Friday Book Club: CBD Cocktails

CBD Cocktails: Take the edge off with over 100 relaxing recipes” by Sailene Ossman

CBD: Cannabidiol – the non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana/cannabis that many health experts extol for its potential health benefits.

Getting the health benefits from CBD sounds wonderful but where does one begin to learn how to ingest CBD?

That’s where books like “CBD Cocktails: Take the edge off with over 100 relaxing recipes” by Sailene Ossman come into play to help guide us with proper CBD consumption methods.

Let’s dive in and see what author Sailene Ossman has to offer us on the topic at hand.

-Topic Focus-

In this book, you will find over 100 recipes for drinks that utilize CBD as the primary ingredient with the intent to relieve certain afflictions such as pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, and more.

There are many articles and resources online that tout the benefits of CBD use in terms of health but lack specific guidance as to how to achieve those effects with specific dosages and recipes for enjoyable potables. This is precisely what “CBD Cocktails: Take the edge off with over 100 relaxing recipes” brings to the table.

Even those new to CBD usage can create some tasty, healthy CBD-based concoctions with the thoroughly written recipes available in this book. The more experienced CBD veterans are likely to pick up a few nuggets of wisdom as well.

-About the Author-

Author Sailene Ossman is more than just the author of “CBD Cocktails: Take the edge off with over 100 relaxing recipes”. She is an entrepreneur, hostess, cannabis advocate, and author with a passion for our favorite flower that has led her into a variety of interesting directions.

Sailene’s various events and web series “Smoke in the kitchen with Mama Sailene” demonstrate her talent, dedication, and passion for cannabis culture. She also has experience supporting organizations such as California Cannabis Advocates, Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force, and many more.

You can learn more about Sailene Ossman and her projects at:

-Reading Experience-

Author Sailene Ossman gets right to work demonstrating her CBD cocktail expertise in her book.

The table of contents is well thought out in the sense that it breaks down by what you might want. Classic, simple concoctions are grouped together as are more complex drinks. You can also find a section for best CBD drinks for parties in “CBD Cocktails: Take the edge off with over 100 relaxing recipes” by Sailene Ossman as well as sections for the best drinks during certain seasons. Very cool!

The pictures are very clean, the font is playful and easy to read, and there is a section dedicated to CBD product resources, which will be particularly useful for those who are newer to CBD use.


This book is fun, useful, and pleasant to look at.

“CBD Cocktails: Take the edge off with over 100 relaxing recipes” by Sailene Ossman gives someone the ability to relieve various issues via CBD use while enjoying the process with tasty beverages. Very beginner friendly while bringing enough data to the table for even the more experienced to learn from.

The color scheme of the book, the fonts chosen, and the high-quality pictures used all make for a pleasant reading experience while learning how to mix up a variety of CBD drinks.

Get started making your own CBD Cocktails by getting your copy here:

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