Friday Book Club: Gone To Pot

Now here’s an interesting book to add to your cannabis library as it takes an unflinching look at the less than sexy aspects of the rapidly growing marijuana industry.

Most books focused on the cannabis industry will attempt to shed a positive light on the businesses and culture surrounding it. While we love, appreciate, and are excited about the growth of the marijuana industry we must not turn a blind bye to the negative aspects of it for fear of seeing it degenerate as so many other industries have.

If you’re serious about entering the cannabis industry or are just curious and want to keep an ear to the ground then this book will serve you well in terms of getting a firm grasp on the modern marijuana industry. 

-Topic Focus-

 Let’s get into the meat of the book, shall we?

 Now if you’re new to the cannabis industry then you might be wondering “well jeez, just what could possibly be wrong with marijuana finally becoming legal?”. So glad you asked!

Let’s start with what the author refers to as the “dirty little secrets” of the cannabis industry:

  • Dirty Little Secret number 6: the Cannabis industry is largely cash-based and suffers from limited banking options
  • Dirty Little Secret number 7: scammers are targeting cannabis companies
  • Dirty Little Secret number 4:, many cannabis industry 2.0 c-suite occupants lack experience, integrity, and are ethically challenged

If you are interested in further exploring just what the author means by these dirty little secrets then be sure to get your own copy of “Gone to Pot” and educate yourself from there.

This book contains much more than a few “dirty little secrets” and will also discuss possible ways to move the industry forward in an ethical fashion in order to cultivate an industry niche and culture that we can be proud of.

-About the Author-

 Author Dean K. Matt draws on his experience as a C-level executive in the cannabis industry as well as that of the observations shared with him by hundreds of other insiders within the cannabis industry.

Dean K. Matt has well over 30 years of experience contributing to start-up companies that were featured in The Fortune 100, commercial businesses, and much more that allows him to speak with such authority on this topic.

The content of this book is the condensed wisdom that the author has put together based on his own experiences, both personal and professional, as well as many respectable players of the marijuana industry.

The passion and experience the author brings to the table become more and more evident as you progress through “Gone to Pot”.

-Reading Experience-

 If we wish to protect the integrity of the growing cannabis industry then books such as “Gone to Pot: Welcome to the Shit Show: Seven Dirty Little Secrets of the Cannabis Industry” are absolutely vital in order to shed light upon the parasites that are attempting to grow by attaching themselves to an industry that means so much to so many people.

There will be interesting tidbits of information, you will raise your eyebrows, and there will be times that make you chuckle. The author’s observations on the political state of Illinois elicited some laughs for me.

The combination of personal insight coupled with expert observations is a potent combination.


 While the notion of confronting the less-than-stellar aspects of the growing marijuana industry is not overly exciting on its face, author Dean K. Matt does a fantastic job of shedding light on the negative aspects while also making sure that the book is an engaging read that provides genuine value.

This book provides education, perspective, and entertainment while not pulling any punches.

If you are looking to grow your endeavors in the marijuana industry, are just curious about what’s going on, or just eager for another interesting cannabis-focused book then “Gone to Pot” is a great addition to your canna-library.

Order your copy of “Gone to Pot” today here at the following link:

Noemi Gonzales

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