Friday Book Club: Psychedelic Cannabis

“Psychedelic Cannabis: Breaking the Gate” by Daniel McQueen

As the social perception of cannabis continues to evolve, so does the understanding of the wide variety of positive effects cannabis can contribute to the lives of people suffering from various ailments and issues.

Author Daniel McQueen takes readers for an incredibly fascinating rise as he shares how to utilize cannabis as a psychedelic medicine, how to properly prepare for a psychedelic session, how to address personal trauma with psychedelic cannabis, and how to develop a higher level of mental resilience and fortitude.

Curious as to how one can achieve all this using cannabis? We better get started reading and learning then!


-Topic Focus-

It’s no longer surprising to hear about the potential medicinal benefits of cannabis use. It is surprising to learn just how many incredible potential applications there for cannabis use and this book covers some of the lesser-known ones.

“Psychedelic Cannabis” focuses on heal from trauma, heal your mind, and increase your mental resistance by learning how to intelligently and properly utilize psychedelic cannabis sessions. You will also learn how to set up for an ideal psychedelic cannabis session in order to maximize the results gained from your sessions.

This topic seems all the more relevant in a period of time where many people are struggling to come to terms with many of life’s challenges so it can be vital to utilize such beneficial skills and expertise.

-About the Author-

Many medical professionals and psychotherapists refer their patients who are experiencing severe trauma to author Daniel McQueen due to his level of expertise and ability to help people break through their own mental barriers by leveraging the power of psychedelic cannabis sessions.

Many clients who have spent time at his Psychedelic Sitters School have very positive things to say about his refined process and skill set.

If you’re interested in learning more about author Daniel McQueen and his unique psychedelic cannabis retreats then you can further explore that topic at the following link:

-Reading Experience-

The passion and expertise on this topic possessed by author Daniel McQueen become evident even by the end of the forward and seeing the glowing reviews from other medical professionals further lends to the credibility of the author.

The book does flow a bit chaotically at times as the author strikes me as eager and excited to share information he is so passionate about in order to see as many people as possible benefit from this knowledge.

The combination of anecdotal stories coupled with facts helps to keep this book engaging while also continuing to stay on topic.


“Psychedelic Cannabis” by author Daniel McQueen is a genuine resource for those who are looking to explore the potential mental health applications of psychedelic cannabis use. There is no mistaking the level of expertise and passion on the topic possessed by the author.

The book could stand for a higher degree of editing but it does not take away from the quality of information presented and just how positive it can be for the mental health of an individual willing to explore such options.
You can begin your own psychedelic cannabis journey by seeing for yourself what author Daniel McQueen here:

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