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Peggi CloughMay 9, 2018


In states where legalization has occurred, recreational marijuana consumers are now using far less alcohol and over-the-counter medications, according to a new report by High Yield Insights.

The consumer behavior company looked at feedback from recreational users in states where recreational cannabis is legal. They found that more than 20 percent of people who consume marijuana recreationally are using 27 percent less OTC pain relievers and 21 percent less alcoholic beverages. Those weren’t the only steep drops found, either. The report also indicated those consumers are using 22 percent fewer sleep aids, consuming 20 percent less beer, and 18 percent less wine.

“We are just starting to grasp how legalization has impacted consumer behavior, be it spending, usage occasions, or shopping habits. Understanding these changes will lead to new growth opportunities for cannabis and further disruption for other categories,” said Mike Luce, co-founder of HighYield Insights. “Our findings uncovered promising consumer niches for the industry as well. For example, many older consumers 55+ are reengaging with marijuana, with 56 percent reporting a return to marijuana after having tried cannabis products at a younger age.”

The High Yield Insights report concluded that people are using recreational cannabis for pain, anxiety, and sleep due to the fact that the largest total decline in use was in pharmaceuticals. Prescription pain reliever use dropped 13 percent; anxiety medications, 13 percent; and prescription sleep aids, 11 percent.

According to the survey, when asked which type of occasion they typically use cannabis for, the top answers were for relaxation, as a sleep aid and to socialize at casual get-togethers. Other reasons or occasions included creativity, anxiety and before a meal with a friend or partner. People between the ages of 35-44 were more likely to use cannabis for relaxation, while younger consumers used it before various social activities.

Nearly half of the people surveyed use marijuana multiple times a week. Men are more likely to be heavy users, with 50 percent of them using it multiple times a week. Women were close behind at 47 percent. Sixteen percent of consumers use cannabis 3-4 times a month, while 13 percent use 1-2 times a month. Twenty-one percent of people surveyed use cannabis less than once a month.

The report showed that convenient forms, such as edibles and pre-rolls, are in high demand.
It concluded that packaging explaining a product’s effects is necessary to assist people who may not be familiar with the strain they’re purchasing.

The survey found that 65 percent of recreational cannabis consumers see legalization as positive for their communities, even though some are concerned with underage users.

High Yield Insights believes the report can be used by everyone in the cannabis industry to better understand consumers and their wants and needs. More information can be found in their “Recreational Cannabis Consumer” report.

William SumnerApril 20, 2018


What are your plans for 4/20? If you’re like the majority of cannabis users, that answer lies somewhere between a giant joint and a bag of chips. But if you live in a state where cannabis isn’t legal, or you’d just rather have a drink instead, there’s still a way for you to celebrate the holiday: hemp and cannabis inspired beer.

Hemp beer and cannabis inspired beer is exactly what it sounds like; beer that has been brewed with parts of the hemp plant or beer that’s been infused with cannabidiol (CBD).

Although you won’t find any beers infused with THC due largely to government regulations, you will still find plenty of beers that have both aroma and flavor of cannabis. Here are some hemp and cannabis inspired beers to help make your 4/20 the highlight of the year.

The Hemperor HPA

While some beers shy away from the fact that their beer is brewed with hemp, preferring instead to play up its connection to cannabis, The Hemperor HPA dives head first into its hempen identity. The HPA in its name stands for Hemp Pale Ale, a clever designation coined by the brewers behind The Hemperor, New Belgium. With a 7% ABV(alcohol by volume), the beer pours clear and golden and has a heavy cannabis aroma that will make you think you just lit up a joint. Brewed with hemp hearts, The Hemperor has a medium body with a hop-heavy earthy flavor.

Humboldt Brown Hemp Ale

Brewed with toasted hemp seeds, Humboldt Brown Hemp Ale is a medium bodied brown ale that goes great with a burger. Brewed by the Humboldt Brewing Company, the beer pours with nice dark brown color and has an ABV of 5.7% . It has an aroma of roasted nuts, dark malts, and just a hint of caramel. There is a slight dry sweetness to it with just a bit of bitterness to balance everything out and give you that warm herbal flavor that you’ve come to expect from cannabis.

Hop Hash Easy IPA

This Indian Pale Ale is brewed by the Sweetwater Brewing Company, best known for its cannabis inspired (but certainly not infused) Sweetwater 420 Extra Pale Ale. Like many of its brewed brethren, the Hop Has Easy IPA is loaded with hops. Adding to its pungent and floral aroma is the inclusion of Amarillo Hop Hash, which gives it a somewhat gooey, resinous feel and a crisp tropical citrus fruit flavor. The ABV on this hempen brew is 4.2% and pours with an opaque golden color.

Two Flowers IPA

Unlike most hemp and cannabis inspired beers that simply brew with hemp, Two Flowers IPA actually infuses CBD directly into the beer. Each 12 oz. bottle of Two Flowers IPA contains an ABV of 6% and approximately 3mg of CBD in it. Brewed by Coalition Brewing Company, this west coast style IPA pours a soft and hazy gold color, has a hoppy aroma and crisp tropical fruit flavor with a grassy bitterness that helps balance out the sweetness.

If you noticed an influx of hemp and cannabis inspired beers, you’re not the only one. In the wake of the rapid rise of legalized cannabis, more and more breweries have begun crafting beers with the cannabis user in mind; a trend that Phil Boyle, the General Manager of Coalition Brewing, sees continuing for the foreseeable future.

“We are seeing a movement towards Cannabis inspired beers from CBD, Hemp to Terpene enhanced beers,” said Boyle. “The more breweries we see moving towards this trend and I believe it will be a new beer genre/style, the validation, education and normalization of such beers will increase. Although there are a number a regulatory hurdles in most cases breweries will continue to push forward.”

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William SumnerMarch 29, 2018


The creators of the craft beer Blue Moon are moving into the cannabis realm. On March 28, 2017, Keith and Jodi Villa announced the official launch of CERIA BEVERAGES.

“I’m ready to introduce another high-impact brand to the industry again, this time with a new line of custom cannabis-infused craft beers. Today, the opportunity and the demand are here, inviting Americans to enjoy a more social way of consuming cannabis – by drinking rather than by smoking it or through ingestion of edibles,” said Keith Villa in a statement.

Based in Denver, Colorado, CERIA hopes to be the first company to launch a line of non-alcoholic, cannabis-infused, craft beverages. With a similar body and flavor, the beverage will be similar to a craft beer but with fewer calories due to the elimination of alcohol.

Jodi Villa will serve as the CEO of CERIA, while her husband Keith will act brewmaster and co-founder of the company.

In an effort to deliver a consistent and trusted experience, CERIA will closely work with the cannabinoid research firm ebbu. ebbu has already developed a series of cannabis formulas that they claim can inspire specific emotions and feelings such as chill, bliss, and energy.

“We have always loved what Keith stands for – great-tasting mainstream beers that really kickstarted the entire craft beer movement,” commented ebbu CEO, Jon Cooper. “We are honored and thrilled to partner with Keith, Jodi, and CERIA to bring this groundbreaking new product to cannabis consumers in legalized states.”

The Villas know their way around a brewery. “When Keith created Blue Moon in 1995, the cloudy, unfiltered Belgian-style beer that would later be served with an orange slice, he in effect, introduced craft beer to the mainstream American beer drinker. It changed the beer industry and was even a question on the TV game show ‘Jeopardy,’” said Jodi Villa. “Since then it has grown to become the largest craft beer in the country.”

The company plans to first roll out its product line in the state of Colorado, followed by other recreational cannabis states. By the end of 2018, the company hopes to launch its craft cannabis beverage in at least three strength; light, regular, and full-bodied.

To help with the company’s initial rollout, CERIA has hired the advisement firm InterContinental Beverage Capital (IBC), which will assist with strategy, commercialization plans, and business operations.

The Villas, both University of Colorado graduates and native Coloradans, note that the new brand, whose name is currently being developed, will also be less caloric than traditional beer, due to the elimination of alcohol.

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