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StaffMarch 20, 2020


CannaVu, the largest curated collection of compliant advertising for Cannabis and CBD marketers, just released its inaugural “CBDscape: State of the North American Hemp/CBD Market,” which is now live at

CannaVu’s CBDscape diagrams the relationship between various stakeholders in the Hemp ecosystem, from businesses growing and producing the products to the brands facing the consumers. The CBDscape is modeled off of CannaVu’s CANNAscape conceptual diagram which is the leading document for understanding the Canna-ecosystem.

The CBDscape identifies notable participants including those involved in farming/extraction/wholesale, lead-gen portfolio companies involved in the segment, leading brands, segment leaders in beauty, terpenes, pets, drinks, edibles, as well as the retailers and sites driving near-term sales. More than 150 companies are represented in the first edition. The CANNAscape is available for download at

“Few new product categories have caught consumer interest and acceptance as quickly hemp-based CBD products,” stated Miles Dennison, Chief Executive Officer at CannaVu. “This industry, however, is crowded and most of the brands are too new to generate the types of awareness, preference and buyer connection of a typical consumer packaged goods brand. While there’s certainly a race to capture lower-funnel buyers, the businesses that create brands that transcend the category will ultimately win. And nobody has done that yet.”

CannaVu developed the CBDscape as an internal strategic planning tool, but decided to make it available more broadly, to answer questions from media companies, strategic partners, investors, advertisers and their agencies about the evolving CBD ecosystem. CannaVu uses the information to build advertising packages and attract new premium publishers to its platform. The CBDscape will be updated monthly, with drill-downs planned around regional and rapidly evolving specialty areas.

“To many consumers, ‘CBD’ is the brand, not the companies creating and selling the products,” said Paul Calento, Chief Operating Officer at CannaVu. “That’s dangerous, as a sales-before-brand mindset can create a race to the bottom for new businesses dependent on quick and near-immediate sales. As a result, the CBDscape is likely to change significantly over time, which is why we’re committing to a quarterly update schedule.”

StaffMarch 2, 2020


Cannabis and CBD advertisers have historically had a hard time finding the right customers. But doing so just got easier, thanks to a partnership between CannaVu and Tamoco. Cannavu is a curated collection of compliant advertising for Canna-/CBD marketers. Tamoco is a sensor-driven location data network. Together, they’ll provide insights into more than 5,000 medical and recreational dispensaries in the United States, enabling marketers to determine which devices have visited them, how frequently they’ve visited, and how recently.  High-speed processing of precise data sets will enable clients to unlock business intelligence in real-time.

“Combining precise POI (points of interest) measurement with CannaVu’s powerful ad stack gives Canna-/CBD marketers an effective way of reaching the right audiences and segments,” said Daniel Angel, CEO of Tamoco. “We’re excited to see how this partnership can grow as brands can see the value of precise targeting and a better understanding of visits to Canna-POIs.”
CannaVu overcomes the industry’s marketing limitations by accessing ad impressions on Canna-Compliant mainstream and endemic publishers and vendors. Publisher partners set standards on types of advertisers, campaigns, creatives, geographies, and device types. The Tamoco Visits product analyzes large amounts of first-party location data to understand a visit to a point of interest (POI). The visits product goes beyond location and uses fields such as altitude, motion, and dwell time to more accurately understand the number of visits to a POI.

Privacy is of great significance to both companies: CannaVu follows state, federal, and FDA requirements on where companies can advertise and what types of creative can be used. It enforces an advertiser “Code of Conduct” more stringent than typical state and local requirements. Likewise, Tamoco’s Consent Management Platform (CMP) and Privacy SDK allow consumers to opt in at the point of data collection. This provides a shared and local record of consent which can be revoked by the user at any time. These preferences are stored and communicated with vendors in real time.  Benefits of the partnership include:

  • First-party data and robust visits methodology – knowing when someone actually visits a dispensary (rather than any ping inside a geofence around a POI).
  • Frequency and other metadata – knowing how recent visits were, which type of dispensary, and so on. This facilitates simple yet powerful segmentation for advertisers.
  • Ability to protect consumer privacy, especially with regards to the CCPA – Tamoco has built a CMP that integrates with a publisher’s app. When a device is recognized as being in California, Tamoco enables publishers to deliver a custom dialogue to ask for consent. Users have the ability to opt-out, hit “do not sell” or request to see any data Tamoco has related to their devices.

“Our field is highly competitive and regulations vary state by state. Advertisers in the cannabis and CBD categories working with us will be working with the most privacy-focused company in the business,” said Miles Dennison, CEO of CannaVu. “Our customers will know they are reaching cannabis intenders in a compliant manner and getting results.  We are closing the loop on digital to store to sale.”

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