Panther Group, WEIC Partner Up For Roadmap To Funding Guide For Women

It’s been no secret that female-owned and operated cannabis companies have struggled to raise capital at equal levels to their male counterparts. In 2022, only 1.9% of funding went to women-led or owned startups. Many women encounter a world of fundraising that is foreign to them with unfamiliar terminology.

It was with this thought in mind that The Panther Group and Women Employed in Cannabis (WEIC) partnered up to bring you a free guide called The Roadmap to Funding. It is billed as “the ultimate guide for women entrepreneurs preparing to fundraise in the cannabis industry!”

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According to the company’s website, The Roadmap to Funding is for entrepreneurs at the beginning stages of the funding journey. “This free guide is packed with valuable insights and best practices that address the questions we most often hear from entrepreneurs about raising money. We know what investors are looking for and how to structure a deal that protects the interest of the entrepreneur and her company.”

As Women’s History Month gets underway, it is worth noting that according to First Round Capital, companies with female founders performed 63% better than male-led companies. They said,

We’ve been fortunate to back many companies with female founders (and women-founded companies represent a greater percentage of our investments than the national VC average). That’s why were so excited to learn that our investments in companies with at least one female founder were meaningfully outperforming our investments in all-male teams. Indeed, companies with a female founder performed 63% better than our investments with all-male founding teams. And, if you look at First Round’s top 10 investments of all time based on value created for investors, three of those teams have at least one female founder — far outpacing the percentage of female tech founders in general.

BCG Analysts added, “The gender pay gap is well documented: women make about 80 cents for every dollar that a man earns. Less well known: the gender investment gap. According to our research, when women business owners pitch their ideas to investors for early-stage capital, they receive significantly less—a disparity that averages more than $1 million—than men. Yet businesses founded by women ultimately deliver higher revenue—more than twice as much per dollar invested—than those founded by men, making women-owned companies better investments for financial backers. ”

Women Employed in Cannabis hosts a Facebook Group tailored to the needs of women working in cannabis: Women Empowered in Cannabis. Women can join the free group and learn about the WEIC Community and the women that work in the cannabis industry.


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