Friday Book Club: High On Design

“High on Design: The New Cannabis Culture” by Gestalten and Santiago Rodriguez Tarditi

As we have seen the rapid proliferation of legalized cannabis we are also seeing a wild evolution of the industry itself and how these up-and-coming brands are choosing to express themselves.

“High on Design” does a fantastic job of breaking down and analyzing the style, brand voice, and more of many of these energetic entrepreneurs and their business identities and the trends popping up in the world of legal marijuana.

There is also much contribution directly in the book from some of the minds behind these growing cannabis business endeavors.

Time to get a little stylish ourselves as we dive into “High on Design”!

-Topic Focus-

Entrepreneurs who are in the ever-evolving cannabis game seem to be developing styles and aesthetics all their own as time goes on and the authors of this book have invested their time in analyzing this subject extensively and seeking the input from other leaders in the cannabis space.

Here we will also learn about modern cannabis trends, social perceptions surrounding the plant and its uses, as well as exploring potential political implications as these booking industries continue moving forward.

The sections discussing the best dispensaries might also be useful for those of you looking for amazing places to acquire your own flower and concentrates.

-About the Author-

This book is the culmination of the effort of the team at Gestalten and is written and edited by Santiago Rodriguez Tarditi by putting together content sourced from a wide variety of credible and fascinating sources in the cannabis industry that are on the forefront of this evolving business sphere.

Gestalten is a publisher that has grown rapidly over the years and has a focus on our modern culture, architecture, art, design, escapism, consumables, and so much more. Seems like it would be no surprise to learn that Gestalten would put together a very comprehensive piece with observations regarding the modern aesthetics and design trends of the legal cannabis world.

Santiago Rodriguez Tarditi is an experienced writer and creative director who is currently engaged in a reforestation project based in Colombia known as “RamaRama”.

-Reading Experience-

It’s very interesting to take a step back and observe the legal marijuana industry through the filter of aesthetics, design, and trend as there are very few other books on the market today that look at the cannabis world from this angle.

The sources pulled from here help to paint a very unique picture of the current trends we are seeing today in the cannabis world and author Santiago Rodriguez Tarditi does a fantastic job of weaving together these observations to help us understand how the market is currently evolving.

The wide array of entrepreneurs, creators, and businesses covered in “High on Design” is inspiring and eye-opening to learn more about how many different creative ways people are looking to capitalize on this green wave while also contributing legitimate value.


Going through this book is downright inspiring, fascinating, and enlightening as it is hard to keep up with everything going on in the legal marijuana industries that have been springing up left and right since the legalization.

The insights from the author regarding what we are seeing in modern cannabis design, dispensaries, and more help to bring a degree of context regarding the current trends and what we might expect to see in the future. It’s very fascinating to think about the future aesthetics of the cannabis world and how it might evolve.

You can buy your copy here.

Noemi Gonzales

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