Opinion: Planting The Seeds For Veterans And PTSD

Let me begin by letting all those know who have served, currently serving or thinking about serving in the United States military that on this memorial day, you are greatly appreciated for your courage and conviction when it comes to giving up your life for the protection and advancement of this great country. The fact that you can load up your guns and mentally prepare yourself to die for this great country is simply amazing, but like all great endeavors,  it comes with a price.

The price comes with a name and it’s called “PTSD” Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. A lifelong emotional and physical battle that most in the United States military will have to endure due to experiencing a seriously traumatizing event. When a soldier is exposed to trauma, it stimulates that person’s mind. In turn, creating for them feelings that produce sleeping problems, irritability, anger, poor concentration, blackouts and phobias. So with that being said it’s clear, we have a problem and this problem needs a solution.

As of today, that solution has been to prescribe these mentally disturbed soldiers antidepressants and we all know these antidepressants come with side effects. Yes, this helps a person momentarily but over a long period of time it can be very damaging to the mind and body.

Luckily it’s 2018 and the times are changing, different roads are being paved and the interpretation of cannabis knowledge is being accepted and not looked over. At this point in the game we’re talking about how to produce relaxation for the mind of a person who often entertains the past thoughts of trauma in a healthy way.

A soldier has a 30 percent chance of developing PTSD but when you factor in the childhood problems and the times they might have accidentally harmed the innocent. A veteran has a 97% chance of developing PTSD following combat. Therefore, when dealing with a very serious mental situation it comes to those who serve or have served united states military. Like every situation that isn’t properly handled it can create a problem for not only them but all those indirectly involved too.

So is Cannabis the answer? Is it the sunshine or the cannabis of California that makes California the top choice for active enlisted soldiers? Are today’s soldiers secretly smoking to ease the tension and pain from combat? I’m not sure, but if so, do you blame them? See, the world relies on the US military and in all due respect we need a healthy military. So the question is, as a nation do we push forward with the plant or press on with the pharmaceutical? I’m not one to take money out anyone’s pocket but I am one to present a page to profit on it if the book is available.

Yes, a healthy military is key when it comes to concentration and control. So as we settle in the scene the seeds have set. Let us push forward and become great again by letting the plant produce the pleasure outta the pain because the patient in each and every soldier needs to be a priority.

Emerson Brown

Emerson Brown is the President and CEO of TouchTime Inc. located in Atlanta, GA.

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