Friday Book Club: The Cannabis Prescription

“The Cannabis Prescription: How to Use Medical Marijuana to Reduce or Replace Pharmaceutical Medications” by Colleen Higgins R.PH – Review

The rapid growth of the marijuana industry is absolutely amazing to witness but has attracted groups of grifters trying to peddle sub-par products so it is refreshing to review content that originates from a professional pharmacist such as this author, R.PH. Colleen Higgins and see factually based information being shared about the medicinal aspects of cannabis use.

There are also plenty of well-meaning folks out there sharing inaccurate information so it is always important to take note of when knowledgeable professionals share their expertise with us.

Let’s see what we can learn here today.

-Topic Focus-

In this book, we have the opportunity to leverage The expertise of the author’s pharmaceutical training to learn more about the science and the specifics surrounding the healing capabilities of cannabis.

You can learn more about the wide variety and proper applications of various cannabis products, learn about specific doses to achieve specific results and avoid overconsumption, how marijuana can be used to provide relief from various ailments, and so much more. Many of us already know that marijuana has healing capabilities but lack the specific scientific knowledge to be more precise on that topic. This book provides that exact scientific knowledge.

The goal of this book would be to effectively teach ways to replace pharmaceutical drugs with various applications of cannabis for a better quality of life.

-About the Author-

The author of the “Cannabis Prescription: How to Use Medical Marijuana to Reduce or Replace Pharmaceutical Medications”, R. PH. Colleen Higgins has extensive expertise in both the cannabis and pharmaceutical industries.

Colleen is a consultant, public speaker, author, and more who graduated from the University of Connecticut Pharmacy School and is certified in both medication management as well as diabetes education.

If you’re interested in learning more about this author or possibly contacting her for speaking projects you can find Colleen Higgins at www sway

-Reading Experience-

There is minimal fluff to this book which allows the reader to get right into educating themselves on the topic of proper cannabis product applications for health benefits.

The expertise of the author quickly becomes apparent as detailed scientific knowledge is passed on to you through each page of this illuminating book.

As your understanding and knowledge surrounding the medical benefits and proper applications of cannabis products begin to evolve it will change the way you look at self-medicating.

While the author does a fantastic job of keeping the tone relatively light and the book has a great flow, it is important to remember to put on the old thinking cap before you open this book as it contains solid information that is worth committing to memory.


If you desire to enhance your knowledge and understanding of the medical aspects of cannabis use then this book should absolutely be in your collection.

Author Colleen Higgins does a fantastic job of taking a somewhat complex subject and making it all the more accessible to the rest of us.

You will find yourself to be pleasantly surprised at how many different ailments that plague many of us can be resolved or significantly diminished by intelligently utilizing the medicinal aspects of marijuana.

You can begin to evolve your own level of knowledge on the medicinal aspects of cannabis by purchasing your copy here:


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