Friday Book Club: High Cookery

Friday Book Club: “High Cookery: Your Guide to Cannabis Cooking and the Munchies” by Gilad Meiri 


It’s 2020 so of course, we have more and more awesome content hitting the market when it comes to fun and creative ways to ingest your THC. It’s an ever-evolving game that we the consumers are happy to be test subjects in.

“High Cookery” by Gilad Meiri is a fantastic book that brings gourmet quality recipes to the everyday cannabis consumer in a way that is fun to read and produces very tasty results.

If smoking your flower is no longer as exciting then it is time for you to venture into the realm of cannabis kitchen work.

This is a fun topic to get into.


-Topic Focus-

Not just another basic ganja cookbook, author Gilad Meiri brings incredibly accessible gourmet-level food options that are comfortable to put together while providing a unique edible experience beyond just that of the buzz from the marijuana.

Flavors, textures, myths surrounding the relationship between cannabis and food, and so much more are broken down in “High Cookery”.

Desserts and main dishes are present in this book alongside detailed instructions as to how to properly prepare these appealing consumables. Nothing here that you can’t handle.

-About the Author-

Author Gilad Meiri is an author and entrepreneur boasting a unique range of experiences that lend to his ability to produce such high-quality cannabis cooking content.

From founding 2 tech startups, investing over a decade in cannabis culinary research, serving in the military, publishing 2 outdoor cookbooks in Israel that each hit bestseller status, and enjoying backpacking across the globe with his family it seems that Gilad is an active spirit who possesses a powerful passion for cooking and infusing cannabis into his culinary creations.

Care to learn more about Gilad and “High Cookery”? Check out his personal site here:

-Reading Experience-

First off, the infused sundae depicted on the cover of “High Cookery” by Gilad Meiri is already tempting before even cracking the cover of this book and when you do crack the cover you are pleasantly surprised to see in the table of contents a nice breakdown of the interesting topics to be discussed.

Many other cannabis cookbooks focus on sweets and dessert items almost exclusively so it is refreshing to see recipe sections focused on healthier dishes, infusions, dips and dippers, unorthodox combinations, and much more.

You absolutely get the sense that the author has engaged in some serious trial and error when it comes to cannabis culinary creations and has condensed this experience into the book for our benefit.


Those who are new to creating consumables with marijuana will find “High Cookery” to be a great place to begin their own cannabis edibles adventures and the experienced hands out there will likely find some tidbit they had not previously known so this book has solid content for anyone who appreciates the multitude of benefits from cannabis consumption.

The recipes feel tried-and-true, are easy to follow, and produce reliable results. There are some fascinating combinations in there as well as some classic recipes done with a slight twist. Some of these recipes seem like excellent ways to entertain and impress the company with some killer edibles.

You can get a copy of “High Cookery” by Gilad Meiri either at his website linked above or via Amazon here:



Noemi Gonzales

Noemi and her partner Joe are a dynamic duo that tackles a wide variety of business endeavors together and has a special place in their hearts for the Cannabis Industry. Years of experience in journalism, covering cannabis events, interviewing fascinating people in the cannabis industry, and hard research helps to keep us on our toes when it comes to reporting on the Cannabis industry

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  • Organic CBD Oil

    May 8, 2020 at 8:28 am

    Good afternoon, I’ll tell you honestly – this book is just a masterpiece. I gave this book to my wife. She loves cooking, or rather, she works as a chef in a small restaurant. Now almost every day she says to me: “Beloved, this is a dish from the book that you presented to me.” Incredibly tasty and healthy recipes. Gilad Mayy is truly a genius. I recommend this book to everyone, especially those that respect CBD products. Great experiment. Thanks and good luck!


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