Friday Book Club: DIY Cannabis Extracts

“DIY Cannabis Extracts 101: The Essential And Easy Beginner’s Cannabis Cookbook On How To Make Medical Marijuana Extracts At Home”

by Tommy Rosenthal 

If you’re a fan of using cannabis then you likely adore extracts as much as the rest of us so it just might excite you to learn that are a wide variety of ways to make extracts yourself at home available to learn about in this book by Tommy Rosenthal, “DIY Cannabis Extracts 101”.

Maybe you have a medical reason to utilize cannabis but do not enjoy smoking or if you just love the ganja and just want to learn how to make extracts for edibles and drinkables then you will enjoy diving into this one!

Time to crack into this book and see what we come away with today!

-Topic Focus-

This book will focus on the topic of cannabis extracts and how to make them yourself at home with minimal effort on your part. Soon you’ll be on your way to making all kinds of fun concentrates to enjoy as you see fit.

You can learn about how to make your own cannabutter, ways to use your kief, concoct some interesting tinctures, and more with “DIY Cannabis Extracts 101” by Tommy Rosenthal. Personally, I love cannabutter in some green tea and/or oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Aww yeah!

The book will also dive into ways to use extracts to treat specific ailments and provide information regarding the tools and gear needed for consistent extractions that are high quality.

 -About the Author-

Tommy Rosenthal is the author of “DIY Cannabis Extracts 101: The Essential And Easy Beginner’s Cannabis Cookbook On How To Make Medical Marijuana Extracts At Home” and has also written much additional content regarding all things cannabis ranging from extracts, growing methods, strain types, and more.

Some of his other books are:

-“DIY Cannabis Extracts 101: The Essential And Easy Beginner’s Cannabis Cookbook On How To Make Medical Marijuana Extracts At Home (Cannabis Books 2)”

-“Hydroponics 101: The Easy Beginner’s Guide to Hydroponic Gardening. Learn How To Build a Backyard Hydroponics System for Homegrown Organic Fruit, Herbs and Vegetables (Gardening Books Book 2)”

-“Aquaponics 101: The Easy Beginner’s Guide to Aquaponic Gardening: How To Build Your Own Backyard Aquaponics System and Grow Organic Vegetables With Hydroponics And Fish (Gardening Books Book 1)”

-Reading Experience-

There are pros and cons with this bok, as is the case with many things in life.

Here you will find solid recipes for creating your own quality concentrates from the comfort of your own home that is written in a way that even the rookie can understand. Sometimes we appreciate simply written instructions that get right to the point with zero fluff.

 There are some repeated issues with the grammar and spelling in this book. If you’re easily worked up by grammatical inaccuracies then you might want to take a few big rips before jumping into this one.

Overall, it gets the job done of arming you with the knowledge to be able to whip up your own cannabis concentrates at home and helps you to do so in a safe manner while producing consistent results.


You just can not go wrong learning how to make your own marijuana concentrates and “DIY Cannabis Extracts 101” empowers you to do exactly that.

Have you ever enjoyed a nice tincture? It’s amazing! How about putting some cannabutter in some green tea with cinnamon? That’s a personal favorite in our household. You can’t make these kinds of things happen unless you educate yourself on how to make concentrates yourself and this book does just that.

Get creative in the kitchen and get your own copy of “DIY Cannabis Extracts 101” here.



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