Impact of Marijuana on College Academic Achievement

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If you are a student, you might have the idea that there is a strong relationship between marijuana and learning. In fact, the trend of using marijuana has become common among college, high school and university students. It is to be noticed that some of them use it for recreational purposes, and there are many students who depend on it for their survival meaning they become an addict and claim that they cannot live without using marijuana or cannabis. In such a situation, the product does not benefit them and instead starts ruining their health and the entire life.  If you want to know how marijuana or cannabis can impact college or academic life, this is the right kind of post for you.


It’s safe to say that a lot of studies have been conducted and research has been done on the biological effects of marijuana. Scientists or doctors all over the world are interested in knowing everything about the impact of cannabis on memory. Some of these studies have been published and have been shared with the world, and some types of researches are still being done to ensure that the world’s people are provided with accurate and useful information. The one thing that we have concluded from all of those studies is that the overuse of marijuana or cannabis is not good for human health, especially for the nervous system.

In 2016, an article was published in a famous journal. The name of the article is Biological Psychiatry. According to it, the memory of a person especially a student can be impacted due to the overuse or excessive use of cannabis. In addition, so many studies from the past two decades have continued to say the same thing. The basic problem is that students who show poor performance develop depression, stress and anxiety, and in order to deal with the psychological or mental problems, they begin using cannabis in excess, and this ruins their memory or leads them to face so many consequences.


If you pay someone to write a research paper, you will want them to focus on what you have ordered. For instance, if you want to get the work in two to four hours, you will definitely be curious to know how they are conducting the research and how and when the writing process will be started. You may also want to know whether the quality is being ensured and the given sources are being used or not.

The same idea is applicable to your student or academic life. If you do not pay attention to your studies, it will never be possible for you to get the desired results. Impaired attention has long been considered a hallmark of different intoxicating effects of marijuana. An article was recently published on the same theme. According to some experts, students who keep using cannabis for long are likely to lose their memories and may not be able to concentrate on their lectures while in the class. At the same time, they start losing their interest in day to day activities. For example, when you become an addict of this product, you may not be able to pay attention to what your parents are saying while at home and what the teacher is trying to explain during the lecture.

Verbal Learning

The same article (meaning Biological Psychiatry) keeps on saying that the ability of students to learn different things verbally becomes weak due to the excessive or overuse of marijuana. This makes us question is there a strong relationship between marijuana and college students; well, there is certainly a big relationship because many college students cannot live with this product. They do not have the idea that the overuse of it can slow down their verbal learning process. What is verbal learning? In its simplest form, verbal learning is the process of learning a lesson verbally.

Let us quote the article titled Biological Psychiatry one more time to prove that delays in verbal learning can be observed if students keep using cannabis for long. For example, if you have been using this product for five weeks or more, then the chance is that you will increase your dependence on it. Maybe, you are able to learn things verbally right now without any major problem, but in the long run, you will observe a significant number of delays. In addition, there are so many chronic and acute effects of cannabis on the health of a student, so this can be regarded as the product that you need to stay away from while you are struggling with your studies or want to get really good marks.


A team of specialists at EssayWritingService conducted a lot of studies on the same thing. For many years, they tried to know how cannabis could impact the overall health and wellbeing of the student. Well, the one thing that we need to pay attention to is that their inhibition gets greatly impacted. If you want to know what inhibition is, let us tell you that inhibition is the process in which enzyme inhibitors bind to specific enzymes and they aim to decrease the activities of those enzymes. In simple words, we can say that enzymes that perform different functions in the human body become inactive for an uncertain period of time.

Imagine the time when marijuana college students begin skipping classes; we know that you wouldn’t want to become one of those students. So, the problem is that your enzymes need to work appropriately and it is you who is going to let them do so by reducing your dependence on marijuana or another similar product. If you use cannabis and drink alcohol, then your body will not be able to perform its functions and the chance is that most of the enzymes in your body will get permanently damaged.

Psychomotor Function

A significant number of students get writing help from professional companies like; this is not because they are unable to write their essays. It is because they want to spend more and more time with their friends and may sit together to use marijuana for hours. Such people basically have weak psychomotor functions.

We all need to remember that marijuana and college are interlinked or are closely linked to one another. In terms of psychomotor functioning, students lose their critical thinking abilities and this leads them to face various problems in their academic life.

The only solution to these problems is that we should stop using cannabis. Whether you like this statement or not, but we all need to admit that it is a type of drug that is not good for human health. It is okay to use it for recreational purposes. It is also okay to use it once a while, but when you begin depending on it every single day, the chance is that you will become an addict.

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