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StaffJune 2, 2022


The Daily Hit is a recap of the top cannabis business stories for June 2, 2022.


Bright Green Former CEO Claims Valuation Fraud

The back story of the cannabis concept stock Bright Green (NASDAQ: BGXX) involves a burned-down building, a years-long battle with the state of New Mexico, a bankruptcy case, and an angry former CEO who is accusing the company of fraud. Bright Green recently began trading on the NASDAQ (NDAQ) as a direct listing, not as an Initial Public Offering (IPO). The stock shot up almost immediately to $58 and has since sold off and was lately selling at $3.54. Read more here.

TILT Holdings Inc., Ricky Williams’ Highsmanis

Ricky William’s cannabis brand Highsmanis coming to the Northeast in a new deal with TILT Holdings Inc.  (NEO:TILT) (OTCQX: TLLTF). Highsman is a purpose-driven cannabis lifestyle brand founded by former NFL running back, Ricky Williams. TILT is leaning into sports enthusiasts and everyday athletes as it chooses its portfolio of brands. TILT will launch Highsman in both Massachusetts and Pennsylvania in early September to kick off the 2022 football season. Read more here.

Next Gen Psychedelics

The psychedelic experience is intense. As much as it can help someone understand and work through their mental health issues, the hallucinations that come with them are a significant part of the psychedelics experience that is what makes psychedelics the powerful and effective therapy that it is. Read more here.


Intercure Ltd., Cookies

InterCure Ltd. (NASDAQ: INCR) (TSX: INCR.U) (TASE: INCR) announced today the grand opening of its flagship Cookies pharmacy in Be’er Sheva, the largest city in Israel’s southern region, known as the capital of the Negev. The pharmacy is located in the center of Be’er Sheva in front of City Hall, in a unique building that covers an area of ​​over 1,000 square meters and is painted entirely in the globally recognized Cookies baby blue. To the company’s knowledge, this is the largest medical cannabis dedicated pharmacy in the world. Read more here.

Clear Cannabis Inc., Bloom Montana

Clear Cannabis Inc. (CCI), national licensor of cannabis brand The Clear™ announces an exclusive partnership with licensed cannabis provider Bloom Montana. “We are ecstatic to establish this partnership and be one of the first nationwide cannabis brands in the great state of Montana,” said Seth Wiggins, President of CCI. “With a newly legalized adult-use market, we know there’s a growing demand for high quality, consistent cannabis products from a reputable brand. As pillars of brand value, The Clear will certainly deliver for the cannabis consumer in Montana.” Read more here.

Heritage Cannabis Holdings

Heritage Cannabis Holdings Corp. (CSE: CANN) (OTCQX: HERTF) today announces that the cease trade order issued on March 2, 2022, by the Ontario Securities Commission has been revoked. As a result, the Company’s common shares have resumed trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange effective immediately. Read more here.


Florida has fully adopted CanPay, the largest legitimate payment network for cannabis merchants and consumers. The platform is now accepted at 95% of the state’s medical marijuana treatment centers (MMTCs). Nearly 100% of Florida’s medical cannabis patients can use CanPay to pay for their cannabis purchases. Read more here.

Debra BorchardtMay 4, 2022


It isn’t Mcdonald’s (NYSE: MCD), but cannabis franchising is a very real part of the industry. Using data from Cannabiz Media, Green Market Report took a look at the top franchising leaders in the overall market. We then drilled down into Canada and the U.S. to see who the leaders are in each country. All of this data is sourced from Cannabiz Intelligence.

Top 5 Franchises

The Top Five Cannabis Franchises in the U.S. and Canada by store count are as follows:

  1. Inner Spirit Holdings
  2. Dutch Love Cannabis
  3. Cookies 
  4. Uncle Sams Cannabis
  5. From the Earth Inc.

Inner Spirit Holdings has 32 stores under its franchise. The company was acquired by Sundial Growers (NASDAQ: SNDL) in 2021 for approximately $131 million. Inner Spirit is a retailer and franchisor of Spiritleaf recreational cannabis stores across Canada. The Spiritleaf network includes 86 franchised and corporate-owned locations. Spiritleaf has been recognized with a Franchisees’ Choice Designation from the Canadian Franchise Association for its award-winning support center, a MarCom Platinum Award for marketing excellence, and a Hermes Gold Award for its creative customer benefits program.

Dutch Love Cannabis is a privately-owned cannabis company with 27 stores listed as franchisees. It was rebranded from the Hobo Cannabis Company in 2020. It is a Donnelly Group Venture. The Donnelly Group has 20 years of experience in the hospitality and service industries via pubs, cocktail clubs, barbershops and more.  Harrison Stoker is listed as the Chief Growth Officer. In addition to Stoker, President of the Donnelly Group Jeff Donnelly works on the cannabis brand’s team. Reid Ogden serves as Stoker’s counterpart in operations. The team also recently brought on a CFO to drive efficiency for its finance team. Two directors of operations handle the east and west sides of the company’s business, and other leaders manage training and recruitment.

Cookies is a close third with 26 stores listed as franchisees. Parker Berling is listed as the President while Crystal Millican is the VP of Retail for Cookies. Despite Cannabiz Media including Cookies in its franchise list, the company disagrees with that description. The company said, “Cookies is not a franchise, nor do they operate under a franchise model and cannot be described as such. They are a licensed retail network whose licensees are provided with the brand standards and products needed to execute Berner’s visions for Cookies and Lemonnade.” The Cookies brand was created by rapper Berner, whose real name is Gilbert Milam Jr. He became known as a rapper with the best product and furthered that reputation by learning as much as he could about the industry. The Cookies brand is known for products like Lemonnade, Runtz, Minntz as well as the trademarked name Cookies. 

Uncle Sam’s Cannabis has 14 stores counted as franchises. In December 2021, Delta 9 Cannabis Inc. (OTC: DLTNF) announced that it has closed a transaction to buy all of Uncle Sam’s assets relating to seventeen retail cannabis stores in Alberta. The seventeen Uncle Sam stores in Alberta operate under the Uncle Sam’s Cannabis and Discounted Cannabis brands. The purchase price paid by Delta 9 Cannabis Store relating to the Uncle Sam Transaction was $12,500,000, subject to customary adjustments. $50,000 of the purchase price was satisfied by a cash deposit. The company’s website says, “We offer a supportive family and the proven processes and resources needed to operate a compliant and profitable cannabis dispensary. Our franchise opportunity eases the barrier to market entry, making cannabis entrepreneurship possible for more people! At Uncle Sam’s, we only franchise people from the neighborhood. By choosing local franchisees and only hiring locals, we make sure you will always be supporting your neighbor and your community!”

From The Earth lists 8 stores as franchises. It has licensed locations in California, Michigan, Missouri, and counting. The company says on its website, “FTE has developed a licensing model that allows you to take advantage of their business infrastructure, training fundamentals, and basic cannabis know-how and give you a much-needed partner as you traverse this complex world.” Dan Zaharoni is listed as the CEO of the company. Last week, the company announced it had added yet another three locations. A private acquisition group entered into an open-ended agreement to put the “high”-end brand, From The Earth, into travel plazas around the country. Cannabis10X Brand Ambassador, Evelyn Romero, with the support of the Cannabis10X franchise team, finalized the lucrative deal with From The Earth CEO Zaharoni and the private acquisition group just in time for 420 celebrations. From The Earth said it has fully leveraged the expertise of the Cannabis10X franchise team and is positioned to be in 15 more travel plazas by 2023. 

Top Canadian Franchises

The top Canadian franchises are:

  1. Inner Spirit Holdings
  2. Dutch Love Cannabis
  3. Uncle Sams Cannabis

Top U.S. Franchises

  1. Cookies Creative 
  2. From the Earth Inc.
  3. The Peak Dispensary (5 stores)
  4. Elev8 Cannabis (4 stores)
  5. Eufloria (3 stores)

Julie AitchesonSeptember 30, 2021


You may have heard of “functional fitness” (which trains the body for activities performed in daily life) and  “functional nutrition” (a philosophy that promotes the use of food as medicine to prevent and alleviate diet and lifestyle-related diseases), but have you heard of “functional mushrooms”? If you’ve been down the aisle of a Whole Foods in the last few years, you undoubtedly have, but in case you haven’t, functional mushrooms include strains like Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, and Chaga that aren’t only a food source but have beneficial properties that can positively impact health. These multitasking mushrooms have been showing up everywhere from coffee to candy bars, and while initially, they were giving cannabis a run for its money as the latest wellness trend, many companies are now blending THC or CBD and medicinal mushrooms to create “super” supplements, edibles, and other products to tempt the health-conscious consumer.

Cookies, an international cannabis brand, just launched Caps by Cookies THC, which is a three-in-one capsule formulation that blends non-psilocybin organic medicinal mushrooms and potent cannabis compounds. The mushrooms for Cookies’ formulation, which are high in beta-glucans, ergosterol, full-spectrum and grown to maturity, are provided by mushroom extract manufacturer Nammex and encapsulated by Blue River

But Cookies isn’t the only company marrying mushrooms with cannabis. TerraVita now offers two formulations, Relax CBD capsules and Shroom capsules, which blend mushrooms with CBD. TerraVita’s Shrooms bled contains Reishi, Cordyceps, and Lion’s Mane in a formula geared towards fortifying the immune system, relieving stress, and boosting cognitive function, while the Relax formula combines Reishi with the ayurvedic herb Ashwagandha, GABA, and L-Theanine to calm and restore.

Pantry’s Good Day Bites are getting attention for their line of superfood bites which contain 5 milligrams 1:1 THC:CBD as well as adaptogens and functional mushrooms. Pantry solicited the culinary expertise of nutritionists, doctors, and Michelin star chef Michael Magliano to come up with their line of medicinal treats. The line also includes Nite Bites and Cacao Keto Bites, which contain mushrooms, adaptogens, and cannabinoids like THC, CBD, and CBN. Pantry’s website has a dosage calculator to help customers figure out how much of these dime-sized chocolates to consume in order to achieve the desired quantity of “good vibes”.

 Buddha Teas, HempWorks, and 7 Wonders Mushrooms are also recruiting functional mushrooms to the cause of optimal health, with more companies rallying to the trend. Consumers can expect to see more products that celebrate the synergy of cannabis and functional mushrooms, as scientists hustle to provide the research to keep up with (and substantiate) the combination’s growing popularity. 

Kaitlin DomangueFebruary 25, 2021


It’s time for your Daily Hit of cannabis financial news for February 25th, 2021. 

On the Site

Should You Use CBD Gummies to Help Mental Health? 

There is plenty of evidence to show that CBD can have a profound impact on mental health. This article dives into some of the research and studies that exist include: 

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anxiety relief from CBD 
  • CBD’s interaction with serotonin receptors in the brain
  • And other additional pieces of research 


Innovative Industrial Stock Sells Off Despite Solid Earnings

Innovative Industrial Properties, Inc. (IIP) (NYSE: IIPR) released results for the fourth quarter and year ending December 31, 2020, after the market closed on Wednesday. The stock was pulling back in pre-market trading by over 6% to sell near $206 as investors were disappointed with the earnings. Innovative Industrial delivered a fourth-quarter FFO of $1.36 missed by $0.07 and the revenue of $37.09 million missed by $1.41 million despite increasing by 110%.


Valens Reiterate Guidance Despite Slight Drop in Sales

The Valens Company Inc. (OTCQX: VLNCF) reported its fourth quarter and fiscal year financial results for the period ended November 30, 2020. Valens reported gross revenue for the fourth fiscal quarter fell to $17.9 million from $18.5 million in the third quarter of 2020. The net loss increased to $16.6 million sequentially over the third quarter’s net loss of $3 million.


PharmaDrug Files For DMT To Be Used for Kidney Transplants

PharmaDrug Inc. (CSE: BUZZ) (OTC Pink: LMLLF) has filed for an application with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to receive Orphan Drug Designation (“ODD”) for N,N-Dimethyltryptamine or DMT in the prevention of ischemia-reperfusion injury in patients undergoing kidney transplantation.


Indus Holdings Buys Lowell Herb for $39 Million

California-based Indus Holdings, Inc. (OTCQX: INDXF) is buying Lowell Herb Co. and Lowell Smokes in a deal valued at $39 million. The acquisition includes trademark brands, product portfolio, and production assets of Lowell from The Hacienda Group effective immediately. The company will change its name to Lowell Farms Inc.


Acreage Holdings Sells Florida Property for $60 Million

Acreage Holdings, Inc. (OTCQX: ACRDF, ACRHF) announced its subsidiary, High Street Capital Partners was selling Acreage Florida, Inc. to Red White and Bloom Brands, Inc.  (OTCQX: RWBYF) for $60 million. The deal also includes the sale of property in Sanderson, Florida. The stock was dropping over 6% to lately sell at $7.39.

In Other News

MJ Holdings, Inc. to Acquire Medical and Recreational Cultivation Licenses 

MJ Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK: MJNE) has reached a point of being ready to purchase two cultivation licenses (recreational and medical) and two production licenses (recreational and medical) and transfer the appropriate license to proprietary land. 

“In consideration of $1.250M and 200,000 shares of our common stock (Purchase Price), we will soon fully control our own destiny as we have applied to transfer the cultivation licenses to our proprietary land: The Farm. We have arranged an amicable separation under our existing management agreement with Curaleaf/Acres and are developing our cultivation facility on The Farm for our own use. With the enormous Las Vegas tourism industry soon to be on the rebound, we are well positioned to meet or exceed our fair share of demand,” said Paris Balaouras, Founder and Chief Cultivation Officer of MJ Holdings, Inc. 


Cronos Group Earnings Preview for Q4 2020 

Cronos Group (OTC:CRON), is set to announce their earnings for the fourth quarter of 2020. The consensus EPS estimate is -$0.08, and the revenue estimate at $13.23 million. The company has beat estimates 75% of the time over the last year, and has beaten revenue estimates 25% of the time. 


Kalamazoo Mayor to Attend Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of Cookies Store 

Kalamazoo’s mayor, David Anderson, has confirmed his participation in a ribbon cutting ceremony for a Cookies retail location on February 26th. The event was announced by the company in a press release. 

Cookies is owned by California rapper and entrepreneur, Berner. 

“The Midwest is an important part of Cookies’ overall expansion plan, and our partnership with Gage Cannabis has been integral,” Cookies CEO Berner said in a news release. “We’ve seen tremendous demand from cannabis consumers in Michigan and the surrounding areas and look forward to continuing to serve them as our partnership grows with this second location.”

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