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Noemi GonzalesApril 9, 2021



Weed Mom: The Canna-Curious Woman’s Guide to Healthier Relaxation, Happier Parenting, and Chilling TF Out

By Danielle Simone Brand – Review

 Alongside this modern green rush, we are seeing a plethora of books and content to help the grower, the entrepreneur, the seeker of health, so it is about time we start seeing content designed with cannabis consuming mothers in mind and that is exactly what the author Danielle Simone Brand brings to the table here.

“Weed Mom: The Canna-Curious Woman’s Guide to Healthier Relaxation, Happier Parenting, and Chilling TF Out” is a book with moms in mind and ways to help them to relax, enhance their own personal wellness via marijuana usage, and so much more.

Moms love flowers so this makes sense!

-Topic Focus-

This book does a wonderful job of breaking down topics such as ways to chat about cannabis with family and friends, tips for shopping for your herb in dispensaries, tips on micro-dosing, a plethora of ways to consume cannabis, and so much more and it’s all written with moms in mind.

Here you will also find an abundance of information regarding the social history of cannabis usage, the legalities surrounding it, and a summation of modern marijuana politics.

“Weed Mom” has plenty here for the rookie and the veteran alike.

-About the Author-

The author of “Weed Mom: The Canna-Curious Woman’s Guide to Healthier Relaxation, Happier Parenting, and Chilling TF Out” is Danielle Simone Brand, a passionate Weed Mom who is on a mission to help other mommas live better lives through intelligent cannabis usage.

She has a wide array of experiences ranging from teaching yoga, serving as a researcher, working as a professional writer and author, and she also holds a BA from Dartmouth College and an MA from American University.

She currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, two kids, and their terrier.

-Reading Experience-

It’s hard not to become fascinated with this book just by looking at the table of contents. The range of topics such as vaping, oils, edibles, conversation points, and so much more are all very appealing and all written with mothers in mind and that becomes clear as you get into it.

There is a fun mix of facts and storytelling utilized to paint pictures in this book to help convey the information in a way that is sure to resonate with other mothers reading this book.

The book flows well and you quickly get the sense that the author has a genuine passion and desire for helping other cannamoms find their way and live better lives.


If you’re a cannabis-loving mother then this book will make for a fantastic addition to your book collection and if you’re not a mother then you might want to consider this book as a gift for that special mother in your life.

Even the mom that is no stranger to the wonderful world of cannabis is likely to find a new and useful nugget of information in “Weed Mom: The Canna-Curious Woman’s Guide to Healthier Relaxation, Happier Parenting, and Chilling TF Out”.

You can find yourself a copy here.

Noemi GonzalesMarch 20, 2020


Now here’s an interesting book to add to your cannabis library as it takes an unflinching look at the less than sexy aspects of the rapidly growing marijuana industry.

Most books focused on the cannabis industry will attempt to shed a positive light on the businesses and culture surrounding it. While we love, appreciate, and are excited about the growth of the marijuana industry we must not turn a blind bye to the negative aspects of it for fear of seeing it degenerate as so many other industries have.

If you’re serious about entering the cannabis industry or are just curious and want to keep an ear to the ground then this book will serve you well in terms of getting a firm grasp on the modern marijuana industry. 

-Topic Focus-

 Let’s get into the meat of the book, shall we?

 Now if you’re new to the cannabis industry then you might be wondering “well jeez, just what could possibly be wrong with marijuana finally becoming legal?”. So glad you asked!

Let’s start with what the author refers to as the “dirty little secrets” of the cannabis industry:

  • Dirty Little Secret number 6: the Cannabis industry is largely cash-based and suffers from limited banking options
  • Dirty Little Secret number 7: scammers are targeting cannabis companies
  • Dirty Little Secret number 4:, many cannabis industry 2.0 c-suite occupants lack experience, integrity, and are ethically challenged

If you are interested in further exploring just what the author means by these dirty little secrets then be sure to get your own copy of “Gone to Pot” and educate yourself from there.

This book contains much more than a few “dirty little secrets” and will also discuss possible ways to move the industry forward in an ethical fashion in order to cultivate an industry niche and culture that we can be proud of.

-About the Author-

 Author Dean K. Matt draws on his experience as a C-level executive in the cannabis industry as well as that of the observations shared with him by hundreds of other insiders within the cannabis industry.

Dean K. Matt has well over 30 years of experience contributing to start-up companies that were featured in The Fortune 100, commercial businesses, and much more that allows him to speak with such authority on this topic.

The content of this book is the condensed wisdom that the author has put together based on his own experiences, both personal and professional, as well as many respectable players of the marijuana industry.

The passion and experience the author brings to the table become more and more evident as you progress through “Gone to Pot”.

-Reading Experience-

 If we wish to protect the integrity of the growing cannabis industry then books such as “Gone to Pot: Welcome to the Shit Show: Seven Dirty Little Secrets of the Cannabis Industry” are absolutely vital in order to shed light upon the parasites that are attempting to grow by attaching themselves to an industry that means so much to so many people.

There will be interesting tidbits of information, you will raise your eyebrows, and there will be times that make you chuckle. The author’s observations on the political state of Illinois elicited some laughs for me.

The combination of personal insight coupled with expert observations is a potent combination.


 While the notion of confronting the less-than-stellar aspects of the growing marijuana industry is not overly exciting on its face, author Dean K. Matt does a fantastic job of shedding light on the negative aspects while also making sure that the book is an engaging read that provides genuine value.

This book provides education, perspective, and entertainment while not pulling any punches.

If you are looking to grow your endeavors in the marijuana industry, are just curious about what’s going on, or just eager for another interesting cannabis-focused book then “Gone to Pot” is a great addition to your canna-library.

Order your copy of “Gone to Pot” today here at the following link:

Noemi GonzalesFebruary 21, 2020


“High Heals: How Two Women Found Their Footing in the Medical Cannabis Industry” by Dr. Leslie Apgar and Gina Dubbe 

It’s always an interesting opportunity to see the world through the eyes of others and learn their stories as they face their own challenges and rise above them.

“High Heals: How Two Women Found Their Footing in the Medical Cannabis Industry” by Leslie Apgar and Gina Dubbe is their story of entering the marijuana industry, overcoming incredible challenges, and building an incredibly successful cannabis dispensary.


Let’s take a look into this insightful, interesting, and inspiring story of growth.

-Topic Focus-

The focus of this book is the personal stories of the two authors and their journey to open their cannabis dispensary. Keep up with the ups and downs of their adventure, learn more about the inner workings of the cannabis industry, and take their message of inspiration to other women looking to grow in the marijuana industry.

Dr. Apgar and Dubbe share an unflinching look at how women can be treated in the industry, their thoughts and feelings on it, and how they managed to overcome these obstacles in their path of achieving their dream in the marijuana industry.

There is also quite the amount of information regarding the medical marijuana industry and the community that surrounds it present in this book.

-About the Author-

Dr. Leslie Apgar has well over 17 years of direct patient experience and her level of expertise becomes clear as you read this book. Dr. Apgar graduated from the Honors Program at Washington State University with a BS in Zoology, then attended Penn State University for medical school. She is a serial entrepreneur who completed her residency at Penn State University, Milton S. Hershey Medical Center.

The other author, Gina Dubbe, brings her own unique expertise to the book as a long time serial entrepreneur, founder, and she is a Licensed Professional Engineer (PE) with a Master’s degree in Engineering from George Washington University and a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from West Virginia University.

 In 2014 Gina was named as one of the Women Who Built Outstanding Companies by Forbes and TheraPearl made the Inc. 500 list of the Fastest-Growing Private Companies in the US for two consecutive years.

-Reading Experience-

You can almost feel the frustrations in their challenges and feel the excitement of their victories as this personal testimony does a fantastic job of drawing you in to walk briefly in their shoes. The 128-page tale seems to fly by as you move through their inspiring story of growth and you cannot help but admire these two bold women as they combine their own unique expertise.

I’m now curious to observe the growth of Greenhouse Wellness and the endeavors of these two intelligent and driven women as this book does a wonderful job of pulling you into their world.


There is much to gain from reading this short book. You get an inside look at the cannabis industry through the lens of two educated, strong women and plenty more.

It’s a powerful read full of laughs, inspiration, and a wide variety of emotions that flows smoothly and allows the reader to benefit from the clear expertise that these two awesome ladies have to share with the world.

The information presented regarding the marijuana industry is clearly presented in a professional fashion and further lends credence to the level of expertise that these two authors possess.

See for yourself how compelling this victorious story is and get your copy of “High Heals: How Two Women Found Their Footing in the Medical Cannabis Industry” by Leslie Apgar and Gina Dubbe here:




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