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StaffFebruary 18, 2022



Austin Stevenson, Chief Innovation Officer at Vertosa


When did you formally enter the cannabis space?

Well I’ve been consuming cannabis for much longer than I’ve been working in the industry…but I got involved in the ‘professional’ cannabis industry nearly a decade ago, when I was an advisor to an accelerator in agriculture technology in Africa. I went to the MIT Innovation Laboratory, and I saw African farmers cultivating green leafy vegetables in the middle of the Kalahari Desert, via hydroponic indoor cultivation in freight containers. Seeing this piqued my curiosity, so when I got back to the U.S. and put my detective hat on and learned that it was really the cannabis industry that was driving innovation in terms of indoor, vertical farming. At that point, I took it as an opportunity to dive in and get started, as an advisor at a cannabis accelerator in Colorado.

My cannabis career evolved from advising to investing, then operating different cannabis businesses. Immediately prior to joining Vertosa, I led the regulatory Hemp/CBD testing program for Eurofins Scientific – a world leader in food, environment, and product testing services – where I built and designed quality testing protocols for CVS Pharmacy and other retailers who carry Hemp/CBD products.

It was during my time at Eurofins that I really got to see the good, the bad and the ugly of infused products. I identified major inconsistency issues for product potency and stability, which I knew needed to be corrected for the industry to progress and succeed long term and of course to build consumer trust.

Serendipitously, around the same time an old friend, someone who I respected in the cannabis investing arena, now Co-Founder and Vertosa CEO Ben Larson, reached out to me. He said he has been working with a PhD scientist focused on applying his expertise in surface chemistry to creating emulsion systems to infuse beverages and topicals with cannabis, ensuring precise potency and consistently stable products. This turned out to be Vertosa Co-Founder and CSO Dr. Harold Han — he was correcting the major issues I identified in the infused products industry while working at Eurofins. I knew we had to work together to help solve these problems in the cannabis-infused products supply chain.

What made you decide to work in the cannabis industry?

People, Products, and IMPACT! I simply love designing new and innovative products and watching how they impact people. I am energized by collaborating with teams, debating ideas, learning from different perspectives, and nurturing relationships with my team and partners. There is an immense amount of joy I experience when I’m able to help someone take an idea and turn it into a real, tangible product which they can taste and feel!

Additionally, I feel the unique intersection between product innovation, and public policy drives my passion to participate in the cannabis and hemp industry. For years, consumers have been limited to traditional forms of cannabis (flower and hash oil). In the past, many consumers (including myself) have been forced to hide, and enjoy the healing properties of the plant in secrecy because of regulatory restrictions. We’re now in one of the most transformative time periods in the modern age. With smartphone technologies, the world’s vast knowledge database is literally at our fingertips. Science is leading new product innovation, and cannabis is legal and more accessible than ever. By combining knowledge, science, and access, we now have an opportunity to recreate the narrative and redefine how and why cannabis is used around the world.

As a result of legalization, new jobs, products, and opportunities are developing. But with great opportunity there is great responsibility. This is the reason why I am an advocate for equity grants, workforce development, and other private and public mechanisms to fund start-up businesses run by people of color and others impacted by the War on Drugs. This is also the reason WHY we at VERTOSA have designed an INNOVATION PLATFORM and are committed to GIVING VALUE AND EMPOWERING ALL ENTREPRENEURS that have an idea AND BRINGING IT TO LIFE!

Do you feel there is more opportunity for Black Americans in the cannabis industry versus a more traditional industry? Yes or no and why?

Growing up my mother always said, “nothing in life will just be given to you, especially because being Black in America means you’ll need to work twice as hard for the same opportunity”. To that end, I feel that there is no real difference in the amount of opportunities for Black Americans in the cannabis industry versus traditional industries. In fact there may be fewer, because of the many barriers to entry which the cannabis industry imposes: economic barriers, organizational barriers like nepotism, regulatory barriers, the list goes on…

Yet, we all know this is a once in a generation opportunity to be a part of something as great as standing up a new industry – regardless of your race. So I am reminded of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous quote, “[we] will not be judged by the color of [our] skin but by the content of [our] character”.

Reminded of those famous words by Dr. King, and my Mother’s encouraging words, we as Black Americans must continue to work hard to create the opportunities we deserve. Personally, I believe the best way to do that is to lead by example. I AM driven to serve others, and am most passionate about economic empowerment for the communities I serve. Since my days in microfinance, empowering other BIPOC and women entrepreneurs is my reason WHY. As industry builders, we are also job-creators, and with a positive intention to create more opportunities for all, we have the opportunity to create more jobs and opportunities to lift each other up!  As a result, we may truly “be the change [we] see in the world”. That’s why I am so grateful to my co-founders, who share the belief that we must first build a company that is the best place to work in the cannabis industry. With that positive intention at the beginning, we now have one of the most diverse teams in the cannabis industry, and are continuing to create more opportunities for others to join us in our mission to unlock the healing power of the cannabis plant, and make it more approachable and accessible to all!

 What is the most successful social equity effort in your opinion? Can be a charity or company program.

It’s too early to validate any effort as successful. In many states equity programs are just now starting to be built, and there is still a long road ahead. What I will say is collaboration is the new competition and we have an opportunity to start a movement that calls out cannabis operators who prioritize profit over people and products. The cannabis industry is as diverse as the country we live in. It is full of amazing leaders who are people of color, women, LGBTQ, and other minorities. However, many of the cannabis products on retailers’ shelves today are not made or representative of this diverse community that the space intends to serve. Instead, those who have always benefited from privilege continue to benefit in the burgeoning industry, and the privilege gap will continue to widen unless we create a movement that helps amplify the voices of BIPOC, Women, LGBTQ, and Minority entrepreneurs. So what’s the solution / path forward?

First, we can use consumer advocacy groups to demand current cannabis brands/manufacturers to donate a percentage of revenue to sponsor grants for minority cannabis entrepreneurs. This is something I’m personally supporting as an Advisor for EAZE’s Momentum Program.

Second, we can use local and state regulatory programs to create equity awards and licenses for underserved minority populations. This is another initiative that I am supporting as a Member of the City of Oakland’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission.

Third, those that ‘have’ must ‘give’. Companies who are profiting off cannabis today must ‘give-back’. If it’s not through grant funding, then by supporting an equity license for a minority to start their own company. Then ‘give’ job training and internship opportunities to all those that have been convicted of a non-violent marijuana crime. Re-entry programs for those whose lives were turned upside down from this plant, which is now a multi-billion-dollar industry, is an immediate opportunity to ‘right’ many of the ‘wrongs’.

Vertosa is helping these initiatives through our work with the Last Prisoner Project, EAZE Momentum, and Our Dream. In summary, profiteering only exacerbates inequality. Grants, Equity Licenses, and Job Training are requirements to create a more equitable cannabis industry. Professionals in the industry have a responsibility to re-write history by leading by example and creating an inclusive, equitable, and diverse cannabis community. By applying pressure at the national, state, and local levels, we have an opportunity to rise and shine together!

What is your personal goal for 2022?

Goal setting is core to who I am, so I have many personal and professional goals for myself this year. The purpose of goals is to set a target and achieve it; or to identify a problem, and solve it. Reflecting on myself, one challenge that I have been faced with is ‘perfectionism’. Too many times, I’ve let my desire to be perfect get in the way of progress. So the one (1) personal goal which I remind myself every single day when I look in the mirror (it’s literally written on a post-it on the mirror) is a quote from Lorenzo Snow, “Do not expect to become perfect at once. If you do, you will be disappointed. Be better today than you were yesterday, and be better tomorrow than you are today.” Thus, I am confident that if I am constantly striving to be better than I was the previous day, that I will accomplish all that I set out to achieve.

StaffNovember 17, 2021


Poseidon Investment Management announced the launch of the AdvisorShares Poseidon Dynamic Cannabis ETF (Ticker: PSDN). The PSDN ETF began trading on Wednesday, November 17, 2021, is sponsored by AdvisorShares. It will be sub-advised and managed by the Poseidon team, including co-founders and Managing Directors Emily Paxhia and Morgan Paxhia and Managing Director Tyler Greif. Poseidon is one of the earliest cannabis investing teams that has $196 million in assets under management as of August 2021. 

“Poseidon was one of the first investment firms dedicated to cannabis investments, navigating this complex and evolving industry to help companies grow and thrive from startups to public companies,” said Emily Paxhia, co-founder and Managing Director of Poseidon, and Portfolio Manager of PSDN. “Our track record speaks to our deep knowledge of the space and our commitment to understanding the needs of the companies we invest in. PSDN broadens the reach of our unique investment philosophy and provides simple, secure, accessible investing into one of the world’s most exciting asset classes.”

ETF’s Have Underperformed

Poseidon will have their work cut out for them. Cannabis ETF’s have mostly underperformed this year as the underlying stocks have been wallowing in a seeming never ending bear market. AdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis ETF (Ticker: MSOS) reached a year high of $55 but was lately selling shares at $30, while AdvisorShares Pure Cannabis ETF (Ticker: YOLO)  hit a year’s high of $31 and was recently selling its shares at $16. The Cannabis ETF (THCX) also topped out this year at $30 and was lately selling at $12 a share.

Poseidon said that the fund will try to identify companies strategically positioned to benefit from the cannabis industry and its supporting infrastructure in the U.S. and emerging global cannabis markets. PSDN’s portfolio is diversified across subsectors of the cannabis industry and dynamically managed to tactically overweight or underweight specific countries, subsectors, or individual companies. PSDN said it may seek to take advantage of specific market opportunities by intelligently using leverage to maximize potential returns. If the values of the underlying stocks start to recover, the PSDN’s timing could be quite good.

“We are excited to partner with an established and experienced team like Poseidon to bring their institutional portfolio management approach into the mainstream investment infrastructure,” said Noah Hamman, chief executive officer of AdvisorShares. “Active ETFs in the cannabis space continue to gain traction with investors seeking to access managers with proven success records in the fast-growing, dynamic industry.”


StaffJuly 28, 2021


Prior to being appointed CTO of Akerna, David McCullough served as Akerna’s Executive Vice President of Product & Engineering, overseeing all software development, development operations, quality assurance, automations, systems, and security operations. He has 16 years of Software Engineering experience. Before joining Akerna, he was the CTO of StudentPublishing.com, where he actively managed the technical aspects of Student Publishing’s sale to and systems integration with lulu.com. David has extensive government systems experience and was also a professor at New Mexico State University where he taught courses in data communications and networking. 


GMR Executive Spotlight Interview Q & A:



Chief Technology Officer (CTO)



Years at current company:


Most successful professional accomplishment before cannabis:

Before David’s work in cannabis, he invented an online self-publishing software that allows schools and children to create and publish books online to be published as physical books and returned to the writer.

Company Mission:

We are passionate about solving problems that better our world. Akerna provides data-driven cannabis solutions worldwide across the entire cannabis supply chain. Our technology empowers the cannabis industry to prove outcomes that positively change lives every day.

Company’s most successful achievement:

Our CEO, Jessica Billingsley, co-founded the company that invented seed-to-sale tracking in 2010. This was done upon identifying the need for organic material tracking and compliance SaaS solutions in the nascent cannabis industry. We recognized that due to the unique complexities and needs of the industry, cannabis needed technology built for it specifically, not just adapted from other industries. We believed visibility across the entire supply chain from seed-to-sale would be a requirement for the industry’s sustained growth. Today, this type of tracking is a requirement of most states that regulate legal cannabis.

In 2017, we launched MJ Platform, the cannabis industry’s first ERP in response to the maturing of the cannabis market to multi-state enterprise businesses. We also led international expansion in the cannabis technology sector very early on in 2012 in Canada then into Spain. Today, our total footprint spans 23 states and 15 countries. Innovation and seeing what opportunities are next on the horizon – and then being ready for them first – has been a hallmark of Akerna since the inception of our flagship product MJ Freeway.

In 2019, Akerna became the first cannabis software business to be traded on a major U.S. exchange, Nasdaq (ticker KERN). This listing was an unprecedented milestone for the cannabis industry and signified a shift in beliefs and generated ripples of opportunity for the future of the industry.

Since then, we have grown the Akerna family to include many leading cannabis and alcohol technology solution s: Ample Organics,  Last Call Analytics,  Leaf Data Systems,  MJ Freeway/MJ Platform, solo sciences, Trellis, and Viridian Sciences.

Today,  Akerna is the cannabis industry’s only scaled technology provider, enabling compliance, regulation, and taxation. We provide the single most comprehensive product ecosystem for cannabis operators that have businesses across any part of the supply chain, from seed-to-sale. This provides transparency and accountability along virtually every piece of the supply chain.

Over the past decade, we have seen much change in the political and social environments surrounding cannabis. As we prepare for a post-legalization landscape and the industry continues to consolidate and mature, we firmly believe the enterprise capabilities we offer, including comprehensive compliance solutions and financial reporting integrations, will become increasingly crucial to the future leaders of the cannabis industry.

Has the company raised any capital (yes or no): 


If so, how much?

Since going public Akerna has raised $22,000,000

Any plans on raising capital in the future?

 We feel we are well capitalized today and continue to have institutional support and access to the markets should the need arise.  We are always carefully evaluating the needs of the business to maximize long-term shareholder value. 

Most important company  5  year  goal:

To be the dominant provider of technology to the cannabis, hemp, and CBD industries, while also serving additional verticals by providing complete accountability and transparency to what consumers are putting in and on their bodies.

StaffJuly 22, 2021


Editors Note: This is a guest piece.

Cannabidiol oil is a by-product derived from the cannabis plant commonly known as CBD oil. It is manufactured to relieve pain, reduce anxiety and depression, alleviate cancer-related symptoms, and lessen acne. Generally, it is produced on a large scale in oil companies. The process of manufacturing CBD oil involves a huge amount of electricity. Due to the large amounts of energy usage, the oil companies have to pay costly energy bills. 

Thus, with this article, we tried to suggest some of the ways through which we can reduce energy bills and save electricity. Here are 5 ways using which you can save electricity while manufacturing CBD oil.


Normally 18 to 20 hours of lighting per day is required for growing cannabis. The operators who grow cannabis use high-pressure sodium lights which help to supplement sunlight during cold weather. This can be replaced by using LED lighting which is more efficient and will use up to 50 percent less energy as compared to the high-pressure sodium lights. Thus, LED recessed lighting from  https://www.lepro.com/led-recessed-lighting is a better alternative that will save electricity and also reduce electricity bills.



If we reduce the heat that comes from lighting, then it can reduce the load on the HVAC equipment by altering the humidity levels. Dehumidification is important for growing cannabis which requires mechanical cooling. Small cultivators may consider high-efficiency split ductless air conditioning and heat pump units which will consume less fan energy than the rooftop units. On the contrary, large cultivators may go with the chilled water system. This will lead to more potential energy savings.



Greenhouses can save much more energy required per pound of cannabis than typical indoor cultivation. Since sunlight is used as an energy source for a greenhouse, this leads to a large reduction in energy consumption and saves electricity because there is a reduced need for artificial lighting. 

The indoor grow operations require more amount of artificial light during the vegetative stage and flowering stage as compared to the amount of supplemental artificial lighting needed by Greenhouses. Moreover, greenhouses allow more air circulation which will reduce the need for efficient fans and save electricity. Thus, Greenhouses are a preferable option to conserve electricity. 



The CBD oil companies should install smart and sophisticated meters from LEPRO to measure the baseline energy usage and demand. It would become easier to determine peak usage hours. Cultivators should prefer an energy audit of the operation by simple calculations. One should record total electricity consumption per pound of cannabis on a fortnightly or monthly basis. One should set targets to reduce energy consumption and implement a plan to save electricity and reduce energy usage.

You should also take the benefit of free energy audits and suggestions for improvement of the cannabis cultivation scheme offered by many energy companies. 



Technology will be proved as a boon if we use it in a systematic way for preserving electricity in CBD oil production. Firstly, we have to make the cannabis cultivators familiar with the utility of energy efficiency programs and services offered these days. One should choose well-qualified contractors (for cooling and dehumidification) with expertise in mechanical systems for CBD oil manufacturing. One can also have an integrated climate control system that is chosen by the cultivators best suited for their produce. Multi-output or variable speed equipment is also recommended for less power consumption. Additionally, these types of equipment prevent plant shock by not going from off to high setting.



These are some of the methods which can be used to reduce the power consumption needed in CBD oil production. As responsible citizens, we must save electricity and preserve it for future generations because sources of electricity are likely to exhaust if continued to be used at this high pace. Moreover, there is a link between energy use and the environment. If we consume less power, then we help to reduce the number of toxic gases released in the air by such oil companies and conserve our ecosystems from destruction.

StaffJuly 20, 2021


In October 2017 Marijuana Business released the results of a survey on women in the cannabis industry. The survey found that women held 37% of executive-level roles in the cannabis industry. This was a milestone that women throughout the industry celebrated with excitement and promise as many women leaders began to plot the path to achieving 50% in five years. 

These numbers were used to encourage women across the country to leave their traditional, corporate jobs and find a place where they could contribute their skills to the growing industry. The high gains made activists believe that women really could hold power in a lucrative and dominating industry. The numbers inspired women to apply for licenses and open ancillary businesses, hoping to be among those benefiting from such strong industry support. 

The bubble burst in August 2017 when Marijuna Business announced those numbers had dropped to 27%. It was still considered a win as U.S. business as a whole women only comprise 24% of executive positions. But it wasn’t a win, it was a sting and it reverberated throughout the community. Women started leaving cannabis faster than they were coming in. 

Then came another blow. A Vangst survey in 2019 revealed only 17.6% of women surveyed held a Director or Executive Role. 2020 took women in the U.S. out of the workforce in droves and now one in four is considering not returning to work. It isn’t just the cannabis industry that is suffering a loss of female talent.

The future’s looking grim for those women still working in cannabis. In March 2021 Benzinga released a report saying that only 8% of CEOs in cannabis are women! Women are truly losing ground in cannabis…fast. 

So what are women supposed to do about this loss of power? How do they stop this power drain from continuing? How bad can it get if it isn’t stopped? What incredible opportunity are they protecting if they get in and fight for it? 

Power, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is the possession of control, authority, or influence over others. Possessing power, pursuing power and craving power are all seen through this lens, an exercise of influence over others. This can be unsettling or intimidating for women and can make them hesitant to hold onto power or wield it effectively. 

Another definition of power is a source or means of supplying energy. If we view it through this lens we see it as our flow of energy contributing to the creation of the industry. It isn’t just about having influence, per se, but having a consistent and strong flow of energy filling the cannabis industry – from women. This is how women will create the industry they have dreamt of since 2017. 

One of the most effective tools women have to create more power is Collaboration or working together for a common goal. Merriam-Webster defines it as: To cooperate with an agency or instrumentality with which one is not immediately connected. 

Collaboration is full of challenges. From personality clashes, to broken promises, and failed expectations, working with others is full of pitfalls. It’s also the key to creating a power source that has an impact. If women align themselves for a common purpose, to Pay, Promote, Partner & Protect one another, their power or energy source will be strong and undeniable in the industry. 

The Women Empowered in Cannabis (WEIC) Leadership Summit: Power & Collaboration will be taking a deep dive into the power dynamics and collaboration challenges along the cannabis supply chain. While it’s easy to see from the statistics from a top level it’s not as obvious how these power losses are occurring throughout the industry. Examining the unique dynamics on each part of the supply chain and shining a light on them is the first step in taking back the power women have lost over the last few years.

For more information on the WEIC Leadership Summit: 



StaffJuly 15, 2021


Harvest Health & Recreation Inc.  (OTCQX: HRVSF) is done with Utah and expanding its Florida footprint. Harvest said it had completed the divestiture of its cultivation and processing operations in Utah for what it described as an immaterial amount of cash. The company said that a local operator bought the cultivation and processing operations located in Ogden, Utah. Following the sale, Harvest no longer has operations in Utah.

“We are pleased to have completed this divestiture as part of our strategic plan,” said Chief Executive Officer Steve White. “We will continue to allocate resources to growth opportunities in our core markets.” With that said, Harvest then announced the opening of a new medical dispensary in South Miami Beach, Florida.

“We are thrilled to open our eleventh Harvest location in Florida, one of the fastest-growing medical markets in the U.S.,” said White. “We look forward to serving patients and providing quality products at this new location in one of our core markets.”

Additional Harvest dispensaries in Florida are located in GainesvilleJacksonvilleKissimmeeLehigh AcresLongwoodNorth Miami BeachNorth Port, Olympia Heights, Tallahassee, and West Palm Beach.

Trulieve Buying Harvest

Trulieve announced in May that it was buying  Harvest Health in a deal valued at approximately $2.1 billion based on the closing price of the Trulieve Shares on May 7, 2021. The combined businesses will have operations in 11 states, comprised of 22 cultivation and processing facilities with a total capacity of 3.1 million square feet, and 126 dispensaries serving both the medical and adult-use recreational cannabis markets. In June, Trulieve said that the 30-day waiting period under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act of 1976 had passed.

Trulieve CEO Kim Rivers said, “Completion of the HSR milestone is exciting and we will continue to work toward closing this strategic transaction. Upon closing, we expect to leverage the expertise and resources of the combined companies to realize meaningful scale and expansion for years to come.”

The Harvest shareholder vote is expected to occur in the third quarter of 2021. Both companies say they continue to work toward obtaining all required regulatory approvals.


StaffJune 18, 2021


Editors Note: This is a guest post.

Do you know the difference between Dab Rig and Dab Pen? Let us start with what they are and what they are used for. By the way, a dab is a slang name for a wax puff using either a Dab Rig or Pen.

Dab Rings and Dab Pens are used for vaporizing wax concentrates to bring about an effect of high to the user. In essence, wax is this marijuana product that is quickly coming up especially among the youth. Since wax looks and feels like any of the hundreds of brands of lip balm brands, it is easily carried in lip balm containers

Although a product of marijuana, wax is much more concentrated; so much so that a puff of wax gives a kick or high equivalent to smoking like twenty joints of marijuana! Imagine that.

Naturally, some dabbers like Dab Pens while others prefer Dab Rigs. Each carries its weight and each has its lighter side, but experienced dabbers will prefer to own both.

A Dab Rig

Dab Rigs are very popular as this set-up of glass apparatus that dabbers use to sit around and smoke wax. It has several compartments; a mouthpiece, a small dish called a nail for putting the wax in and water carrying container. A Dab Rig is easily available from most smoke shops and especially nyvapeshop.com.


  • . A Dab Rig is loud, but most dabbers prefer it as its kick is like a thunderstorm. One puff from a rig simply takes the dabber by storm and sends them where they want to go.
  • . Dabbing Nails of Rigs are made of non-melt materials like titanium, ceramic, quartz, and even glass.
  • . They do not rely on electricity, so even during a power outage or a blackout, dabbers are still on top of their game.
  • . Dab rings have percolators with thick glass for a more advanced hit
  • . They have good grips which make their handling is more efficient.
  • . The container is re-usable without the prospect of needing service or replacement soon.


  • . Dab Rigs are bulkier and cumbersome if they have to be carried around.
  • . They are louder than the Dab Pen but much more fun for their users

The Dab Pen

Like the Rig, Dab Pens do the job of vaporizing the wax. They are mostly self-contained with all their features parked together. They are smaller in size than the Rig and are easily portable. They come in varying sizes, colors, and costs. They contain heating chambers with in-built coils that when heated, in turn, heat the wax and vaporize it for the dabber to puff.


  • . They are smaller than the Dab Rig in size and are easily portable
  • . For those who need discretion, they are better if they have to be carried around
  • . They don’t need a blow-torch or smoke to vaporize the wax.
  • . They are quieter and less loud than the Dab Rig
  • . The container is reusable for a long time without needing any extra service.


  • . Dab Pens use electricity. Sadly, for them, in case of a blackout, thunderstorm, hurricane, a hailstorm knocking down the power-line, or anything that interferes with electricity, Dab Pen users have to cut short their need for a high.
  • . The kick-in of a Dab Pen puff is not quite as powerful as that of a Dab Rig. It’s lower in power and seasoned dabbers prefer a Dab Rig puff to a Dub Pen one.
  • . Although easier to carry around, dabbers prefer a hit in a comfortable sitting position as opposed to moving around.


Both dabs are for use in vaporizing wax for a puff.

Both have a variety of features to provide for every taste.  They are also available at varied prices in varied locations and outlets. There are very affordable ones and very expensive ones, plus everything in-between.

Their heating areas have thick bottoms made from either ceramics, glass, aluminum, or quartz for a non-melt effect.

They both give a high quite unlike previous uses of marijuana.

The Verdict

People’s tastes vary, from those who want a portable dab to those who want something powerful. Some dabbers may prefer something beautiful and sleek while others go for invisible and discreet. Still, others want something loud and visible.

The bottom line is the reason for the dab equipment. If it is for a good, powerful hit-you-like-an-ox high, the Dab Rig wins this case hands down. Moreover, when it is for something all season, come rain shine or blackout, my money is still on the Dab Rig.

However, if you need something quiet, no smoke, and electrically charged, you could go for the Dab Pen. The ball is in your court.


StaffJune 16, 2021


Editors Note: This is a guest post.

Canada consists of many great things making it one of the world’s greatest countries where many would love to live. With the recent legalization of recreational marijuana, that list only got longer.

Weed delivery in Vancouver makes our lives a bit simple, and we just love the idea of getting our stash to our doorstep without the hassle of going out to shop searching.

Smoking weed became even more interesting, and many love the option of ordering some of the best-quality marijuana and other THC products such as edibles, oils, tinctures, vapes, and concentrates. 

The future generations will never know the struggle we had to go through every time we wanted to get our stash from a local dealer and risk legal consequences.

Now you might ask, what makes these delivery services in Vancouver so attractive?

Here are a few things making a big difference nowadays.

One-day deliveries

One of the top talking points nowadays is same-day weed deliveries that changed the way we order weed from dispensaries forever. People adore the option of getting their weed on the same day they’ve ordered it, and all dispensaries will likely look for a way to add this option to their business.

When considering the location where you live, some weed dispensaries in Vancouver can deliver your order in only a few hours, which was unimaginable in the past.

Have you ever thought that this day would come? Is this something we had all dreamed of back in the days?

One-day deliveries changed the way we get our weed, and hardly anything can happen to make us go back to the old ways when going out to a local dealer or store was the only way to get weed.

We got spoiled with online shopping services such as Amazon that offer fast deliveries to their premium users. Having the same option for weed only made online shopping even better.

Some suggest that going out to a local weed shop is out of the question, as postal services can do the hard part of going through high traffic instead of you.

A variety of products

Online weed shops in Vancouver offer many great THC products you can order through their mailing services.

Besides having the highest-quality marijuana strains in their offer, online shops will also sell everything weed-related. 

One of the most popular THC products nowadays are edibles, which made us go back to our childhood by resembling gummy bears. These edibles have a high concentration of THC and became favorites to all those trying to avoid smoking at any cost.

Enjoying marijuana without smoking is also possible by consuming products like concentrates or even vape juices. Having different options when ordering online popularized weed shops and made everyone happy to have services that will deliver some of the best weed in record time.

For those not into THC at all, these shops also offer many different CBD products they can use to improve their health if they are struggling with some issues like insomnia, lack of appetite, or even anxiety.

These products don’t have any THC, and everyone can use them regardless of their age.

The competition

One of the main reasons you have so many great options when buying weed online is the competition between the shops. Every shop nowadays has to have the best products to stand a chance in such a competition.

That’s all good news for us, as we can all get the best products available in only a few hours. Most shops look for a way to satisfy their customers, which is why we have same-day deliveries today.

The best from the best try to create new strains of weed and offer them to their customers that love different aromas or tastes. These shops are our heroes, and we love their dedication to create something we will all benefit from when buying their products.

As weed is now legal in Canada, we see a steady incline of new online shops that will create even stronger competition, and who knows, maybe some new and exciting products.

Healthy competition will always result in creating many new things we will all love. We can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride these online shops will create for us. 

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of us loving marijuana and all of its products.


Weed delivery services help us save our precious time by excluding the necessity of going out to a local shop only to buy weed.

Everything we had to put any effort into in the past we can now do from the comfort of our homes, and there’s no reason to try to go back to old fashion ways.

Online shops are the future of weed shopping, especially with services such as same-day deliveries.


StaffJune 11, 2021


Editors Note: This is a guest post.

An increasing number of health issues and the demand for effective medicines have made people believe in CBD and the complete range of full-spectrum products available in the market. If we go by the statistics, millions of people are going gaga over the full-spectrum products making a huge statement in the world. 

What are full-spectrum products?

The full spectrum cannabidiol products encompass different cannabis plant extracts, terpenes, goodnesses of essential oils, and much more. Some of the full-spectrum products may contain up to 0.3% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that often makes people feel high. Plus, this amount of THC is easy to handle. 

Currently, the weed market is flooded with many full-spectrum products, including – hemp oil, tinctures, edibles, concentrates, flowers, strains, etc. For today, we are going to put some light over full-spectrum tinctures. 

What is a full spectrum tincture?

The full spectrum tincture is extracted from organically grown plants following the no-spray cannabis technique. It proves to be a blissful oil formula that is a sheer result of processing organic cannabis. The extracted oil is blended with other components like essential oils to tenfold its goodness and effectiveness. 

How has it become a significant hotshot?

Currently, millions of people consume full spectrum tincture to soothe many health problems, including – anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, inflammation issues, and much more. You can get relief from these problems while attaining a higher degree of relaxation and soul-soothing experience. This all becomes easily achievable with a quality cannabis tincture processed organically. Unlike other oil types available in the market, full-spectrum cannabis tincture contains the goodness of cannabinoids, terpenes, etc., to enhance its effectiveness. 

What is the right way to consume cannabis tincture?

Most people who wish to start consuming cannabis tincture often juggle with this question. But relax; consuming cannabis is not rocket science. It is a standard product which should be taken as per the experts’ recommendation like others. 

Talking about the experts, they recommend starting the tincture consumption with a minimal amount. If you are new to consuming it, then place a drop of cannabis tincture on your tongue, hold on for around 60 seconds and then swallow immediately. This is the best technique to absorb and let it enter your bloodstream to the best. 

How does it help humanity?

Many researchers have backed the potential and credibility of full-spectrum tincture available in the market for use. It proves to be a fantastic solution to many health issues. Adequate consumption of tinctures is ideal for healing the disturbed mental state, improving sleep quality, and strengthening the immune system to a considerable extent. Here, the consumer should check the correct amount ingested, and you can instantly see impeccable results. 

So, when are you trying your hands on it?

The last word – 

Full-spectrum products have become the all-be and end-all of most people, especially those suffering from a type of neurological disorder. Talking about tinctures, it is a type of concentrated oil that comes with the ultimate potential to fight many health problems. All you need is to be familiar with its proper usage. 



StaffJune 2, 2021


Editors Note: This is a guest piece. 

Over time mixing the best organic CBD oil with other products has gained fame worldwide, and you may wonder, how a substance coming from cannabis can become so famous, in all ages and tastes, this is because it has been demonstrating how useful cannabidiol can be to combat many diseases, pains, and even disorders. 

The fame of this substance has made that many times this is mixed in conjunction with other products, and actually, you can get very good results after mixing CBD with certain products, whether medicines, beverages, food, among others. Today we will be telling you about the best products to mix cannabidiol with, so keep reading. 

What is CBD?

It is essential first to know what this famous substance is. CBD, also called Cannabidiol, is a substance that can be found in cannabis or hemp flower, which are plants derived from marijuana. CBD has become very famous due to studies that have been carried out and have shown that the substance can have great therapeutic benefits for the human body. It can help with anxiety and stress reduction, inflammation and pain, help with different diseases such as diabetes and Parkinson’s disease, and many other health-related things. 

What products can you mix CBD with?

As we mentioned before, CBD can be very beneficial for the human body, and its consumption could be helpful for many physiological processes. However, the best of all is that cannabidiol can be mixed very well with other products and substances, to have a much more digestible consumption and even with greater effect. 

Among the products with which we can mix CBD we can find the following: 

CBD + Chocolate

Chocolate can increase the production of anandamide, which is a neurotransmitter known as “the happiness molecule”. Mixing chocolate with CBD makes this neurotransmitter, in conjunction with the therapeutic properties of CBD, enhance the medicinal benefits of both.

In addition, chocolate is also a very good option when trying to diminish the strong taste of the plant as such, without interfering with its effects. And as we mentioned, chocolate not only masks the taste of medical marijuana but could even increase the overall therapeutic potential of the plant.

CBD + Omega-3 

Both CBD and Omega-3 function greatly within the body’s endocannabinoid system. This is a system in the body that plays a role in regulating many bodily functions, and specifically cannabidiol and omega-3 act on that system. CBD works by interacting with and perhaps boosting the endocannabinoid system, whereas omega-3 is essential for the production of endocannabinoids and general ECS functioning.

As a result, omega-3 is the ideal complement to CBD, as it can effectively improve its efficiency. CBD has healthier cannabinoid and endocannabinoid receptors to interact with when omega-3 develops a robust ECS populated with many endocannabinoids, making it even more effective.

CBD + coffee 

Mixing CBD with coffee has become very popular in recent years, so popular that we can even see certain coffee beans or products that come pre-mixed with CBD. This is not only because of how delicious it can be but also because of the advantages of mixing these two substances. 

It is known that CBD can provide certain relaxing effects, and when mixed with coffee it helps to reduce unwanted side effects, such as restlessness and anxiety from caffeine consumption. So it would be the perfect blend for coffee lovers. In addition to this, it has even been confirmed that CBD improves the alertness induced by coffee and prolongs the effects of both compounds, making it a combination that anyone should try. 

CBD + Olive oil

CBD, like all cannabinoids, is lipophilic, which means that it is very easily attracted to fat. So, if we combine CBD with olive oil, the latter being fat, cannabidiol can be absorbed much more easily and quickly into our bodies. 


Every time more and more studies are done on CBD, many more benefits that this substance can bring to our body are discovered. However, something that we often do not know is how this substance can be enhanced when combined with other products, so after realizing that it is possible, we hope that these methods work for you and you can enhance your experience with CBD. 

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