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StaffFebruary 22, 2022


Mr. Vincent E. Norment is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Marijuana Hall of Fame, a member of the Board of Directors of CannAmerica Brands Corp.  (OTC: CNNXF), and a United States Marine Corps veteran.  The Marijuana Hall of Fame is focused on the promotion of cannabis businesses and pioneers who have individually made an impact on the legalization of cannabis, innovation in cannabis products or processes, or have contributed to the large-scale normalization of cannabis use for medicinal or adult use.  In short, the Marijuana Hall of Fame Museum gives the industry participants a place to visit, celebrate the history of cannabis, and something to be proud of after decades of the negative stigma surrounding the plant.


  1. When did you formally enter the cannabis space? My path to cannabis was paved in pain. I am an Englewood, Chicago native who attended the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff where I played football for the HBCU and later served in the U. S. Marines as a Sergeant. By 2008, my knees were shot, but I was weary of pharmaceutic drugs, so I started using CBD after being turned on to the primary non-psychoactive compound commonly found in cannabis. It started working and I started feeling better.
  1. What made you decide to work in the cannabis industry?  I felt called to the industry because society and the government have ignored the social and economic toll of our marijuana laws for too long. I personally echo others who believe that no person should be sentenced to a lifetime of hardship because of a marijuana arrest. It is unethically bad, economically nonsensical, and an unnecessary strain on our already strained police departments and law enforcement officials. Even more unjust is that the burden of these low-level drug charges falls on minority communities, hindering their God-given right to thrive and build a brighter future for themselves and their families. I am proud to stand on the side of justice by advocating legislation change to begin righting the wrongs of decades of misinformed drug policy and make marijuana legal in all 50 states.
  1. Do you feel there is more opportunity for Black Americans in the cannabis industry versus a more traditional industry? Yes or no and why? No, but I hope there is a turnaround soon. But when you see states like Illinois that created a failed social equity program that was supposed to grant cannabis licenses for minorities (people of color) and women in 2020 since going recreational to this day, February 20, 2022, there are still NO people of color or women-owned Operating Recreational Dispensary in the state. As a multi-state awarded license holder in Illinois, it’s very frustrating to me to watch over two billion dollars of cannabis revenue brought into the state of Illinois over the past two years (2020 to 2021) with not one dollar being generated by minorities or women. And New Jersey is just as bad after issuing out 56 cannabis licenses NOT ONE was issued to Black Owner since legalizing weed. It’s disproportionate in other states as well.
  1. What is the most successful social equity effort in your opinion? Can be a charity or company program. M. Hall of Fame Inc has a non-for-profit charity called IT HELPS (H.E.L.P.S.) which stands for “Healing Every Living Person System.” IT HELPS focus on the history of cannabis and educating the public on the medical benefits of the cannabis plant. Also, in my opinion, companies like CannAmerica Brands (Denver, Colorado) and Redwood Cultivation (Las Vegas, Nevada) has strong social equity ties, which is why I’m excited to be working with CannAmerica Brands and Redwood Cultivation because their mission goes beyond cannabis as a business and has an additional focus of promoting diversity and inclusion in the industry. I’m also proud to be working closely with the Company’s founder and CEO Dan Anglin, who is also a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, as our shared experience in the most respected military service in the world has already forged a strong relationship that will help us guide this Company into the future together. That’s why I felt a partnership between the two, Redwood CEO Paul Schloss and Dan company could be a force in the cannabis industry.  As far as a state is concerned, Oklahoma has the most successful Grower, Processor, Dispensary, and Transporter Application hands down for minorities (people of color) and women than any other state.
  1. What is your personal goal for 2022?  As the founder of the Marijuana Hall of Fame, my personal goal in 2022 is to continue to make equity a priority in the cannabis space for minorities and women. To encourage all individuals to do their research thoroughly. They study, learn, and obtain as much knowledge about the cannabis/marijuana industry as possible. Learn about the different legislations, compliances, policies, and laws from state to state. Education is the key to knowing who the major players are and thought leaders in this rapidly growing business.


StaffNovember 19, 2019


Full birth name: Diana Anglin


Title: Chief Operating Officer


Company: CannAmerica Brands Corp.


Years at current company: 1.5 years


Education profile: BS from Western Michigan University (1994)


Most successful professional accomplishment before cannabis: Previous to cannabis I was in the public higher education sector. I had plenty of experience interpreting rules for higher education like Title IV (federal financial aid), NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), and college accreditation standards. While serving as the Graduation Services Advisors for the Colorado School of Mines I was able to motivate many students burned out from the rigorous program to stay focused and finish their degree. It brought me heartwarming pride to see “my students” walk across the stage at graduation.

 Company Mission: Our mission is to maximize the value of our brands by promoting, marketing and licensing the brands through various distribution channels, including to dispensaries, wholesalers and distributors in the United States and internationally. CannAmerica Brands owns a portfolio of cannabis brands in the cannabis space currently in the states of Colorado, Nevada, Maryland, Oklahoma, and Massachusetts. Our core strategy is to enhance and monetize the global reach of our existing brands, and to pursue additional strategic acquisitions to grow the scope of and diversify our portfolio of brands.

 Company’s most successful achievement:

Creating our Intellectual Property company to protect what our founders spent years creating was an early industry achievement that put our Company ahead of other cannabis companies. CannAmerica achieved a major milestone when we began trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange (“CSE”) under the symbol “CANA” on October 15th of 2018, when Canada announced federal legalization of cannabis. In December, CannAmerica also commenced trading on the OTCQB® Venture Market in the United States under the symbol “CNNXF.”

 Has the company raised any capital (yes or no): if so, how much?:

Yes, CannAmerica raised approximately $7 million via non-brokered private placements.

 Any plans on raising capital in the future?

At this time, the Company is focused on operational success.  Once current plans for expansion and new lines of products are in place, the Board will review the market temperature to determine the course of action for financing additional projects.


Most important company 5-year goal:

Expansion into more legal cannabis marketplaces, national hemp finished product sales, and additional lines of business to increase the revenues for the company and to create as many opportunities for brand expansion and acquisition.

Diana Anglin Bio:

Diana Anglin is a leader in cannabis regulatory compliance in the state of Colorado. She has assisted many companies to obtain licensing and prepare for opening of business. She served as Chair for Compliance Council of the Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce and held the position of Director of Compliance for two licensed marijuana companies. Currently she is the Chief Operating Officer for CannAmerica Brands Corp. Diana has been working in regulatory compliance for over 20 years. Her career started with helping young people navigate the college regulatory processes of Student Financial Aid, Graduation Services, and Enrollment Management.

Diana enjoys using her unusual sense of humor to raise money for local charities as well as using her free time to enjoy the many activities Colorado has to offer.



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