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Kaitlin DomangueMay 28, 2021


Memorial Day Weekend is host to hundreds of thousands of retail sales every single year. Around this time of year, you can’t turn on the tv, radio, open Facebook, or your email without some Memorial Day advertisements broadcasted your way. The cannabis industry is no different. The holiday weekend is a historically high sales day for the cannabis space. But according to BDSA, Memorial Day Weekend in 2021 will be unlike previous years and surpass year-over-year growth seen in 2020. 

Friday is the star of cannabis sales over Memorial Day Weekend

BDSA’s newly-released report about cannabis sales over the three day weekend predicts Fridays to be the best sales day between the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday before Memorial Day. Previously, the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend has been the highest cannabis sales day throughout the month of May, with inhalable consumption methods driving the holiday mania. 

This is likely because of the outdoor-type gatherings Memorial Day Weekend brings. Everyone is outside, lighting the BBQ grill, and apparently: smoking a lot of weed. BDSA says 50% of people consume for “daytime fun”, which is right in line with the festivities leading up to Memorial Day. 

Colorado to make up 25% of sales on Thursday and Sunday

Thursday and Saturday still draw a crowd, however. The report says Thursday, Friday, and Saturday will be blockbuster sales day in the cannabis industry and 25% of the growth seen on Friday and Saturday will be thanks to transactions in Colorado. 

According to cannabis enterprise software company Akerna’s flash report, Memorial Day Weekend will gross approximately $238,000,000 in recreational and medical marijuana sales over the four day period, Friday to Memorial Day on Monday. According to the report, consumers under the age of 40 will be driving 61% of cannabis sales. 

Like the BDSA report, Akerna predicts Friday to be the highest sales day of the weekend, grossing $85,000,000. If sales reach this number, it’s up 55% from average sales on the Friday before Memorial Day. 

Cannabis beverages are hot for summer

Many predicted cannabis beverages to surge in popularity in 2021. Edibles are already taking the industry by storm. Cannabis data analytics company, Headset, recently reported edibles grew by 60% across seven legal markets in the United States. This includes market share, according to Headset data analyst Cooper Ashley, who said they increased from 10.65% in 2019 to 11.07% of the market share in 2020. 

It’s possible cannabis beverages could be the product of the summer, filling backyard coolers and poolside drinks all summer long. We’ll find out after Memorial Day Weekend is over! 

William SumnerJanuary 25, 2018


Cannabis is no longer just a recreational substance. With 29 U.S. States and the District of Columbia currently with medical cannabis laws on the books, more Americans than ever are turning to cannabis as the solution to their aches, pains, and general wellness… but the question is why?

Proffering answers is an annual report published by cannabis technology company Eaze, which analyzed the consumer habits of over 15,000 survey respondents and 350,000 cannabis consumers in the state of California.

In part three of our four-part series, Analyzing Eaze Insights 2017, Green Market Report will examine the reasons why consumers are increasingly turning to cannabis to help promote their general wellness. If you’d like to catch up on the series, you can find Part One here and Part Two here.

According to Eaze’s report, one of the reasons why consumers are turning to cannabis is to help them sleep. Approximately 57% of consumers surveyed by the company reported that they use or have used sleeping pill in past.

Of those people, approximately 95% have used cannabis to help reduce their consumption of sleeping pills. Approximately 45% of those that use cannabis as a substitute for sleeping pills report to switching over to cannabis entirely.

In terms of product preference, consumers that use cannabis to replace sleeping pills prefer using flower (37%). The second most popular consumption method was vaporizers (29%), followed by edibles in a distant third (17%)

Although survey respondents were not asked why the prefer one method over another, the report authors believe that flower’s popularity is due to its fast delivery of THC; as compared to edibles, which often take an hour or more to take effect.

But consumers are not just using cannabis to help them sleep, they’re also using it to help replace bad habits. Of those surveyed, 38% said that they use or have used tobacco. Approximately 73% of those that use or have used tobacco say that cannabis has helped them reduce their tobacco consumption, and 13% of that group claim to have used cannabis to completely replace their tobacco use.

Consumers that use cannabis as a tobacco substitute overwhelmingly prefer flower (55%), followed by vaporizers (29%) and edibles (8%).

In addition to using cannabis to help make the body well, consumers are also using cannabis to help ease the mind.

Approximately 48% of those surveyed reported to use or have used anxiety medication. Out of that group, 95% say that they have used cannabis to reduce their consumption of anxiety medication and 40% of those people report that cannabis has replaced their anxiety medication altogether.

The preferred method of consumption for consumers using cannabis to replace anxiety is flower (37%), followed by vaporizers (29%) and edibles pulling in at third (10%).

Stay Tuned for Part Four

Apart from the changing markets and newfound benefits of cannabis, there is another emerging trend that stands above the rest: the explosion of women in the cannabis industry, both as entrepreneurs and consumers.

Stay tuned for the fourth and final part of our series, Analyzing Eaze Insights 2017, where Green Market Report will examine the growing power of women as consumers in the cannabis industry.

William SumnerJanuary 24, 2018


As legalization continues to spread throughout the United States, the question of how consumers prefer to use cannabis has become increasingly relevant. Flower or edibles? Oils or extracts? These are the questions that industry experts are asking themselves, and in an annual report published by cannabis technology company Eaze, some answers can be gleaned.

In part two of our four-part series, Analyzing Eaze Insights 2017, Green Market Report will take a look at the consumer rising trends and preferences that Eaze saw in 2017. If you missed out on Part One and would like to catch up, you can click here.

Analyzing the consumer habits of over 15,000 survey respondents and 350,000 cannabis consumers in the state of California, Eaze found that adults of all ages have begun to turn to cannabis as a healthier alternative to alcohol and tobacco. Demand for products with cannabidiol (CBD) has become exceptionally high, leading the company to greatly expand its CBD product offerings.

Demand for ready-to-use cannabis products has also been on the rise. The year 2017 marked the first time in Eaze’s history that demand for ready-to-use cannabis products outpaced the demand for flower. Ready-to-use cannabis products are defined as “convenience products” that are easy to use and typically only require a lighter or the push of a button; such as pre-rolled joints or cannabis oils.

Generationally speaking, Baby Boomers (1946-1964) are the fastest growing age group for cannabis consumers. In 2017, cannabis orders by Baby Boomers increased by 19%, followed by Generation X (1965-1984) with 13%. Demand from Millennials (1985-1995) declined by 1%, while cannabis demand from Generation Z (1996-present) declined by 4%.

In terms of product preference, Generation Z most preferred cannabis flower with 75% of Gen Z customers purchasing flower in 2017. Generation Z also led the way in purchasing pre-rolled cannabis (58%) and concentrates (34%).

Millennials mostly preferred using vaporizers to consume cannabis with approximately 72% of Millennial consumers purchasing vaporizer products in 2017, followed by cannabis flower (68%) and pre-rolled cannabis (56%).

Edible cannabis products are most popular with Generation X. On the whole, however, Generation X also prefers by a wide margin (71%) to use vaporizers for their cannabis consumption, followed by cannabis flower.

Likewise, Baby Boomers make up the most demand for cannabis topicals, approximately 14% of Baby Boomers purchased topicals in 2017, but overall prefer to use vaporizers as well (63%).

With regards to monthly expenditures, Generation X spends the most on cannabis at $189 a month. Close behind, however, are the Baby Boomers, who spent on average approximately $185 a month on cannabis in 2017.

The next highest group is Generation Z, who spent on average $180 a month on cannabis, followed by Millennials, who only spent $179 per month.

Stay Tuned For Part 3

With more people than ever spending an increasing amount of money on cannabis every month, the question of why becomes harder to ignore. One potential answer to that question is the rise of individuals using cannabis not as a recreational substance, but rather as a wellness product.

To find out why more people have started to use cannabis as a wellness product, check back in tomorrow for Analyzing Eaze Insights 2017 Part Three: Trends in Cannabis Wellness.

Michelle JanikianJanuary 9, 2018


Who Is Jeff Sessions Serving? Survey Data Shows Republicans and Sessions’ Home State of Alabama Support Cannabis Legalization

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is adamantly anti-cannabis, a position he made clear with his termination of the Cole Memo last week.

But where does Sessions’ strong disposition against pot come from? It is the wish of his party and home state of Alabama that he’s adhering to?

According to the numbers – and the news – it looks like Sessions is acting alone on this issue.

In Alabama, both medical and recreational cannabis are illegal, but it is one of 18 states with “CBD-only” laws. In the case of Alabama, CBD products containing 3% of THC or less are permitted for medical-use but are apparently hard to come by.

The Green Market Report’s partners at Consumer Research Around Cannabis surveyed people in the Birmingham, Alabama area last year to see what people living in a deep-south “red state” thought about cannabis legalization. The survey covered 21 counties surrounding the city and not just the more democratic leaning urban areas.

According to the numbers, 60.2% of respondents in Alabama support cannabis legalization, for medical and/or recreational use. That number is very close to the Pew Research Center’s national average of 61%.

When analyzed according to political beliefs, the numbers didn’t vary significantly; 55.3% of self-identifying “conservatives” in Birmingham also support cannabis legalization, for medical and/or recreational use. Again, this number was very close to the Republican national average taken by Gallup last year, which reported 51% of conservatives support full legalization.

Clearly, Sessions isn’t taking cues from his political party or home state. According to the Consumer Research Around Cannabis data, only 13.9% of the Birmingham respondents disapproved of cannabis legalization – putting Sessions in a small minority.

The Republican Response

On top of that, many powerful Republicans have come out publicly denouncing Sessions’ move against the Cole Memo last week. Including Republican Senator from Colorado, Cory Gardner, who told Sessions that the Department of Justice will not receive approvals for their nominees until Sessions reverses his marijuana policy.

Even President Trump “promised” to keep marijuana legalization a state issue during his campaign. But Sessions continues to act in defiance of his political party, home state, and the American people, 71% of which oppose a federal crackdown on states with legal cannabis, according to a Quinnipiac poll. He must be fighting for all those “good people” who “don’t smoke marijuana.”

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