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Noemi GonzalesFebruary 28, 2020


“Cannabis Capital: How to Get Your Business Funded in the Cannabis Economy” by Ross O’Brien – Review

One of the more exciting aspects of witnessing the growth of the modern cannabis industry is being able to see the fast-paced evolution that has begun to take place on the business side of this rapidly expanding niche industry.

Each day we are seeing more and more entrepreneurs and business owners strive to get a foot in this newly opened door.

One of the biggest challenges we are seeing in this industry is that of acquiring capital to launch these wonderful ideas. How can the modern cannabis entrepreneur overcome this challenging hurdle?

That’s where Ross O’Brien’s book, “Cannabis Capital: How to Get Your Business Funded in the Cannabis Economy” comes in to play and assists aspiring business owners in acquiring the funding necessary to bring their products/services to market.

Let’s see for ourselves what the author has to say when it comes to generating capital by creating a business that potential investors will find attractive.

-Topic Focus-

It seems that there is a fresh, amazing idea applicable to the marijuana industry born each day. Many of these fascinating and valuable concepts never make it past the daydreaming phase due to the lack of funds required to launch such projects.

Why is it that some businesses seem to have investors lining up while others cannot seem to acquire a single cent toward their endeavors?

Author Ross O’Brien does a fantastic job of breaking down exactly what many businesses are doing wrong and creates an actionable blueprint that fledgling marijuana businesses can use to enhance their business structure in such a way that makes the endeavor all the more appealing to potential investors.

One could potentially see this book as a bit of a shortcut to replace much of the studying, questioning, and potential failures with exploring this evolving market.

While many might not consider pitching to investors and acquiring capital in the cannabis industry to be the “fun part” of the process, there is no denying that it is vital. Why stumble around in the dark when you have such a potent resource available here in this book?

About the Author

Author Ross O’Brien’s expertise becomes very clear very quickly as you dive into his book, “Cannabis Capital”.

As a graduate of both Harvard and MIT with a taste for entrepreneurship, it is no surprise to see the authors powerful level of understanding of the cannabis industry and financial industry on display in this book.

Ross O’Brien is the founder of the Cannabis DealMakers Summit, which puts together many events and educational seminars that focus on the growth of the cannabis industry. He is also the founder and CEO of Bonaventure Equity, a venture capital fund that has a focus on marijuana-related business endeavors.

The author’s experience in a wide array of positions such as Assistant Vice President at JP Morgan-Chase, time spent in a Wall Street financial firm, and more all help to give him a unique perspective and niche expertise when it comes to the financial aspects of the cannabis industry.

-Reading Experience-

“Cannabis Capital: How to Get Your Business Funded in the Cannabis Economy” by Ross O’Brien drops bomb after bomb of powerful content that could potentially transform a cannabis business endeavor if the lessons shared here are properly applied. There is no doubt that the content in this book comes from a professional who clearly knows his stuff.

O’Brien does a wonderful job of condensing years of expertise, studying, and personal experience into this 271-page book.

You cannot help but feel more prepared for launching your own cannabis business after reviewing the information shared here by author Ross O’Brien.

Honestly, many of the concepts discussed here can be applied outside of the cannabis industry so there is much value available within the pages of this book.


All in all, you really need to see about getting “Cannabis Capital: How to Get Your Business Funded in the Cannabis Economy” by Ross O’Brien if you have any kind of potential business notion to launch in the cannabis industry.

The content provided is clearly written by a professional who knows their business, flows smoothly, and communicates these at times complex subjects in a way that can be understood by someone without the extensive education that the author possesses.

Need funds for your own cannabis business? Ross O’Brien has you covered here:

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