Does Marijuana Increase Desire?

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Marijuana is used for many purposes; it’s a well-known fact these days. From trying to feel good mentally and physically to pain relief, its uses are numerous. Yet, does it have an effect on desire? Dating website tenderbang collected information on the effects of cannabis on sexual arousal. The results might be surprising to you!

Marijuana is a natural aphrodisiac

An aphrodisiac is something that promotes sexual desire or improves the sexual experiences of the users. While marijuana is often examined for its impacts on the mind and body, not too many studies have been conducted about the ways that it impacts sex. However, one of the most important research studies showed that almost 70% of people have said that marijuana actually increases their pleasure when having sex. That is a lot higher than the number of people that said their pleasure was increased from other forms of consumption! Yet, the whole thing depends largely on the kind of strain of cannabis you’re using. Some strains are going to make you feel more active while others are going to leave you in a heap in a chair so you can relax. More importantly, you have to consider the dose of marijuana you consume before taking part in any fun bedroom activities. If you smoke too much, then you’ll be less likely to act on your desires. Get to know the impact of marijuana on your body before you start trying to use it as an aphrodisiac.  

Studies on the effects of cannabis on sexual desire

How exactly does marijuana affect sexual desire in people? Well, the answers to this question are rather numerous. Studies found that marijuana can produce a feeling of euphoria in the people who smoke or otherwise imbibe it. That should not come as a surprise to anyone at this point. Tying those euphoric feelings to sexual desire is not all that difficult. People who have a head high are more likely to report greater feelings of pleasure in many areas of life. 

Again, many of the studies that have been carried out on the subject are anecdotal, so they need more evidence that would be easier to come by if the drug were legal. Another dimension of this question to examine is the impact on sexual desire. After all, for the drug to be considered a true aphrodisiac, it has to increase desire. One of the only surveys that were completed on the topic showed that there was a positive association made between people who used marijuana at some point in the day and the frequency with which they had sex. Yet, it’s hard to ascertain whether or not that willingness and desire were tied solely to marijuana, so the association is pretty loose. However, many people have come forward on online forums to say that they have become more prone to desire after smoking. Thus, the studies are somewhat inconclusive, but the user data is telling: using marijuana is likely to spark some feeling in your body when you have a partner in mind. 

Cannabinoids increase the activity of brain areas associated with sexual arousal

When talking strictly about the science of what happens when you’re aroused, it’s a little easier to examine the impact of cannabinoids on the brain. At least one such study has been completed to examine the impact of marijuana on the pleasure centers and arousal centers of the brain. Basically, one study suggests that cannabinoids can impact the human body’s endocannabinoid system. There, cannabinoids will make people feel more relaxed, feel decreased pain, and have heightened awareness of pleasure. Combined with a study from 2017 that asked very private questions about marijuana users’ sex lives, it’s clear that marijuana use can increase the sexual arousal that some people feel when they’re using. That includes an ability to achieve orgasms and have more intense sexual outcomes. It’s very interesting to note that these studies can become more common in places that have decriminalized the use of marijuana. So, future studies should be able to tell us all much more about the impact that marijuana has on sex. 

After all, not every marijuana user feels the same way after smoking. Some people become more introverted and closed off from the rest of the world, while others are more likely to act with a higher level of openness. When the studies can consider people of all kinds, there will be a better chance for it to be more inclusive of all the experiences people have. That way, people that are not used to taking marijuana can learn about the benefits and potential drawbacks that happen to individuals and learn what outcomes can be considered “typical.”


All in all, it would seem that the data that is available right now suggests that marijuana does have an impact on sexual desire. People use it before getting involved with someone, and they feel stronger pleasure and desire than they would without it. However, there are a lot of things that can impact this outcome. Everything from the strain that is smoked beforehand to the amount that a person smokes can change the level of sexual desire or willingness to have sex that someone feels. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to learn how it impacts you as an individual before you use it to increase your pleasure.

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