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William SumnerWilliam SumnerApril 26, 2019


The smoke has cleared, and the numbers are in. This year’s 4/20 holiday was the most profitable in the history of legal cannabis, according to data provided by cannabis technology and data firm MJ Freeway.

Between April 18 and April 20, cannabis sales topped out at $182 million, up 38% from last year’s $132 million. On 4/20 alone, sales reached as high as $80 million, easily making it the largest grossing sales day of the year so far.

By far the most popular cannabis product purchased over the weekend was flower, which accounted for 45.3% of sales. However, flower sales on the whole only increased by 2%. The top three flower strains sold over the holiday weekend were Blue Dream, Grapefruit Durban, and Sour Diesel. The second most popular cannabis product sold was vaporizer cartridges and pens with 39% of sales. Concentrates took the third spot with 12% and edibles rounded out the bottom, accounting for only 10% of sales.

Nationwide, the average order was around $108.06, representing an increase of $10 per order when compared to last year’s sales figures. The average order size grew by 30% when compared to the previous year, rising to 3.56 products per order. The number of discounts compared to last year also grew, roughly doubling in number.

This year’s 4/20 holiday saw little change in the way of gender dynamics but there was a shift in age demographics. Men made up the majority of 4/20 purchases, with 62% of sales coming from men and 38% coming from women.

Adults aged between 30-40 years old made up the largest purchaser group, following by those under the age of 30. In 2018, adults aged between 50-60 years old made up the largest group, followed by those between the ages of 40-50 years old.

One of the reasons why sales were particularly high this year was that it coincided with two major religious holidays, Passover and Easter, as well as the weekend. With more free time, individuals were better able to plan their 4/20 purchases and, as the numbers show, acted accordingly.


We just got in new data from Flowhub with some info on what happened. So, how high did cannabis sales soar on 4/20/2019?

    • Compared to 4/20/2018, this year’s sales increased by 7% with 9% growth in both check-ins and transactions.
    • Compared to an average Saturday, 4/20/2019 saw over 50% increase in sales, transactions, and check-ins with an average (post-tax) sale amount of $65.30—7% higher than average.
    • It wasn’t just a high day, it was a high weekend! Compared to 420 weekends in 2018, sales and transactions grew 22% with a 20% increase in check-ins from 4/19-4/21/2019.
    • Flower sales dominated 420, accounting for 54.1% of total sales. Over the weekend, nearly 150k pre-rolls were sold!
    • The 2nd top selling product category was concentrates at 30.8%, followed by Edibles at 11.3%.
    • Keeping calm and staying compliant. While 98% of ID cards scanned were successfully checked in, Flowhub Check-In App flagged 690 underage customers, 427 expired, and 519 suspicious IDs throughout the 420 weekend.

Compared to 2018, 4/20/2019 had an increase in overall sales, check-ins, and transactions, but a small decrease in the average sale amount.


Ricardo PereydaRicardo PereydaApril 23, 2019


Last Saturday, people all over the world came together to celebrate cannabis culture. In Northern Ireland, and the United Kingdom thousands of people peacefully marched in the streets for their right to cannabis, and in South Africa they came together under a banner of love and mutual respect, enjoying fellowship with like-minds. In Los Angeles, I was at the BudTrader Ball.

The big dream used to be getting to Amsterdam for the cannabis cup, where shops like the Grasshopper and Bulldog were on the must visit list. Now, the reality of the situation is, if you want to attend a 4/20 event in a “legal” state, you just find the one closest to you and plan a vacation. As anyone who has ever been to Los Angeles and paid attention to their surroundings knows, there are many dispensaries in the area. The peeps at  BudTrader.com make it their job to let you know where these are at, if you are having difficulty spotting green crosses.

I fully understand that what is described in this article is not reality for everyone reading it. Get involved, vote, and hold politicians accountable. Cannabis policy has crossed the point of no return out of prohibition. In today’s green rush, many cannabis companies are expressing themselves and our culture through events such as those held on 4/20. They go solo, partner with like-minded brands, or reach out to the greater community outside of the cannabis space.

Each of these approaches have merit, and in their own way are impactful, based upon the goals of the company, and the people they serve. This is replicated myriad ways throughout the cannabis empire. In the City of Angels, epicenter of the cannabis industry, the professionals let their hair down for an interactive, art filled event.

The 2019 BudTrader Ball at Wisdome in Downtown Los Angeles’ Arts District “was an opportunity to meet other high-caliber cannabis industry business people, influencers, and investors in an environment that allowed us to celebrate the cannabis plant.” Said Tim McGraw, CEO of Canna-Hub.

It was an experience like no other I’ve had in the cannabis space to date. The art was exceptional, food delicious, music rocking, and cannabis plentiful. The people weren’t so bad either. I felt good to be in a proper space that was also used by the general public, not isolated from every living thing, and being able to partake in the herb without feeling out of place. It felt, normal.





***All photo credits belong to Michael Allen Howard of BudTrader.com except for the final photo which was provided by the author Ricardo Pereyda

StaffStaffApril 17, 2019


If you are lucky enough to live in a state that is fully legal, you may want to consider these products when heading to the dispensary to buy your party products.


Canndescent just rolled out the latest product in their Stylus Series. Allow us to introduce to you the Stylus Ready-to-Use disposable vape pen in the brand’s five signature effects — Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect, and Charge. The pens are smaller and more compact, designed to be ultra-portable and easy to travel with. They also free you from the hassle of charging your device because they are designed to hold their charge for all 200 draws, equating to about 50 experiences. Stylus Ready-to-Use pens are perfect for tourists who do not want to invest in their own vape pen battery and separate oil cartridges. Retailing at $65, consumers can enjoy Canndescent’s ultra-premium oil for a little over $1 per psychoactive experience.

We suggest you try the Cruise effect on 4/20. This hybrid strain allows you to keep up the pace, relax your mind, and sail through the holiday without missing a beat.




If you’ve ever been lucky enough to visit Seattle, then you already know about Mr. Moxey’s Mints. Tim Moxey hit a home run with this line of products. They are good enough to almost consider flying to Seattle just to be able to buy them. Thankfully, they have been able to expand beyond the state lines of Washington state.

Mr. Moxey’s Mints are natural, high-quality, cannabis-infused mints made with therapeutic herbs for wellbeing. Delectable and discreet, these microdosed mints have been the best-selling edible in Washington State for over a year, and enable you to choose just the right amount of cannabinoids to suit your system. The mints are crafted in small batches with pesticide-free cannabis to promote wellbeing in mind and body. Each pastille is formulated with herbal synergists tailored to elevate the cannabis experience. Perfect for the subtle 4/20 celebrators.




mood33 is a California-based cannabis beverage brand crafting natural and uplifting herbal tonics, currently with a line of three unique formulations including Joy, Passion and Calm. Each provides its own unique mood-based effect thanks to tailored cannabinoid ratios, natural tea and fruit ingredients, and signature terpene profiles inspired by the aromas and effects of the cannabis plant.

You can mix and match a 4-pack and pop open a few bottles with friends at the park. Cheers!


Orchid Essentials is a California-based vape company that creates vape pens and oils with robust flavor profiles that feel as if you are enjoying a nightly glass of wine every time you take a puff. Orchid is unique in the cannabis market in that they do not use PEG, PPG, MCT, or coconut oil as a carrier for the cannabis oil. Instead, they use terpenes – fragrant, organic compounds found in the essential oils of all plants that give, for example, lavender and chamomile their relaxing aromas and citrus fruits their energizing punch. Vaping with terpenes is known to be healthier, and Orchid’s six strain options enable you to vary your vaping session to suit your mood or taste preferences.



California’s most-trusted cannabis brand believes in wellness options that work for your lifestyle: motivating the mind, steadying the body, and inspiring creativity. As well as creating pre-rolled joints and some of California’s most popular vapes, they offer two types of classic cannabis flower: Premium Quality eighths, and “Reef Leaf” in a variety of indica, sativa and hybrid blends. Perfect for 4/20 the Reef Leaf Stash Pack kit has all you need for the perfect doobie including a Reef Leaf pouch (5g of pre-ground flower), king size rolling papers, white-tipped matches, and a glass crutch. Sometimes you can get exactly what you want in one convenient box.



Looking for fast relaxation without the high on 4/20? Known as the “anti-edible” SUM (Superior Uptake Microdose) are small, discreet sublingual tablet absorbs directly into the bloodstream via the membrane underneath the tongue. SUM has four tablet varieties currently available at select dispensaries in Colorado; Calm, Relief, Focus, and Energy.


William SumnerWilliam SumnerApril 16, 2019


For the first time since Colorado legalized adult-use cannabis in 2014, the holiday 4/20 will fall on a Saturday. To celebrate the occasion, the cannabis data intelligence firm Headset has partnered with Nielsen to release a report detailing how consumers respond to the annual holiday.

“No matter how you participate in the cannabis industry, you should pay attention to 4/20,” reads the report. “It is consistently the single biggest day in cannabis each year, with at least double the sales of an average day.”

The report utilizes data gathered from retailers in four mature cannabis markets: Washington, California, Nevada, and Colorado. In order to develop a baseline, researchers examined sales figures on 4/20 and the four same days of the week before and after 4/20 in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Researchers found that cannabis consumers respond much more strongly to 4/20 than alcohol drinkers do on similar holidays. For example, on the Fourth of July beer sales on average increase by 33%, whereas cannabis sales on 4/20 rise by approximately 111%. Although the Fourth of July is not a cannabis holiday, sales of the substance nonetheless increased by 5%.

Cannabis sales on 4/20 may fare better than alcohol sales on traditional holidays, but what about when compared to other cannabis holidays? To answer that question, researchers compared 4/20 sales to sales on Green Wednesday.

Taking place on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Green Wednesday is an emulation of Black Friday, where retailers offer deep discounts on products in the hopes of driving up sales. Although not quite as popular as 4/20, Green Wednesday brings in approximately $17.3 million and represents a 57% increase in sales. On the other hand, 4/20 brings in roughly $26.6 million.

When comparing 4/20 sales in different states, there seems to be little correlation between market maturity and sales increase. Overall, the state of Colorado saw the most significant increase in 4/20 sales with 128% ($9.1 million), followed by Nevada with 110% ($3.5 million). Rounding out the bottom two states were California with a 103% increase in sales ($6.9 million) and Washington with 100% ($7.1 million).

Given that there is little correlation between market maturity and the popularity of 4/20, researchers believe that the holiday’s popularity is due more to cannabis culture than the retail environment. Overall, retailers can expect to see their average sales increase by at least 100% on 4/20, little else is guaranteed.

While market maturity may not play a role in annual 4/20 sales growth, the actual day that the holiday falls on will play a significant role this year. On average, Friday and Saturday account for the most cannabis sales in a given week, garnering 18.8% and 16.6% of weekly sales, respectively. Bearing this mind, Headset expect this upcoming 4/20 is expected to be the biggest one yet

To read the full report, please click the following link.

Caroline CahillCaroline CahillApril 15, 2019


With 10 states having legalized recreational cannabis and 33 states having legalized medical cannabis, the prospects for increased legal cannabis sales in America this April 20, the original cannabis holiday, are greater than ever.

According to a recent report from Flowhub, a Colorado-based provider of point-of-sale software for dispensaries, with April 20 falling on a Saturday and new consumers continually entering the legal market, this year’s holiday will be the biggest sales day for retailers in 420 history.

Flowhub came to this conclusion by examining the growth of 420 from 2017 to 2018, with cannabis sales on April 20, 2018, growing by more than 30% compared to April 20, 2017.

“This number was bolstered by the fact that 420 happened to fall on a Friday last year,” said Anne Fleschman, VP of Marketing at Flowhub. “Retailers can expect to see a similar growth trajectory during the 2019 holiday which lands on a Saturday for the first time for most markets that have legalized adult-use or medical marijuana.”

On April 20, 2018, flower captured 54% of sales, concentrates represented 29%, and edibles came in at 12%. Flowhub predicts that easily shareable, instant-use products, such as pre-rolls and edibles, to name two, will dominate 420 sales this year.

The majority of this is good news for the industry, but it is possible that retailers could see a decline in the average sales amount per transaction. In states like Oregon, the market is facing issues of producer and retailer saturation, so cannabis prices are dropping and dispensaries are dealing with a greater amount of competition, as reported by the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis.

While this could be alarming for producers and retailers, a recent report from the Oregon Legislature noted, “Despite those falling prices the overall dollars sold year-over-year have continued to increase.”

StaffStaffApril 20, 2018


The promotions for 4/20 continue to get bigger and splashier with free pound raffles becoming the trend for this year


Diego Pellicer (DPWW) in Denver has a promotion where with each purchase between April 1 and April 27 enters customers into a raffle for a chance to win. The grand prize “pound” winner will receive a total of 16 ounces of marijuana, to be purchased in separate increments for $1 each ($1,600 retail value). The second place winner will receive a total of $28 grams of cannabis concentrate, also to be purchased in separate increments for $1 each ($504 retail value). The third place winner of the legendary seven-gram Cannagar will receive it for only $1 ($225 retail value). The winners will be drawn on April 27 at 4:20 p.m.

The first 250 people in the store on April 20, 2018, will receive a limited edition Diego Pellicer t-shirt with a silhouette of Diego Pellicer himself as well as a gift bag with coupons. In addition, the store has taken over the front cover and back page of the local Westword entertainment guide and included a golden ticket insert redeemable for various prizes. Look for coupons including $15 for an 1/8 oz., $18 grams of concentrate and 20 percent off edibles all week.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas cannabis dispensary The+Source is giving away one free pound of flower and hosting blazing block parties at both locations starting at 10 a.m. on Friday, April 20.

A pound of cannabis will be given away at a raffle held at 4:20 p.m. at the Las Vegas location. Patrons may qualify by earning green tickets from Friday, April 13 through Thursday, April 19.  One green ticket will be earned for every $200 spent or three for every $420 spent throughout the week at The+Source.

Local cannabis vendors and related companies including Matrix, Dixie, CW Nevada, O.penVAPE, VERT, District and Integral Associates will host pop-ups for merchandise giveaways, eating competitions, live entertainment and more.

4/20 specials that will be offered from Friday, April 13 through Thursday, April 19 will include flavored 500 mg disposable pens for $20, one half-ounce of Pineapple Express or Tangie popcorn buds for $100, Dixie 80 mg Awakening Mints for $10 and 20 percent off all O.penVAPE, VERT and District edible products.

Hello Guv’ner – Arizona

Arizona’s independent candidate for Governor Noah Dyer announced a 420 Raffle.

The campaign will raffle off 4 prizes of $420 each to be given to 4 Arizona medical marijuana cardholders for use at the dispensary of their choice.  To enter the raffle, participants simply need to sign Noah¹s online petition.

Dyer has been a vocal supporter of both medical marijuana and adult-use cannabis.  He is the only candidate with a comprehensive common sense cannabis policy. Noah has been openly critical of Doug Ducey and other politicians who have harassed cardholders, doctors, dispensaries, and other businesses and members of the cannabis community.

Tabitha ClayTabitha ClayApril 20, 2018


As April 20th nears, stoners everywhere are preparing for a day of celebration, especially those in states where marijuana legalization is already a reality. With all the focus on getting high, there’s another way to celebrate the holiday, by getting well. CBD health and wellness products are legal across the country, and they are growing in popularity. These new products are the perfect way for everyone to celebrate, regardless of their state’s recreational marijuana laws.

The Daily Hit Brownie

Vegan hotspot by CHLOE.  is teaming up with the all-natural health wellness company CAP Beauty to celebrate 420 with their first CBD-based treat. The Daily Hit Brownie contains The Daily Hit, an ingestible CBD Adaptogenic Oil, that’s completely legal and even TSA approved. The sweet treat will be exclusively available at Sweets by CHLOE. at 185 Bleecker St. Suite B, in New York and but the window of opportunity is small. The Daily Hit Brownie will only be available Friday, April 20 through Sunday, April 22, 2018.

“We are so excited to be partnering with CAP Beauty to bring our guests something unlike anything we have done before with The Daily Hit Brownie,” says Samantha Wasser, by CHLOE. Co-Founder. “Our new vegan brownie contains a serving of CBD oil and is a delicious way for guests to try our favorite adaptogen from a brand we admire and love, packed with benefits for your body and mind.”


CBD Wellness Box

Lucky Box Club, the premium CBD subscription service offers a way to enjoy the holiday from the comfort of your own home with its CBD Wellness box. Featured in the Official GRAMMYs® gift bag, Lucky Box Club’s CBD Wellness Box is packed with popular CBD products like Kush Queen bath bombs, Medicine Box chocolates, and Papa & Barkley Releaf patches.  Lucky Box Club promises a “dose of effective healing and relief,” with their box of hand-selected CBD wellness products.

Pure CBD Roll-On Rubs

CBD For Life will be launching a new product very soon to honor 4/20, Pure CBD Roll-On Rubs. The oils are designed to relieve body aches and pains through the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. The rubs are certified vegan and combine coconut oil, cajuput oil, jojoba oil, cassia oils and other natural oils for rapid relief of aches and pains.  

CBD For Life produces natural Cannabidiol (CBD) pain management and beauty products using CBD extract derived from stems and stalks of industrial hemp. They combine those extracts with other nourishing essential oils and active ingredients to relieve pain, inflammation, and stress while promoting rejuvenation and vibrancy.


Wellness Blend CoffVee

Coffee drinkers can get in on the CBD craze this week when they try Vera Roasting Company’s new Wellness Blend CoffVee™ which is infused with CBD for wellness. Each 12 oz bag contains 120 mg of CBD, 0% THC and boasts 100% organic beans grown in the shade on small Colombian farms. The roasted beans are infused with CBD and resveratrol, the antioxidant found in red wine.  The new CBD infused CoffVee™ started shipping April 12, 2018.


Peggi CloughPeggi CloughApril 18, 2018


Of the nearly 5,000 people surveyed by legal cannabis delivery service company Eaze, more than half report they’ll be openly celebrating 4/20 this year.

Eaze asked their customers questions about their consumption openness when discussing their use and thoughts on celebrating their first legal 4/20 holiday in California.

Seventy-three percent surveyed reported the reason they’re celebrating 4/20 for the first time is that cannabis is now legal. About a quarter of Baby Boomers will be first-time celebrants. Sixteen percent of Gen Xers, 10 percent of Millennials and 12 percent of Gen Z adults will be partaking in celebrations for the first time this year.

Gen Z adults are most likely to post about it on social media, at 52 percent, and more surprisingly, Gen Xers are more likely to share on social media than Millennials, at 46 percent and 42 percent, respectively. Forty-seven percent of women report they’ll probably share about their 4/20 plans on social media, while only 42 percent of men will.

The trend of women being more forthcoming about their cannabis use also held true where their family and friends are concerned. They’re a bit more open than men when speaking about cannabis consumption, at 96 percent versus 95 percent. Almost all of the adults surveyed—99 percent—have shared about their use with friends, but they’re not as open with family members. Forty-seven percent of parents have told their children, with mothers being more likely to tell them than fathers, 61 percent to fathers’ 37 percent.

Seventy-two percent of adults reported that they’ve told their parents about their cannabis use. Baby Boomers are most likely to tell their parents, at 79 percent. The numbers went down with age: 75 percent of Gen Xers, 72 percent of Millennials and 67 percent of Gen Z adults have been open about their cannabis use with their parents. A quarter of people surveyed reported that they’ve used cannabis with a family member for the first time since its legalization.

Legalization has made it easier to talk to others about their cannabis consumption, according to 52 percent of respondents. Thirty-eight percent of women cited family concerns as the reason they’re not open about their use, 35 percent said career concerns and 32 percent stated medical privacy. Family concerns were the reason 62 percent of men are hesitant to speak about their use, and 68 percent said medical privacy.

Sixty-five percent of men reported career concerns prevent them from speaking freely about their cannabis use, yet they’re more open about their use with their colleagues and their supervisors than women tend to be. Baby Boomers are less likely than Gen Z adults to share their cannabis consumption with their boss, but only by a small margin, 31 percent versus 33 percent. Gen Xers were most likely at 40 percent, and Millennials were at 39 percent.

On the medical front, 70 percent of those surveyed have a friend or family member who’s benefitted from medical cannabis. This has helped 96 percent of them become more open with others about their own personal use.


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