Friday Book Club: A Field Guide To Marijuana

“Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana: (Books about Marijuana, Guide to Cannabis, Weed Bible)”
by Dan Michaels


Topic Focus-
“Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana” gives the reader a fantastic look at marijuana and what it has to offer. Literally.

The cover already depicts some high-quality cannabis and the rest of the book contains professional photos of quality nugget that the experienced connoisseur and the uninitiated alike can enjoy looking at. The information presented in this book between the tempting nugget photos is intended to serve as a modern guide for cannabis regarding topics such as strains, benefits, types of high, and so much more.

About the Author

Dan Michaels, author of “Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana”, is also the founder of a cannabis research group known as Sinsemedia and works to innovate in the cannabis industry by leveraging his marketing skills and other experiences. Dan spends much of his time as a consultant in the cannabis industry and focuses on building up new brands and products for consumers.

It would also seem that his eye for buds is on point as the cannabis depicted in this book appears to be some very tasty fire. The credit for the high-quality photos goes to Erik Christiansen.

Reading Experience

Even those of us with a decent background in cannabis can learn a thing or two through this book so the inexperienced will find this book to be a veritable treasure of cannabis information and very informative photos. Learning about the tastes of different strains, sativas versus indicas, common effects, and more are very useful tidbits of information that are available for you in “Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana.” There are also a variety of really sharp infographics that break down topics such as flavor palettes and the difference between sativa and indica oriented cannabis. This book is an excellent way for rookies to begin to learn the ropes about the world of marijuana or as a nice coffee table book for the seasoned veterans out there. You can also review some of the cannabis lingo presented in this book as well to see just how well versed you and your friends are on that topic.


Here’s a fun addition to the cannabis library that can be rather enlightening and fun to just drool over those bud pics now and again. Those are some pristine booking flowers that would tempt any fan of marijuana. Moving past the introduction and into the section about plant anatomy already has the reader interested in the high definition photos coupled with the flow of the writing keeps this book moving along well. The structure of the book is easily navigable and really helps to feel like a reference guide you can visit as needed.

The diagrams and breakdowns of the cannabis information really help the reader to understand just what the author is working to convey.
You can get your own copy of “Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana” here.

Noemi Gonzales

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