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StaffJanuary 13, 2021


Editors Note: This is a guest post. 

Cannabis accessories and products are trending as they never have before. Whether it’s because of the lockdown, increased legalization and decriminalization, or because of the growing social acceptance, more people than ever before are googling for cannabis accessories. This is fueled by curiosity, demand, and how easily available everything is now thanks to online retail. Any cannabis accessory you could imagine is not only available online, but also comes with many different options from a variety of reputable brands and at a wide range of available prices.

This cannabis accessory is a great option for both those just beginning their cannabis journey and those who are lifelong smokers. Glass blunt pipes have many advantages over traditional blunts or papers. One is reusability. Unlike papers or blunts, you can reuse glass blunts instead of having to run to the store to buy more blunts or papers. A small upfront investment in a glass blunt can save you money and hassle over a long period of time. Glass blunts are easy to clean and care for, especially compared to bongs. And has high quality glass blunts that do not contain any harmful metals, unlike less reputable competitors. And since glass blunts are also small and compact, you don’t have to worry about taking them with you wherever you go.

Pre-rolled cones

Some smokers preferred papers but don’t want to spend time messing with rolling their own papers. Pre-rolled cones are rolling papers that come pre-rolled so they don’t have to do it themselves. This cannabis accessory is great for those who don’t feel like rolling and those who are beginners and do not know how to roll.

Rolling Papers

For the experienced smoker who prefers to roll their own papers, rolling papers are a classic cannabis accessory that aren’t going away. While pre-rolls are simpler, rolling papers are cheaper and give the smoker more control over their experience as they can roll as tight as they prefer.


Bongs are another option for the experienced smoker. Bongs use water percolation to filter any unwanted materials out and to also cool down the smoke, giving you a more enjoyable hit. You can even add ice if you want to cool the smoke down even more. In comparison to glass blunts, bongs are more expensive and require more maintenance. But they are also reusable and so they save the time you’d have to spend going to buy rolling papers or blunts. They are also not as portable, so bongs are a preference for use at home instead of on the go.

Dab Rigs

While being around the same price range as bongs, dab rigs are smaller and use concentrates instead of using ground herb. This also requires less water in comparison to a bong which is another reason dab rigs are smaller. Other than being more portable than bongs, dab rigs share a lot of the same pros and cons. They are still less portable than glass blunts, rolling papers, or vape pens. 

510 thread vape pens

One of the most popular ways to vape, 510 thread vape pens are usually compact and sleek or bigger but with much more battery life. Since it is a popular vape connection, you can easily find many compatible batteries. Vaping is seen as healthier than smoking but requires that you recharge your pen and buy cannabis oil cartridges. 

Cannabis vaporizers

Cannabis vaporizers are a popular way to vape either oils or dry herbs instead of just cannabis oil cartridges like most vape pens. This is just as healthy as vape pens but you can also buy vaporizers that let you use dry herbs as well, which fits a preference some may have for their cannabis accessories.


Wax vaporizers

Wax vaporizers are for vaping wax concentrates. This  cannabis accessory can be more finicky and prone to build up but is usually more affordable. This method is preferred by some users while still as healthy as vaping in any other form.


Kaitlin DomangueDecember 11, 2020


Today’s gift guide is all about glass pieces. Glass deserves a category all to itself, the gifts we have on this list are very unique. If you know a glass connoisseur, this is the guide you’ll want to read. There is something for every budget on this list, as well as a product for (most) people who like to use glass.

KHaring x Higher Standards

We featured a KHaring glass rolling tray in the gadgets and accessories guide, but Keith Haring’s art can also be purchased on glass pieces! The KHaring line has multiple different tools, and you can choose from a few different pictures. Choose between a KHaring rig, pipe, bubbler, water pipe, and taster pipe. 

Keith Haring’s artwork is known for being a little bit obscure, so this is the perfect gift for someone that appreciates all things art, and ideally, all things unique. Keith Haring was also an activist and often used his artwork to spread messages that were important to him. “A social activist and creative visionary, Haring used his artwork to spread messages of peace, love, equality, and compassion,” reads the website. The taster starts at just $20, and the water pipe is the most expensive at $160, so there is something for every budget! 

Petal Pipe by Elevate Jane

This is a gorgeous and feminine pipe with amber-colored glass, created by Elevate Jane. Elevate Jane is owned by Angela Mou, a female entrepreneur of color with her sights on disrupting the cannabis space – in all of the best ways.

The pipe features pretty pink flower petals on the inside, which are not painted on, but rather expertly blown. This ensures the integrity of the flower petals, they won’t fade away like painted on petals would. It is handblown, so you can trust that your pipe was created with the utmost love! 

This beautiful piece retails for $69 and may require the signature of someone 21+ years upon delivery. 

Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Spoon Pipe

This is a gorgeous piece for people who just love the classics. Whether that’s classic style, movies, or music – your cannabis loving recipient will appreciate the simplicity of this glass and walnut spoon pipe by Higher Standards. The parts are detachable which makes for easy cleaning and maintenance. It retails for $60, so it is fairly affordable for a product of such high quality and class. 

Crystal Pipe by Elevate Jane

We are going to talk about Elevate Jane again, because they are coming through for us with the glass pieces. Elevate Jane’s crystal pipes are gorgeous, and some believe crystal provides helpful properties to encourage healing and restoration. Elevate Jane offers so many different kinds of crystal pipes, choose from: clear quartz, tourmalinated crystal, rose quartz, amethyst crystal, green aventurine, labradorite crystal, smoky quartz, and black obsidian. They are all so different looking, so head to Elevate Jane’s crystal pipes to choose the best one for your recipient! 

Stundenglass Gravity Hookah

Okay, so this is the gift you give to your person. Whether that’s your partner, your best friend, your mom, or yourself – this is the big one. You don’t give a Studenglass gravity hookah to just anyone. It was just released, so it is a brand new gift. Vape and smoking accessories company, Greenlane Holdings (NASDAQ: GNLN), is the exclusive distributor for the Studenglass gravity hookah. 

This multi-use tool retails for $500, but for a great reason. It is a 3-in-1 design, offering multiple uses including a hookah, concentrate, and dry herb consumption. It is also compatible with concentrate accessories such as the G Pen Connect. Accessories like the G Pen are connected through an included male-to-male adapter. 

“We are thrilled to introduce Stündenglass to our dynamic customer base,” said Aaron LoCascio, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Greenlane Holdings. “The Stündenglass team has exhibited great ingenuity in developing their flagship Gravity Hookah and the result is one of the most technologically-advanced smoking accessories in the industry. We hope to improve the overall consumption experience for our customers around the world through this launch.”

Food Pipes by Elevate Jane

Elevate Jane’s food pipes are perfect for any cannabis enthusiast that loves, well… food! The pipes from the women-owned brand are so cute, choose from pieces shaped like an avocado, an eggplant, an ice cream cone, delicious-looking sushi, and other fun pieces. They add a little bit of fun to the smoking session, and they are really pretty, too. 

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