Friday Book Club: How To Grow Marijuana

“How to Grow Marijuana” by Murph Wolfson 

Interest in growing cannabis/marijuana has been on the rise as more and more states move to legalize so it becomes imperative to learn the ins and outs when it comes to growing.

But where can we learn such skills?

There are many sources of information when it comes to learning how to grow so it is important to consider where we are getting such information.

Let’s take a look into “How to Grow Marijuana” by Murph Wolfson and see what we can learn about cultivating our favorite flower.

Let’s get growing!

-Topic Focus-

As the title of the book implies, Murph Wilson takes a direct approach to the topic of growing cannabis for a beginner. There are also pro tips in there that the more seasoned grower might benefit from as well.

The author made sure to address both indoor and outdoor grow situations. This book takes you from seed to harvest so it can be a one-stop book for your growing needs. Planting, growing, and harvesting are all covered in this comprehensive guide so no additional books are required if you don’t want to purchase others.

Step-by-step instructions created from a professional can be such an advantage when it comes to growing your own marijuana and these steps are very clear and concise.

About the Author

Murph Wolfson is a master gardener with years of experience cultivating marijuana and a passion for passing that knowledge along to others.

Murph has over a decade of experience when it comes to teaching gardening tactics and writing and that expertise becomes clear when you take in Murph’s content.

The writing and gardening expertise becomes evident as you move through this book and start taking in the information shared.

-Reading Experience-

The straightforward and practical writing style employed by author Murph Wilson lends to the credibility of the book with its direct approach.

Beginners need not feel intimidated due to the approachable level of writing present in this book without sacrificing the quality of the information presented.  This manual allows you to start at the beginning of a grow and progress through each phase naturally.

The book transitions from phase to phase of the growing experience and details the process along the way so the book flows quite nicely, no need to bounce around like some kind of reference guide.


You can’t go wrong with “How to Grow Marijuana” by Murph Wilson if you are a rookie or seasoned grower and looking to create superior results for your home garden, whether that garden is indoors or outdoors.

The simple breakdowns of various garden processes are very much welcomed for those of us who lack the natural green thumb. Some sources of information when it comes to cultivating cannabis are not always digestible and linear so having a simple manual in your toolbox can prove to be invaluable.

This book is quite the deal considering the amount of information present, the low price, and how accessible the information is.

Get your own copy of “How to Grow Marijuana” by Murph Wolfson and get started today:

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