Revive Therapeutics First to Bring Oral Psilocybin Strips to the Market

Revive Therapeutics is introducing dissolvable, oral psilocybin film-strips to their portfolio. The move comes by way of a sponsored research partnership agreement with the Reed Research Group out of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

Psilocybin is a compound that is found in hallucinogenic mushrooms, sometimes called magic mushrooms. It has been used for thousands of years across many cultures. Australian cave paintings are said to have been created in 10,000 BCE and are said to suggest the culture’s use of psilocybin mushrooms. Other Spanish rock paintings indicate that prehistoric people used magic mushrooms (or at least knew of their existence) around 4,000 BCE.

Three controlled trials exploring the use of psilocybin mushrooms for mood and anxiety have suggested that using magic mushrooms (properly dosed) may reduce the symptoms of depression in anxiety relating to psychiatric distress associated with cancer. The study shows that participants experienced relief for at least six months after taking just one dose! “A small, open-label study in patients with treatment-resistant depression showed reductions in depression and anxiety symptoms 3 months after two acute doses. For addiction, small, open-label pilot studies have shown promising success rates for both tobacco and alcohol addiction.”

Revive Therapeutics has determined tannin-chitosan composite as the number one candidate for their strips. The film strips will undergo further testing before being made available, but they will have dosages that range from 1 mg to 20 mg. There’s a number of benefits to using dissolvable oral strips, including a faster time to the bloodstream and the ease of use for patients who may not be able to swallow (plus there is no need for water). This drug delivery technology aspires to produce both natural and synthetic extract of psilocybin in a number of ways, including topical gels, transdermal patches, and oral foams. 

The CEO of Revive Therapeutics, Michael Frank, said “We are very pleased about the progress we have achieved to date and this technical milestone for our drug delivery technology specifically in the development of an orally dissolvable thin film strip for psilocybin, which will be used in future human clinical studies. This is the first time that we have applied our drug delivery technology to oral thin films and we see great promise in delivering psychedelic-based medicines to treat various diseases and disorders that would benefit from such a delivery method and in partnering with life sciences companies seeking to add unique offerings in their product pipeline.  We look forward to unveiling the final prototype in the coming weeks.”

Kaitlin Domangue

Kaitlin is a cannabis reporter for the Green Market Report, covering every angle of the industry. She also works directly with cannabis brands as a content marketer.

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