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StaffAugust 24, 2021


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The hemp market is budding with new ways of consuming Delta-8 THC. One of the top-selling items in the market has become the Delta-8 carts. These Delta-8 Carts are the most efficient way to have the most advantage of Delta-8. As the demand rises for the Delta-8 Carts, questions arise about the quality and safety of the product. Delta-8 carts are a safe choice for people for many good reasons. It is a fast-acting, mildly potent, effective, and enjoyable method of taking Delta-8. Here are ten reasons that prove Delta-8 Carts are a healthy choice.

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  1. Portable- 

Delta-8 relieves you from short-term stress and anxiety. The small size of the Vape carts makes it possible to carry them wherever you go. Before heading out of the home, keep the vaping cartridge in your pocket. You can enjoy the puff any time outside the home. You no longer have to carry the big gummy jars or strain containers. The vape carts are odorless when not used, so you will not worry about the vaping odor.

  1. Affordable price- 

Compared to the other products of Delta-8, the vape carts are cheaper than any of them. It is one of the advantages of using vape carts. In the same composition, you can get the benefits of Delta-8 THC.  The gummies and tinctures can cost you double the price that of vape cartridges. Vaping can deliver you high effects in little time, so why stress on the other products when all you need is in the vapes.

  1. Greater Effectiveness-

If you want to get the maximum benefits of delta-8 along with a little high, then Vape Carts are the right choice for you. The Delta-8 cartridges work by producing vapors of delta-8 content from inside the cart. The higher puff you make, the more Delta-8 THC concentrate gets in your body. The effect is as high as the ten puffs of Delta-8 carts, equal to twenty gummies of 25 mg. The vape carts convert 46% of THC present in cannabis that is larger than the Cannabis joints. They also show faster results than the edible Delta-8 products.

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  1. Reusability-

With every product of Delta-8, you have to discard them post exhausting. You have to throw away the gummy jar and tincture bottles, but in the case of Vape Carts, you can reuse them. You do not have to discard the complete component. You only detach the cartridge and throw it, the battery and other things remain as it is. Once exhausted, the cartridge gets replaced with a new one. The battery is durable and will last for a longer time. 

  1. Reduced inhalation of carcinogens-

While smoking cigarettes, the smoke produces carcinogens that go into our lungs. Vaping cannabis also releases some toxic carcinogens. These detrimental substances can cause severe diseases like cancer. Reports have proven that those who prefer vaping have lower carbon monoxide levels in the blood. Vaping over smoking helps you breathe better and lessens the chances of carcinogens inhalation. It is also not known to include any harmful toxins.

  1. Better taste-

Smoking cannabis can destroy the taste of the terpenes. It inhibits the savory flavors of cannabis. The higher temperature of smoking kills the taste of the terpenes in Delta-8 THC. Along with the high effect, good taste also matters to the users. With the low-burning terpenes in vaping, you can enjoy the flavor of Delta-8. A modern vaping device comes with a set temperature option so you can fix the optimal temperature for burning the terpenes.

  1. Controlled dosing-

For those who are new to vaping and smoking, the large puffs may cause a problem. The beginners should start with trying small puffs. With experience, they can switch to large puffs. The new day Delta-8 carts come with the setting to control the dose. You can try that to find your correct dosing. With the ease of taking Delta-8 carts, you can maintain the consistency of the dosing.

  1. Ease of use-

Like any other product of Delta-8, you do not need any guidance on how to use Delta-8 carts. It is easy to use and change the cartridge. Unlike the gummies and tinctures, you do not need specified dosing and timing to use carts. You can use the vaping carts whenever you want and adjust the puff amount that suits the body. Open the cart and inhale as much as your body requires. 

  1. Cleaner vapors-

Vaping does reduce the levels of carcinogens produced. It also vapourises clean and high Delta-8 THC. The vapors from cannabis contain fewer toxins than those produced by smoke. It promotes the healthy usage of Delta-8 carts. You should not be worried about any harmful substance coming into the body through vaping. It is a better and healthier habit than smoking cannabis. It prevents you from lung diseases.

  1. Faster pain relief-

Delta-8 is one of the best variants of THC for pain relief. You can add this to your pain relief medication and see the results. Now amongst all the methods, the most effective is considered to be vaping. Consuming cannabis through edibles can cause long delays. You cannot wait for that long in case you are suffering from pain. For faster actions and good results for your pain relief, you should try Delta-8 vaping carts. You can also be free of any worries about the ill effects of smoking. 



Cannabis has become a hot product in the market. People nowadays are using all variants of hemp. The high dosage of any of these may have adverse effects on the body, and hence the legalised concentration is less than 0.3% THC. So You will have to pick up the right Hemp product to avail the benefits of the hemp plant. This way, you can also circumvent the risks associated with it. From all the points made, it is pretty clear that Delta-8 vaping carts are a healthier choice for people than the other forms of Delta-8. You can use the Delta-8 cart without worrying about any health risks.


Debra BorchardtJuly 29, 2021


Delta-8 and smokable flower are the two products keeping hemp framers alive. The regulatory loophole that has allowed Delta-8 to be sold legally is also causing legal confusion. Delta-8 is a cannabis product that can be derived from hemp, but still give the consumer a light psychotropic experience. Some states have issued restrictions around the product, while others haven’t addressed it at all. Either way, the demand has been a blessing to hemp farmers who planted lots of acres in 2019 expecting a surge in CBD products, only to see the market contract and prices plummet. 

Hemp Benchmarks reported that after rising 4%in May, the average per-kilogram price for delta-8 THC distillate fell 1% in June to $1,215. “Notably, both the low and high ends of observed transaction data – $900 and $1,650 per kilogram – were up compared to May.”

In Georgia, Reginald Reese of Green Toad Hemp Farm told Hemp Benchmarks that delta-8 THC was here to stay. “The beauty of it is, Georgia refused the [delta-8] ban,” he said. “We have the right as licensed hemp growers to use every part of that hemp.” Reese also told Hemp Benchmark that he believes efforts to ban delta-8 THC are part of a “full-court press” from the businesses participating in licensed, state-legal marijuana industries, which do not want the competition. 

Smokable Flower Grows

The other product that has been welcomed by the farmers is smokable flower. The Benchmark reported that as of June 2021, the number of square feet registered for indoor or greenhouse hemp production – which is typically for the purpose of producing smokable CBD flower – is up significantly relative to last year. “Hemp Benchmarks has documented over 168.2 million square feet registered for indoor or greenhouse production. This figure is up 328% compared to over 39.5 million square feet recorded in June 2020 and up 85% from over 90.8 million square feet ultimately documented by the end of last year.”

It seems farmers are leaving the outdoor growing and focusing on indoor growing in order to fulfill smokable flower demand. The Benchmark report documented that smokable CBD Flower has maintained its value in the U.S. hemp wholesale market better than perhaps any other hemp-CBD product. “Flower grown indoors or in greenhouses also typically commands a premium price compared to that cultivated outdoors.”

The Benchmark report said that smokable CBD Flower saw its average price decline in June after cresting above $300 per pound in May. “Despite some reports of still-stagnant demand for CBG, the price for smokable CBG Flower rose 15% in June to average $326 per pound, exceeding the price for its CBD counterpart. The significant increase in the assessed price for CBG Flower this month follows an over 50% jump observed in May.” This shift away from biomass and towards flower farming could potentially stabilize the biomass market. A reduction in supply could help wholesale prices. 


The problems affecting hemp crops this season could end up helping reduce the glut of hemp inventory. Excessive heat and drought in the western part of the U.S. have affected hemp farmers. Wildfire threats and water reductions have also conspired to challenge hemp farmers. And if that wasn’t bad enough – it seems grasshoppers love warm, dry weather. 

Last year, farmers fought grasshopper infestations and it looks like this year conditions are ripe for an even bigger outbreak. The Hemp Benchmarks June report noted that the U.S. Department of Agriculture is said to be taking steps to mitigate damage to crops and rangelands by spraying pesticides in areas where infestations are likely to occur, including roughly 3,000 square miles of Montana, which is home to significant hemp production, primarily for grain. 

Less Hemp Acreage

Hemp Benchmarks reported that there is less hemp being grown as farmers head into the 2021 season. Several reasons have caused the less than stellar outlook for the market. A glut of biomass and CBD caused a plunge in prices reducing the profitability of the crop. Farming more mainstream products have become a better investment. The hemp market has also been affected by a lack of regulatory guidance has also caused farmers to back off from planting more acreage. 

Hemp Benchmarks said it has documented the following hemp production licensing and acreage data for 2021: 

  • 8,298 licenses issued (down 8% from 9,066 counted in June 2020; down 58% from 19,799 ultimately documented for 2020); 
  • 107,702 acres registered for outdoor production (down 55% compared to 236,732 acres documented in June 2020; down 75% from 429,300 ultimately documented for 2020).

CBD Collapse

It seemed that almost every product on the retail shelves had some form of CBD in it. Food, beauty products and supplements popped up on every retail counter. The future looked bright for hemp farmers, but the demand didn’t follow at the expected levels. Thousands of CBD companies sprang up overnight and the flood of products created a confusing and competitive landscape. 

A new Brightfield Group report says that the CBD industry has lost more than 1,000 players in the past 12 months—some through corporate consolidation and others to bankruptcy. Hemp Benchmarks also quoted farmers who said that there was a lot of low-priced inventory on the market due to bankrupt companies. Earlier this year the Phoenix Business Journal reported. that Integrated AG, the parent company of Integrated CBD, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Jan. 20 and disclosed over $20 million in outstanding debt. 

Despite all the negative news, last month California-based Kadenwood, a privately held CBD consumer packaged goods company, completed a $30 million cash Series B capital raise. The company said it will use the money to buy advertising and acquire more companies. Kadenwood said the raise also includes a $20 million media campaign to raise brand awareness, bringing the total value to $50 million.

StaffJuly 26, 2021


Editors Note: This is a guest post.

Delta 8 THC is becoming more popular every day. As more people get to know about the benefits of delta 8 THC, the demand for the products is increasing rapidly. After all, when the product is so effective, everyone will naturally want to try it out. You can buy Delta-8 THC online pretty quickly and get the product delivered to your doorstep. With delta 8 THC products, there is some ambiguity regarding the legality. The legality of THC products evolves rapidly, so it is not easy to keep track of it. If you are in Florida, you might be wondering about the current legal status of delta 8 THC.


What is Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC is pretty popular in the market right now. Manufacturers extract THC from the hemp and cannabis plants, and then they synthesize them in the lab to make delta 8 THC. Due to this manufacturing process, many people mistakenly believe that delta 8 THC is not natural. Delta THC is entirely natural. All the compounds that are present in delta 8 products occur naturally. Delta 8 THC is immensely popular because it offers a middle ground between marijuana and CBD. 

Marijuana gives users a solid high that is not ideal for everyone. This intense sensation produced by marijuana prevents many users from experiencing the benefits of cannabis. On the other hand, individuals turn to CBD, which can be too mild. Due to the low concentration of THC present in CBD products, they cannot get you high at all. Due to this reason, many users report that they need to consume high quantities of CBD to experience the benefits. For users who do not want to have such extreme experiences, delta 8 THC is the perfect solution. When you consume delta 8 THC, you experience a controllable high. This high sensation is much more subdued than marijuana. However, at the same time, it will help you feel relaxed and calm. 

What are the Benefits of Delta 8 THC?

There are many benefits of consuming delta 8 THC. Delta 8 THC products have neuroprotective properties that promote improved brain health and cognitive function. Many users also consume delta 8 THC to enhance their appetite. When you take delta 8 you can also address several health-related concerns like nausea, pain, inflammation, anxiety, and others. Delta 8 THC is also known to be pretty effective when it comes to treating mental health-related concerns. Several users consume delta 8 THC to help them get rid of racing thoughts. Delta 8 is also famous for helping users with sleep-related issues. When you consume delta 8 THC, you will experience improved sleep quality and longer sleep duration. Delta 8 THC can tackle chronic pain and short-term pain such as headaches. . You can also take delta 8 THC to help treat your hangover. Since delta 8 THC gives you a controlled high, you can also calm down and feel relaxed. There are many more benefits of consuming delta 8 THC that are currently undergoing research. From what we know so far, there are little to no side effects of consuming delta 8 THC. Now that you know all about delta 8 THC, you might be wondering if you can purchase these products legally.


What Is The Current Legal Status Of Delta 8 Thc In Florida?

If you are in Florida, you are pretty lucky because delta 8 THC is legal in the state of Florida. You can purchase delta 8 THC products legally in the Sunshine State. However, before you make any purchase, you need to be well aware of the laws that govern the sale and consumption of delta 8 THC in Florida. In 2018 the Farm Bill made delta 8 THC products legal. In Florida, Senate Bill 1766 further makes delta 8 products entirely legal. Since delta 8 THC products are completely legal, they are pretty accessible. You can buy delta 8 THC products online or in stores. As per Senate Bill 1766, you need to be at least 21 years or older if you want to purchase delta 8 products.

As mentioned before, the legal landscape around delta 8 THC products is evolving rapidly. Therefore, you need to be up-to-date with any changes in the law. Further, you need to ensure that you only purchase legal products due to this product’s sensitive nature. While Delta 8 THC is legal, delta 9 THC is not. This difference is significant because delta 9 THC is highly psychoactive and is illegal in Florida. It would help to be extremely careful while purchasing to ensure that you only get entirely legal products. Florida lawmakers are reportedly keeping a close eye on the delta 8 THC market. As long as the products you buy comply with the current state and federal laws, you will not face any issues whatsoever. However, since the market is unregulated, you need to take a few precautions to purchase legal products.

How To Ensure That You Buy Only Legal Delta 8 THC Products?

Now that you understand the importance of purchasing legitimate products let us see how you can only buy legal products. The first thing that you need to look out for is the reputation of the company. A well-reputed company will only deal in legitimate products because reputation is a significant factor in delta 8 markets. Further, it would be to verify that the products you purchase have gone through third-party testing. Trusted companies get all their products tested by third-party agencies to sell the highest quality products. 

The results of these product tests are available in the form of certificates of analysis (COAs). These COAs are open to the buyers so they can verify the information themselves. You can also look at the product labels and the product pages to check the ingredients list. Under no circumstances should you purchase delta 8 THC products from unreliable sources. If you buy your products from unofficial markets, you expose yourself to unnecessary risk. When dealing with such unofficial products, there is no way to verify their authenticity, and you cannot be sure that the products you are purchasing are legal.


Delta 8 THC products are legal in Florida, and you can purchase them legally. The legal landscape around THC products evolves rapidly, so ensure that you are up to date with the current legal status of delta 8 THC. You can ensure that you are always purchasing legal products by buying from licensed stores and trusted companies exclusively to minimize your risks.

Julie AitchesonJune 16, 2021


If you feel like you’ve been catching a lot of Delta-8 THC content in the media lately, those aren’t just your social media apps hacking your brain. Hemp-derived Delta-8 THC is having a big moment in 2021 in terms of popularity and, most recently, in terms of concerns over legality, safety, and accuracy. This hot new cannabinoid has been branded as “legal marijuana” as the main intoxicating compound in cannabis but one most commonly derived from hemp for commercial use. Social listening data reveals that conversations around Delta-8 grew by a whopping 163% from December 2020 to April 2021, but all is not rosy for this latest trend in cannabis or for companies jumping into production to respond to the surging interest.

Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, and Montana are among the states that have explicitly banned sales of Delta-8 and at least four other states have already removed it from the shelves or otherwise restricted market access. The 2018 Farm Bill categorically removed hemp from the definition of marijuana and modified the definition of tetrahydrocannabinol to exclude tetrahydrocannabinol in hemp. The Drug Enforcement Agency’s interim rule turned that segment of the Farm Bill on its head, declaring derivatives of hemp containing delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol in excess of .3% THC and all synthetic cannabinoids as controlled substances. 

Delta-8, which does not occur in levels sufficient to make commercial products in a cost-effective manner and therefore must be processed from CBD, lands it in the “synthetic” category according to the DEA definition. Some argue that this categorization is flawed given that Delta-8 is a naturally existing phytocannabinoid and that converting CBD to THC occurs via isomerization (the transformation of one isomer into another)—a process that does not fall within the DEA’s definition of a synthetic process. Though solid regulatory footing remains hard to attain as the debate rages on, cannabis companies are forging ahead with new products and campaigns, with mixed results.

Delta 9 or Delta 8?

A recent study by Leafreport found that out of 38 products tested, 63% contained the wrong amount of Delta-8 and more than 50% had illegal (over .3%) levels of Delta-9, containing as much as 15.2% THC. Delta-9 THC and cannabis plants that contain it are federally illegal with the exception of hemp, which contains too little (.3% or less of dry weight) Delta-9 to cause psychoactive effects. 34% of products in the Leafreport study did not clearly list Delta-8 content on the label or online product description, and 68% contained the wrong amount Delta-8 THC. The products most vulnerable to misreported Delta-8 levels were pre-rolls and gummies. Leafreport used a rating system based on the recommendation of industry experts that Delta-8 products have anywhere from 90% to 110% of the amount stated on the label. Using this metric, a full 32% of the products tested merited an “F” (Fail) accuracy rating.

Women Are The Majority of Buyers

The Brightfield Group, a CBD and cannabis consumer data and marketing intelligence company, recently conducted a study to assess Delta-8 consumer, product, and regulatory trends and found that only six months into the Delta-8 trend, 23% of Americans were aware of it, particularly among younger, city-dwelling cannabis users. Brightfield’s numbers show that for a growing segment of the population, Delta-8 is an affordable, convenient way to experience psychoactive cannabis, particularly where Delta-9 is illegal. Women make up the majority (53%) of consumers and curiosity is still the driving factor for those who purchase Delta-8. A full 20% of Delta-8 consumers do not use Delta-9 THC, which points to something unique about Delta-8. Anecdotal evidence suggests that may be a smoother, milder high and fewer side effects like anxiety and paranoia. 

It remains to be seen whether evolving regulations will grant companies the latitude to continue capitalizing on consumer interest as well as the known and as-yet-unknown applications of Delta-8, but as long as Delta-8 keeps a legal spot on the shelves in some states, there will be the supply and demand to keep it there.

StaffApril 16, 2021


Editors Note: This is a guest post.


You are probably familiar with THC, the psychoactive compound that gets you high. Scientifically, it is referred to as Delta – 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol.

Sometimes, it can induce an intense high to users, which might border towards anxiety and paranoia. An alternative, referred to as Delta – 8 THC, has started making a name for itself in the growing cannabis market.

This is because the consumption of Delta 8 THC allows the users to enjoy weed without trading off their peace.

It is thus sold packaged in edibles, tinctures, flowers, oils, or vaporizers. Below, you will see all the information you will need to know about a Delta 8 flower.

Making the Delta 8 THC Flower

There are no specific cannabis strains that produce Delta -8 THC in large amounts. Naturally, the compound is found in amounts close to 1% in the hemp plant by the oxidation of delta – 9 THC to Delta 8 THC. 

Due to this scarcity, companies result in using state-of-the-art extraction, refining, and isolation methods. 

They include distillation, molecular isolation, isomerization of CBD to delta eight, or thin-film distillation of delta 9 to delta 8. The process is energy and time-consuming, contributing to the high cost of delta – 8 products.

Differences Between Delta – 9 and Delta – 8 THC

Although both compounds are siblings, their molecular make-up and effects are ways to pick them apart.

Chemical double bonding on Delta -8 is on carbon number 8, while delta – 9 is on the ninth one. This, in turn, affects how each compound interacts with the body. 

How Delta – 8 THC Works

All cannabinoids work through the endocannabinoid system. This is how nature intended to control hormone release, inflammatory response, mood, appetite, and essential body functions such as blood pressure and blood glucose regulation.

Smoking a Delta – 8 Flower delivers THC directly into the blood from the lungs, thus providing the fastest route to elicit a response.

Delta – 8 THC has a preference for CB1 receptors primarily found in the brain and spinal cord. Hence, the psychoactive effects are only about 66% of a Delta-9 THC ‘high’ experience.

Research on this compound is still in its early stages, but the response is interpreted as a bridge between CBD and Delta – 9 THC. That means a combination of euphoria common to the latter and serene relaxation attributed to the former.

Effects of Smoking a Delta – 8 Flower

Smoking the product can help:

Dosages of Delta – 8 THC

Everyone is unique, and therefore there is no standard dosage across the board. The response depends on age, body weight, genetics, nutritional factors, among others.

Smoking also depends on your level of experience and tolerance to cannabis. However, the relatively safe way to try out the products can be using tolerance to your advantage. 

You can start with low doses working towards dosages you are comfortable with.

Common side effects include; an increased heart rate, mood changes, and slowed movement and reflexes.

Can You Pass a Drug Test with Delta – 8 THC?

Even though the 2018 Farm Bill legalized the cannabinoids found in hemp as long as THC levels are below 0.3%, the body does not recognize this.

Therefore Delta – 9 and Delta – 8 THC will be metabolized the same way, producing molecules that produce a positive drug test.

Regularity of smoking is another factor; THC is fat-soluble and can thus be stored in fat cells, making clearance take a long time.

Is delta – 8 THC legal?

The DEA still includes tetrahydrocannabinol as a Schedule 1 controlled substance; therefore, this vagueness can still land you in trouble. Avoid it at work or if you are taking a drug test in three months.

StaffMarch 10, 2021


Editors Note: This is a  guest post.

Delta 8 Vape oil is fast soaring in popularity among vaping enthusiasts. This unique hemp extract is quickly changing how we consume cannabis. Vapers are opting for this vape juice over other high-end cannabis vape juice. 

Probably you aren’t familiar with this fantastic vaping product and could be having tons of questions about it before experimenting with it. Most importantly, you want to find out how well the Delta 8 Vape Juice vapes. That’s what we’ll look at, but let’s get the basics out of the way before delving further. 

What Is  Delta 8 Vape Oil?

Delta 8 Vape Oil is a unique vape oil that contains a psychoactive cannabinoid known as delta 8. The oil also contains other hemp-derived compounds such as terpenes and cannabinoids. It boasts a unique formulation that gives vapers an awesome ‘high that is difficult to get from the standard vaping juices. Furthermore, it is associated with benefits such as relaxation and appetite stimulation.

This vape oil is available in a variety of formulas, strengths, and flavors. Delta 8 Vape comes in bottles like most vape oils. So, you pour it into a vaporizer or cartridge while vaping. The psychoactive cannabinoid present in the juice produces an intense high but more mental clarity and less mental fog. 

How Well Does Delta 8 Vape

Several factors affect how vape oils, including Delta 8 vape oil vape. After all, all vape oils aren’t the same. Some are awesome, while others are just terrible. These factors below will determine how well your Delta 8 oil will vape. 

1. Quality of The Vape Juice 

The quality of Delta 8 Vape oil determines how properly it will vape. The quality of this oil isn’t the same. It can either be high, low, or standard. Low-quality Delta 8 Vape oil contains impure hemp compounds. Usually, the extraction of these compounds uses a cheaper method hence impacting the quality.

Vaping low-quality Delta 8 Vape oil can’t give users a satisfying experience. Instead, it will affect them more. Low-quality oil isn’t chemically stable. It loses its potency quickly, and hence it can’t vape well in a standard vaporizer. 

However, high-quality Delta 8 Vape oil vapes well, even in a standard vaporizer. It is chemically stable, and it doesn’t lose its potency over time. Furthermore, it contains authentic and safe ingredients. Choose high-quality oil for a satisfying and long-lasting vaping experience. 

2. Vaping Devices

Delta 8 vape oil doesn’t withstand high temperatures, unlike standard vape oils. The hemp compounds in this oil are quite sensitive to heat. High temperatures can potentially ruin them rendering the entire vape oil ineffective. These compounds aren’t like nicotine compounds. The latter can withstand too high temperatures. Therefore, delta 8 Vape oil doesn’t vape well on vaping devices with devices that use high power in terms of wattage. But the oil works incredibly well when used on vaping devices that use low current.

3. What Coil Are You Using 

The kind of coil you will be using with your vaping device is vital in determining how well the oil will vape. Ideally, the coil should be compatible with the vaping device you will be using. Otherwise, the oil won’t vape well.  Also, the coil should have a low resistance to heat. A low resistance coil produces larger clouds and warmer vapors. 

4. The Ingredients In The Oil 

Delta 8 Vape oil vapes well as long as it contains ingredients that support the users’ needs. Ideally, this oil is potent because of the psychoactive Delta 8. Other ingredients in it, however, make it terrific. Some suitable ingredients to check on the product’s label include 95% hemp-derived THC oil, terpenes, and cannabinoids. Such ingredients are organic and beneficial to the end-user. 

However, some ingredients may ruin the effectiveness of Delta 8 Vape oil, thus hindering it from vaping well. Moreover, some ingredients don’t just compromise on the efficacy of Delta 8 oil. They also expose users to toxic chemicals. 

Menthol, for instance, ruins the epithelial cells. Mixed flavors and additives such as propylene glycol also contain harmful chemicals. Some Delta 8 products also contain nicotine. Nicotine is highly addictive. It also affects brain development in teens. 

5. Potency Levels 

The potency is closely related to quality. Delta 8 Vape oil varies in strength based on factors such as ingredients and manufacturing process. High-quality Delta 8 Vape oil is more potent than lower-quality oil. The oil vapes well when it has high potency levels, unlike when it is mild. The effects aren’t only more robust but also long-lasting. In other words, the potency will affect your vaping experience when vaping with Delta 8 Vape oil. Find out about the potency of Delta 8 Vape oil before vaping. 


The perfect way to establish whether Delta 8 Vape oil will vape well or not is to consider these factors covered here. But overall, this oil is classic and vapes well with the right devices. Try Delta 8 Vape oil and take your vaping experience a notch higher. 


Julie AitchesonFebruary 22, 2021


According to the January 2021 Hemp Benchmarks report, there is an increasing demand for delta-8 THC, which is not derived from hemp plant material but synthesized from extracted CBD. This is helping drive sales of crude CBD oil, CBD Isolate, and some wholesale CBD products. As the popularity of delta-8 THC increases, Hemp Benchmarks observed a consistent decline in prices. Despite the fact that trading volumes of delta-8 THC remain a small proportion of those for CBD products, it is the fastest-growing product in the hemp sector as of the January report. A Tennessee processor told Hemp Benchmarks that they have seen as many as about 20% of their CBD customers shift to purchasing delta-8 THC.

This growth is notable given the many unresolved questions regarding delta-8’s legality. The compound is a psychoactive cannabinoid, which means it can get users “high”, giving rise to numerous legality issues. Newly proposed regulations from the Drug Enforcement Agency would classify delta-8 THC as a Schedule I controlled substance, which would make it illegal at the federal level. For this reason, laboratories and manufacturers are keeping a restrained and realistic eye out for delta-8’s true market potential. The uncertainty extends to the lack of defined standards around compliance and purity of products containing delta-8 THC. The Hemp Benchmarks report quotes an email from Stephen Crowley, Compliance Specialist and Hemp Processing Technician with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, who wrote that one of his concerns is “what else might be in these products other than delta-8 THC.” This includes a number of chemical impurities that can be generated during the isomerization process.

If the proposed DEA regulations go into effect, delta-8 THC synthesized from CBD would be illegal and its popularity among manufacturers would hit a major roadblock. Until regulations are finalized, The Hemp Benchmark report predicts that some processors might entertain the idea of synthesizing delta-8 THC from their surplus CBD and selling it for significantly higher prices in order to recoup losses from declining CBD and CBG extract prices. 

The consumer market for delta-8 may correlate more strongly with the delta-9 THC demographic as they are both psychoactive, which may limit the delta-8’s appeal for the broader CBD consumer base. As a “novel cannabinoid”, delta-8 THC education and promotion will be necessary to ensure that it does not see the same fate as CBG, which has not generated sufficient interest to purge the excess inventory of what was supposed to be the cannabis industry’s newest rising star. From February to August 2020, the price for CBG Biomass dropped by a staggering 82 percent.

Delta-8 THC is currently a bright light in a stumbling market. Whether or not it can sustain that upward trajectory is dependent on which way the regulatory wind blows once the grey areas in the 2018 Farm Bill are clarified regarding synthetically-derived forms of THC. Until then, this controversial compound is making its way into all manner of products on the hemp market, and earning top dollar for those willing to take a chance on its uncertain future.


StaffFebruary 18, 2021


Editors Note: This is a guest post. 

When people talk of marijuana, what comes to mind is Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the most popular cannabinoid. It is rather controversial because it has rich medicinal benefits but also psychoactive. Some people love it for its health and wellness benefits, but others claim that its psychoactive side effects could be harmful. 

But do you know that THC is not a single compound but rather a group of related cannabinoids? THC is a family of analogs, each with its unique properties though they share most properties. When you hear the term THC, you should understand that it is not necessarily Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol. 

One of the THC analogs that has recently caught the attention of scientists is Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta-8 THC). You may have seen products labeled THC at your local cannabis dispensary and wondered if they are legal since THC is illegal, as you understand it. Yes, you can now get legal and trusted delta 8 THC in 2021

What is Delta-8 THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol has three primary analogs, including Delta-9 THC, Delta-8 THC, and THCa. The most abundant, Delta-9 THC, is a highly potent psychoactive cannabinoid but shares similar properties with Delta-8 THC, which is less potent. THCa is the acidic form of THC and is not psychoactive. 

Delta-8 THC seems to lack the intense psychoactive effects of its analog, Delta-9 THC. It gives a mild “high” but has stronger health and wellness benefits. Unlike the regular THC, Delta-8 THC’s benefits far outweigh its side effects, which are minimal at the least. 

Delta-8 THC could revolutionize the role of cannabis in the health and wellness industry. If you are just coming across Delta-8 THC, you must wonder why you’ve never heard about it alongside other cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD) and THC. Well, legal restrictions on cannabis have hindered research, and there are over 100 other cannabinoids that you have probably not heard about as well. 

Delta-8 THC is gaining popularity because of its highly potent medicinal properties. It possesses the medicinal benefits of both THC and CBD based on how it binds to the endocannabinoid receptors. Based on its properties, some people already believe that Delta-8 THC could dwarf the CBD market. 

Is Delta-8 THC Legal?

Delta-8 THC has a complicated legal status. It is not a straight yes or no response. It is not like Delta-9, which is outrightly illegal under U.S. federal law. The FDA classifies Delta-9 as a Schedule 1 substance in the same category as heroin and LSD. 

The more reliable answer about the legal status of Delta-8 is, it could be legal or illegal depending on the laws one reference. No law explicitly bans it like Delta-9, so it depends on legal interpretation and reference. 

If you refer to the 2018 Hemp Farm Bill, then you’d argue that Delta-8 is perfectly legal. What does this law say? The bill permits the manufacturing and sale of cannabis products if they come from the hemp plant and contain less than 0.03% Delta-9 THC. 

The main concern here is the level of Delta-9 THC in the product. If any hemp-derived product contains more than 0.03% Delta-9 THC, then consider it illegal. Note that the bill talks exclusively of hemp. So, what about marijuana? Marijuana contains higher concentrations of Delta-9 THC, making it and any of its products illegal since 1970. 

Even with the Farm Bill coming into action, the legal clarity on cannabis products was still lacking. The Controlled Substance Act sought to make clarifications by introducing amendments about hemp products. It removed hemp products that comply with Delta-9 levels from the list of controlled substances. Technically, this makes Delta-8 legal. 

But still, there is a caveat. Just because Delta-8 is federally legal does not mean it is legal in your state. Individual states have their laws on cannabis. In states where cannabis products are illegal, Delta-8 also remains illegal. At the federal level, though, it all depends on the source: if it comes from cannabis Sativa, it is illegal. 

However, getting Delta-8 from hemp is not easy because it only occurs in trace amounts in the plant. So, most manufacturers go the synthetic way. This involves altering CBD to produce Delta-8. While it is cheap and reliable for producing commercial Delta-8, it is illegal at the federal level. 

It seems that despite the 2018 Farm Bill, Delta-8 still finds itself in a tight legal corner. Furthermore, it is under increased legal scrutiny, which may signal further restrictions in the future. 

Final Word

If you are concerned about the legal status of Delta-8, buy your products from reputable retailers who derive their products from legal sources. It’s important to note that most of the products you’ll get in the streets contain high levels of Delta-9. 

Your best bet of getting legal Delta-8 is through certified dispensaries. With that, you can rest assured that your product is safe and legal. But if you live in Delaware, Iowa, Alaska, Idaho, Nevada, Mississippi, Nebraska, Arkansas, or Utah, you can’t enjoy the benefits of Delta-8 because all cannabis products are illegal in these states. 


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Unpack the industry with the daily cannabis newsletter for business leaders.