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“Cannabis Jobs: How to Make a Living and Have a Career in the World of Legalized Marijuana” by Andrew Ward – Review

Once again with yet another book review and here I am once again thinking about what a wonderful time it is to be alive in this era of legalized marijuana industries.

Once upon a time, the notion of making money in the Cannabis industry would land you behind bars, now we have books to help you navigate the rapidly evolving industry that is cannabis.

Today we are taking a look at Andrew Ward’s “Cannabis Jobs How to Make a Living and Have a Career in the World of Legalized Marijuana” to learn more about what it takes to get a job in this field, the pros and cons to look out for, and strategies to help you lock in your marijuana-related career choice.

Are you ready to get started on this one?

Let’s see what we can learn here today!

-Topic Focus-

The cannabis industry has evolved and grown to such a point that I could not possibly sit here and list all of the potential career opportunities available in this field. This is exactly the reason why a book such as “Cannabis Jobs” become all the more relevant in these fascinating times.

While the growth is exciting it also comes with a degree of challenges. Author Andrew Ward does an incredibly competent job of helping you to understand the potential pains and challenges that might come with acquiring career paths within certain sectors of the cannabis industry and how to deal with them to achieve your goals and ride along with others on this green wave.

“Cannabis Jobs” covers both job opportunities and business start-up procedures that relate to various marijuana businesses.

In this book, you will find topics covered such as starting up dispensaries, financial and banking information, human resources challenges, how to engage in freelance work, and much more. There is content present for people with a wide variety of goals and desired outcomes, which greatly increases the value of this book.

There is even a section of the book that focuses on governmental laws/rules, which can be vital to any project in the cannabis industry.

About the Author

The author who put this incredibly useful book together is Andrew Ward.

Ward has the experience and a wide variety of cannabis-related positions and that level of expertise he has attained over the years becomes clear as you read through cannabis jobs. This author has participated in the cannabis industry in a variety of positions ranging from HR, IT, quality assurance, marketing, social media management, and even working hands-on in a dispensary.

This wide variety of perspectives gained from different experiences in the cannabis industry are bound to create a unique level of expertise that is shared here in this book.

Andrew Ward is a writer and author who has had work published in places such as Benzinga, High Times, and many more. After having graduated from Montclair State University, author Andrew Ward has been consistently covering the evolution of the cannabis industry for years now and that experience becomes abundantly clear in this book.

-Reading Experience-

After reading and studying this book one cannot help but feel a surge of Hope when it comes to gaining potential career paths in the cannabis field.

I did not sense there to be much, if any, love to this book as it gets straight to the point of focusing on the pros and cons of various cannabis jobs. The 156 pages of this book are absolutely packed with useful content that will help you to gain employment in the Cannabis industry if properly applied.

The physical copy of the book has nice size lettering so even those with challenged eyesight can absorb this useful content. The physical copy of the book has nice size lettering so even those with challenge eyesight can absorb this useful content and get involved in this incredible industry.


All in all, this book is clearly a useful tool that’s worth reading, studying, and reading again to further increase your chances of standing out among all the other applicants for every cannabis oriented job on the current market. You might want to be ready to take some notes as well.

“Cannabis Jobs: How to Make a Living and Have a Career in the World of Legalized Marijuana” flows smoothly and is very clearly written by someone who is knowledgeable and has experience in this desirable industry.

The physical copy is clean, sharp, and will make a wonderful addition to your bookcase.

Start the process of lining up your marijuana-related career path by getting your own copy here:

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