elasticity of the epidermis.

The entire Oeuvre Artistry Collection is high performing & skin nourishing – infused with luxuriously clean, ethically and environmentally responsible ingredients including:

Apricot Kernel Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Sweet Olive Leaf & Flower Extract, Holy Basil Extract, Squalane and Hyaluronic Acid, plus Full Flower Hemp Extract, infused with Amethyst, Tourmaline, Quartz, Jade, Diamond & Gold to help transform everyday routines into revitalizing experiences that nourish both body and soul.” Yes, please.

Pure Dharma

Pure Dharma is a skin care line that is made with fast-acting nano CBD. The products target radiance, relief, relaxation and recharging. I tried the relief healing balm on my tired feet after two days at cannabis conferences and I felt the benefit very quickly. The Relief CBD Healing Balm is infused with pure plant extracts that soothe and relieve the body. It may reduce muscle aches, body pains, spasms, swelling and inflammation. The Relief CBD Bath Fizz has been infused with pure plant extracts that soothe and relieve the body and it is huge and smells lovely.  It contains a powerful blend of essential oils to reduce joint pain, muscle tension and inflammation and i can’t wait to try it out.


Potent Kitchen 

Potent Kitchen let me taste a hazelnut chocolate CBD bar. It didn’t last long. So yummy and guilt-free with all that CBD goodness, I gobbled it down in a couple of days. Potent’s first seeds were sown in 2014. The company has found a permanent home in a hidden magical valley near Hotchkiss, Colorado. It was acquired by PSC Group, a Global Hempower house in 2018. “We’ve grown from a farm to a vertically integrated business: growing, extracting, formulating, and producing natural finished products for many 3rd party brands, as well as for our Pet brand Tempo and Tails and our Chocolate Co-Brand MUZE CBD.” 


Hunny Bunny

I loved the Hunny Bunny Healing Hair Oil. It goes from pre-styling to finishing to total hair rejuvenation. Enhanced with Organic Hemp CBD that’s grown in the USA and the sweet, floral essence of honeysuckle. Buh-bye, bad hair days! If you have dry frizzy hair like me, this product is really fantastic. Just a couple of drops of oil and instead of making your hair feel greasy, it feels hydrated. In addition to CBD, it has Cinnamon bark, Lavender, Rose and Honeysuckle for all kinds of spiritual benefits.

StaffMay 3, 2022


The fast-acting edible company 1906 has secured a seven-figure investment from Connecticut Innovations (CI), Connecticut’s strategic venture capital arm and the leading source of financing and ongoing support for Connecticut’s innovative, growing companies. According to the company statement, it is a first-of-its-kind investment by a state venture fund in a cannabis business.

“Along with our confidence in 1906’s future prospects, CI’s investment also recognizes the increasingly important role the cannabis industry will continue to play in the economic, health, and social development of the state,” said Lauren Carmody, vice president of marketing at Connecticut Innovations. “With its track record of innovation and success, 1906 is a great addition to CI’s expanding portfolio. This investment will help accelerate the company’s ambitious plans for growth and establish 1906 as the first of many cannabis industry leaders based here in Connecticut.”

1906 edibles are different from other due to its fast onset time. These edibles typically have a psychoactive onset of 20 minutes or less. The company has six different thoughtful formulations of super-powerful plant medicines like Bliss for happiness and Go for energy. The company prides itself on its moderately dosed cannabis.

CI’s decision to invest in 1906 was prompted by the company’s leadership position as the number one cannabis pill in the U.S., successful revenue generation as well as its commitment to and leadership in the areas of employment, health and wellness, and social justice. The investment aligns with CI’s mission to promote innovation and diversity in Connecticut and supports efforts to prioritize public health, public safety, social justice, and equity. 1906 has a commitment to patient and consumer advocacy, as well as its strong stance on pressing social justice issues, has made 1906 a leading voice in the industry.

“CI’s investment in 1906 is a major milestone for the cannabis industry — institutional investors don’t need to wait on the sidelines for changes to federal laws before they participate in the cannabis market (or funding the growth of this industry),” said Peter Barsoom, CEO of 1906. “The investment from CI will help us grow our business in the state and squarely positions 1906 at the center of the cannabis movement in the Northeast at exactly the right time. We are excited to bring 1906 and our products to Connecticut.”

Connecticut Innovations joins other investors, including Arcview and Merida, in this current round of funding.

StaffMarch 29, 2022


In 2020, a group of cannabis beverage experts and former Pabst Brewing Company employees were granted the rights to create a line of cannabis-infused drinks under the Pabst Blue Ribbon name, making it one of the few national brands to enter the cannabis space. Pabst Labs produces Pabst Blue Ribbon’s 10mg High Seltzer, Not Your Father’s Cannabis Infused Root Beer, as well as ST IDES Cannabis product lines, including its 100mg infused 4oz shots. 

Pabst Labs has unveiled its brand new manufacturing facility and distribution center in Desert Hot Springs. The new plant was designed and built from the ground up by Pabst Labs, giving the company full control over its manufacturing and packaging processes, and more than tripling its production capabilities. Pabst Labs is responsible for the production, marketing, and sales of the new drink.

“Leveraging over twenty years of beverage manufacturing experience, the goal while building our factory was to establish a standard for quality and efficiency that would set the bar in all Cannabis infused beverages facilities for years to come. It’s a game changer,” says Barlick. “The new factory in Desert Hot Springs will operate under customary world-class manufacturing practices such as HACCP, SQF, GMPs, Lean Manufacturing and Visual Work Instructions.”

The company said that the Desert Hot Springs headquarters will ensure Pabst Labs has total control of its product, allowing the company to raise the bar on quality, and expand its output and innovation considerably. Pabst Labs’ will also enable other brands to have access to its facility through co-packing relationships, helping raise beverage quality and opportunity across the industry. 

Pabst Labs has been developing the new facility over the last two years, overseen by Pabst Labs Director of Production Chuck Barlick. Pabst Labs’ longstanding background in beverage development, combined with Barlick’s over 20 years of beverage production experience have been bolstered by recruits from some of the world’s most recognized beverage brands creating a team with an unrivaled knowledge base, and an unrivaled facility, in the cannabis beverage industry. 


Debra BorchardtFebruary 23, 2022


HYTN Innovations Inc. (CSE: HYTN) has had a big week for announcements. The company began trading yesterday on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol “HYTN” following its reverse takeover transaction with HYTN Beverage Corp. and amalgamation between its wholly-owned subsidiary MMO Merger Holdings Inc. and 1306562 B.C. Ltd.

“This is an exciting day for all of us at HYTN,” says CEO Elliot McKerr. “Thanks to the support of our entire team we are well-positioned to execute on our strategy. We are looking forward to sharing our consistent, natural, and delicious products with even more consumers and building lasting value for all our stakeholders.”

HYTN is a Canadian company that formulates, manufactures, markets, and sells premium cannabis goods. The company describes its mission to be the leading provider of consistent, natural, and delicious cannabis products. “HYTN focuses its efforts on identifying category opportunities and takes an innovative approach to delivering elevated cannabis experiences to a discerning customer base.”

In addition to that, the company announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, HYTN Cannabis Inc. was awarded a license amendment by Health Canada allowing for the sale of a cannabis extract, edible cannabis, and cannabis topical products to provincially and territorially authorized retailers.

The company said that the national sales of HYTN’s cannabis-infused sparkling beverages had already begun through a partnership agreement with Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc.  (CSE: EMH) that was announced in November 2021. Then Emerald announced a change in business strategy that would result in the winding down of all cannabis-related activities, including its partnership with HYTN. HYTN said that its receipt of the License Amendment ensures that it can continue to sell its all-natural, sugar and calorie-free sparkling cannabis beverages across Canada.

“Achieving this milestone under a strict timeline was a monumental feat lead by our exceptional operations team. This amendment coupled with the strong demand we have already seen will allow HYTN to execute on its sales objectives,” said Jason Broome, HYTN’s Chief Operations Officer.

HYTN CEO, Elliot McKerr, commented, “Emerald’s decision to pivot out of cannabis accelerated our plan and timeline to achieve the License Amendment. We are now well-positioned to recapture the 13.5% margin contribution previously associated with our agreement with Emerald.” The company noted that plans are now in place to ensure a smooth transition for all existing customers.

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