Organic CBD Oil: Market size, Share and Trends Analysis

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What is organic CBD oil?

CBD (Cannabidiol) oil is a product made by extracting cannabidiol from a cannabis plant, then combined with hemp seed oil or coconut oil. It has numerous therapeutic and health benefits when consumed accurately. It helps to deal with mental health issues such as anxiety and sleeping disorders. That is why organic ULU CBD oil is gaining momentum among highly health-conscious people. 

What is the current market size of CBD products?

In the year 2020, the size of the cannabidiol market worldwide was anticipated to be around USD 9.3 billion. It is substantially driven by an increasing fund for cannabinoid research, legalizing the use of CBD in different regions, and increasing happenings of chronic diseases and health complications. However, there are severe effects related to cannabis, and strict government rules and regulations may reduce the growth and expansion of the organic CBD oils market; because of its wide health edges, Oxford, which has the foremost economical analysis centers in the world, has declared to launch a USD 12.36 million analysis program on cannabidiol products. They will have to undergo several hurdles due to CBD products derived from marijuana rather than the hemp plant area unit classified as a schedule 1 drug. The main plan behind promoting CBD products is not to restrict forming and introducing only a certain amount of conventional goods like CBD oil, CBD salve, or CBD spray, but to create a customer-friendly attitude in contemplating cannabis as a drug. Few key players of the Cannabidiol market are Isodiol, Aurora cannabis, CW hemp, green roads, and Folium biosciences. In the year 2020, Perrigo company plc, the U.S.- based producer and supplier of self-care goods globally, announced its entry into the organic CBD oil Market via its investment in Kazmira LLC, which is a Colorado CBD product supplier. Perrigo also obtained a 20 percent equity share in Kazmira. 

Expected market size, market share, and trends analysis of CBD organic oil 2020-2030

In the past few years, organic CBD oil has witnessed increased demand due to its rising consumption in the treatment of various skin diseases. A notable portion of the global population is suffering from various skin problems such as acne, blackheads, and more. 

Organic CBD oils are used for the treatment of such issues because of their anti-inflammatory effects and minimum sebum production. It restricts the excessive production of sebum, resulting in decreasing the probability of skin diseases. The neuroprotective aspects of organic CBD oil facilitate doctors for treating their patients who are laid low with disorders and supply effective leads to the top. The employment of CBD organic oil is massive, which can be one of the reasons why the need for it has been increasing significantly. Organic CBD oil is also effectively utilized to treat patients diagnosed with insomnia and sleeplessness. With the increasing range of patients diagnosed with sleep disorders resulting from increasing workload and the number of hours; we have to spend in front of our screens, the demand for its cure is expected to increase at a notable rate.  

Organic CBD oil has also shown encouraging results in the development of various drugs comprising cures for severe diseases like cancer and diabetes. The leading market investors are investing a large amount of money in research and development operations to inspect the benefits of this oil further;

It is extremely useful in treating various diseases related to the heart and nervous system. According to a report issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 2.5% of the global population that is 147 million people globally, are consuming marijuana and other harmful drugs in various forms every year. It will increase the number of people diagnosed with such diseases and propel the demand for its cure, including organic CBD oil. There are researches and experiments conducted by private and public pharmaceutical associations. Globally, North America holds a significant share in the consumption of organic CBD oil. Due to CBD’s increased consumption of harmful food that exercises a negative effect on the body and causes health damage in the form of tumors and cancer. The stressful and carcinogen products lifestyle of North Americans increasingly makes it necessary for them to consume it. 

In 2019, the value of the cannabidiol market was around USD 5.4 billion globally. However, because of the increased utilization and benefits of organic CBD oil, the market is expected to reach USD 41 billion by 2030.

Market restraints

There have been stringent rules and regulations by the government in accepting and allowing the introduction of new products into the market. Apart from that, the expansion or sale of the cannabis plant in the black market in several countries is causing another hindrance altogether. Fluctuations in the economic and legal environment of the country also harm it. 

Due to the imposed lockdown within the year 2020 to fight through the covid-19 pandemic, the organic CBD oil market was deeply affected. It can be due to the closedown of production centers and distribution channels because of obligatory internment, which has severely disrupted this pandemic.  

Thereby, due to lockdown restrictions in numerous countries to protect the world against the covid-19 virus, there has been a notable downfall in the organic CBD oil market. The key players went through tough times. 

However, to make up for the loss, the covid-19 pandemic has also paved a broad path for increasing anxiety disorders. And as organic CBD oil is used in treating such mental health disorders, this has propelled the demand for it.   


The demand for organic CBD oil is expected to rise in the upcoming decade. That is because of the number of health benefits offered by the product. Meanwhile, because the world is still recovering from the covid-19 pandemic, the restrictions obligatory on the trade are withdrawn, once more increasing the demand for organic CBD oil and other cannabidiol products.  

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