Michigan Marijuana Producer Faces Vape Recall
Source: Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency

Sky Labs was slapped with a $100,000 fine last month for failing compliance testing.

This story was republished with permission from Crain’s Detroit.

Michigan regulators issued a recall of marijuana vape cartridges sold around the state allegedly containing banned chemicals.

The Cannabis Regulatory Agency issued the recall of the cartridges under the brand name Flight with flavors called Grease Monkey, Space Ether, and Bubblegum.

The cartridges were manufactured by Sky Labs LLC in Mt. Morris, north of Flint. The CRA already slapped Sky Labs with a $100,000 fine last month for failing compliance testing and potentially using illicit market product.

The CRA also cited in its disciplinary action that Sky Labs distributed marijuana edibles to employees labeled to contain cannabidiol, or CBD, and not the psychoactive ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. The product, in fact, was mislabeled and did contain THC. According to a CRA report, an employee gave two 10 milligram edible gummies to their four-year old child; The child became ill and was hospitalized.

As a result of negotiations between Sky Labs and the CRA, the marijuana processor also surrendered its medical marijuana license, though those licenses hold diminishing value in the state. Medical marijuana only accounted for 2.5% of the $260.8 million worth of marijuana sold in the state in June.

In lab testing, Sky Labs’ recalled vape cartridge concentrates were determined to contain chemical residue of several banned substances, including the insecticide bifenthri and the fungicide myclobutanil.

More than 13,000 of the recalled vapes were already sold and another 2,212 vapes were still on shelves at 59 dispensaries as of the notice, the CRA confirmed to Crain’s.

The CRA requires dispensaries impacted to display the recall notice for the next 30 days. Customers who purchased one of the recalled products are asked to return the product to the dispensary in which they were purchased for proper disposal.

Dustin Walsh

Dustin Walsh is a senior reporter for Crain’s Detroit Business, covering health care with a focus on industry change and operations, as well as the state's emerging cannabis industry. He is also a regular columnist on all things health, labor, economics, and more.

One comment

  • Squints

    July 22, 2023 at 3:26 pm

    The way that recalls are handled in this state show a total lack of transparency and is rife inconsistency. Same with the punishments to the license holders. These players should have their licenses revoked – these are not accidents or oversights, but malicious practices carried out by rapacious corporations and individuals at the expense of consumer, as well as and license holders that actually follow the rules. This is only what the CRA could *prove* Sky Labs was doing. The full extent is much worse and widespread and they won’t even feel a $100k fine, nor the revocation of their med licenses (which has no significant impact on their bottoms line).


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