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StaffMarch 1, 2021


Cassondra “Khadijah” Adams is originally from Sugar Land, Texas. She started her first  business while raising four sons as a single mother. Khadijah Adams has been a full-time  entrepreneur since 1997. Khadijah entered the cannabis industry in 2014 by way of the  Colorado market. She began investing in cannabis-related companies shortly thereafter  and formed MIPR Holdings where she served as the founder and senior managing  partner for 3-1/2 years and was responsible for consulting and connecting accredited  investors to viable investment opportunities in the space. 

In June 2017, MIPR, LLC, and MIPR Holdings, LLC was later acquired by C. E. Hutton,  LLC, a business development and management firm in Denver, Colorado where Ms.  Adams currently sits on the Board of Managers as the Vice President. She is also the  Founder of The GreenStreet Academy, an online educational platform that teaches the  basics of investing in the marijuana industry, and the co-author of The Minority Report,  annual marketing analysis of Minority-owned companies in the cannabis and hemp  industries. On May 1, 2020, Ms. Adams launched Khadijah Adams, LLC dba Girl Get  That Money, a business empowerment coaching, and consultancy movement focused on  women in business and women aspiring to be in business. 

Ms. Adams is a motivational and public speaker. She sits on the Advisory Board of The  Color of Cannabis (TCC) 2020-2021, and is the Chair of the Diversity, Equity, and  Inclusion Committee (DEIC) of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) 2020- 2021, Board Member of Gratitude Blossom (San Diego), Advisory Board Member of  Calyxeum (MI) and Board Member of CannaCan (Ohio). 

Khadijah is the founder of Khadijah Adams, LLC dba “Girl, Get That Money” a business  empowerment and coaching movement. Her goal is to empower women in business by  providing them with the resources and tools needed to help them become successful.  

Ms. Adams is the author of “Rewriting Your Mental Script – 8 Mindsets That Defeat Self  Sabotage” published by Sisterhood Publishing, released on February 1, 2021, and can be  found on Amazon with an autographed copy found on her Girl Get That Money website.

GMR executive Spotlight Interview:

Full birth name: Cassondra Adams aka Khadijah Adams

Title: President & CEO

Company: Khadijah Adams, LLC dba Girl Get That Money

Years at current company: 1

Education profile: Colorado Christian University

Most successful professional accomplishment before cannabis: 

Certified Signing Services, Inc. assisted in the development of the notary signing agent industry from 1997 to 2007. The successful launch of The Computer Café in 2008, and successfully sold in 2014 to enter the cannabis industry.

Company Mission: Our mission is to help women design and execute a plan of action that helps them gain clarity, set new goals, get focused on their vision and define their mission.

Company’s most successful achievement:

Recently helped client launch Gratitude Blossom and

also helped Green Harvest Health with product


Has the company raised any capital (yes or no): Yes

if so, how much? $150,000

Any plans on raising capital in the future? Still in progress

Most important company 5-year goal: To deploy $1,000,000 in women owned cannabis companies.


StaffFebruary 22, 2021


Editors Note: This is a guest post.

Increasing numbers of people are comfortable with the idea of using cannabis to relax and have fun with their friends. One of the best ways to introduce cannabis to your friends is by having a party. Setting up one of these parties can be challenging if it’s your first time hosting, but the results can also be incredible if done properly. Here are some ways that you can ensure your cannabis party is a hit!

How to organize such a party

Setting up a party to experiment with cannabis can be rather intensive, but it’s also a good time waiting to be had. The first thing that you need to do when preparing for a party is to find people to populate it!

Like everything in our modern world can be found online. So, you will find like-minded people on the site uptoflirt. You can find friends, experts, as well as romantic interests looking to share this experience with you. That’s not all you need, of course. You will also have to do a little research and find out where you stand concerning local laws and such. Once that is finished, you need to source your cannabis and decide what kinds you want to have at your party. As most people know, there are different strains of cannabis, and each one can have a different effect on the user. You might want some cannabis that will keep people engaged, giggly, and having a good time. Otherwise, you could look for a strain to end the night with that will leave most people planted on the couch and having good conversations. Now that you have the type of cannabis in mind, you know the laws on how to get it, and you have interested people, we need to look at other elements. 

Various uses cannabis

The technology utilized in creating cannabis products has made it so there are numerous ways to enjoy the products so that they can be consumed in many different ways. That being said, not every person understands the multiple forms that cannabis can take and why they are so good in a party setting. Here are some of the most common forms that cannabis will take and why it is perfect to have at your party.


The most familiar way that people have to consume cannabis is by smoking the product. After all, smoking cannabis is simple and allows people to bask in the aromas of their favorite strains. Smoking comes with many different options for consumption on its own. For example, you can roll a joint or use a bong to light the cannabis and smoke it. It’s simple and effective, but it might not be the best means for every person. 


There will be times in your life where you are in a place with individuals that like cannabis but cannot have the smell lingering around their home. That is one reason that a vaporizer might be a good option for people hosting a cannabis party. You must remember that you will still have a smell from a vaporizer, but it will also be far less pungent than smoking cannabis on its own. Vaporizing cannabis does come with other benefits too. The different forms of vaporizers make it so that you can have an individual vape setup established with a specific strain of cannabis in it. That way, people can take a hit from a specific vape that they want to try early in the party and then move on to another. 

Food products (cakes, pastries, cookies) with cannabis

You should also remember that you don’t have to smoke cannabis to enjoy it. Another popular method to enjoy these products is to make them into food. Most people prefer to bake cannabis into sweet treats rather than savory ones, but you can make cannabis into multitudes of foods. Cookies, cakes, and candy are some of the most popular forms that cannabis can take. People have used soft candies to allow them to enjoy cannabis without anyone being the wiser. The most significant benefit of using edibles is that they do not come with the heavy smell that accompanies smoking. Another benefit is that they introduce the element of surprise. Due to the metabolic process, you might not “feel” the cannabis in your system for longer than you would think. This “surprise” feature of edibles makes them very conducive to the party environment!

Setting up a cannabis party is going to be nerve-wracking the first time you do it. Between obtaining the cannabis and getting the right people involved, it can take some serious planning. However, knowing what kind of experience you desire and how to obtain it with the tips we’ve provided will ensure you have the best time possible!

StaffFebruary 15, 2021


Editors note: This is a guest submission by Paul Calento, Co-Founder and CEO, CannaVu

The cannabis space is red hot right now, with newly powerful Democratic leaders saying they plan to make reform legislation a key priority in the current Congress. Over the past year of the pandemic, the industry has seen massive gains as many states with “stay in place” mandates identified the category as an “essential service.” Nevertheless, we have yet to see a major national player emerge as a ubiquitous brand, either on the retail or product level. If you work or heavily consume in the space, you might have become familiar with some of the players—but there’s no Pepsi or Kleenex in the industry by any stretch of the imagination.

There’s a good reason for that, of course: Cannabis is still prohibited at the federal level. However, it would be silly to think that major players aren’t eyeing this space and aligning themselves for the inevitable moment when that all changes. And rest assured, when this space moves, it’s going to move fast.

So, what’s it going to look like when national cannabis brands finally do emerge on the scene? Let’s take a look.

They’ll Enter Through CBD

The biggest area to watch right now, in terms of identifying the companies likely to take cannabis by storm, is the CBD space. The CBD industry is far more hospitable to national brand-building than cannabis right now. CBD products are already sold in all 50 states thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, and CBD products can be transported across state lines. CBD companies can use the same brand in all markets, and they also have the ability to work with national retail chains.

Perhaps most importantly, CBD is at a tipping point when it comes to mainstream acceptance and adoption. This is even more so the case in this new era of social distancing, which is exacerbating the demand drivers (pain, anxiety, sleep issues) leading a consumer to purchase a CBD product for the first time. This hasn’t gone unnoticed. For example, Dosist, an innovator in dose-controlled cannabis therapy, recently expanded its previously THC-focused product line into no-THC CBD products. This will allow the brand to expand its footprint in cannabis, possibly years before they actually are in a position to grow that business.

At present, “CBD” itself is the “brand” known to most consumers. Because of that, in the short term, it seems likely that brands with “CBD” in their names, or an implied medical affiliation, will have an advantage. Longer-term, we’re going to see CBD touted more as an active ingredient—think of it as the NutraSweet of health and wellness.

The CBD brands to watch will be the ones with prominent advertising and, increasingly, broad distribution at physical retail. While the effect of the latter will be muted over the next few months, amid the COVID-19 retail shutdowns, pervasive distribution mid-to-long-term will be key to positioning a brand for a smooth transition into cannabis.

The Focus Won’t Be on Vertical Integration

In addition to emerging from the CBD space, it’s a pretty safe bet that the first major national cannabis players won’t be ones that have exhausted themselves on vertical integration. In these early days of cannabis, we’ve seen a number of companies attempt to fully own the CBD and cannabis supply chain—from growing to processing to distributing to brand-building to selling. It’s an understandable inclination, given the level of control and oversight that vertical integration brings. But it’s also exhausting and ultimately unsustainable for most. McKinsey identifies the threats of vertical integration as “complex, expensive and hard to reverse,” and companies are increasingly recognizing the truth in that when it comes to CBD and cannabis.

There are plenty of examples of well-known brands in other sectors that have built deeply vertically integrated businesses and then walked away from that model. At one point, IBM — the quintessential tech product company—was vertically integrated, but the company divested its personal computer and printer businesses in order to focus on services.

In late February, Ryan Lissack, CEO at MedMen—possibly the most well-known vertically integrated multi-site dispensary operator—announced a move away from growing and producing cannabis products. “While vertical integration has been a big focus for the industry, our growing belief is that cannabis is evolving like every other consumer vertical: with a fragmented value chain and specialists at each layer,” said Lissack during the company’s Q2 earnings announcement.

By specializing in a more limited group of activities and partnering for the remaining pieces, companies will have a clearer path to scale and profitability on a national brand level. In time, they might end up vertically integrated—but that would be a long-term destination rather than the initial path they choose to follow.

Today, it would be virtually impossible to build a national cannabis brand, given the current regulatory climate. But the landslide toward widespread legalization is underway, and forward-looking companies of all sizes are now positioning themselves for the future. The advantage lies with companies already known in the healthcare space, versus pure-play canna-brands. It’s these companies—the ones with effective and existing lobbies, with both medical and retail presences—that will likely buy the best CBD and canna brands in order to leverage their existing infrastructures. In that regard, the companies with known and effective brands—not ones that merely serve the segment with THC or CBD, but those providing intrinsic customer value and brand recognition—will be the most desirable acquisitions and sell at the highest multiples.

StaffFebruary 12, 2021


Scott Bryant is Co-Founder and CEO of Pineworx, the nation’s premier white-label pre-roll manufacturer, and Tree-Rolls® Hemp Company, a premium hemp CBD pre-roll brand created for the convenience store market. Scott has worn many hats, including accounting, marketing, Sales, brand and product development, and industrial automation engineering. 

Mentored by his father in executive business management, Scott had a vision early on to create new, innovative companies. After graduating from Washington State University with a B.A. in Marketing, Scott worked for a top 10 beverage distributor, Columbia Distributing, where he gained knowledge and experience in the three-tier distribution system. With anticipation for exponential growth within the craft brewing industry he joined Hopunion (now YCH Hops) and became the company’s highest grossing Regional Manager – managing over 1000+ accounts across the Western U.S.. Over a 5-year period, Scott played an integral role in developing a nationwide sales force and worked side-by-side with top breweries, helping to introduce many of the world’s most popular hop varieties to the market.

While visiting a San Diego medical cannabis dispensary in 2012, Scott recognized the industry’s need for high quality branded products and utilized his background in Marketing and hops (a close relative to cannabis) to launch one of the nation’s first branded multipacks of pre-rolled joints, Jay’s Pre-Rolls, with co-founder Victor Berrio. Through the company’s success across California, the product helped to de-stigmatize the pre-rolled joint and became a pioneer of the product category.

Identifying a complete lack of product consistency in the market and the non-existence of pre-roll manufacturing equipment, Scott and his team acted on the opportunity to create industry quality standards. In 2014, Pineworx was born as a technology-driven white-label manufacturer focused on producing the finest quality pre-rolls possible. 

After the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, Pineworx transitioned into the hemp space to capitalize on the much broader, national CBD market. As the market emerged, Scott and his fellow entrepreneurs founded Tree-Rolls® Hemp Company in 2019 with an aim to normalize smokable hemp and obtain nationwide distribution into convenience stores, smoke shops, gas stations and other retail locations across the country. Through a passion for giving back to the community, Tree-Rolls® partnered with Trees For the Future ( – planting one tree for every product sold.

Executive Spotlight Interview:

Full birth name: Scott Bryant

Title: Co-Founder / CEO

Company: Pineworx

Years at current company: 5+

Most successful professional accomplishment before cannabis: 

Prior to the cannabis industry, I spent most of my adult life in beer, wine and spirits – working for distributors and raw material suppliers. From 2010 – 2015, I worked to develop a nationwide sales force for what is now the largest global distributor of hops to craft breweries. Our team led the 25 year old grower-owned company from ~$25MM in annual sales, to over $100MM in under 5 years. Through our hop breeding program and worldwide sourcing, our sales team was a driving factor in the worldwide IPA boom. 

Company Mission:

At Pineworx, Our mission is assist our clients in developing the finest pre-rolled products possible – continuously innovating new ways of improving product quality, convenience, sustainability and appeal for the ultimate benefit of our clients and the end consumer.

Company’s most successful achievement:

In 2013, Pineworx’ first project was one of the first branded multi-packs of pre-rolled smokable cannabis products in the U.S. – creating a new product category and spreading distribution throughout the state of California. At the time, there was an underlying stigma that any pre-rolls sold in a dispensary were low quality and not worth the money. We worked for years to eliminate that stigma and show the world that machine-manufactured pre-rolls can match and exceed the quality of hand-rolled products. Today, pre-rolled joints are a standard product in every cannabis retail location.

In tandem with our consumer facing products, Pineworx continued the development of proprietary pre-roll production technology and entered the B2B market, becoming the country’s first marketed white-label pre-roll manufacturer. Existing manufacturing equipment at the time was extremely primitive, forcing our engineers to start from scratch. Through years of R&D and continuous prototyping, Pineworx has set the standard for premium pre-roll smokables and solidified itself as the industry leader in product quality, consistency, and innovation. To-date our company has worked with many industry leaders to develop brands, expand on their production capacity and deliver their customers with the best pre-rolls possible.

Has the company raised any capital (yes or no): 

No, we are completely self-funded.

Any plans on raising capital in the future?

Yes, we are preparing for a series A funding.

Most important company 5 year goal:

Continue expanding operations throughout the country and enter the international market, becoming the Phillip Morris of pre-roll manufacturing. We also have plans to re-enter the recreational cannabis space, partnering with select companies across the U.S. 


StaffFebruary 3, 2021


Editors Note: This is a guest post. 

Cannabis legitimization has demonstrated several advantages for some reasons – pot’s remedial worth improves lives and decreases compulsion and the business development and potential is useful for the economy.

However, there are as yet the individuals who demand that ongoing cannabis utilization, such as using phoenix tears Canada, simply makes individuals more dumb.

To exacerbate the situation, a recent report has as far as anyone knows discovered confirmation that pot use diminishes an individual’s IQ after some time. 

This deception has fanned out quickly among against pot distributions throughout the previous five years, prompting expanded disarray on the issue. 

There are a ton of elements that go into play when considering these patterns – and making these cases – and considerably more that specialists deliberately forget about. 

In this way, before you experience another enemy of pot crusaders wanting to act wonderful about the hazards of cannabis and knowledge, we should investigate what these examinations truly propose. 

The Science Behind Cannabis and IQ 

There is next to no exploration contemplating the drawn out impacts of cannabis and the data that is out there is very restricted. 

You can also choose the CBD version of cannabis, where there will be THC effects of weed. These can be bought at places like CBD Oil Canada.

This makes it hard to think of exact ends and considerably more hard to induce with conviction that patterns in some random examination address precise relationships among cannabis and (fill in the clear). 

For instance, since cannabis stays illicit, it very well may be hard to track down guinea pigs in any case not to mention ones who will stay for the long stretch. 

Utilization patterns are additionally difficult to screen due partially in view of its illicit status and to a limited extent due to the numerous factors that go into item power or individual resilience levels. 

Yet, maybe the most factor of all, the one that will decide if an examination produces positive outcomes or negative ones, are analyst inclinations. 

In the event that an examination stands to lose financing on the off chance that it doesn’t restore the ideal outcomes, scientists might be compelled to slant the outcomes for whomever is giving assets. 

So what does this educate us concerning the IQ study? All things considered, first, it drives us to take a gander at the size of the experimental group. 

While in excess of 1,000 individuals were tried, the quantity of standard clients (3+ times each week) was exceptionally little (+/ – 40) and didn’t represent factors like home life or pay. 

Moreover, the drop in verbal grades could probably be because of the way that, as grown-ups, the subjects essentially didn’t have the test practice that they did while in secondary school. Considering there was no drop in scientific grades (science and riddles), a defective test configuration may be a factor. 

How about we return to that last point: IQ tests measure both verbal and insightful abilities. Verbal abilities incorporate things like jargon, memory maintenance and data while insightful abilities incorporate science, block plan, etc. 

In spite of the fact that there was a slight drop in verbal abilities, non-verbal scientific abilities saw no critical drop. Besides, there are numerous different types of knowledge that don’t become possibly the most important factor in this examination. 

Insights like social, passionate, aesthetic, mechanical knowledge, and inventive reasoning. Strangely, these are on the whole zone cannabis appears to improve, in any event as per observational proof. 

What Cannabis Means for Different Types of Intelligence 

To see what cannabis means for insight, it’s essential to see precisely how data gets handled in the mind. Fundamentally, every time you have an idea, calmly inhale or experience a sensation, your cerebrum is imparting electrical signs from one neuron to the dendrite of another. 

In some cases, the getting neuron stays on and gives the message to the following one and here and there it kills, enjoys a reprieve, and the sign colors. This ends up allowing the mind to lay and spotlight on different territories varying. 

At the point when THC gets included, it cooperates with this cycle, basically capturing the pathways and choosing for us what to zero in on and what to overlook. 

At the point when the pathways close, we forget about our mid-sentence or struggle centering in class, however when they stay open, they fire in a wide range of intriguing ways! 

This out-of-the-container (“disparate”) thinking assumes a critical part in weed’s capacity to advance inventiveness and is likely the explanation such countless effective individuals are everyday cannabis purchasers, too. 

Utilizing Cannabis to Promote Creative Thinking 

Besides the undeniable capabilities natural with the ideal situation, there are a couple of qualities that most managers are presently looking for. 

Adaptability and difficult work, indeed, yet more than that, businesses need representatives who are innovative masterminds, issue solvers and solid communicators. They likewise need workers who are socially delicate and sympathetic to the requirements of others. 

Since cannabis, such as the purple candy strain, has appeared to improve dissimilar reasoning, representatives who burn-through cannabis have the additional preferred position of innovative critical thinking abilities. 

It is also a reason why CBD products like CBD Cream Canada works just as well. They still provide the same benefits!

This could be one explanation numerous organizations are deciding to overlook cannabis use as an essential available, including the FBI. 

Studies additionally recommend cannabis use may improve associations in the orbitofrontal cortex, or the piece of the cerebrum that reacts to prizes, affliction and compassion. 

This could correspond with an improved probability of cannabis clients to associate and understand everyone around them (or it could have something to do with the variety of the run of the mill stoner circle) which is another central point considered by businesses preceding recruits. 


Despite the fact that there is no strong proof recommending cannabis causes either an improvement or decrease in intellectual capacity, in light of the patterns we’ve seen, it’s very conceivable cannabis may improve specific sorts of insight – ones that numerous businesses find advantageous, no less. 

So the following time somebody discloses to you pot makes individuals idiotic, assemble your contemplations, gather some examination and refute them!


StaffDecember 21, 2020


It’s time for your Daily Hit of cannabis financial news for December 21, 2020.

On the Site

Canopy Rivers

Canopy Rivers Inc. (TSX: RIV) (OTC: CNPOF) has entered into an agreement with Canopy Growth Corporation (NASDAQ: CGC) in which Rivers will transfer three portfolio assets to Canopy Growth in exchange for $115 million in cash and 3,750,000 common shares of Canopy Growth and the cancellation of all 36,468,318 Multiple Voting Shares and the 15,223,938 Subordinate Voting Shares of Rivers held by Canopy Growth.

In doing so, Rivers will receive significant additional cash resources, which the company said would enable it to pursue opportunities in the global cannabis market, including the United States. With this money added to its coffers, Canopy Rivers will have $243 million on hand. The company said it believes that its significant cash position and single-class share structure will make it an attractive transaction partner for cannabis operators, including those in the U.S., looking for access to capital and a path to liquidity.


The Post Office is backed up, mall Santas far and wide are doling out Christmas cheer from inside plastic bubbles, and the conundrum of what to gift someone who has quite likely been through one of the hardest years of their life (spoiler: that’s almost all of us) are making holiday shopping a real conundrum this year. According to a new consumer poll conducted by vertically integrated cannabis and hemp company Glass House Group, a significant number of customers will be rising to the Covid Christmas challenge by giving the gift of cannabis.


With every passing day and every new bit of legislation passed, more products containing CBD hit the shelves. Word is out that cannabinoids have real and lasting benefits, particularly when it comes to troubleshooting some of the most persistent maladies plaguing consumers today, including anxiety, insomnia, and pain. Word is also out that not all CBD products are created equal, and that the potency promised on packaging may not be an accurate reflection of the product within. According to the CBD Edibles Market Report (resulting from a collaboration between Leafreport and their partner lab Canalysis, this issue is particularly pronounced when it comes to edibles.


The U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) has decided to bring cannabis back into the fold and has provided guidelines for labs and cultivators around the globe to utilize to help provide consumers with quality cannabis products.  “There is a critical and growing need for the scientific articulation of quality attributes for cannabis and related products to help protect patients and consumers from harm. As more products become available and sourced more broadly, and states continue to adopt initiatives allowing the use of cannabis for medical purposes, potential exposure to and associated risk of harm from contaminated, substandard, or super potent products is increasing and we must do what we can to mitigate that risk,” said Jaap Venema, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer at USP.

In Other News

Ilera Healthcare

CapStone Holdings, a business incubator and investment group, today announced a $25 million investment in TerrAscend’s Ilera Healthcare Division, a vertically-integrated medical marijuana cultivator, processor, and dispensary operator in Pennsylvania.

CapStone is one of a group of investors in a $120 million loan facility to enable Ilera’s parent company – TerrAscend Corp. (OTCQX: TRSSF) – to satisfy the final Ilera Healthcare earn-out payments, in connection with TerrAscend’s acquisition of Ilera Healthcare, without the need for additional external funding.

Ilera’s cultivation and processing facility in Waterfall, PA, includes an extensive genetic library and features a greenhouse and a double-stacked indoor grow facility for optimal growth. Since being acquired by TerrAscend in 2019, Ilera has opened additional dispensaries and seeks to continue the expansion of sales of its concentrates, tinctures, and topicals among Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis dispensaries.

Terra Tech

Terra Tech Corp. (OTCQX: TRTC) announced the appointment of Mr. Frank Knuettel II as its new Interim Chief Executive Officer and President, in concert with the announcement of Mr. Uri Kenig as its new Interim Chief Operating Officer. Mike Nahass, former CEO, President, and Chief Operating Officer, will remain in the Company as Vice President of Operations as well as a Director.


Acreage Holdings, Inc. (OTCQX: ACRDF, ACRHF) today announced it filed restated unaudited interim financial statements for the three and nine-month periods ended September 30, 2020 and corresponding amended management’s discussion and analysis. The recognition of this liability resulted in a US$6.0 million increase to total net loss, consisting of a US$1.2 million increase to a net loss attributable to non-controlling interests and a US$4.8 million increase to a net loss attributable to the company for both the three month and nine-month periods ended September 30, 2020, along with corresponding increases to accrued liabilities. It was also determined that additional losses from legal settlements totaling approximately $8.2 million should be included within Operating Expenses as part of Losses from Legal Settlements, rather than as a component of Other Loss, Net.

Cynthia SalarizadehNovember 25, 2020


The holiday season is right around the corner! So what do you get the cannabis grower in your life?  Although the obvious choice might be a pair of socks decorated with cannabis leaves,  for the more sophisticated cannabis cultivator, we’ve found 14 gifts every grower would be stoked to receive. 

1. A mobile farm radio for grows in weak cell reception areas

Don’t let a weak signal put your communications in jeopardy! With a farm radio from Midland, you’ll always be able to get in touch with team members. The system from Midland can provide a range of up to 50 miles in areas with little or no obstruction.

2. Software to streamline their operations 

Traditionally, growers have used notebooks and whiteboards to track daily tasks and record grow data. But as the industry matures and operators scale their businesses, a need for smarter tools is born.

Meet Trym– user-friendly software built just for cultivators. Trym’s task management system allows a team to map out its tasks for a new plantings’ entire growth cycle. And Trym’s integrations with leading environmental sensors automate the monitoring of grow conditions. 

The coolest part is being able to access past data on harvests in order to optimize future ones. One thing all growers have in common is that they never stop trying to improve.

Help the grower in your life reach the success they deserve. With Trym they’ll quickly increase their operation’s productivity and consistency.

3. An environmental controls system to keep conditions at optimal levels

The professional grower who’s into tracking all of their environmental conditions will dig TrolMaster products for their powerful control systems and sensors that monitor lighting, temperature, humidity, and CO2.

Imagine how a plant experiences the sun outdoors, with gradual light intensity increasing from morning to afternoon. Now, a grower can program the light cycle and specific environmental conditions they desire to simulate natural outdoor conditions.

4. Microbiometer for quick and affordable soil tests

For farmers growing in soil, microbial biomass is considered to be the best indicator of soil health. With a product like a Microbiometer, growers can take their own on-site soil tests in only 10 minutes. 

Results are read through a mobile app and data is stored for later analysis. This is a great tool to track and evaluate the effectiveness of soil amendments. And for those who simply need to know their soil is healthy as can be, the Microbiometer is a fast and affordable way to do so.

5. Rapid wireless charging for long days 

12-hour days, lots of communication, research and note taking can take a toll on a grower’s phone. That’s why having a quick and easy way to charge up throughout the day is crucial. 

That’s where this Belkin charging stand comes in as the perfect gift. It offers up to 10 watts for Apple and Samsung so that you spend less time charging and more time tending to crops. 

6. A botanical illustration to dress up your wall

For a tasteful depiction of the beloved cannabis flower, these gorgeous prints from Goldleaf make a wonderful gift for anyone in the cannabis industry. 

Plus, all proceeds raised from these prints are donated to Project Sanctuary, an organization that helps military families and veterans returning from service. 

7. A garden gnome to watch over the crop

Help keep things lively in your grower’s work space. Whether they cultivate outdoors or in, a properly placed garden gnome will surely bring smiles. 

Gnomes are symbols of good luck and they are thought to provide protection. Who better to keep a close watch over a crop or home. There are plenty of gnomes to choose from–both big and small, so choose one that fits your grower’s personality.

8. Jeweler’s loupe to keep a close eye on the trichomes

After months of caring and nurturing their plants, one of the most important moments in a grower’s journey is deciding when it’s time to harvest. 

Growers listen to their plants and pay close attention to the trichomes, or resin glands on cannabis flowers. When they change from clear to milky, that’s when they know it’s time.

To monitor the trichomes, growers must be able to see them close up. This jeweler’s loupe has a handy LED light so they can see their handiwork day or night

9. Method 7 glasses for eye protection

Spending lots of time under grow lights can do serious damage to a grower’s eyes. Modern grow lights manipulate the natural light spectrum to mimic the sun’s rays, and too much exposure is not a good thing.

Every grower should protect their eyes while working in a grow room or light-assisted greenhouse. The most popular, high quality glasses in the industry are made by Method 7.

You’ll need to ask the grower what kind of lights they grow under because Method 7 makes glasses for all types including HPS, LED and Metal Halide.  

10. Airtight UV glass storage jars to keep their herb fresh

The freshness of cannabis diminishes rapidly with time, and the most harmful elements are oxygen and light. 

For a grower who smokes and wants a tasty, high-quality smoke each time, gift them a premium air-tight ultraviolet glass jar.This UV glass container from Masterdam will store and preserve their herb, increase its shelf life, and prolong its potency.

11. Smartphone camera lens for better quality grow photos and videos

One thing all growers have in common is pride in their work. Give them an opportunity and they’ll talk at length about their unique approach and how it results in the best cannabis possible. 

And they’re most likely to show you with a picture or video of their room. The issue is that if they don’t have a special filter on their phone, their shots will come out orange (if growing under HPS bulbs). 

This clip-on lens filter attaches to a phone and filters out the red-spectrum light to help the growers showcase their prized garden. 

12. A utility holster organizes necessities 

Growers have lots of tools and items they need within reach. It’s a hassle to pack your pockets before you step into the grow area and then clean them out each day. Instead,  this utility holster does a better job of keeping their things tidy and in one place. 

The holster easily clips on to waistbands, belts, or straps, and makes the perfect gift for someone needing a little bit more organization in their work space.

13. Hemp Coasters to bring their passion into their living space

These aren’t just any coasters. They’re made of hemp rope and are a subtle but distinct nod to the cannabis and hemp industry. These coasters are hand-made and can be found on Etsy.

Forget plastic, hemp is the promising crop towards increased sustainability. A simple, yet unique gift for any and all growers. 

14. Lava soap for clean and smooth hands

Anyone who has  worked with cannabis knows how sticky the flowers are. Even short tasks like pruning or deleafing result in sticky hands that are layered with resin from the plants.  

Regular old soap doesn’t cut it, which is why the perfect stocking stuffer for the growers in your life is Lava Soap.

This pumice soap cuts through all that resin and is a heavy-duty alternative to regular soap. Help a grower keep their hands clean and soft with this pumice soap, used by many since 1893.


StaffAugust 13, 2020


Editors Note: This is a guest post.

Just a decade ago, cannabis wasn’t openly discussed in most circles. It was widely used, but was only sold, purchased, and discussed in hushed tones. Today, it’s legal in many parts of the country. And within a matter of years, it’ll be legal throughout the entire United States. And if you think it’s only for getting high, you’d be mistaken. Cannabis is a powerful compound with many applications. Let’s explore in further detail.

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is a term that refers to a group of three different plants that have psychoactive properties: Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. The flowers of these plants can be harvested and dried to produce marijuana/weed.

While names like marijuana and weed carry a certain stigma, the truth is that the plant is natural and overwhelmingly safe. It has relaxing and calming effects and is known to treat a variety of medical conditions.

“Cannabis is made up of more than 120 components, which are known as cannabinoids,” Healthline explains. “Experts still aren’t sure what each cannabinoid does, but they have a pretty good understanding of two of them, known as cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).”

CBD is a compound within the cannabis plant that provides numerous benefits without any euphoric sensation. It’s often used to treat medical issues and conditions.

THC is the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis. It’s the part that’s responsible for getting “high.” It’s the element that’s still illegal in some parts of the country. (Though this is rapidly changing.)

5 Ways Cannabis Can be Used

Most people think about cannabis as a recreational drug that people smoke for the purpose of getting high, but this isn’t always the case. Most cannabis users have a good reason for using it. Here are some powerful uses:


  • Pain Relief


Research studies show that cannabis is an effective treatment option in a variety of painful conditions – ranging from headaches to childbirth. It’s also seen as a much safer alternative to opioids, which are often prescribed to treat acute pain. 


  • Stress Reduction


While cannabis can treat physical pain, it also has an effect on certain mental health issues. This includes stress reduction.

 “Cannabis is not always beneficial for people who are susceptible to anxiety, but very low doses can help to ease feelings of nervousness and restlessness and make people feel calmer and more relaxed,” Las Vegas ReLeaf explains. “Some people find that cannabis can help them to calm nerves associated with social anxiety.”

This is an aspect of cannabis use that has the potential to explode. Used in small doses, it can help with chronic stress and potentially prevent full-blown cases of anxiety that stem from chronic stress.


  • Epilepsy Treatment


According to, “Early evidence from laboratory studies, anecdotal reports, and small clinical studies over a number of years suggest that cannabidiol (CBD) could potentially help control seizures.”

As more studies are done on the relationship between cannabis and CBD usage in epilepsy patients, it’ll be interesting to contrast the health benefits and risks. At this point, the benefits column has far more check marks. 


  • Fighting Addiction


For years, politicians, lawmakers, and even medical doctors have lamented over the addictive nature of cannabis. But as time has passed, it’s become clear that it’s not nearly as addictive as once thought. In fact, it might be a viable treatment option for other addictions.

In certain cases, cannabis is being used to wean people off of other substances like opioids, alcohol, or hard drugs. In this sense, it’s able to fight addiction and provide healing.


  • Alternative to Less Desirable Habits


Per the previous point, cannabis is seen as a healthy alternative to less desirable habits like smoking cigarettes and heavy drinking. All in all, the science suggests that it’s much safer and has less harmful effects than either of the alternatives. 

Is Cannabis an Option for You?

By no means are we advocating cannabis use for everyone. The hope is that this article has opened your eyes to some of the potential uses and benefits so that you can make an informed decision on whether it’s right for you. If you do decide to try cannabis, make sure you do your research and only shop with companies that are reliable. 

At the moment, the cannabis industry is still fairly new. So it’s wise to ask around, read reviews, and search for a company that you believe in. For best results, look for businesses that track their products from seed to sale. 

Kaitlin DomangueApril 29, 2020


It’s time for your Daily Hit of cannabis financial news for April 29th, 2020. 

On the Site

Revive Therapeutics Researching Oral Dosage Of Psilocybin

Specialty life science company Revive Therapeutics Ltd. (CSE: RVV) has said that it will investigate novel oral dosage forms of psilocybin, such as oral dissolvable thin films or tablets, based on its wholly-owned patent-pending psilocybin formulations and its exclusive licensed drug delivery technology from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation.

The company said in a statement that through initial evaluations with its research team, it has found there are several unique parallels between the company’s intellectual property portfolio of psilocybin-based formulations and delivery mechanism and the drug delivery technology, which is comprised of tannin-chitosan composites that have been studied with cannabidiol in the past.

Leafwire Announces Exclusive Partnership with FlowerHire

FlowerHire, a leading Staffing and Talent Strategy firm serving the regulated cannabis industry has signed an exclusive Partnership with Leafwire, “The LinkedIn of Cannabis,” which connects over 30,000 professionals across all cannabis verticals – including VCs, investment holding firms, supply chain operators, distributors, manufacturers, extractors, and retailers.

“By joining forces with Leafwire, we have not only broadened our ability to deliver best-in-class executive recruitment and talent services to their passionate user base, but we will also be able to help facilitate meaningful networking and innovative partnership opportunities that will undoubtedly advance the industry,”  says David Belsky, CEO of FlowerHire. 

Medical Marijuana Reports 26% Increase In 2019 Revenue

Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC: MJNA) reported financial results for the quarter and year ending Dec. 31, 2019, with $75.6 million in gross revenue in 2019, a 26.3% increase year-over-year when compared to 2018’s gross revenue of $59.8 million. The net ordinary income for 2019 was $3.3 million versus 2018’s net loss of $8 million. The company reported a positive adjusted EBITDA of $139 thousand in 2019 as compared to a loss of $1.2 million in 2018. 

House of Saka, Inc. and Driven Deliveries, Inc. Partner for Statewide Doorstep Delivery in CA

During this time of mandatory quarantine, to be able to reach this population with products that can help relax people, help them sleep better, and overall make them much more comfortable while sheltering in their homes is key. This concept is exactly why cannabis has been deemed “essential”.

Understanding this reality, most cannabis brands are shifting their sales strategies and channels to provide the safest route receiving your products for consumption. In order to meet this new reality and demand, the House of Saka, Inc., producers of the first and only alcohol-free, cannabis-infused beverages made from select vineyards within the iconic Napa Valley appellation, announced today that its award-winning line of cannabis beverages are now available for home delivery throughout the entire state of California after partnering with Driven Deliveries, Inc. 

In Other News

The Flowr Corporation Announces Results for The Full 2019 Year and Q4

The Flowr Corporation reports that the company generated gross revenue of approximately $1.6 million in the fourth quarter, along with achieving the highest level of quarterly production to date. The company’s gross revenues for the entire year were approximately $8.2 million based on 993 kilograms sold.

Kaitlin DomangueApril 28, 2020


Green Horizons, a consumer insights firm for the cannabis space, released a detailed 42-page report exploring the “attitudes, usage, and market potential for cannabis and cannabis products.” 

The study revealed that many of the stereotypes commonly associated with cannabis users are not as true as society once believed. The firm followed 1,100 U.S. adults over the age of 18, with an oversample of cannabis users to match their true proportion in the population. 

According to the report, cannabis users typically make as much money as non-users, with $59.7k representing users and $57.5k for non-users. This demolishes the myth that cannabis users are automatically lazy, with no drive or motivation to be successful. 

Cannabis users are also more likely to have children in the home, with 63% of users having children compared to 53% of non-users. Many people who responsibly use cannabis say it helps them to be more relaxed, and cannabis users say this translates into their parenting allowing them to have more patience with their children. The amount of successful cannabis-using parents in the population defeats the idea that cannabis users are irresponsible and unable to take care of others if they use cannabis. 

Most cannabis consumption is done alone, despite the “pass the joint, let’s party” stereotype. Six in ten cannabis users consume cannabis by themselves frequently and 87% at least occasionally by themselves. 62% of medical cannabis users frequently consume cannabis alone and 45% consume cannabis alone frequently for recreational purposes.

The report found that those who use cannabis tend to be more health-conscious than those who don’t use cannabis. This comes as no surprise for those who use cannabis and are involved in the cannabis community, but it may come as a shock to the general public. This point especially holds weight when it comes to medicinal cannabis users, who “are more likely than recreational users to say that seeking/using natural or holistic remedies and staying informed about topics related to health and wellness play a big role in their life.” The data says 42% of cannabis users say staying in shape and exercising are important to them, compared to 36% of non-users. Only 22% of non-cannabis users incorporate natural or organic foods into their diet compared to 31% of cannabis users. The report notes, “This is consistent with findings from another study, conducted at the University of Colorado – Boulder, which found that cannabis users were exceeding the recommended amount of physical activity in comparison to non-users.”

Cannabis users are also “more likely than non-users to say that they are trying to be a force for positive change in the world, that they make an effort to be environmentally conscious, that they support local businesses, rather than big corporations, and that they are actively involved in social/political issues.”

This report also tackles other important points of the cannabis user culture like finding dispensaries and sourcing the perfect product. 

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