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William SumnerMay 15, 2018


Without a doubt, The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings (TGOD) has one of the hottest IPOs in the cannabis industry right now. Initially slated to raise around $102 million, TGOD has amended their IPO twice due to investor demand and have grown an already impressive offering to $132,263,225.

For all the Johnny Come Latelys kicking themselves for not getting in on this red-hot IPO sooner, have no fear. There is already a handful of new investment IPOs waiting just around the corner, and they all look just as promising as TGOD. Here are four upcoming IPOs that you need to keep an eye on:

Acreage Holdings

Founded by a team of Wall Street veterans and financial gurus, Acreage Holdings is a well-financed company with a diverse portfolio. With licenses in cannabis cultivation, processing, and retail dispensaries; the company is currently operating in 11 U.S. states and has plans for further expansion. Most notably, the company rocked the world of cannabis and politics when it announced the addition of former U.S. Speaker of the House John Boehner and former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld to its board of advisers. So far the company has already raised $50 million and plans to go public in Canada sometime this year. With two heavy hitters like Boehner and Weld on their board and one of the largest cannabis cultivation footprints in the industry, Acreage is bound to give the top dogs like Canopy a run for their money.

Acreage is focused on medical marijuana and with a portfolio that spans 11 states, it has the largest footprint of any U.S. cannabis company. Initially, the company began life as High Street Capital and had intended on just making investments in cannabis companies, but it has since pivoted to become an operator. The IPO is expected to occur later this year in the Canadian market.


This next IPO is not really an IPO, but nevertheless, it’s something that you should take note of. MedMen is a California-based cannabis retailer with operations in multiple states. As one of ten licensed medical cannabis operators in the state of New York, the company holds a lease on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and will soon open a retail dispensary directly on the Las Vegas strip. Instead of doing a simple IPO, the company has decided to go public through something called a Reverse Takeover (RTO) and had entered into a letter of intent to merge with the publicly traded company OutdoorPartner Media Corporation. Instead, MedMen is doing its RTO with Ladera Ventures Corp. (TSXV:LV.H).  Once the RTO is complete which is expected in the second quarter of this year, MedMen will essentially become a publicly traded company itself.

MedMen is also beginning life as a public company in Canada. Adam Bierman, the Chief Executive Officer, and Co-Founder says he believes the company can raise more money in Canada versus the U.S. stock market.


Compared to the other IPOs discussed so far, this one has been flying under the radar a bit, which is why you definitely want to keep a close watch on MJIC Inc. MJIC is a self-described “omnichannel” for the cannabis industry attempting to connect the multiple segments of the industry through a variety of services that it offers; such as accounting, compliance, e-commerce, etc… The company hopes to launch its IPO sometime in the third quarter of this year and plans to use the funds for its expansion in California as well as future mergers and acquisitions down the road.

CEO Sturges Karban said the company plans on raising at least $20 million in the offering, which has been discussed for some time, but the planning began in earnest over the last couple of months. In addition to creating a distribution channel, MJIC also owns MJIC News and the Rolling Paper Depot.

Dixie Brands

The maker of the famous edibles brand, Dixie Elixirs, the Colorado-based cannabis company is currently considering its IPO options. This year the company expects to generate approximately $20 million in revenue and expects to more than double that figure ($50 million) by next year. Last month the company closed a $4 million funding round and hopes to use those funds to expand its operations from four states to 10. Details about its upcoming IPO are scarce, but what is known is that it would be offered either at the end of this year or sometime in early 2019. Speaking with Bloomberg, Dixie CEO and majority shareholder, Chuck Smith, said that the IPO would go towards funding future brand acquisitions. “We need access to capital, we need liquidity because this growth is very expensive,” said Smith. “We’re going to continue to acquire brands or innovate them.”

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