Friday Book Club: Women & Weed

“Women & Weed: How the Green Rush Is Changing Our Lives”
By Elena Frankel

As we are seeing a modern green rush due to legalization we are also seeing a rapid rise in the number of women who are braving the murky waters of marijuana entrepreneurship and coming out on top.

It’s quite amazing to see such an influx of female talent and this book by Elena Frankel does a wonderful job of illuminating this phenomenon while also providing a degree of tips and advice that any lady would find useful as she enters into the arena of cannabis entrepreneurship.
Let’s jump on in to “Women & Weed: How the Green Rush is Changing Our Lives” by Elena Frankel to see what we can learn for ourselves.

Topic Focus

This book takes an unflinching look at the ups, downs, and complexities that women face as they dive into the legal cannabis industry in a wide variety of roles and positions. You can gain the unique perspective of a woman with the first-hand experience in the cannabis industry as well as a fine plethora of useful and actionable information that more than makes the book worth purchasing and then reading. Of course, there is plenty of information here that pertains directly to cannabis usage as well. Information on topics such as infused edibles, growing tips and more.

About the Author

Elena Frankel, the author of “Women & Weed”, has a wide array of experiences ranging from serving as Creative Director for several web sites and magazines, and has quite the passion for seeing other women make their own way in the legal cannabis industry. The majority of her work and content has been focused on providing educational information focused on helping others to grow their own projects and business endeavors. She also has much experience speaking as a panelist or guest speaker at a wide variety of cannabis industry events. You can also find her as a guest speaker on many cannabis-oriented podcast shows.

Reading Experience
“Women & Weed” starts off very strong with the information and summary of what to expect. The information is written in a way that makes it easy to read and understand for the cannabis newcomer as a resource guide. The color schemes, style, and images really help this book to stand out and are pleasant to
look at. The graphics really help to drive the information home when reading and reviewing the content.

You can easily get the sense that the author is quite passionate about the subject and genuinely desires to see other women grow in the entrepreneurial world of legal marijuana. We absolutely need more of that in the world!


If you’re in the market for a book that can serve as a genuine resource for women who are looking to explore and understand the fascinating realm of the cannabis business then “Women & Weed” would make for a great purchase. It’s amazing to see how many women are truly carving out their own path in the realm of herbal entrepreneurship and even more so to see resources dedicated to helping those same women further grow their endeavors.

The book can be purchased here.

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