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StaffFebruary 11, 2019


Barney’s New York Inc. is opening a luxury cannabis store on the fifth floor of its Beverly Hills store next month. Bloomberg reported that the luxury store known for its cutting edge fashion will open a department called “The High End.”

Since Barney’s isn’t a licensed dispensary, it will be limited to selling cannabis accessories like pipes, rolling papers, and stash boxes. The company’s partner will be the premium cannabis brands called Beboe and as part of the arrangement, Beboe will educate consumers on its products that they can order online for delivery in the California area.

“This will appeal to our core customer,” said Matthew Mazzucca, creative director of Barneys. “Our brand really looks at creating dialogue and focusing on cultural shifts.” Beboe is a hit among the fashion crowd in Los Angeles. It was founded by Scott Campbell, a celebrity tattoo artist and Clement Kwan who has a long history in executive roles across the fashion industry. He has been integral to the growth and success of luxury brands such as Theory, Diesel and Dolce & Gabbana. In 2012, Clement took on the role of President, heading the U.S. business of YOOX Group.

Beboe just announced last week that it was being acquired by Green Thumb Industries Inc., (GTBIF) which plans on expanding the brand’s presence into many more markets. Currently, the products are only for sale in California and Colorado.

“For us, we’re getting to communicate with curious customers who are basically our target demographic,” said Scott Campbell, one of Beboe’s co-founders.

Premium cannabis isn’t exactly as expensive as $16,000 striped St. Laurent mink striped top, but it is targeting the same crowd. The packaging has always been known to be fancier than most cannabis packaging.

Many of the store’s customers have “made cannabis part of their lifestyle,” according to Chief Executive Officer Daniella Vitale.

Debra BorchardtFebruary 5, 2019


Green Thumb Industries Inc. (OTCQX: GTBIF) is acquiring For Success Holding Company, the owner of Los Angeles-based Beboe branded cannabis products for an undisclosed amount that will be paid in GTI stock.

Beboe is known as a premium brand for its high-end packaging including its iconic rose gold vaporizer pens. The products are available in more than 125 California and Colorado retail locations and via home delivery across California.

“We believe authentic brands distributed at scale is the key to winning in this industry and we’ve built the national infrastructure to produce and distribute high-quality products across the country,” said GTI Founder and Chief Executive Officer Ben Kovler. “The meticulously crafted suite of Beboe products supports the premium segment within GTI’s brand portfolio and is firmly aligned with our long-term growth strategy. Beboe has an extremely talented team, a robust innovation pipeline, and an aligned vision for what cannabis can mean for enhancing everyday life, not only for today but importantly for tomorrow’s cannabis consumer.”

Beboe was co-founded by celebrity tattoo artist Scott Campbell and is a tribute to Campbell’s beloved grandmother Beboe who alleviated the cancer symptoms of Campbell’s mother by baking marijuana-infused brownies. The other co-founder is Clement Kwan who has a long history in executive roles across the fashion industry. He has been integral to the growth and success of luxury brands such as Theory, Diesel and Dolce & Gabbana. In 2012, Clement took on the role of President, heading the U.S. business of YOOX Group.

“In appreciation of all my grandmother did to bring warmth and love into our house, we started Beboe to offer the same sense of care and possibility for people like myself, high-functioning adults, who don’t have the patience for anything less than the best possible experience,” said Campbell. “Having seen the entire landscape of this industry, I truly believe in GTI. We’ve sat down in countless conference rooms of cannabis operations and funds, and it’s disheartening how many people in the space are operating with a slash and burn mentality. Rapid growth at all costs with little regard to the sustainability of growth or respect of existing cannabis culture. GTI has the resources and intent to lead the growth of the cannabis industry in a way that celebrates the plant and the irreversible culture shift that it has inspired.”

Beboe recently launched a direct-to-consumer hemp-derived CBD line of products and has launched several collaborations, including a CBD-infused drink with wellness brand Dirty Lemon. Beboe products will expand beyond California and Colorado with distribution in select GTI markets.

Kwan added, “We aligned with GTI because we agree with their strategies and philosophies.  We believe cannabis enhances the quality of life, and to be able to improve the lives of more people with Beboe’s introduction into additional stores and new markets is extremely gratifying. With the support of GTI, we will waste no time in growing Beboe brands’ availability and to help define cannabis’ place in American culture.”

Debra BorchardtOctober 5, 2017


Benji Madden may have barely finished high school, but that hasn’t hurt his success. The musician is worth $16 million according to the website Celebrity Net Worth and started a media management company. Madden though isn’t a typical hard-partying rock star. “The High Times vibe never spoke to me. I was always working and never had time to waste. So for me, it always has been about the healing qualities of cannabis,” Madden said recently at an Advertising Week event in New York City

Madden said his favorite cannabis company right now is Beboe, which was founded by the former tattoo artist Scott Campbell. “He started as a tattoo artist in the 90’s and now he’s a really sought after artist. I can’t even afford him now,” said Madden. “The line is named after his grandmother and everything Scott does, he does really well. The design and the product are really amazing. I think he’s setting the tone,” said Madden.

Beboe is a premium cannabis brand based in California and is noted for the artistic look of the packaging. It is marketed to the “sophisticated cannabis consumer.” Like Madden said, Campbell named it for his grandmother who made marijuana brownies for his mother when she was battling cancer. Campbell is an experienced grower. His partner is Clement Kwan and his background is in the business side of fashion.

Madden also said he loved the Humboldt’s Finest pens. “They’re the “go-to” for anything in my house like a headache,” he said. Benji and his twin brother Joel are also helping to co-produce an artbook on Humboldt’s Finest. “Art moves people. Music, photography, movies move people. We want to use art to engage conversations,” he said. 

Madden is married to the Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz, who has written two best sellers, The Body Book and The Longevity BookWe care about our kids and how we inform them. The health of our family is number one,” he said. “I’ve been on heartburn medicine for years, My wife and her obsessions with the microbiome. I just read this book called the Plant Paradox and it goes hand in hand with cannabis.”

Madden said when you’re passionate about something, it’s easy to get involved.

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