Friday Book Club: How to Succeed in the Cannabis Industry

“How to Succeed in the Cannabis Industry: For Professionals, Contractors & Entrepreneurs” by Dasheeda Dawson

Now this book covers a topic that is in dire need of addressing in the cannabis industry and the various businesses surrounding it.

Having a passion and education for cannabis is just not enough to succeed in the marijuana industry so investing the time, effort, and energy to enhance your understanding of the business side of the cannabis world.

“How to Succeed in the Cannabis Industry” brings to light that very variable that is missing from the equations of so many people who are striving to excel in the marijuana industry.

-Topic Focus-

There are so many many books that focus on the social aspects of cannabis, recipe books, and books that cover the history of cannabis so seeing one that focuses on helping fledgling entrepreneurs succeed in the rapidly growing world of the marijuana business.

Here you will find a very detailed breakdown of current opportunities in the cannabis world and how one may translate their existing skillsets to further flourish and provide genuine value to potential employers in the cannabis world.

There are nearly 100 different questions and exercises in this book to help you to self-assess your best route into the business world of marijuana.

-About the Author-

Author Dasheeda Dawson is also known as “The WeedHead” and is viewed by many as a leading voice in the world of marijuana advocacy. She is a board member of the Doctors for Cannabis Regulation, a national physician’s association dedicated to the legalization and effective regulation of cannabis for adults.

She also is an award-winning executive strategist, an outspoken marijuana activist, and brings a wide array of expertise to the table from her experience as a business development strategist and rapidly growing entrepreneur in the cannabis space.

Dasheeda Dawson received her MBA from Rutgers Business School and completed her undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology at Princeton University and has experience working alongside serious business entities such as Target, Victoria’s Secret, and more. Additional affiliations within the industry include Chief Strategy Officer for Minorities for Medical Marijuana (M4MM) and co-founder of Cannabis Education Advocacy Symposium & Expo (CEASE).

-Reading Experience-

The smooth combination of personal experience coupled with high-level understanding of the business world really works together to weave an incredibly competent look at the cannabis industry that can give one genuine hope for making money in the marijuana industry.

There is minimal fluff and the assessment section really serves its intended purpose of guiding you to better understand where you might fit in when it comes to the business side.

The actionable advice present in “How to Succeed in the Cannabis Industry” is a refreshing change of pace from the general fluff articles that we often find on the internet that do not actually help us in any way.


If you’re looking to get serious about building a career or transitioning into the world of business in the cannabis world then you really need to consider adding “How to Succeed in the Cannabis Industry: For Professionals, Contractors & Entrepreneurs” by Dasheeda Dawson.

The assessment section is powerful, the book is intelligently written, and you can really get the sense that the author wants as many people as possible to find their own success in the marijuana industry.

If you are looking to that leap into the business side of cannabis then you can get started by getting your copy here:

Noemi Gonzales

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