Friday Book Club: The Rebel’s Apothecary

“The Rebel’s Apothecary: A Practical Guide to
the Healing Magic of Cannabis, CBD, and
by Jenny Sansouci and Frank Lipman

-Topic Focus-
“The Rebel’s Apothecary” is a unique culmination of data, information, and personal experience garnered from the life experience of author Jenny Sansouci after she learned about her father’s stage 4 pancreatic cancer diagnosis and she took action to find ways to help him to heal and
combat the brutal effects of chemotherapy. This journey led her down the myriad path of potential healing benefits when it comes to cannabis, CBD, and even psychoactive mushroom consumption.

Let’s learn about how to bolster our immune systems via cannabis use and so much more by seeing what this book has to offer!


About the Author

Author Jenny Sansouci is the creator of a renowned health blog known as “” and is based in Brooklyn. She is a certified health coach who has been writing since 2008 and has a genuine passion for helping others to live better quality lives through the power of cannabis, diet, lifestyle, and more. Dr. Frank Lipman provided the foreword of this book and trained Jenny in New York. His expertise in functional medicine is welcome as it helps to further clarify the information and research provided in this book.

Jenny and Dr. Frank have combined their unique levels of expertise and life experience to create a genuinely useful compendium of information and data regarding cannabis, mushrooms,
and how they can positively affect your health.


Reading Experience

We can all relate to desiring to help others in our lives and it always fascinating as well as enlightening to learn more about how cannabis and mushrooms can be utilized to boost our
health levels and bring a higher quality of life to others in a more natural fashion. There is so much useful content to dive into here ranging from some of the latest data on CBD,
recipes for mushroom and cannabis smoothies, tips regarding building your own personal apothecary, and so much more.

The author does an admirable job of taking a challenging and complex topic and breaking down in a fashion that allows the rest of us to keep and understand. She writes:

First I’ll teach you all about cannabis and why our bodies are so nourished by it. We’ll go over CBD, THC and how to use cannabis without feeling intoxicated (now that you know my story, you know I care a lot about that aspect.) After that, I’ll guide you through the wild world of mushrooms in the fungi kingdom.

Once you get acquainted with cannabis and mushrooms, I’ll guide you through protocols for daily wellness and share a few delicious cannabis and mushroom-infused recipes so you can easily incorporate them into your life.


If you’re looking for a book that does an excellent job of weaving an interesting tale while communicating genuinely useful information regarding the health benefits of cannabis and
mushrooms then “The Rebel’s Apothecary” is a great fit for your bookshelf or digital collection. There is no shortage of applicable stuff you can learn that can really contribute to your own
quality of life and health. The level of research that was performed while writing this book becomes very clear as you move through it and the way it is written allows for this information to be accessible to many more people.

You can start becoming something a Rebel Apothecary yourself by getting your copy here:


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