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StaffMay 31, 2023


$98 – Average spend per product for a New Jersey dispensary shopper

Consumers were asked, on average, how much do you spend on each dispensary product? For New Jersey consumers, that number was $98, more per product than consumers in other recreational and East Coast states.

Source: Brightfield Group, US Cannabis Retail Brand Health, 2022

StaffMay 23, 2023


35% – Percentage of U.S. cannabis consumers that have eaten a cannabis baked good in the past 6 months

More than one-third of cannabis consumers in the U.S. have eaten a cannabis baked good in the last six months. This is more than double the percentage that have enjoyed a cannabis drink in the same period. Baked goods are a staple of cannabis culture, yet some markets (such as Illinois) have very few baked goods on shelf.

Source: Brightfield Group, US Cannabis Consumer Insights, Q1 2023

StaffMay 16, 2023


73% – Percentage of Canadian budtenders who say its important to personally try a cannabis product before recommending it.

Getting a budtender to recommend your brand is a cannabis product marketer’s dream. One of the best ways to do so is make sure they have tried your products – and new sampling laws in Canada make that easier for brands to do.

Source: Brightfield Group, Canadian Budtender Study, Q2 2023

StaffMay 9, 2023


$10.3 billion – The value of the U.S. CBD market in 2028, if federal guidance is implemented in 2023

Federal guidance that allows for the sale of CBD ingestibles in mainstream retailers such as grocery and big box stores would result in phenomenal growth for the CBD market. Without such guidance, the market will only be half that size within the same time frame.

Source: Brightfield Group, US CBD Market Sizing, 2023

StaffMay 2, 2023


56% – How many American consumers report buying cannabis through a recreational market

As medical markets transition to adult-use markets, consumers have consistently been shifting their purchases to the adult-use retail side. Since the second half of 2021, more Americans have been purchasing recreationally than medically. Purchasing through a “friend” or dealer remained steady throughout the same period of time.

Source: Brightfield Group, US Cannabis Consumer Insights, Q4 2022

StaffApril 25, 2023


2.4% – Percent of flower and pre-roll products in Oregon that are a Runtz strain

While no strain dominates the Oregon market, strains with Runtz in its name or listed as its parent genetics are inching their way to the top. Guava Runtz, White Runtz, and other fun varieties including the classic Runtz have increased their share of dispensary shelves in Oregon over the past six months, making it the flower and pre-roll strain with the most distribution in the state.

Source: Brightfield Group, US Cannabis Distribution Trends, March 2023

StaffApril 18, 2023


1,380 – Number of #CannabisCommunity mentions on Twitter and Instagram in February

#CannabisCommunity was the most popular cannabis hashtag in February. It was more popular to use on Instagram than Twitter. #Cannabis and #Weed came in as the second- and third-most mentioned hashtag for that month.

Source: Brightfield Group, US Cannabis Social Listening, March 2023

StaffApril 11, 2023


14% – How many Canadian cannabis consumers use milled flower

Milled flower – also called ground or “pre-milled” – is gaining popularity in Canada. Over the past three quarters, use has been rising. Brands have launched aroma-specific blends and concentrate-infused milled flower that seem to be prompting more consumers to try the product type.

Source: Brightfield Group, Canada Cannabis Consumer Insights, Q1 2023

StaffMarch 28, 2023


88% – Percentage of U.S. CBD consumers who desire sleep, physical relief, and/or relaxation from their CBD products

When CBD first came on the scene, there were many different purported use cases – focus, sleep, energy, and even improved libido. With more familiarity with the cannabinoid, consumers are seeking distinct purposes for using CBD.

Source: Brightfield Group, U.S. CBD Consumer Insights, Q4 2022

StaffMarch 21, 2023


54% – The percentage of cannabis-consuming women under 30 who report enjoying cannabis “multiple times per day”

A majority of cannabis consumers report using it multiple times daily. Cannabis-consuming women under age 30 are even more likely to do so. This group is also likely to be using cannabis to treat mental health conditions.

Source: Brightfield Group, U.S. Cannabis Consumer Insights, Q4 2022

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