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Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesOctober 16, 2020


“High Magick: A Guide to Cannabis in Ritual & Mysticism”

By Philip H. Farber

-Topic Focus-
Now this book seems like a proper fit for the spooky Halloween season as “High Magick” is a modern cannabis grimoire in the sense that it focuses on combining marijuana use and exploring the topic of magic and other related mystical concepts.

Here you will find such a fascinating range of topics varying from how to leverage cannabis when it comes to magical rituals, taking a look at bizarre characters such as Timothy Leary and Aleister Crowley, and how to make various concoctions and elixirs.

It’s always incredibly engaging to take a look a the world of cannabis from different angles ranging from the scientific to the more esoteric.

Let’s crack this tome and see what we have on our hands with this one!

-About the Author-

Author of “High Magick” Philip H. Farber has written several other books such as “Meta-Magick: The Book of Atem: Achieving New States of Consciousness Through NLP, Neuroscience, and Ritual” and “Futureritual: Magick for the 21st Century”.

He has had a wide variety of content that has appeared in an array of publications such as Green Egg Magazine, The Journal of Hypnotism, Hypnosis Today, Mondo 2000, High Times, Paradigm Shift, Reality Sandwich, and many others. He has also put together a variety of DVD courses focusing on Magick oriented topics.
Phil also spends his time as an instructor for Maybe Logic Academy (, a Certified Hypnotist and a Licensed Trainer of Neuro-linguistic Programming, with a private practice in New York’s Hudson Valley.

-Reading Experience-

If you have a fascination with magick and the esoteric then you will find the step-by-step guides that focus on various rituals to be quite interesting and detailed as well as the exploration of healing applications, meditation practices, and so much more.

It is rare to find a book that works to blend the topics of magick and cannabis so it is quite interesting and fun to explore what “High Magick” has to offer on the subject and is written in a way that helps you to grasp the passion and depth of knowledge the author possesses.

Take a look at the index in this book and you will find that this book dives into an array of fascinating topics and flows smoothly from one chapter to the next.


You can enjoy a fun and unique read while also learning about the fascinating relationship between magick and cannabis use that author Philip Farber has put together for our enjoyment and education.

The book touches on a wide array of topics ranging from the history fo magick and cannabis, purported mystical characters from the past, how to make elixirs, ritual guides, and so much more in a fashion that is both entertaining and illuminating to read.

Start your own journey to better grasp the relationship between magick and cannabis by getting your own copy of “High Magick” here:

Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesOctober 9, 2020


“Stoner Meditation” by Withered Tree

Meditation and cannabis/psychedelic use is one of those dynamic duo combinations that will go down in history like peanut butter and jelly so it is fascinating to dive into just what “Stoner Meditation” by Withered Tree has to offer on this topic.

This book takes great care to explore the insights gained from these psychedelic experiences and the differences between our perceptions of reality and the world around while under the influence versus how we see the world when not under the influence.

It is also worth noting that the author indicates that all profits from this book are sent to charity.

Let’s take a look at “Stoner Mediation” for ourselves and analyze our own realities from there!

-Topic Focus-

The primary focus of this book is for the attainment of a  lower degree of enlightenment for regular stoners via the use of psychedelics and marijuana.

The type of meditation style that this book takes a look at is known as “calm abiding” and is more intent upon exploring enlightenment as opposed to diving into the more esoteric nature of religions and their relationships with meditation.


It has long been discussed that there is merit to utilizing psychedelics for meditation and internal exploration but this book does a fascinating job of teaching the novice how to combine the two to begin the journey toward attaining enlightenment for one’s self.

About the Author

Now here’s an interesting “About the Author” for you! Withered Tree is not an individual but rather is a collective non-sectarian group that adheres to Buddhist ideals.

They have a meditation center in Michigan where they focus on guiding people toward discovering their own internal enlightenment via guided mediation sessions, discussion groups, and more.

Their group sessions are temporarily restricted due to COVID but will likely resume soon so if you are in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, and are interested in learning more then be sure to keep up with them.

-Reading Experience-

It is quite refreshing to see content on the market that can approach the topic of meditation without diving deeply into religious rhetoric.

The flow of the book is solid and it does a great job of tackling complex and ambiguous concepts by explaining them in a fashion that is far more approachable for us novices and those not as familiar with the subject at hand.

Whether or not you believe for yourself in the more esoteric nature of mediation and psychedelics or simply wish to explore what others have to say on the topic then this book can help you to see a unique perspective on the subject.


It is interesting to explore a book on such a fascinating topic that was put together by a non-sectarian collective who is not shy or scared to publicly explore the relationship between psychedelics and meditation.

The authors are clearly passionate about the subject and well versed when it comes to their understanding and study of Buddhist text.

If you are looking to begin your own journey toward enlightenment via psychedelic nd marijuana use then you can your own copy of “Stoner Meditation” by Withered Tree here:



Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesOctober 2, 2020


“Cannabis Is Medicine: How Medical Cannabis and CBD Are Healing Everything from Anxiety to Chronic Pain by Dr. Bonni Goldstein MD 

The wonderful myriad of potential medical applications of cannabis/hemp is less and less of a secret so it is very welcome to see more quality content brought into the world that helps to educate people as to how marijuana can bring healthier lifestyles and pain relief to the world.

All the better when the content presented from a reliable source such as a medical doctor who possesses a genuine passion and desire to see people live better quality lives by intelligently leveraging the power of cannabis.

Dr. Bonni Golstein has put in some serious research and work into this book so let’s see just what we have in store here for us!

-Topic Focus-

Here you can find solid information regarding how to identify quality cannabis products and how to best utilize them, how we can live healthier lives by utilizing cannabis, an enlightening breakdown of the current state of medical research and knowledge pertaining to marijuana, an exploration of medical issues that can be relieved by cannabis use, and so much more.

This book is put together by an expert that clearly is familiar with a deeper level of knowledge on the topic of cannabis use in the medical field and the quality of the education gained from this book makes that apparent.

The focus on the medicinal applications of cannabis makes this book a great read for medical professionals and potential patients alike who might be struggling with some condition that could be alleviated by cannabis use.

About the Author

The author of “Cannabis is Medicine”, Dr. Bonni Goldstein is a medical doctor who has years and years of experience researching and treating patients by utilizing the medicinal aspects of cannabis.

Her passion for alleviating the discomforts, pains, and suffering of patients partially stems from her experience as a pediatric ER doctor and seeing her own mother suffer needlessly when cannabis could have been used to treat her issues.

Dr. Goldstein now strives to spread the message of how cannabis can improve the quality of life for many by engaging in public speaking as well as putting together content that demonstrates the precise scientific data regarding just how accessible a better life can be through intelligent cannabis use. Dr. Goldstein is the owner and medical director of Canna-Centers Wellness & Education and medical advisor to

-Reading Experience-

There is much to gain here for the aficionado, medical professionals, and anyone who might be looking to explore their own options for how cannabis might lift them from their own pains and discomforts.

The beginning of “Cannabis is Medicine” grants the reader a look into the philosophy and perspective of what drives Dr. Goldstein to put together such a comprehensive guide to the world of medical cannabis usage.

This book also possesses a guide after the foreward to help you navigate the content and get what you need from it. The examination of the current science is fascinating as it is enlightening and the content covering how to identify ideal cannabis products is genuinely useful.


Dr. Bonni Goldstein does a fantastic job of putting together a solid compendium of science regarding the medicinal benefits of marijuana in a way that is revealing and accessible to those of us who lack her medical expertise.

The book flows well from her own personal experiences and perspectives right into the scientific and medical content in a way that keeps this book both interesting and enlightening. The range of topics touched upon is very much welcomed as they are all genuinely useful and eye-opening about how we can bring a higher quality of for ourselves and the people in our lives by exploring the medical applications of cannabis.

Start your own education regarding cannabis and the possible medical benefits by getting your copy here:




Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesSeptember 25, 2020


“American Hemp: How Growing Our Newest Cash Crop Can Improve Our Health, Clean Our Environment, and Slow Climate Change” by Jen Hobbs

As legal cannabis has become more and more prevalent the need for solid information regarding how to grow quality hemp in a safe and healthy fashion has grown significantly. All the better when we can learn how to grow that high-quality cannabis in a way that is also conscious of how we are treating our planet while learning so much more about the potential positive applications that hemp can bring to so many businesses, industries, and aspects of our lives.

There is a wide and fascinating array of information available in this book ranging from how cannabis can bolster existing industries, how it can make for superior products, how it can positively impact soil for farming, and so much more.

The author of this book is definitely looking to the future through the lens of intelligent hemp use so let’s see for ourselves what this book brings to the table!

-Topic Focus-

The cannabis/hemp game was transformed in December of 2018 when the 2018 Farm Bill passed as it legalized hemp for so many uses. After years of being listed as a narcotic, we are finally seeing hemp being properly recognized as the agricultural boon that it is.

Forward-thinking industrial applications, CBD usage in the medical field for pain relief and more, the creation of hempcrete for the construction industry, making cosmetics, the vitamin content of the seeds, and so much more are all broken down and discussed in “America Hemp” by Jen Hobbs.

I thought I knew about the possible applications of hemp beyond consumption but apparently, I still have so much to learn and this book has been very enlightening to review.

About the Author

Author Jen Hobbs began her writing career by co-authoring “Jesse Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto” in 2015 and it was that very experience that inspired her to write “American Hemp” down the road.

Jen Hobbs is dedicated and passionate about spreading her message regarding all the possible potential positive uses that our society can benefit from with hemp. She is also the author of “Cooking with CBD” and continues her work to spread awareness of how hemp can be utilized.

Author Jen Hobbs was a publicity consultant prior to her work as a hemp/cannabis author and had started a marijuana collective with her family in California. Now their family owns and operates a CBD store called “The Hive”

-Reading Experience-

“American Hemp” dives right into a wide variety of fascinating topics and uses pertaining to hemp usage and cites the sources that the author used to come to these conclusions so that the reader may look into and see what the author sees.

It is kind of exciting to think about the possible ways that hemp usage can possibly affect the future of society and even our planet.

Reading this one absolutely leaves you feeling like you just attend a seminar or college class on the topic of hemp applications.


It makes a powerful difference when a book backs up their claims with their references and author Jen Hobbs does just this in “American Hemp” while also painting an exciting picture of a future that leans more into this new green wave we are seeing.

The book moves from one fascinating topic to the next which makes for an engaging read that leaves you feeling more educated for having read it.

See for yourself what “American Hemp” has to offer by checking out the book below:



Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesAugust 28, 2020


Medical Marijuana: A Clinical Handbook” First Edition

by Samoon Ahmad M.D. and Kevin P. Hill MD MHS

We are moving quickly into uncharted territory in terms of how the medical community is finally able to dive further into cannabis research without potential legal repercussions so it is a huge advantage to see experts such as authors Samoon Ahmad M.D. and Kevin P. Hill M.D MHS share their level of knowledge with the rest of us and with other medical professionals that might need guidance regarding cannabis use in their own patients.

Today we are taking a look at “Medical Marijuana: A Clinical Handbook” to see for ourselves just what kind of solid information the expert authors have brought to the table for us.

This should be a very fascinating one to peer into so let’s get started!

-Topic Focus-

This book was written by doctors with years of experience when it comes to both dealing with patients and studying cannabis effects with other practicing physicians in mind so that they have access to the latest medical information regarding cannabis and how it might apply to various treatments with patients.

Written like a guide and easy to navigate, this book expertly covers topics ranging from the pharmacological profiles of CBD and THC, the cultural and medical implementations of cannabis, and so much more.

The goals here is to further empower and arm physicians, doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to understand how cannabis can potenianlly impact medical treatment and to further increase the quality of care and life for more patients.

About the Author

We have two authors to take a look at with this one, both with impressive medical expertise.

Dr. Samoon Ahmad has been a practicing physician for over 25 years and brings that level of expertise to this book in fine form. He currently serves as Unit Chief of Bellevue Medical Center’s Inpatient Unit and is also a Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at NYU Grossman School of Medicine.

Kevin P. Hill, M.D., M.H.S. has authored many papers on the effects of cannabidiol as an addiction psychiatrist and Director of the Division of Addiction Psychiatry at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and has engaged in many speaking events on the topic of cannabis usage, law, medical information, and more.

With their powers combined these two medical experts have put together a very useful tool for medical professionals to leverage across the world.

-Reading Experience-

“Medical Marijuana: A Clinical Handbook” is written as a reference guide and certainly reads like one. The flow that one might desire from a less serious book is not present but the compelling level of information presented in the book keeps it fascinating even for those of us who are not medical professionals.

It seems like a powerful asset for any medical professional to add to their arsenal of knowledge as much of the scientific advancement regarding cannabis has been suppressed up until recently.

This book feels like a treasure trove of solid information that is both enlightening and fascinating to read.


“Medical Marijuana: A Clinical Handbook” is a legitimate guide to navigating the relationship of medical treatment and health with that of cannabis consumption and it’s various potential applications.

This comprehensive medical guide will surely prove to be quite an asset to the medical community and to those of us who are willing to study and grow our own level of knowledge to live healthier lives harmoniously with cannabis.

The breakdowns of topics such as the endocannabinoid system, therapeutic applications, and so much more are truly enlightening topics to explore!

If you are interested in checking out the book for yourself then here you go:



Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesAugust 21, 2020


The CBD Skincare Solution: The Power of Cannabidiol for Healthy Skin”

By Dr. Manisha Singal

It is always a pleasure and a privilege to be able to dive into educational cannabis-oriented content that has been put together by respectable professionals who are generous enough to share their own level of expertise with us.

Dr. Manisha Singal does exactly that with her new book “The CBD Skincare Solution” as she divulges many ways that intelligent use of CBD can aid us with the quality and health of our own skin.

This is a topic we can all benefit from so let’s see just what the good doctor has to say in her book.

-Topic Focus-

Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as “CBD”, is the primary non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that has grown in social acceptance due to it’s known beneficial properties.

What is less known about CBD is just how effective it can be when it comes to increasing the quality and health of your skin. There are many surprising skin conditions that CBD can also help you with that are covered in this book.

“The CBD Skincare Solution” gets into just how you can utilize CBD to have healthier skin in a step-by-step process that is written with authority by an author who has devoted a significant portion of her life to gain this level of knowledge and has the credentials to back it up.

About the Author

Dr. Manisha Singal is based in Washington, DC, and is a board-certified internal medicine physician and Chief Medical Officer of Bridgepoint Hospital.

She has been actively studying CBD for the last 5 years and is on a mission to share what she has found.

Actively on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, she serves as a critical care physician in an ICU one mile from the US Capitol building.

Dr. Singal also engages in regular speaking and education projects to share her knowledge with many people as possible so that they may also leverage the benefits of CBD.

She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, George Washington School of Medicine, and Georgetown University Hospital for the residency program and has been working with patients for over 20 years now.

Dr. Singal is also licensed to prescribe medical cannabis in Washington, DC, and in Maryland and is a member of organizations such as Americans for Safe Access, Women Grow, and the International Cannabinoid Research Society (ICRS).

Dr. Singal is also the co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Aethera Beauty, a line of prestige skincare products featuring CBD and hemp. Most recently she helped cofound Wash for Hands, a company supporting displaced workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

-Reading Experience-

“The CBD Skincare Solution” by Dr. Manisha Singal is clearly written by an expert who possesses considerable knowledge on the topic and a serious level of passion to match it.

The book starts by helping the reader to understand just what CBD is, the history surrounding it, the best delivery methods for CBD usage, and so much more. The structure helps to start with a solid foundation of understanding so that you can better understand the future content later n the book.

The book weaves together first-person narrative and solid scientific information to put together incredibly useful content that the average layman such as myself can enjoy and understand. At times, books written by an educated expert can feel challenging for the average reader to digest but this book doe a great job making the information accessible.


“The CBD Skincare Solution” by Dr. Manisha Singal brings serious value to the table and tells her story while also covering her own evolution on the topic that helps the content be anchored by such a narrative.

The idea of learning new and beneficial ways to leverage CBD is exciting and this book will empower you to utilize CBD to increase3 the health and quality of your skin. This is news to me! I think we’re all used to haring of other ways CBD is healthy so it’s very interesting to learn that there are even more useful applications for CBD.

You can get your copy of “The CBD Skincare Solution” at the following link:


Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesAugust 14, 2020


“Psychedelica Lex: The Law of Psychedelics” by Mr. Gary Smith Esq.

We have seen a rapid evolution in the social acceptance of psychedelic use for mental health befits and while it is amazing to see, it also creates a series of legal questions and potential pitfalls.

Don’t worry though, we got you covered on that score with today’s book review.

Author Gary Smith is a veteran attorney who has considerable experience when it comes to dealing with matters relating to cannabis and psychedelics.

Let’s get started and see for ourselves just what “Psychedelica Lex: The Law of Psychedelics” can teach us.

-Topic Focus-

This book offers serious value in terms of being able to peer inside the mind of a well-trained attorney who has invested serious effort and time to become an expert in the legalities surrounding psychedelic substances.

The is valuable content in this book regarding topics such as the controlled substances act, clinical trials, international drug laws, and so much more.

While these are complex topics to address, the book was written so that we, the uninitiated, can keep up and comprehend the legal content in the book.

-About the Author-

Author Gary Smith Esq. is a seasoned veteran when it comes to cannabis law and psychedelics and is also the general counsel to the nation’s oldest non-Native American peyote church.

Gary Smith is also the head of Guidant Law, a law firm that focuses on cannabis and psychedelic legal matters in Arizona.

Many organizations lean on his expertise as they request him to speak and educate on these topics.

You can learn more about Gary and his endeavors here:

-Reading Experience-

One might think that the level of reading might be difficult on this one, considering the subject matter, but author Gary Smith does a fantastic job of making sure that the content is accessible to us normies who do not have degrees in law.

“Psychedelica Lex” is interesting, empowering, and is very clearly written by an experienced professional who is passionate and knowledgeable about the subject at hand.

The content is structured in such a way that it makes one topic flow to another very naturally so it feels like a natural progression of knowledge as you go.


Having the unique opportunity to get knowledge directly from the mind of an experienced professional is always incredibly fascinating and beneficial. Usually, you have to pay a considerable amount of money to pick the brain of such an expert so having the book at your fingertips is awesome.

The information presented is genuinely useful while also being written in a manner that allows us to keep up with and comprehend the topic matters being discussed.

“Pshyedlica Lex” is a potent addition to the bookshelf of anyone who is interested in learning more about the legalities surrounding psychedelics.

You can start your own education on the legalities of psychedelics by getting your own copy here:

Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesAugust 7, 2020


Smuggler’s Blues: A True Story of the Hippie Mafia (Cannabis Americana: Remembrance of the War on Plants, Volume 1)” by Richard Stratton 

Today we are taking a look at the wildly fascinating accounts of one person’s story that reads like extravagant fiction written for an action-comedy/crime drama akin to “Weeds” or a softer “Breaking Bad”.

Author Richard Stratton shares his story of how he became a marijuana kingpin, joined the Hippe Mafia, connected with international drug dealers, and so much more.

Through psychedelic experiences, exploring the hippie sub-culture, a rivalry with a DEA agent, and more “Smuggler’s Blues” highlights the life and adventures of one of the fascinating characters standing out in the modern cannabis culture.

-Topic Focus-

The primary focus of “Smuggler’s Blues” would be the incredible trials, challenges, and wild tales experienced by author Richard Stratton.

Everything from chronicling his journey from Lebanon, New York, Maine, the Caribbean, and more to explain his unique rivalry with the DEA agent tasked with bringing him in.

This one is a very fun and fascinating glimpse into the life of someone who dared to live on the edge of counter-culture as he made money and memories in the marijuana industry.

About the Author

Author Richard Stratton is no stranger to putting books out into the world as he is the author of 15 books such as “Kingpin: Prisoner of the War on Drugs”, “The World of the American Pit Bull Terrier”, “Altered States of America: Outlaws and Icons, Hitmakers and Hitmen” and so many more.

Richard Stratton evolved from a more innocent, clean-cut young person into a seasoned smuggler who was dodging the law while navigating the murky waters of the criminal underworld.

If you’re interested in exploring the many books published by Richard Stratton then you can see them here:

-Reading Experience-

“Smugglers Blues” really seems to read like a script written for an exciting television show but the truth is that these are the summarized experiences that the author Richard Stratton went through.

The author displays a passion for the world of cannabis, exhibits a degree of vulnerability, and you can kind of discern a sense of playful mischief through his writing.

The flow of the book feels like a stream-of-consciousness diary at times that stays fresh and interesting by transitioning from story arc to story arc. The celebrity cameos also contribute to keeping the book feeling interesting.


If you are a fan of modern marijuana television series such as “Weeds” then this book will be right up your alley.

Author Richard Stratton puts his own personal story together in a fun book that also sheds light on aspects of smuggling, the modern cannabis world, his travels, and more that is actually fun to read.

Seems like only a matter of time before someone buys the rights to this story for a movie, Netflix special, or a television series.

You can smuggle your own copy of this book here:

Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesJuly 31, 2020


“The Cannabis Business Book: How to Succeed in Weed According to 50 Industry Insiders” by Michael Zaytsev  

Have you ever wondered what kind of advice you could receive if you had the opportunity to interview 50 of the top entrepreneurial spirits in the cannabis industry?

You need not wonder any longer as author Michael Zaytsev has already done you the solid of putting together this compendium of advice gathered directly from some fantastic fonts of information already producing potent results in the cannabis industry.

Piqued your interest yet? Alright, let’s get into it then!

-Topic Focus-

The number of books that discuss the business side of cannabis is finally beginning to increase but not many can boast containing advice pulled directly from people who are already considered to be successful in the world of cannabis and cannabis products.

Author Michael Zaytsev brings to the table information regarding the proper mindsets for entrepreneurs in the cannabis space, exactly why the cannabis industry is unique, ways to build money in the cannabis game, the most common mistakes made in this niche, and so much more.

In this book, you will find powerful advice from prominent cannabis figures such as Danny Danko, Steven DeAngelo, Emily Paxhia, Shanel Linsday, and many more. The concentration of expertise here is impressive.

About the Author

Author Michael Zaytsev has a dedicated and diverse background in the world of cannabis ranging from founding The New York City Cannabis Film Festival, The Cannabis Media Lab, and is also the creator of High NY, one of the most extensive cannabis Meetups on the planet.

His content has been published on sites such as International Business Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and more.

If you would like to explore Michael’s projects and see what he’s up to you can learn more about his endeavors here:

-Reading Experience-

The passion and expertise on this topic possessed by author Daniel McQueen become evident even by the end of the forward and seeing the glowing reviews from other medical professionals further lends to the credibility of the author.

The book does flow a bit chaotically at times as the author strikes me as eager and excited to share information he is so passionate about in order to see as many people as possible benefit from this knowledge.

The combination of anecdotal stories coupled with facts helps to keep this book engaging while also continuing to stay on topic.


The combined skills of an experienced writer, a seasoned entrepreneur, and someone who is experienced and passionate about cannabis make “The Cannabis Business Book” a valuable addition to the library of any aficionado or anyone looking to make their mark in the cannabis business world.

All the potent advice from successful cannabis entrepreneurs is competently comprised by author Michael Zaytsev and flows along very smoothly from section to section.

This book makes me think of it as the “Tribe of Mentors” by Tim Ferriss but catered toward the world of cannabis business.

Looking to start making plays in the world of marijuana? Step your game and get your copy here:

Noemi GonzalesNoemi GonzalesJuly 24, 2020


“Psychedelic Cannabis: Breaking the Gate” by Daniel McQueen

As the social perception of cannabis continues to evolve, so does the understanding of the wide variety of positive effects cannabis can contribute to the lives of people suffering from various ailments and issues.

Author Daniel McQueen takes readers for an incredibly fascinating rise as he shares how to utilize cannabis as a psychedelic medicine, how to properly prepare for a psychedelic session, how to address personal trauma with psychedelic cannabis, and how to develop a higher level of mental resilience and fortitude.

Curious as to how one can achieve all this using cannabis? We better get started reading and learning then!


-Topic Focus-

It’s no longer surprising to hear about the potential medicinal benefits of cannabis use. It is surprising to learn just how many incredible potential applications there for cannabis use and this book covers some of the lesser-known ones.

“Psychedelic Cannabis” focuses on heal from trauma, heal your mind, and increase your mental resistance by learning how to intelligently and properly utilize psychedelic cannabis sessions. You will also learn how to set up for an ideal psychedelic cannabis session in order to maximize the results gained from your sessions.

This topic seems all the more relevant in a period of time where many people are struggling to come to terms with many of life’s challenges so it can be vital to utilize such beneficial skills and expertise.

-About the Author-

Many medical professionals and psychotherapists refer their patients who are experiencing severe trauma to author Daniel McQueen due to his level of expertise and ability to help people break through their own mental barriers by leveraging the power of psychedelic cannabis sessions.

Many clients who have spent time at his Psychedelic Sitters School have very positive things to say about his refined process and skill set.

If you’re interested in learning more about author Daniel McQueen and his unique psychedelic cannabis retreats then you can further explore that topic at the following link:

-Reading Experience-

The passion and expertise on this topic possessed by author Daniel McQueen become evident even by the end of the forward and seeing the glowing reviews from other medical professionals further lends to the credibility of the author.

The book does flow a bit chaotically at times as the author strikes me as eager and excited to share information he is so passionate about in order to see as many people as possible benefit from this knowledge.

The combination of anecdotal stories coupled with facts helps to keep this book engaging while also continuing to stay on topic.


“Psychedelic Cannabis” by author Daniel McQueen is a genuine resource for those who are looking to explore the potential mental health applications of psychedelic cannabis use. There is no mistaking the level of expertise and passion on the topic possessed by the author.

The book could stand for a higher degree of editing but it does not take away from the quality of information presented and just how positive it can be for the mental health of an individual willing to explore such options.
You can begin your own psychedelic cannabis journey by seeing for yourself what author Daniel McQueen here:

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