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Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesAugust 7, 2020


Smuggler’s Blues: A True Story of the Hippie Mafia (Cannabis Americana: Remembrance of the War on Plants, Volume 1)” by Richard Stratton 

Today we are taking a look at the wildly fascinating accounts of one person’s story that reads like extravagant fiction written for an action-comedy/crime drama akin to “Weeds” or a softer “Breaking Bad”.

Author Richard Stratton shares his story of how he became a marijuana kingpin, joined the Hippe Mafia, connected with international drug dealers, and so much more.

Through psychedelic experiences, exploring the hippie sub-culture, a rivalry with a DEA agent, and more “Smuggler’s Blues” highlights the life and adventures of one of the fascinating characters standing out in the modern cannabis culture.

-Topic Focus-

The primary focus of “Smuggler’s Blues” would be the incredible trials, challenges, and wild tales experienced by author Richard Stratton.

Everything from chronicling his journey from Lebanon, New York, Maine, the Caribbean, and more to explain his unique rivalry with the DEA agent tasked with bringing him in.

This one is a very fun and fascinating glimpse into the life of someone who dared to live on the edge of counter-culture as he made money and memories in the marijuana industry.

About the Author

Author Richard Stratton is no stranger to putting books out into the world as he is the author of 15 books such as “Kingpin: Prisoner of the War on Drugs”, “The World of the American Pit Bull Terrier”, “Altered States of America: Outlaws and Icons, Hitmakers and Hitmen” and so many more.

Richard Stratton evolved from a more innocent, clean-cut young person into a seasoned smuggler who was dodging the law while navigating the murky waters of the criminal underworld.

If you’re interested in exploring the many books published by Richard Stratton then you can see them here:

-Reading Experience-

“Smugglers Blues” really seems to read like a script written for an exciting television show but the truth is that these are the summarized experiences that the author Richard Stratton went through.

The author displays a passion for the world of cannabis, exhibits a degree of vulnerability, and you can kind of discern a sense of playful mischief through his writing.

The flow of the book feels like a stream-of-consciousness diary at times that stays fresh and interesting by transitioning from story arc to story arc. The celebrity cameos also contribute to keeping the book feeling interesting.


If you are a fan of modern marijuana television series such as “Weeds” then this book will be right up your alley.

Author Richard Stratton puts his own personal story together in a fun book that also sheds light on aspects of smuggling, the modern cannabis world, his travels, and more that is actually fun to read.

Seems like only a matter of time before someone buys the rights to this story for a movie, Netflix special, or a television series.

You can smuggle your own copy of this book here:

Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesJuly 31, 2020


“The Cannabis Business Book: How to Succeed in Weed According to 50 Industry Insiders” by Michael Zaytsev  

Have you ever wondered what kind of advice you could receive if you had the opportunity to interview 50 of the top entrepreneurial spirits in the cannabis industry?

You need not wonder any longer as author Michael Zaytsev has already done you the solid of putting together this compendium of advice gathered directly from some fantastic fonts of information already producing potent results in the cannabis industry.

Piqued your interest yet? Alright, let’s get into it then!

-Topic Focus-

The number of books that discuss the business side of cannabis is finally beginning to increase but not many can boast containing advice pulled directly from people who are already considered to be successful in the world of cannabis and cannabis products.

Author Michael Zaytsev brings to the table information regarding the proper mindsets for entrepreneurs in the cannabis space, exactly why the cannabis industry is unique, ways to build money in the cannabis game, the most common mistakes made in this niche, and so much more.

In this book, you will find powerful advice from prominent cannabis figures such as Danny Danko, Steven DeAngelo, Emily Paxhia, Shanel Linsday, and many more. The concentration of expertise here is impressive.

About the Author

Author Michael Zaytsev has a dedicated and diverse background in the world of cannabis ranging from founding The New York City Cannabis Film Festival, The Cannabis Media Lab, and is also the creator of High NY, one of the most extensive cannabis Meetups on the planet.

His content has been published on sites such as International Business Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and more.

If you would like to explore Michael’s projects and see what he’s up to you can learn more about his endeavors here:

-Reading Experience-

The passion and expertise on this topic possessed by author Daniel McQueen become evident even by the end of the forward and seeing the glowing reviews from other medical professionals further lends to the credibility of the author.

The book does flow a bit chaotically at times as the author strikes me as eager and excited to share information he is so passionate about in order to see as many people as possible benefit from this knowledge.

The combination of anecdotal stories coupled with facts helps to keep this book engaging while also continuing to stay on topic.


The combined skills of an experienced writer, a seasoned entrepreneur, and someone who is experienced and passionate about cannabis make “The Cannabis Business Book” a valuable addition to the library of any aficionado or anyone looking to make their mark in the cannabis business world.

All the potent advice from successful cannabis entrepreneurs is competently comprised by author Michael Zaytsev and flows along very smoothly from section to section.

This book makes me think of it as the “Tribe of Mentors” by Tim Ferriss but catered toward the world of cannabis business.

Looking to start making plays in the world of marijuana? Step your game and get your copy here:

Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesJuly 24, 2020


“Psychedelic Cannabis: Breaking the Gate” by Daniel McQueen

As the social perception of cannabis continues to evolve, so does the understanding of the wide variety of positive effects cannabis can contribute to the lives of people suffering from various ailments and issues.

Author Daniel McQueen takes readers for an incredibly fascinating rise as he shares how to utilize cannabis as a psychedelic medicine, how to properly prepare for a psychedelic session, how to address personal trauma with psychedelic cannabis, and how to develop a higher level of mental resilience and fortitude.

Curious as to how one can achieve all this using cannabis? We better get started reading and learning then!


-Topic Focus-

It’s no longer surprising to hear about the potential medicinal benefits of cannabis use. It is surprising to learn just how many incredible potential applications there for cannabis use and this book covers some of the lesser-known ones.

“Psychedelic Cannabis” focuses on heal from trauma, heal your mind, and increase your mental resistance by learning how to intelligently and properly utilize psychedelic cannabis sessions. You will also learn how to set up for an ideal psychedelic cannabis session in order to maximize the results gained from your sessions.

This topic seems all the more relevant in a period of time where many people are struggling to come to terms with many of life’s challenges so it can be vital to utilize such beneficial skills and expertise.

-About the Author-

Many medical professionals and psychotherapists refer their patients who are experiencing severe trauma to author Daniel McQueen due to his level of expertise and ability to help people break through their own mental barriers by leveraging the power of psychedelic cannabis sessions.

Many clients who have spent time at his Psychedelic Sitters School have very positive things to say about his refined process and skill set.

If you’re interested in learning more about author Daniel McQueen and his unique psychedelic cannabis retreats then you can further explore that topic at the following link:

-Reading Experience-

The passion and expertise on this topic possessed by author Daniel McQueen become evident even by the end of the forward and seeing the glowing reviews from other medical professionals further lends to the credibility of the author.

The book does flow a bit chaotically at times as the author strikes me as eager and excited to share information he is so passionate about in order to see as many people as possible benefit from this knowledge.

The combination of anecdotal stories coupled with facts helps to keep this book engaging while also continuing to stay on topic.


“Psychedelic Cannabis” by author Daniel McQueen is a genuine resource for those who are looking to explore the potential mental health applications of psychedelic cannabis use. There is no mistaking the level of expertise and passion on the topic possessed by the author.

The book could stand for a higher degree of editing but it does not take away from the quality of information presented and just how positive it can be for the mental health of an individual willing to explore such options.
You can begin your own psychedelic cannabis journey by seeing for yourself what author Daniel McQueen here:

Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesJuly 17, 2020


The Wild Kindness: A Psilocybin Odyssey

By Bett Williams

 Author Bett Williams brings us a unique and educational tale to review today that focuses on her own journey through life as she pursues an understanding of the value that psilocybin mushrooms can bring to life.

Set in the New Mexico Desert, this story shares the ups, the downs, the life experiences, and more that Bett Williams went through as she was reeling from arrest, the implosion of life, and connecting with a psilocybin community in an effort to learn and grow.

…Not mention the really groovy cover art on this one.

Let’s get into it then!

-Topic Focus-

This educational and fascinating narrative focuses upon the life experiences of the adventurous author, Bett Williams as she takes a deep dive into her own psyche, psychedelics, and goes further on her journey to better understand what benefit mushrooms can provide and how to better embrace them.

From the highs and lows to the descriptions of the day to day, this book offers an unfiltered look into the life and mind of one who is on the path of seeking their own answers. At times the story seems more of a stream of consciousness type of project that really conveys a level of authenticity.

About the Author

Author of the “Wild Kindness”, Bett Williams, is a New Mexico native who has a passion for guiding and helping various artists, writers, and creatives through her private retreats and helpful content.

Bett Williams is also the author of “The Wrestling Party” and “Girl Walking Backwards”.

Bett and her partner, Beth Hill, host No Cures, Only Alchemy, an event series and podcast centered around psychedelics and culture-making. In 2018 they received the Kindle Project Maker’s Muse Award.

You can learn more about Bett Williams projects at the following link:

-Reading Experience-

Reading “The Wild Kindness” by Bett Williams feels like you’re reading someone’s diary that has a unique perspective with genuine lessons to learn from the life adventure of another.

From her first trip experience as a teenager to dealing with the fallout of adult experiences, this book flows like a stream of consciousness that is fascinating, troubling at times, and hard to pull away from.

It really helps you to understand the foundational motivations for the current projects that author Bett Williams is currently engaged with.

The narrative flows smoothly while still providing a perspective regarding mushroom use so it feels like you’re enjoying a story while learning.


There is so much content on the market today regarding mushrooms so it is refreshing to dive into the unique tale of an individual that is willing to share her story and experience with psilocybin mushroom use.

The descriptive terms used really help to engage the reader as this book flows smoothly from one arc to the next.

Again, you can really feel like you’re reading someone’s diary, enjoying a story, and learning about mushroom use at the same time from a one-of-a-kind perspective.

If you are interested in seeing for yourself what “The Wild Kindness” has to offer you can acquire your copy here:


Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesJuly 10, 2020


It’s Just a Plant: A Children’s Story about Marijuanaby Ricardo Cortes

For many parents, this topic is a looming monster that needs to be slain but is too often hidden from.

Talking to kids about Cannabis use is scary but having books like “It’s Just a Plant” can make that conversation far less anxiety-inducing as it helps the parents to be more prepared for that heavy discussion.


If you’re a parent or might be one then you can prepare yourself by diving into this book a bit. Dig in and arm yourself against the misinformation on cannabis with this book.

-Topic Focus-

As we see a growing level of acceptance for cannabis in modern society we must still combat the remaining dredges of social stigma as we face having those particular conversations with our children regarding the truth about marijuana use.

“It’s Just a Plant” contributes to diffusing this stigma by telling a simple story that is relatable for kids while also conveying information to children in a digestible fashion.

The story consists of the tale of a young girl named Jackie that meets farmers and doctors who proceed to give her a unique perspective on marijuana and how they use it to positively impact the lives of others.

About the Author

Are you familiar with the best seller “Go the F*ck to Sleep”? Author of “It’s Just a Plant” Ricardo Cortes is the illustrator behind that wonderful book as well as being the writer behind the book we are discussing here today.

Author Ricardo Cortes has also written books and is passionate about topics such as marijuana use, jury duty, coffee, coca-cola, and more.

If you’re interested in exploring the various projects by Ricardo Cortes you can explore his content at:

-Reading Experience-

You can quickly tell that this book was written with children in mind by someone who genuinely cares about helping to further destroy the stigma against marijuana through education as opposed to indoctrination.

An adult reader has much to glean from the book in regards to how one can address this conversation with their kids in a comfortable fashion.

The writing level is clearly intended for kids which works just fine for it’s intended purpose. The balance between enjoyable telling a story and solid information on the topic is well done.


Again, this book is more than just a nice story. This bok is a tool for parents to use as a comfortable path to begin educating their kids regarding cannabis use. This book would be ideal for teachers and educators who might have to face this conversation as well.

Jackie’s story does a great job of humanizing people involved in the world of Cannabis as more than just stereotypical caricatures, which is much needed in the marijuana community.

Prepare yourself for this conversation by getting your copy of “It’s  Just a Plant: A Children’s Story about Marijuana” at the link below:

Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesJuly 3, 2020


Ganja Yoga: A Practical Guide to Conscious Relaxation, Soothing Pain Relief, and Enlightened Self-Discovery” by Dee Dussault and Georgia Bardi 

 Another amazing combination at hand today – Yoga and Cannabis.

“Ganja Yoga: A Practical Guide to Conscious Relaxation, Soothing Pain Relief, and Enlightened Self-Discovery: by authors Dee Dussault and Georgia Bardi combine these two amazing topics into one very useful book.
Let’s downward-dog our way into this one, shall we?

-Topic Focus-

The relationship between cannabis use and performing Yoga is not new and these two wonderful authors do a fantastic job of breaking down the history of how these two are connected, the mental and physical benefits, the science related to them, the best strains to combine while engaging in Yoga, and so much more.

Ancient Yogis utilized marijuana for the spiritual benefit and this aspect of the topic is covered in-depth in this book as well.

The world is rapidly becoming more and more accepting of cannabis use and we are beginning to see it appear in a wider variety of activities so it is fun and fascinating to learn how we can combine a healthy activity with our favorite flower.

About the Author

Let’s take a look at where exactly the expertise offered in “Ganja Yoga” comes from with the authors.

Author Dee Dussault is a certified Yoga instructor, sexuality coach, and possesses a passion for healing, cannabis, mindfulness, and sharing the benefits from these topics with as many people as possible. She runs “Ganja Yoga” which is also a website and service that guides people on how to better live using cannabis and Yoga.

If you are interested in learning more about author Dee Dussault, her team, or their Ganja Yoga teachings then you can find them here:

-Reading Experience-

“Ganja Yoga: A Practical Guide to Conscious Relaxation, Soothing Pain Relief, and Enlightened Self-Discovery” strikes that fine balance of being incredibly informative, maintaining an interesting flow, while also conveying the authors own style and personality.

Methods of cannabis consumption, purchasing marijuana tips, the history of cannabis and Yoga, and so much more are fluidly blended in this book that flies by despite being nearly 300 pages.

The amount of connection between Yoga and cannabis use is surprising and this book helps to further ignite the reader’s own interest in Yoga and to be more mindful of how we can combine medicating with cannabis or using it recreationally while becoming healthier with Yoga.


Yoga and Cannabis use are a match made in heaven and “Ganja Yoga” helps us laypeople who lack the expertise to better understand how to maximize the benefits of combining these two wonderful things.

It is interesting to explore the history of how ancient Yogis utilized Cannabis nad it adds serious value to your life by helping you to put together an action plan to increase your quality of life by more intelligently leveraging Cannabis and Yoga in your life.

If you’re looking to get started down the path of better health and tranquility through Ganja Yoga then you can begin by getting your copy here:


Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesJune 26, 2020


The Art of Weed Butter: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Cannabutter Master” by Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey

 One of the most popular methods of cannabis ingestion for years now is infusing butter with THC used to bake or cook edibles that are saturated with THC.

Have you ever looked up ways to make cannabutter online? There is an overwhelming amount of information on the subject online so having a reliable resource to consult on the topic can really save you some time, effort, and from potentially wasted ingredients.

This is a fun topic to explore so let’s get into it!

-Topic Focus-

THC infused edibles can be therapeutic and fun so this book by author Mannlay Golokeh Aggrey brings a ton of value to the table when it comes to proper extractions in order to produce ideal results with your butter.

Infusing coconut oil with cannabis is also covered in this book and brings another range of possible recipes to the table for our cannabis connoisseurs.

This book is more than just a recipe book as it also covers a degree of personal experiences, cannabis advocacy, commentary on the social status of cannabis, and information on the possible health benefits to utilizing cannabis consumables in your regular diet.

About the Author

Author  Mannlay Golokeh Aggrey was born in New York and now resides in Northern California and Mexico as she pursues her writing, cannabis research, cooking, creating herbal remedies, and more.

She has a unique range of past experiences that further lend to her level of expertise such as operating as a creative consultant for Whoopi Goldberg & Maya Elizabeth’s award-winning edibles company, engaging in cannabis advocacy work, and building a business as an entrepreneur in the cannabis world.

According to a story in Vogue Magazine, Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey first became involved with cannabis 14 years ago, growing medical marijuana in Humboldt County, California, America’s pot promised land. She was one of a couple of women of color doing the job, though it was hard to get any kind of official count given the confidential nature of the business at the time. Aggrey remembers feeling hidden “in this hippie slash redneck zone” before she retired from farming to focus on writing, mostly for design firms.

-Reading Experience-

I can already see some holes in my own cannabutter game so this book is delivering some value right off the bat.

The step by step directions are better than many of the articles I find online regarding the process and the range of possible infused edible recipes makes the process seem fun and interesting while delivering information that can positively contribute to our health.

The anecdotal experiences shared help to really drive home just how useful this kind of information can be.


“The Art of Weed Butter: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a Cannabutter Master” by Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey is fun, useful, and brings a fresh perspective to a broader topic while still not straying away from its intended use.

This book is a very solid addition to any kitchen or bookshelf and the information shared within can genuinely contribute to the health of you or your family, assist those that suffer from PTSD, or just increase your general mood level and quality of life.

Want to make better weed butter? You can start by getting your copy here:


Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesJune 12, 2020


“HOW TO GROW PSILOCYBIN MUSHROOMS: The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Cultivation and Safe Use of Psychedelic Magic Mushrooms With Benefits and Side Effects” by Gordon L. Atwell

Those who have sampled the curious and, at times, magnificent effects of psilocybin often desire to have regular access to their own reliable supply but often do not know where to begin with such an endeavor.

Now you can learn more about the science behind the “magic mushrooms”, better understand how they interact with the human body from a scientific standpoint, and how one may cultivate the mushrooms themselves from home.

If you have an interest in psilocybin use then it is worth exploring what author Gordon L. Atwell has to say on the subject in this book.

-Topic Focus-

This book breaks down mushrooms and psilocybin from a broad range entailing the history, the current political environment around mushroom use, the scientific discoveries surrounding psilocybin, an exploration of the mental and psychological impact of mushrooms on the human brain, how to grow them, and so much more fascinating content on the subject.

This book seems intended to serve as a look at the larger picture of “magic mushrooms” with the goal of addressing the topic from a variety of perspectives in order to weave together a more complete understanding of the subject at hand.

The information available on mushroom cultivation is decent and ideal for a beginner who is looking to explore the basics of mushroom cultivation.

-About the Author-

Author Gordon L. Atwell is no stranger to writing and cultivating as he has also written “MICROGREENS: An Essential Guide to Grow Nutrient-Dense Organic Microgreens for Your Health or Profit”, “Aquaponics for Beginners: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Build Your Own Aquaponics Garden System That Will Grow Organic Vegetables”, “Fruits, Herbs and Raising Fish”, “ORGANIC GARDENING: 3 Manuscripts”, “Hydroponics for Beginners, Aquaponics for Beginners and Microgreens, For Your Health or Profit”, and more.

Gordon displays a serious level of interest in mushrooms and has clearly taken a deep dive into the journey of his research to write this book.

You can find Gordon’s other books here:

-Reading Experience-

The book is clearly well researched in regards to the breakdown on the politics, the history, usage, and more of mushroom and psilocybin use.

The writing level is somewhat sub par and the information presented on actual cultivation is fairly basic, to be fair.

“HOW TO GROW PSILOCYBIN MUSHROOMS” does a solid job of condensing a wide variety of information regarding mushrooms into one book that is not overly complex to read


Author Gordon L. Atwell brings some serious research to the table regarding mushrooms and psilocybin but the writing level is noticeably lacking at times.

Beginners when it comes to mushroom cultivation can take some decent information from this book but those who are moving past the beginners stage will not find much beyond what they already know.

Having a single book to cover the political, social, scientific, and other aspects of mushrooms absolutely helps this book to stand out among others of its kind.


Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesJune 5, 2020


“Smoke Signals: A Social History of Marijuana – Medical, Recreational, and Scientific” by Martin A. Lee

Understanding the nuanced relationships of science, politics, history, health, culture, and more when it comes to cannabis can be quite the challenging endeavor but author Martin Lee does a fantastic job of creating a birds-eye view of how these subjects overlap to create the modern marijuana culture we see today, for better and worse.

Today we are breaking down the potent content available in “Smoke Signals” and just how fascinating this information in story form is when reviewed from start to finish.

Tag along as Lee conveys the multitude of ups and downs that cannabis culture has endured while learning more about the health benefits of cannabis use, the history surrounding our favorite flower, and where we stand today through the lens of a story told via character perspective.

-Topic Focus-

There are many awesome books that take a larger-scale look at the past and present of marijuana culture but the author choosing to utilize a character-driven narrative to convey this information is a unique choice that helps the reader to stay interested and invested moving forward in the book.

Here you will find much reliable content focused on the health benefits and therapeutic aspects of cannabis use, an overview of the history of marijuana, and so much more from the perspective of an award-winning journalist.

In this book, you will find sections that focus on the drug war, the rapid growth of the marijuana industry, the relationship between politics and cannabis, some good old-fashioned herb-lore, and you will be pleasantly surprised to find just how thoroughly research these topics are.

-About the Author-

“Smoke Signals” is not the only book written by author Martin A. Lee. He also wrote “Acid Dreams” with Bruce Schlain, “Unreliable Sources” with Norman Solomon, and “The Beast Reawakens”.

Lee is also an award-winning journalist who has published content regarding issues in the media, politics surrounding the drug war, terrorist activities, far-right movements, and more. He also has an undergraduate degree in Philosophy from the University of Michigan. His speaking and lecture tours have taken him to places such as Dartmouth College, Harvard University, John Hopkins University, Columbia University, and more.

-Reading Experience-

Right from the start, you are thrown a unique twist as you might be expecting a more neutral or scientific approach to this topic and you are greeted with an introduction of a character in a story. Conveying such complex and far-reaching information through the medium of storytelling in this book is impressively done. I initially expected some kind of breakdown that is common with these sorts of books when the prologue surprised me with the description of a Texan on horseback with a mustache to begin with.

The book flows well and the solid information is stylishly intertwined with comfortably paced storytelling that really makes the reader feel more invested in the book.

The in-depth level of research and its degree of professionalism becomes clear quickly as you move forward in this book.


“Smoke Signals: A Social History of Marijuana – Medical, Recreational, and Scientific” by author Martin A. Lee feels like two books in one as it is incredibly educational while conveying its information through storytelling and narrative, not unlike a fictional novel.

The book is quite large at nearly 500 pages but it seems to flow so smoothly you hardly notice just how dense it is as the story itself is engaging and the information presented is very revealing.

“Smoke Signals” is absolutely worth adding to your cannabis library and revisiting again and again over time.

You can get your own copy of smoke signals by Martin A. Lee here:

Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesMay 29, 2020


“The New Chardonnay: The Unlikely Story of How Marijuana Went Mainstream” by Heather Cabot

Now here is a fun and fascinating topic to discuss that the reporter-turned-author Heather Cabot consolidates well in this book as she breaks down the radial evolution of social cannabis acceptance on a larger scare.

You find an array of thought-provoking interviews and experiences involving people on the front lines of the cannabis industry such as renowned cannabis entrepreneur Beth Stavola, pot pioneer and icon Snoop Dogg, and Snoop’s business partner Ted Chung.

There’s a lot to unpack here so let’s get started.

-Topic Focus-

Condensing all the information surrounding the relationships between cannabis and social justice, the prison system, modern cultural norms, politics, health supplements, and so much more but author Heather Cabot puts it all together in a fascinating fashion.

Tracking the journey of cannabis from when there were large scale disinformation campaigns to now, where we constantly see brands of cannabis products vying for public attention.

Breaking down just how much of modern society has shifted due to the gradual disintegration of the social stigma surrounding cannabis is absolutely interesting for study and discussion.

-About the Author-

Heather Cadot has a unique and varied host of experiences that lend to her credibility on this topic ranging from teaching at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, to being a keynote speaker, winning awards as a journalist, and more.

Author Heather Cadot also has experience pursuing journalism by serving as a former ABC News correspondent and co-anchor of ABC’s World News Now/World News This Morning and Today, GMA, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News Channel, and more.

She currently resides with her family in the New York area and serves on the J-school Alumni board as she pursues her journalistic endeavors.

-Reading Experience-

You don’t get far into “The New Chardonnay: The Unlikely Story of How Marijuana Went Mainstream” by Heather Cabot before it becomes clear that the author is conveying some very reliable and fascinating information in a professional level fashion. Her writing and communication skills are abundantly clear as she shares a very interesting look at the larger picture of the marijuana landscape.

Learning about how cannabis acceptance has influenced the culinary arts, seeing the progress of Snoop’s pot business, and reading about what kind of days Beth Stavola has helped this book to feel like a bit of an adventure.

It’s nice to see this incredible and tumultuous journey that cannabis has endured summarized in such an interesting fashion through the lens of several people who are deep into the industry.


“The New Chardonnay: The Unlikely Story of How Marijuana Went Mainstream” by Heather Cabot is a fun and enlightening read that intelligently summarizes the forward momentum that the cannabis industry has enjoyed in these recent years.

The focus on the journeys of several of the authors’ friends and contacts really helped to portray a broader perspective of modern cannabis culture and just how distinctly different it is from the days of “reefer” madness”, D.A.R.E programs, and similar programs.

If you want to get look at the larger picture of the cannabis industry and culture you can pre-order a copy of “The New Chardonnay: The Unlikely Story of How Marijuana Went Mainstream” by Heather Cabot here:

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