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StaffJune 17, 2021


Clever Leaves Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: CLVR) said it has entered into an active pharmaceutical ingredient supply agreement with CBD Life Holding SAPI de CV, an emerging leader in the Mexican cannabis industry which offers a line of CBD Wellness and consumer products and medical cannabis products which are under development. The partnership is Clever Leaves’ first commercial agreement in the Mexican market, and it comes shortly after regulations were fully approved in the country, providing a strategic growth opportunity in one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical markets. Clever Leaves also said recently that it is set to join the Russell Microcap Index, effective at market open on June 28, 2021, upon the conclusion of the Russell indexes annual reconstitution.

According to a recent report from Prohibition Partners for Latin America and the Caribbean (2020), the medical cannabis market in Mexico could be worth $60 million by 2024. So, it isn’t a huge market by comparison to the U.S. or Canada but still holds many opportunities.

“As a multinational cannabis operator with substantial operations in Latin America, it has always been one of our top goals to identify leaders in the region and build long-lasting commercial relationships,” said Kyle Detwiler, CEO of Clever Leaves. “CBD Life’s brand positioning and local exposure are attractive, but it’s their commitment to high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis products that makes this an ideal partnership.”

Under the agreement, Clever Leaves said it will act as the API supplier for the development and manufacture of CBD Life’s medical cannabis products. Beginning with CBD isolate, Clever Leaves aims to be the ongoing supplier of the required APIs for CBD Life’s product manufacturing purposes. CBD Life has significant distribution in Mexico, with its products available at more than 18,000 points of sale. The company has established itself as an early-mover when it comes to providing cannabis-based products to the Mexican market. It also has formed strategic alliances with some of Mexico’s largest media groups and is the first cannabis company to launch a nationwide advertising campaign for non-psychoactive cannabinoid-based consumer products.

“We feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Clever Leaves on our mission to develop safe and accessible pharmaceutical-grade cannabis medications of the highest quality. Our partnership will further propel our domestic and international expansion efforts thanks to their unmatched expertise and certifications that meet the highest standards and regulatory compliance equivalencies in most countries,” said Janko Ruiz de Chavez, COO and co-founder of CBD Life.

CBD Life’s current product line is comprised of topicals (including the traditional Hispanic household brand “Mariguanol”), beverages, and food supplements infused with hemp-derived CBD.

Julie AitchesonMay 26, 2021


CBD watchdog Leafreport just released findings from a study revealing that 56 percent of pet products have inaccurate label claims. As is the case with products formulated for humans, this can lead to a waste of money at best and unanticipated negative health outcomes at worst. Leafreport sent 55 pet CBD products for independent testing at Canalysis Laboratories in Las Vegas. Most of the products tested were CBD oils but there were also some edibles and topical products in the mix. At Canalysis, technicians tested the products and recorded the results in certificates of analysis. Leafreport then compared the amount of CBD shown on the COAs to the advertised CBD content of each product and looked at what other cannabinoids were detected by the tests. The results suggest that despite the progress made regarding consistent quality and potency of products, there is still a ways to go.

It’s no secret that reliable testing of CBD and THC levels in products is challenging, particularly when it comes to edibles. In a recent study by Johns Hopkins, researchers discovered that only 17 percent of edibles were accurately labeled in regards to THC concentration while only one product tested with an accurate THC to CBD ratio.  

Consistent with similar findings on CBD products for humans, Leafreport found that pet edibles and topicals are usually less accurate than oils and tinctures, with many companies scoring particularly poorly for their edible pet products. Furthermore, when a company claims that a product contains “full-spectrum CBD”, as many edibles marketed towards pet owners do, that means that the product should contain some level of THC (.3% or less). Despite this, 22 out of the 55 products tested by Leafreport had no THC at all. Only 44% of the tested products had CBD levels within 10% of the label, which is required for an “A” rating in the report. Some products were off as much as 98.5 percent from the label’s claim. 

Most products (58%) contained more CBD than advertised. Pet CBD oils actually performed reasonably well, but poor results for edibles and topicals negatively impacted the overall accuracy of CBD pet product labeling. Of all of the products tested, standouts for label accuracy included a CBD oil from Joy Organics and both CBD chews and oil from Seattle-based company Austin and Kat. Some of the worst results were posted by Petly CBD’s Small Dog Tincture, which was 36.9% off from the advertised amount, while Blue Moon Hemp’s CBD Dog Tincture contained only 11.2 mg of CBD instead of the advertised 250 mg. These results are certainly enough to make pet owners sit up, take notice, and demand greater accuracy in advertising, not just for the sake of their budgets but for the health and well-being of their furry friends.

Kaitlin DomangueMay 18, 2021


Brightfield Releases New CBD Report

Cannabis and CBD consumer data analytics company, The Brightfield Group, is announcing the release of their newest report analyzing the CBD market in 2020 and laying out their predictions for 2021. Some key information from the report includes: 

  • U.S. hemp-derived CBD sales are expected to reach $5.3 in 2021, up 15% from 2020’s $4.6 billion
  • By 2026, American CBD sales will reach $16 billion, driven by accelerated growth of ingestible products
  • Drinks and gummies are expected to be the fastest growing product types in 2021, with 71% and 44% value growth, respectively
  • Tinctures will retain the highest share of the market in 2021, holding 18% of retail sales
  • Online sales will surpass $2 billion in 2021, accounting for 38% of the total American CBD market

The report also highlights the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on the American CBD market, the FDA’s stance on regulating CBD in 2021, and various other pieces of information about the rapidly expanding market. The Brightfield Group predicts the hemp-derived CBD market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25% from 2021 to 2026, with growth driven by: 

  • New consumers 
  • Expanding retail into new channels
  • A regulatory framework from the FDA, accelerating the growth rate of ingestibles
  • New players to bring innovation to the market

Price and Potency Changes

According to aggregate data from Hemp Benchmarks, the Brightfield Group’s report says the aggregate assessed price for hemp CBD biomass declined by a whopping 82% from April 2019 to May 2020, taking the price from $38 a pound to just $7 per pound. 

While the coronavirus pandemic surely played a part in this, you have to wonder if the newly-established American CBD industry in 2019 played a role in the price per pound during that time. It was a hot market, performing beautifully and faster than anticipated, thanks to the federal government removing hemp from the Schedule I Substances list in 2018. The hemp space in 2019 is a tough year to compete with, and throw a global pandemic on top just one year later: you might see some lower hemp prices than average. 

  • 30 ML tinctures saw, on average, a 33% potency increase, going from 450 to 600 milligrams of CBD. The price dropped from $25 to $20. 
  • 120 ML tinctures saw, on average, a 33% potency increase, going from 1800 to 2400 milligrams of CBD. The price dropped from $70 to $60. 


In typical cannabis industry fashion, the CBD market is ahead of innovation and constantly thinking of new ways to keep customers satisfied. However, CBD brands are going beyond wacky flavors and new designs: the companies are focusing on functional ingredients that will make a difference for the consumer. 

Immunity is a huge focus for the CBD space in 2021, and 2020 saw the same thing. Ingredients like elderberry, echinacea, Vitamin C, and zinc are popular choices for consumers. Minor cannabinoids like CBG and CBN are still hot for 2021, tapping into the entourage effect full-spectrum cannabis products provide us. 

Top CBD Companies in Q4 

In terms of market share, here were the leading CBD companies during the last quarter of 2020: 

  1. Charlotte’s Web (3.6%)
  2. Medterra (1.7%)
  3. cbdMD (1.6%)
  4. CBDfx (1.5%)
  5. CBDistillery (1.2%)

The report listed 20 CBD companies, others include: CBD American Shaman, Bluebird Botanicals, Garden of Life, Ananda Hemp, and Martha Stewart CBD. 

Distribution Channels

Online CBD sales are expected to reach $2.02 billion in 2021, accounting for 38% of the total market. This is down slightly from 42% in 2020, but it’s a good sign that things might be returning to the beginning of normalcy as people return to in-person retail shopping. Curbside and contactless options are still available in many places, which might contribute to this number. E-commerce will dominate the distribution market in 2021, with pharmacy following behind it, then CBD speciality retailers, natural food stores, pet stores, and more.

StaffMay 7, 2021


Editors Note: This is a collaborative post.

CBD capsules are one of the most popular ways to take CBD. They are a clean, efficient, and familiar administration method. Unfortunately, there is not is a lack of understanding of how much each individual should be taking.

The confusion is due to two reasons. First, we do not have a sufficient amount of research regarding CBD. While we have seen a recent influx of human trials using CBD, we are far from the position we need to fully understand the amount of CBD required for a specific condition. Second, we each metabolize CBD differently. One amount may work for someone but not affect another person.

What are CBD Capsules?

A capsule is a gelatin container that keeps CBD escaping in a pill form. The CBD powder is inside the tablet that is easily swallowed and absorbed into the stomach.

CBD softgels are another popular form of CBD delivery. Instead of a capsule, the CBD oil is suspended in a clear gel, also designed to be swallowed and absorbed readily. CBD softgels 25mg are a common dose. Many people like the softgel over the capsule because they usually contain an oil rather than a powder.

CBD Oil or Capsules

Most people are more comfortable swallowing a pill than taking CBD sublingually. The taste of CBD oil also can be off-putting. Hemp has a strong earthy flavor that can take some getting used to. CBD oils capsules are swallowed, allowing the consumer to avoid any unpleasant taste, getting their daily dose.

CBD oil has higher bioavailability, meaning more CBD will be available for the body to utilize after ingesting. Bioavailability is essential, but it does not matter if you are not consistently dosing. If CBD oil turns you off and keeps you from getting your daily dose, the amount that is used by the body is irrelevant.

CBD Capsules Dosage

Most studies are observing people using CBD look at a dosage between 25-75mg. A typical dose given in retail products is also 25mg. This amount is a low threshold that most researchers and CBD companies choose to give their patients or customers.

While 25mg is a typical dose, many people taking CBD capsules for the first time may want to start smaller. The freedom to choose your amount is the most significant disadvantage to carrying CBD in capsule or softgel form. You are not able to lower the dose. If you aren’t comfortable taking a full dose just yet, find a company selling microdoses of 5-10mg before going up to an entire 25mg.

CBD is tolerated well by humans and does not have any adverse side effects. However, some people may still be intimidated by taking 25mg capsules. It may be more difficult to find, but there are options online for users wanting a smaller dose.

When to Take CBD?

The timing of CBD is also not entirely understood. Some studies suggest taking CBD at night if your goal is to overcome sleeping disorders and in the day if you are experiencing pain or a mental health condition. The most important part of taking CBD is to dose regularly. Taking CBD only once will not have much effect. A steady amount is the only way to experience the benefits.

Take CBD on a full stomach, especially if you are taking CBD capsules. The absorption rate will be much higher than if you were to take CBD without eating. If you are experiencing trouble sleeping and hope CBD can impact, take 30-45 minutes before going to bed. We recommend taking your CBD capsules right after your first meal for those suffering from mental health conditions.

StaffApril 14, 2021


Editors Note: This is a guest post. 

It is the 21st Century- a  world where we can get almost anything the heart desires simply by ordering it online and having it delivered straight to the doorstep. And, the cannabis industry is no different today. 

The slow but steady movement of marijuana’s use shows heavy documentation and has gained support from the consumers, especially the medical cannabis users. However, there remains a lot of mystery around the cannabis purchase process. Yes, people engage in regular workarounds for purchasing cannabis. 

But, no longer!

Yes, buying weed is pretty simple, provided you engage in a convenient and straightforward process, as described. Cannabis enthusiasts, can’t wait to know how? Well, let’s get going:

  • Embark on the research process:

When ordering marijuana products, it becomes vital to account for where you reside. After that, get informed and be sure that you aren’t falling under any scams or scrolling through any sketchy website. Ensure that the website you’re ordering CBD Products from looks legitimate and has reviews and publications from different customers. Dwell well on the reviewers and make sure they use different sets of words to express themselves differently. 

After all, you never wish to engage in illicit and fraudulent seller activities.

  • Know that you’re not scammed:

Let’s face it; a gazillion scammers are waiting to entrap you, especially when you buy weed. Thus, here are a few things that you must look for while purchasing weed:

  1. Open all eyes if the service asks you to pay through credit card or in advance.
  2. An online store that’s willing you to ship weed across state lines.
  3. An unlicensed dispensary.
  4. Anyone who offers you to mail weed. 
  5. The social media business is offering you to sell weed. 

Know that the online cannabis marketplace is a budding business model. Thus, with the flexibility of government regulations, the options have been changing and becoming standardized. 

  • Check online for reviews:

It is pretty unlikely for a reputable weed supplier not to have much knowledge of drugs and supplements. Please take note of the product reviews and ensure that they are complete and pretty exhaustive. Attain a clear picture of the correct dosage, symptoms, effects, and anything else that you as a buyer must know. 

The website and product description page will shed sufficient light on the seller’s credibility and trustworthiness. Thus, a single look will be enough to invite you as a customer. Care and efforts will be enough to spot. Also, the bottom line revolves around following your gut feeling. 

  • Cost:

Another good sign that comes as a thumbs up for the product quality is the cost. Thus, closely check the price tag. These should never be too high or too low. 

If you’re ordering in bulk, ensure availing coupons and other vouchers. Thus, it seems like a great incentive for going in for an online dispensary. The best deal for buying top-notch products at pocket-friendly prices involves having attractive options for bulk purchasing. 

Key Takeaways

Ordering weed can be pretty simple as ordering pizzas or groceries. Just make sure you have your ID and cash. Apart from these, take a look at the customer support services that your choicest dispensary offers, in addition to the payment option, and then you’re good to go with weed!


StaffApril 7, 2021


Editors Note: This is a guest post.

What is organic CBD oil?

CBD (Cannabidiol) oil is a product made by extracting cannabidiol from a cannabis plant, then combined with hemp seed oil or coconut oil. It has numerous therapeutic and health benefits when consumed accurately. It helps to deal with mental health issues such as anxiety and sleeping disorders. That is why organic ULU CBD oil is gaining momentum among highly health-conscious people. 

What is the current market size of CBD products?

In the year 2020, the size of the cannabidiol market worldwide was anticipated to be around USD 9.3 billion. It is substantially driven by an increasing fund for cannabinoid research, legalizing the use of CBD in different regions, and increasing happenings of chronic diseases and health complications. However, there are severe effects related to cannabis, and strict government rules and regulations may reduce the growth and expansion of the organic CBD oils market; because of its wide health edges, Oxford, which has the foremost economical analysis centers in the world, has declared to launch a USD 12.36 million analysis program on cannabidiol products. They will have to undergo several hurdles due to CBD products derived from marijuana rather than the hemp plant area unit classified as a schedule 1 drug. The main plan behind promoting CBD products is not to restrict forming and introducing only a certain amount of conventional goods like CBD oil, CBD salve, or CBD spray, but to create a customer-friendly attitude in contemplating cannabis as a drug. Few key players of the Cannabidiol market are Isodiol, Aurora cannabis, CW hemp, green roads, and Folium biosciences. In the year 2020, Perrigo company plc, the U.S.- based producer and supplier of self-care goods globally, announced its entry into the organic CBD oil Market via its investment in Kazmira LLC, which is a Colorado CBD product supplier. Perrigo also obtained a 20 percent equity share in Kazmira. 

Expected market size, market share, and trends analysis of CBD organic oil 2020-2030

In the past few years, organic CBD oil has witnessed increased demand due to its rising consumption in the treatment of various skin diseases. A notable portion of the global population is suffering from various skin problems such as acne, blackheads, and more. 

Organic CBD oils are used for the treatment of such issues because of their anti-inflammatory effects and minimum sebum production. It restricts the excessive production of sebum, resulting in decreasing the probability of skin diseases. The neuroprotective aspects of organic CBD oil facilitate doctors for treating their patients who are laid low with disorders and supply effective leads to the top. The employment of CBD organic oil is massive, which can be one of the reasons why the need for it has been increasing significantly. Organic CBD oil is also effectively utilized to treat patients diagnosed with insomnia and sleeplessness. With the increasing range of patients diagnosed with sleep disorders resulting from increasing workload and the number of hours; we have to spend in front of our screens, the demand for its cure is expected to increase at a notable rate.  

Organic CBD oil has also shown encouraging results in the development of various drugs comprising cures for severe diseases like cancer and diabetes. The leading market investors are investing a large amount of money in research and development operations to inspect the benefits of this oil further;

It is extremely useful in treating various diseases related to the heart and nervous system. According to a report issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 2.5% of the global population that is 147 million people globally, are consuming marijuana and other harmful drugs in various forms every year. It will increase the number of people diagnosed with such diseases and propel the demand for its cure, including organic CBD oil. There are researches and experiments conducted by private and public pharmaceutical associations. Globally, North America holds a significant share in the consumption of organic CBD oil. Due to CBD’s increased consumption of harmful food that exercises a negative effect on the body and causes health damage in the form of tumors and cancer. The stressful and carcinogen products lifestyle of North Americans increasingly makes it necessary for them to consume it. 

In 2019, the value of the cannabidiol market was around USD 5.4 billion globally. However, because of the increased utilization and benefits of organic CBD oil, the market is expected to reach USD 41 billion by 2030.

Market restraints

There have been stringent rules and regulations by the government in accepting and allowing the introduction of new products into the market. Apart from that, the expansion or sale of the cannabis plant in the black market in several countries is causing another hindrance altogether. Fluctuations in the economic and legal environment of the country also harm it. 

Due to the imposed lockdown within the year 2020 to fight through the covid-19 pandemic, the organic CBD oil market was deeply affected. It can be due to the closedown of production centers and distribution channels because of obligatory internment, which has severely disrupted this pandemic.  

Thereby, due to lockdown restrictions in numerous countries to protect the world against the covid-19 virus, there has been a notable downfall in the organic CBD oil market. The key players went through tough times. 

However, to make up for the loss, the covid-19 pandemic has also paved a broad path for increasing anxiety disorders. And as organic CBD oil is used in treating such mental health disorders, this has propelled the demand for it.   


The demand for organic CBD oil is expected to rise in the upcoming decade. That is because of the number of health benefits offered by the product. Meanwhile, because the world is still recovering from the covid-19 pandemic, the restrictions obligatory on the trade are withdrawn, once more increasing the demand for organic CBD oil and other cannabidiol products.  

StaffMarch 28, 2021


Editors Note: This is a guest post.

This age-old natural medicine and compound is now seeing a global resurgence. CDD Oil is on the rise. It was indeed present in the past, in ancient times, as was hemp, and the cannabis plant before the pharmaceutical industry stepped in became much more scientific. Simultaneously, the modern era would bring many central governments that would regulate these products. That is why many stayed away or would consume it in obscurity.

But governments are deregulating the use of the cannabis plant in several ways. Even more intriguing, new research is coming out that shows all its benefits. Further, as more people find out about the side effects of general pharmaceutical drugs, they would rather invest their time and resources in alternative and holistic remedies.

Here is what you must know about CBD and its derivatives.

Various Industries Have Adopted CBD Oil and Present Various Supplement Options

Many industries are stepping into the field and obtaining Cannabidiol to input into their products. The natural remedy serves as an additional ingredient in foods, lotions, creams, drinks, and other items that you may use on a regular basis. You can visit Age of Hemp for more information and exciting CBD products.

Indeed, even companies in the sleep industry and other areas are finding how they can integrate Cannabidiol into their products. It is no surprise that you can even take advantage of CBD supplement options to pair with your regular supplements as well. As more research steps into the picture and shows its benefits, more companies also join the sector to gain profits and become leaders in this thriving sector.

Individuals can turn to this compound because it will not hinder them as they seek to conduct work. For instance, it does not have a psychoactive element. This is to say that it does not get you high. If you are not high after taking Cannabidiol products, you can go about your day, perform and still minimize issues that you may have.

On the flip side, more representatives in industries realize that it offers a host of benefits that can help with depression, anxiety, sadness, lethargy, pain, and other issues that may plague the body. Again, one can take it in small doses without having to worry about significant side effects or obtaining a high from the product.

More individuals use CBD oil because it is a simple and effective way to ingest Cannabidiol into the system. But how can it help you, and how does it work? 


What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a derivative of the Cannabis foliage. Those who extract this product may use a carrier oil for best results. You will find that many companies will use an oil akin to coconut oil or another to carry Cannabidiol. As noted above, there are various ways to ingest CBD oil. Individuals will take it in several ways depending on the intensity of that oil.

But you will notice that more people will take advantage of a dropping tool to conduct their Cannabidiol ingestion. Individuals will conduct the process in a sublingual way, using over four drops, and holding the drops in a sublingual fashion for over thirty seconds before swallowing it.

Many people will incorporate it in their daily routine, and take a few drops several times each day, before breakfast, lunch and dinner. Of course, you do not have to merely take it straight by itself; you can also mix it in with a delicious drink like a smoothie, fruit juice, or other healthy drinks. Be it that you want to vape with a device like the Airvape Legacy or that you want to use it in drops…more and more people seek to become aware of overall wellness, self-care, and mental wellbeing, they incorporate Cannabidiol into their lives.

Many people will add it to their coffee or tea. You may even be surprised to know that teas, coffee brands, and others will provide CBD infused products already. This way, you can buy the products and make it as regular and be good to go. At the same time, people may choose to purchase CBD oil and add it because they know how much they are adding.

Finally, people will add CBD oil as they cook food. For instance, they can add it to salads, and other food items. They know that it works by interacting with your receptors and sending signals within your body.

As you can see, the compound is helpful in more ways than one and can help with surface-level issues to neurological conditions. Quite frankly, Cannabidiol can do a lot for you.

StaffMarch 22, 2021


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued warning letters to two companies for selling products labeled as containing cannabidiol (CBD) in ways that violate the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act). Specifically, the warning letters address the illegal marketing of unapproved drugs labeled as containing CBD. The companies are Honest Globe and Biolyte Laboratories.

The letter sent to Honest Globe referenced the products “ELIXICURE ORIGINAL PAIN RELIEF with CBD” (roll-on and pump versions) and “ELIXICURE LAVENDER PAIN RELIEF with CBD” (roll-on and pump versions) (hereinafter referred to as “ELIXICURE PAIN RELIEF with CBD” products). The “ELIXICURE PAIN RELIEF with CBD” products were labeled as containing cannabidiol (CBD) and require no prescription.

The letter read, “Your “ELIXICURE PAIN RELIEF with CBD” products are unapproved new drugs introduced or delivered for introduction into interstate commerce in violation of sections 505(a) and 301(d) of the FD&C Act, 21 U.S.C. 355(a) and 331(d). Furthermore, your “ELIXICURE PAIN RELIEF” products are misbranded drugs introduced or delivered for introduction into interstate commerce in violation of sections 502(a), 502(ee), and 301(a) of the FD&C Act, 21 U.S.C. 352(a), 352(ee), and 331(a).” The FDA also said that although CBD was listed as an inactive ingredient in the labels of the “ELIXICURE PAIN RELIEF with CBD” products, the product labeling clearly represented CBD as an active ingredient, which is a component of a drug intended to furnish pharmacological activity or other direct effects in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, or to affect the structure or function of the body. Ultimately an inactive ingredient should not exert pharmacological effects.

In addition to the marketing, Honest Globe was cited for production issues. The letter stated, “Your Quality Unit (QU) lacked control over your topical over-the-counter drug manufacturing operations and failed to ensure that you had adequate procedures. In your response, you committed to working with your contract laboratory to investigate the cited OOS results and future OOS results. Your response is inadequate because you did not address your responsibilities to investigate potential manufacturing deficiencies that may have led to the OOS results. Your response also failed to evaluate batches with OOS test results that had been distributed and were still within expiry.”

Honest Globe also got itself in trouble with claiming its products to be registered with the FDA . “To state that any drug product is “FDA registered” is inaccurate; drugs are subject to listing with FDA, not registration. Moreover, registration of an establishment or listing of a drug does not denote approval of the establishment, the drug, or any other drugs of the establishment, nor does it mean that a product may be legally marketed.”

Biolyte Laboratories LLC was the other company that received a letter. The company made medical claims about its products. Examples given were  “Silver Gel,” – used as an antimicrobial to help treat minor skin wounds, burns, infections . . .” “Silver Gel” – “USEFUL FOR WOUNDS, BURNS, BANDAGES, AND MORE . . . TOPICALLY USED AGAINST INFECTIONS . . . TOPICALLY USED AGAINST SEVERAL SKIN CONDITIONS (Hives, Rashes, eczema, diaper rash).”

“Based on the above labeling claims, your products “(b)(4) Therapeutic Pain Gel,” “(b)(4) Pain Relief Cream,” and “(b)(4) Magnesium Oil Spray” are drugs intended for use as external analgesics. We are not aware of any adequate and well-controlled clinical studies in the published literature that support a determination that “(b)(4) Therapeutic Pain Gel,” “(b)(4) Pain Relief Cream”, or “(b)(4) Magnesium Oil Spray” are generally recognized as safe and effective (GRASE) for use under the conditions suggested, recommended, or prescribed in their labeling.”

The FDA has not approved any over-the-counter (OTC) drugs containing CBD, and none of these products meet the requirements to be legally marketed without an approved new drug application. The letters explain that, as CBD has known pharmacological effects on humans, with demonstrated risks, it cannot be legally marketed as an inactive ingredient in OTC drug products that are not reviewed and approved by the FDA. Additionally, the letters cite substandard manufacturing practices, including failure to comply with current good manufacturing practices.

The FDA said in a statement that the products that are the subject of the warning letters issued today have not gone through the FDA drug approval process and are considered unapproved new drugs. There have been no FDA evaluation of whether these unapproved drug products are effective for the uses manufacturers to claim, what an appropriate dose might be, how they could interact with FDA-approved drugs or other products, or whether they have dangerous side effects or other safety concerns.

StaffMarch 13, 2021


Editors Note: This is a  guest post. 

A vital piece of information to know before using any of this ancient medicine is that the cannabis plant has both male and female parts, and both of them have very different chemical components. While it is basically the same thing, it may have various effects on animals.

So, you need to be cautious before deciding to buy the best product. It has been proven that male and female parts of the cannabis plant can differentiate. But an important thing to know is that this percentage is not safe for cats and can cause a lot of adverse side effects.

For example, the female part of the marijuana plant can contain from five to twenty percent of THC. And some more exclusive grades can contain up from twenty-five to thirty percent THC. But in order to create a batch of cannabinoids in some countries, the THC level has to be a maximum of 0.3 percent. That is the dose that has been tested in humans, and it has been proven that they will not get the high effect.

If you want to look more into the regularities of THC level in this product, click on the following link for more info https://www.fda.gov/news-events/public-health-focus/fda-regulation-cannabis-and-cannabis-derived-products-including-cannabidiol-cbd.

The pros for using CBD on cats

While it is still a hot topic nowadays, there have been actual studies that confirm the beneficial effects that come from using these kinds of products on your furry friend. Those effects may help in reducing aggression, anxiety, multiple infections, loss of appetite, loss of energy, inflammation, joint pain, allergies, seizures, tumors, and cancer.

If your cat has had health issues, it is better to first consult your veterinarian before concluding any rash decisions. In the worst case, it may cause some minors issues, and a lot of people are mixing the given prescription with this new type of medicine. But as always, it is best to get some advice from a doctor. 

What is the correct dosage of CBD oil for Cats?

If you are wondering what the proper dose is, then you’re not alone. The internet is filled with information on different forums, and you can see different ranges. If you want to play it safe, you can start with a minimal dosage that can vary from one to five milligrams per 10 pounds. 

For cats, it is recommended to start the dosage with the written on the label so that you can test the response of the animal. If the cat does not respond at all, then it is better to increase the dosage a bit so you can see if there are any improvements.

The weight of your cat is also significant. If a cat weighs 5 kilograms, it can absorb up to 15 milligrams. The effects on a cat that weighs more can be different than the one that weighs, for example, 3 kilograms. When your cat ingests the treat, it is crucial to know how much CBD is actually in there.

Let’s say your cat has more significant health issues. Then the dosage and concentration of CBD should be more significant than the ones with smaller health problems. If you want to read more about the proper dosage of CBD for your cat, be sure to check out this link.

What is the best type of CBD to be given to your cat?

The effects it may have on your cat may be different depending on the product and you should always be careful with what is best for your cat. But worry not, because almost every product you decide to buy will benefit your pet and almost surely help them in reducing health risks.

Long story-short, raw CBD is a pure distillate component that contains only cannabidiol and no other chemical compounds. Hemp oil is a special CBD treats distillate that is extracted from hemp plants and has less than 0.3 percent THC. Full-spectrum oil is extracted from hemp or cannabis (marijuana) which contains more terpenes and cannabinoids.

In conclusion, what you want is something that works. There are new discoveries coming out every day. This topic is still very debatable, but as time goes by, more people will be looking into this and will be exploring more ways to combine these kinds of products and their uses with everything else.

StaffMarch 12, 2021



CBD oil is a diluted form of cannabidiol, a chemical compound that derives from the cannabis plant. Diluting the CBD with a carrier oil makes CBD oil. By infusing this with other ingredients, manufacturers can create bath bombs or bath salts. 

Is there anything more indulgent than a warm bath? Whether you hit the tub to wash up, unwind mentally, ease stiff muscles, or promote a good night’s sleep, you know all about the healing power of a good soak. But if you thought taking a bath couldn’t get any more relaxing, think again. A CBD bath might just be the ultimate way to soothe your mind, body, and soul.

Bath bombs and bath salts can benefit the skin and provide a relaxing bathing experience. Some of these products may contain cannabidiol (CBD) oil, which may have some extra benefits for the skin.

Even if you’ve been skeptical about trying CBD in any form, a soak of aromatic, CBD-infused bath salts could be the perfect way to experience CBD’s effects without ingesting it, and while doing something you already enjoy (lounging in the tub).

CBD Bath Benefits 

So what does this calming, homeostasis-promoting, cannabis-derived plant substance have to do with bath time?

The heat improves CBD’s anti-inflammatory benefits. 

Among other benefits, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. “CBD is best used for inflammation, which is really at the root of any problem you have with your skin, whether it’s eczema or pain. Dissolving a CBD-infused product, like bath salts or a bath bomb, into hot water and soaking in it helps expedite the process of CBD absorption into the skin and bloodstream through the pores.

CBD could make that relaxing bath even more relaxing. 

Baths deliver so many minerals, promote healing, and are great for soreness after a workout. The biggest benefits [of a CBD bath] would be to relax and decompress, to ease musculoskeletal pain and inflammation, and to soothe angry skin conditions.

CBD gets absorbed more efficiently through skin. 

Compared to taking a few drops of CBD tincture orally (say, under your tongue), letting it absorb topically tends to have quicker, more direct results. As with any nutrient or ingredient applied to the skin, absorption into the bloodstream will be faster than with oral ingestion.

It’s beneficial in so many different ways. 

The reason CBD is miraculous is not because of what it does (it’s not a cure-all), but because it is such a malleable ingredient. It’s a compound that works on so many different systems of your body. It touches on anxiety, mood, sleep disorders—all these different variants of your life.

It’s a natural, plant-derived ingredient that works in conjunction with other soothing bath products. 

Don’t think of a CBD bath as dunking yourself into a tub of chemicals. CBD works naturally and subtly and in tandem with your chosen bath product’s various therapeutic ingredients. For instance,  Bath Salts includes a pore-opening and detoxifying sulfur, which allows all the product’s other minerals (like Dead Sea salt and magnesium) and herbal extracts (including marjoram, yarrow, rosemary, and CBD) to enter pores quicker and deeper.

How to Use Them

CBD bath bombs, aka hemp bath bombs, usually clock in at a range of 25 to 100 milligrams or more per unit. If you’re new to incorporating CBD at bath time, start with one in the low-to-mid-range (between 25 and 50 milligrams per bath bomb) and see how you feel. If you’re looking for a more dramatic effect, you can bump up to a product with 100 milligrams of CBD, but expect to pay more for the higher cannabinoid content. In any case, using a CBD bath bomb is totally safe — you can’t OD on CBD, and it won’t give you any psychoactive or “high” feeling. Using a CBD bath bomb is easy peasy. Draw yourself a warm bath, drop in your bath bomb, and enjoy the fizziness as the product dissolves. Immerse yourself for at least 20 minutes so that your skin can soak up as many of the beneficial cannabinoids and minerals as possible. This form of CBD isn’t edible, though, so make sure not to splash your CBD bath water into your eyes or mouth.


CBD bath bombs and salts may moisturize the skin and reduce pimples while providing a relaxing experience. There is a range of CBD bath bombs and salts available on the market. These contain different amounts and types of CBD, essential oils, and fragrances.  A person may want to consider these factors when deciding which bath bomb or bath salts will best suit them.


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