Friday Book Club: The Ultimate Book of CBD Remedies

“The Ultimate Book of CBD Remedies: Leading Experts Explain What Works, What Doesn’t, and How CBD is Changing the World” by Ryan Lewis

Hearing personal accounts of how CBD has brought much-needed relief from so many people is amazing but there is a time and place for anecdotal testimonies and a time for specific, reliable information that is backed by scientific study.

“The Ultimate Book of CBD Remedies” brings the reader a direct look through the microscope, so to speak, by conveying much of the verified data which goes alongside the corresponding historical observations shared in the book.

Let’s crack it open and see just what information author Ryan Lewis is bringing to the table for us.

-Topic Focus-

It becomes clear as soon as you hit the preface that the author is passionate about utilizing cannabidiol (CBD) to create a higher quality of life for as many people as possible by leveraging scientific data to prove without a doubt the health benefits as potential applications of legitimate CBD products.

You can start with the past by reviewing the history of CBD use and gradual social acceptance, take a look at the present in terms of modern CBD applications/uses, and author Ryan Lewis projects his thoughts on what the future might hold for CBD use.

In this book, you will also find no shortage of information for you personally in regards to how you can utilize CBD for yourself and the people in your life.

-About the Author-

Author Ryan Lewis has years of in-depth experience in the CBD field as he is the CEO of Global Cannabinoids, the world’s number 1 B2B CBD retailer with a growing customer base of over 70,000.

Lewis is focused on creating potential cures and solutions for various issues and ailments by leveraging the multifaceted capabilities that CBD possesses.

You can learn more about what Ryan Lewis and Global Cannabinoids have to offer by visiting their site here:

The foreword was written by Tracy Ryan, the CEO of CannaKids. Tracy is another passionate person who is focused on treating her daughter, Sophie, using CBD. You can learn more about the documentary focused on Sophie and what Tracy is working on here at Saving Sophie:

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-Reading Experience-

From the start, you can get the sense from the author Ryan Lewis and the foreword by Tracy Ryan that these people are on a mission, they are serious about it, and they know what they are doing.

Not far into the book and you should begin to feel a sense of appreciation for the level of knowledge being shared with us normies and hopeful for just how much suffering could be alleviated by further utilizing CBD.

The book flows well as it transitions from the past of CBD, how it is currently seen and used, information on how you can safely use CBD, and thoughts on the potential future of CBD.


If you consider yourself to be a proponent of CBD use then you had better know your stuff and “The Ultimate Book of CBD Remedies” is a great place to start your journey or further brush up on the topic.

You really feel like you are getting a legitimate glimpse at reliable information regarding CBD use through this book and that can be invaluable considering just how much questionable data is prevalent on this particular subject.

Start getting educated on the topic of CBD uses and potential applications by getting your own copy of “The Ultimate Book of CBD Remedies: Leading Experts Explain What Works, What Doesn’t, and How CBD is Changing the World” by Ryan Lewis here:

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