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Peggi CloughMay 17, 2018


Stemless is a Portland-based startup that gives cannabis consumers an easy way to buy from their local dispensaries without having to leave home.

“We are an online platform that helps dispensaries connect with their customers, so their customers can order from them in a way that is convenient, fast and, most of all, legal,” says Stemless founder Koushi Sunder.

First, the Stemless website connects patrons to their nearest dispensary. The store’s inventory is listed, so customers can shop, securely pay, and have their order delivered or they can pick up in the store without waiting. In addition to providing online ordering and tracked delivery via custom apps, Stemless also gives dispensaries the ability to text customers and reward them with loyalty programs.

Stemless is entering a market dominated by the cannabis delivery service Eaze. This first-market company has seemingly owned the California cannabis delivery service but could face new pressure due to a recent lawsuit filed by Farrah Williams as reported by MJ Biz Daily. In the lawsuit, Williams claims that Eaze sent unsolicited texts and was violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, 47 U.S.C. § 227.

The suit claims that Eaze “‘growth hacked’ its way to the top of the pot delivery business – specifically, by relentlessly bombarding existing and prospective customers with text messages and other digital spam, day after day, en masse, without anyone’s permission, precisely as experienced by Plaintiff here.”  Williams claims her privacy was disrupted by the continuous texts. While it won’t be known for some time whether Williams will win her case or if it will even affect Eaze, Stemless seems poised to jump in to grab market share.

Sunder says Stemless is for everyone, but right now it has two main groups of users: people who are new to dispensaries and want to learn about products from the comfort of their own homes, and people who are frequent buyers and spend a lot of time in lines at dispensaries. Stemless gives both types an easier way to buy cannabis than traveling to dispensaries.

Founded in 2015, Stemless currently has 25 stores from Oregon and California on their platform. They recently announced they’ll be expanding into all states where cannabis is medically or recreationally legal. You can learn more about them at Stemless.co.



Peggi CloughApril 18, 2018


Of the nearly 5,000 people surveyed by legal cannabis delivery service company Eaze, more than half report they’ll be openly celebrating 4/20 this year.

Eaze asked their customers questions about their consumption openness when discussing their use and thoughts on celebrating their first legal 4/20 holiday in California.

Seventy-three percent surveyed reported the reason they’re celebrating 4/20 for the first time is that cannabis is now legal. About a quarter of Baby Boomers will be first-time celebrants. Sixteen percent of Gen Xers, 10 percent of Millennials and 12 percent of Gen Z adults will be partaking in celebrations for the first time this year.

Gen Z adults are most likely to post about it on social media, at 52 percent, and more surprisingly, Gen Xers are more likely to share on social media than Millennials, at 46 percent and 42 percent, respectively. Forty-seven percent of women report they’ll probably share about their 4/20 plans on social media, while only 42 percent of men will.

The trend of women being more forthcoming about their cannabis use also held true where their family and friends are concerned. They’re a bit more open than men when speaking about cannabis consumption, at 96 percent versus 95 percent. Almost all of the adults surveyed—99 percent—have shared about their use with friends, but they’re not as open with family members. Forty-seven percent of parents have told their children, with mothers being more likely to tell them than fathers, 61 percent to fathers’ 37 percent.

Seventy-two percent of adults reported that they’ve told their parents about their cannabis use. Baby Boomers are most likely to tell their parents, at 79 percent. The numbers went down with age: 75 percent of Gen Xers, 72 percent of Millennials and 67 percent of Gen Z adults have been open about their cannabis use with their parents. A quarter of people surveyed reported that they’ve used cannabis with a family member for the first time since its legalization.

Legalization has made it easier to talk to others about their cannabis consumption, according to 52 percent of respondents. Thirty-eight percent of women cited family concerns as the reason they’re not open about their use, 35 percent said career concerns and 32 percent stated medical privacy. Family concerns were the reason 62 percent of men are hesitant to speak about their use, and 68 percent said medical privacy.

Sixty-five percent of men reported career concerns prevent them from speaking freely about their cannabis use, yet they’re more open about their use with their colleagues and their supervisors than women tend to be. Baby Boomers are less likely than Gen Z adults to share their cannabis consumption with their boss, but only by a small margin, 31 percent versus 33 percent. Gen Xers were most likely at 40 percent, and Millennials were at 39 percent.

On the medical front, 70 percent of those surveyed have a friend or family member who’s benefitted from medical cannabis. This has helped 96 percent of them become more open with others about their own personal use.


William SumnerJanuary 30, 2018


2017 was a big year for women. Between powerful movements like #MeToo or the Women’s March in Washington DC, millions of women across the country have discovered a newfound empowerment unlike anything ever seen before; and there is no place where that is more evident than in the cannabis industry.

Although the cannabis industry has traditionally skewed male, both in terms of executive leadership and consumer spending, a new report by the cannabis technology company Eaze, which analyzed the consumer habits of over 15,000 survey respondents and 350,000 cannabis consumers in the state of California, has found that women are one of the fastest growing consumer groups in the industry.

In the fourth and final part of our series, Analyzing Eaze Insights 2017, Green Market Report will examine the growing power of women as consumers in the cannabis industry. If you missed any of the previous parts, you can catch up by clicking here: Part One, Part Two, Part Three.

When examining the difference between male and female consumers, Eaze found that women generally prefer cannabis products that meet a variety of health and wellness needs, while men tended to prefer cannabis products that delivered potent efficiency.

For example, the top three cannabis products Eaze sold with the highest ratio of female or male were:


  • Om Lavender Bath Soak
  • Select CBD Lavender All-in-One
  • Rose OG Headwaters Flower


  • Pax Era Jack Herer Bloom Farms
  • Silver Label Banana Dream Concentrate
  • Candy Jack Cake Batter Concentrate

In terms of consumer spending, women spent approximately 20% more on cannabis in 2017 compared to the previous year. Women also made up a larger portion of Eaze’s customer base, rising from 25% in 2015 to 35% in 2017.

The growth of female consumers in Eaze’s report mirror other surveys which reveal that women make up a larger percentage of cannabis consumers than previously thought. According to one survey conducted by the Cannabis Consumers Coalition, approximately 53% of women are consuming cannabis, compared to 42% of men.

Women are not also just making up a larger percentage of cannabis consumers; they’re also starting to fill more executive positions. According to one survey by Marijuana Business Daily, approximately 27% of executive-level roles in the cannabis industry are held by women; well above the national average of 23%.

Although the report does not specifically examine why women are beginning to make up a larger portion of cannabis consumers, report authors credit the growth to greater product selection as well as improvements to safety and access.

Another key component to the expansion of the cannabis industry’s growing demographics is education, according to Devika Maskey, founder of the luxury cannabis brand TSO Sonoma.

“Education is a key component to broadening the demographic spectrum for cannabis consumption. Teaching people that they can improve their overall wellness with safe and discreet ways to consume begins to open the door to new users,” Maskey said. “Coupling education with sophisticated branding is appealing to women that are looking for healthy alternatives to prescription pills or alcohol. By creating a more elevated experience we can make cannabis more approachable to a larger audience and destigmatize women and cannabis, moving away from that ‘lazy stoner’ stereotype.”

William SumnerJanuary 25, 2018


Cannabis is no longer just a recreational substance. With 29 U.S. States and the District of Columbia currently with medical cannabis laws on the books, more Americans than ever are turning to cannabis as the solution to their aches, pains, and general wellness… but the question is why?

Proffering answers is an annual report published by cannabis technology company Eaze, which analyzed the consumer habits of over 15,000 survey respondents and 350,000 cannabis consumers in the state of California.

In part three of our four-part series, Analyzing Eaze Insights 2017, Green Market Report will examine the reasons why consumers are increasingly turning to cannabis to help promote their general wellness. If you’d like to catch up on the series, you can find Part One here and Part Two here.

According to Eaze’s report, one of the reasons why consumers are turning to cannabis is to help them sleep. Approximately 57% of consumers surveyed by the company reported that they use or have used sleeping pill in past.

Of those people, approximately 95% have used cannabis to help reduce their consumption of sleeping pills. Approximately 45% of those that use cannabis as a substitute for sleeping pills report to switching over to cannabis entirely.

In terms of product preference, consumers that use cannabis to replace sleeping pills prefer using flower (37%). The second most popular consumption method was vaporizers (29%), followed by edibles in a distant third (17%)

Although survey respondents were not asked why the prefer one method over another, the report authors believe that flower’s popularity is due to its fast delivery of THC; as compared to edibles, which often take an hour or more to take effect.

But consumers are not just using cannabis to help them sleep, they’re also using it to help replace bad habits. Of those surveyed, 38% said that they use or have used tobacco. Approximately 73% of those that use or have used tobacco say that cannabis has helped them reduce their tobacco consumption, and 13% of that group claim to have used cannabis to completely replace their tobacco use.

Consumers that use cannabis as a tobacco substitute overwhelmingly prefer flower (55%), followed by vaporizers (29%) and edibles (8%).

In addition to using cannabis to help make the body well, consumers are also using cannabis to help ease the mind.

Approximately 48% of those surveyed reported to use or have used anxiety medication. Out of that group, 95% say that they have used cannabis to reduce their consumption of anxiety medication and 40% of those people report that cannabis has replaced their anxiety medication altogether.

The preferred method of consumption for consumers using cannabis to replace anxiety is flower (37%), followed by vaporizers (29%) and edibles pulling in at third (10%).

Stay Tuned for Part Four

Apart from the changing markets and newfound benefits of cannabis, there is another emerging trend that stands above the rest: the explosion of women in the cannabis industry, both as entrepreneurs and consumers.

Stay tuned for the fourth and final part of our series, Analyzing Eaze Insights 2017, where Green Market Report will examine the growing power of women as consumers in the cannabis industry.

William SumnerJanuary 24, 2018


As legalization continues to spread throughout the United States, the question of how consumers prefer to use cannabis has become increasingly relevant. Flower or edibles? Oils or extracts? These are the questions that industry experts are asking themselves, and in an annual report published by cannabis technology company Eaze, some answers can be gleaned.

In part two of our four-part series, Analyzing Eaze Insights 2017, Green Market Report will take a look at the consumer rising trends and preferences that Eaze saw in 2017. If you missed out on Part One and would like to catch up, you can click here.

Analyzing the consumer habits of over 15,000 survey respondents and 350,000 cannabis consumers in the state of California, Eaze found that adults of all ages have begun to turn to cannabis as a healthier alternative to alcohol and tobacco. Demand for products with cannabidiol (CBD) has become exceptionally high, leading the company to greatly expand its CBD product offerings.

Demand for ready-to-use cannabis products has also been on the rise. The year 2017 marked the first time in Eaze’s history that demand for ready-to-use cannabis products outpaced the demand for flower. Ready-to-use cannabis products are defined as “convenience products” that are easy to use and typically only require a lighter or the push of a button; such as pre-rolled joints or cannabis oils.

Generationally speaking, Baby Boomers (1946-1964) are the fastest growing age group for cannabis consumers. In 2017, cannabis orders by Baby Boomers increased by 19%, followed by Generation X (1965-1984) with 13%. Demand from Millennials (1985-1995) declined by 1%, while cannabis demand from Generation Z (1996-present) declined by 4%.

In terms of product preference, Generation Z most preferred cannabis flower with 75% of Gen Z customers purchasing flower in 2017. Generation Z also led the way in purchasing pre-rolled cannabis (58%) and concentrates (34%).

Millennials mostly preferred using vaporizers to consume cannabis with approximately 72% of Millennial consumers purchasing vaporizer products in 2017, followed by cannabis flower (68%) and pre-rolled cannabis (56%).

Edible cannabis products are most popular with Generation X. On the whole, however, Generation X also prefers by a wide margin (71%) to use vaporizers for their cannabis consumption, followed by cannabis flower.

Likewise, Baby Boomers make up the most demand for cannabis topicals, approximately 14% of Baby Boomers purchased topicals in 2017, but overall prefer to use vaporizers as well (63%).

With regards to monthly expenditures, Generation X spends the most on cannabis at $189 a month. Close behind, however, are the Baby Boomers, who spent on average approximately $185 a month on cannabis in 2017.

The next highest group is Generation Z, who spent on average $180 a month on cannabis, followed by Millennials, who only spent $179 per month.

Stay Tuned For Part 3

With more people than ever spending an increasing amount of money on cannabis every month, the question of why becomes harder to ignore. One potential answer to that question is the rise of individuals using cannabis not as a recreational substance, but rather as a wellness product.

To find out why more people have started to use cannabis as a wellness product, check back in tomorrow for Analyzing Eaze Insights 2017 Part Three: Trends in Cannabis Wellness.

William SumnerJanuary 22, 2018


Now that recreational cannabis can legally be sold in California, the Golden State is well on its way to becoming one of the largest cannabis markets in the United States. With millions of dollars pouring into the state, and potentially billions of dollars at stake, cannabis consumer data has become worth its weight in gold.

Bearing that in mind, the cannabis technology company Eaze has released “Eaze Insights: 2017 State of Cannabis Data Report”, an annual report which analyzed the consumer habits of over 15,000 survey respondents and 350,000 cannabis consumers in the state of California.

In this four-part series, Green Market Report will walk you through the numbers of Eaze’s annual report and help you understand what it means for cannabis consumers, the California market, and possibly the industry as a whole. First up, the California market.

California Dreaming

According to the report, Californians have become increasingly comfortable with legal cannabis sales. Following California’s historic vote to end cannabis prohibition, the report found that cannabis demand increased by 18% overnight.

That increased demand continued through 2017, as Eaze reports that it saw its average order increase by approximately 200%. In 2016, Eaze would on average receive an order every 30 seconds, but in 2017 the average increased to one order every 10 seconds.

In terms of market growth, every California market Eaze operated in reportedly saw strong growth across the board. San Francisco led the way in growth for the third year running. The city’s continued dominance was in part credited to the city’s early adoption of medical cannabis and widespread acceptance of the substance.

However southern California markets, such as the East Bay and Peninsula areas, are quickly catching up to San Francisco and could soon see similar levels of growth and demand as adults sales being to take root.

Eaze also saw a large increase in demand for cannabis during major holidays in 2017. Unsurprisingly, the cannabis holidays of 4/20 and Green Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving) saw the largest increase. President’s Day weekend saw the next largest demand increase; followed by Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and the Fourth of July weekend.

“This year’s State of Cannabis report reveals a turning point in the industry toward mainstream acceptance,” said Eaze CEO Jim Patterson in a statement. “Americans are becoming better educated about the wellness benefits offered by cannabis. As prohibition ends and a new era of marijuana emerges in 2018, we’ll see increased awareness drive diverse product adoption among new groups of people and continue to change lives for the better.”

Stay Tuned For Part 2

Which generation spends the most amount of money on cannabis per month? Find out tomorrow in part two of our series “Analyzing Eaze Insights 2017: Consumer Habits”

Debra BorchardtNovember 22, 2017


Most people know about Black Friday, but did you know about Green Wednesday? The day before Thanksgiving, cannabis sales spike. Eaze cannabis delivery service in California found that deliveries increased by 62% on the day before Thanksgiving and thus the name was born.

Eaze has also determined that Green Wednesday is the second biggest day for cannabis sales in California, second only to April 20. In the company’s 2015 report, sales bumped up before the big meal and then really popped following the big meal.

Cannabis analytic firm Baker said that they found that last year on Weed Wednesday, as they call it, orders rose by 55% and the order size increased by 25%. Baker also noticed that Black Friday sales fall, which is why they think order sizes rise on Wednesday. Consumers are stocking up before stressful family gatherings or to celebrate with friends when they go back home. The order size falling on Friday could also be due to the numerous discounts being offered by dispensaries.

Cannabis companies are very aware of the holiday shopping and many have jumped to capitalize on it. Dispensaries hire extra staff as traffic climbs by three times the normal amount on Wednesday. Baker CEO Joel Milton said, “Everyone is stocking up on the sales with a long weekend to recover from over-eating (leftover stuffing). Cannabis helps when you feel full.” Milton also added, “We see more prerolls are sold. People are tired or full and want something easy. It’s also an easy item for dispensaries to markdown.”

Dispensaries also use the holiday as a way to do customer outreach. “On Weed Wednesday, our dispensaries broke the daily record for messages to customers and patients sent by 22%. On Black Friday, they broke it by 33%,” Milton commented. Baker also learned that Loyalty Program Usage went up by 65% in the holidays compared with the last two months.

It isn’t just the bricks and mortar stores that see their numbers go up, online sales enjoy a holiday boost as well. Last year on Cyber Monday cannabis sales increased 70% over an average day. The total monetary amount of online orders was at least 230% over the daily average. Online orders overall went up 77%.

Baker’s data came from seven states including Colorado, California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico. Oregonians give thanks the most with sales jumping by 14%, followed by Colorado, whose sales increased by 7%.

Cannabis Thanksgiving Specials

“We hope both existing customers and new customers will accept our invitation to give the gift of balance and wellness with CBD this holiday season,” said Chris Husong Chief Marketing Officer for Elixinol. “With all the stress and late nights during the holiday season, it easy to forget to take care of yourself. That’s why now is a good time to give your entire body the CBD boost it needs to keep you going through the holidays and beyond,” he continued. Elixinol products go on sale only once per year and this is it. Elixinol is offering Buy One Gift One to help everyone spread the joy of health and wellness on Black Friday.

Magical Butter said they did about $170,000 worth of business during the Thanksgiving holiday last year. This year MagicalButter’s “Green Week Sale” will cover both Green Friday and Cyber Monday, running the entire week from November 24th to December 1st. $174.95 Bundle ($50 OFF as this retails at $224.95 before tax/shipping)- MB2e Machine, Baking Mats, MB Butter Mold – 1 pack, MB Spatulas 3 – Pack  PLUS Free UPS Ground Shipping ONLY for the USA. The MB2e Machine Only for $134.95 ($40 OFF)

Beginning Nov 22 and ending Monday night at midnight PST, Goldleaf is hosting their biggest sale of the year—18% off everything with the code: HOLIDAYGOLD. Goldleaf is celebrating the holidays with the release of 7 new cannabis posters—Infographics, Illustrations and Lifestyle prints for the cannabis enthusiast.

Elevate Accessories will be participating in Black Friday and Cyber Monday—Whether you are buying a gift for a loved one, or for yourself (we don’t judge -we know you’ve been eyeballin’ something), this is the time to act. For the next 5 days, you can save up to 40% on select items. They are even offering gift cards at 10% off, so you save later too. Our best sale prices of the year!

KushKards will be promoting a special ad campaign for Cyber Monday & the holidays. Celebrating Cyber Monday with the launch of holiday box sets and celebrating Green Friday with the “Smoke Together” campaign: “Step outside, step away from social media and technology, and light one.”

On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Resolution in Colorado will be doing a cleaner bundle pack: 2 ResGel and 1 ResCaps for $24.99, which translates to trying the set of ResCaps for only .99 cents with the purchase of two cleaners. Plus, Res Caps for $10 dollars (usually $16).

And finally, A new Nuggy video will launch for Weed Wednesday. Visit NugTools on Youtube to see it. They’ll be offering 20% off all products plus free shipping starting on Weed Wednesday and ending on Cyber Monday.

Debra BorchardtNovember 6, 2017


Halloween was a big hit with cannabis consumers in California as delivery service Eaze reported that sales increased dramatically over last year and this bodes well for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

Eaze saw a 30% increase in deliveries this Halloween over last year and a 24% increase in orders on Halloween when compared to a typical Tuesday. Eaze believes that the jump in sales shows that consumers are becoming more comfortable with integrating marijuana into holidays as well as daily lives.

“The increase in sales this Halloween demonstrates a growing trend that we’ve witnessed over the past year: marijuana use is becoming accepted and normalized,” said Jim Patterson, Chief Executive Officer of Eaze. “With adult use around the corner in 2018, more Californians than ever are comfortable incorporating cannabis into their daily lives, which includes celebration days like Halloween.”

Numbers like these suggest dispensary owners will see a big increase in sales for Thanksgiving. Patterson said, “This will only continue to trend upward, especially as we head into the holiday season. One of the most popular days for cannabis purchases is actually the day before Thanksgiving, which we’ve dubbed as “Green Wednesday.” Last year, Eaze saw a 71 percent spike in sales compared to the yearly average for Wednesday.”

According to Eaze’s 2016 State of Cannabis Report, Green Wednesday is second only to the 420 holiday for increases in sales volumes for holidays. The report also found that Californian’s are drinking less at the holidays and using marijuana instead.  “We’re expecting that same increase in demand this year as consumers bring marijuana home not just to consume privately, but to share with family,” said Patterson. “Even if it starts with an open conversation at the Thanksgiving dinner table, marijuana consumption is becoming an accepted part of American culture.”

A study by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner found that 61% of people often or sometimes feel stress at Thanksgiving. The report said, “Most people are inclined to fee that their stress increases, rather than decreases around the holidays (38% increase versus 8% decrease.)” So, some consumers may feel they need to have something extra to help get through a stressful few days with the family. They may have to face relationship questions or job questions and a little cannabis could assist in dealing with the nosy inquiries into delicate matters.

Women, in particular, carry most of the burden of the holiday. They feel crunched for time to plan the event, do the shopping and prepare a multicourse meal for many people. They even end up doing most of the dirty dishes. That might be the reason why more women are becoming cannabis consumers.

The Eaze report said that at the beginning of 2016, women only accounted for 25% of the deliveries and by the end of the year that number increased to 32%. Cannabis may be the way for women to pull off a successful holiday without getting too wigged out.

So, get ready for Green Wednesday and if you are in a legal state ask before you grab one of those brownies on the buffet table.

Debra BorchardtOctober 27, 2017


Cannabis sales are going higher at Halloween as legalization has changed the way people are partying. According to Eaze delivery service, Halloween now ranks as the number three top holiday for cannabis sales. April 20 is number one and Green Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving) is number two.

According to BDS Analytics, in Colorado cannabis sales increased 10.3% from 2015 to 2016 for Halloween. Last year, Halloween was on a Monday night, which wasn’t a great night for celebrating, but for that weekend, $3.21 million in sales were recorded. 54% of the sales were in flower, with 22% in concentrate and only 14% was edibles. The breakdown in the category wasn’t much different from 2015.

Oregon has only had one year of Halloween sales and they clocked in at $964, 629. The breakdown in categories was also similar to Colorado with 58% of the sales in flower, 23% in concentrates and only 7% in edibles.

Washington state had the largest increase in sales from 2015 to 2016, with a 51% jump in sales. 2015 logged $1.39 million in sales and the number jumped to $2.11 million in 2016. They too purchased 59% in flower, with 21% in concentrates and once again, only 8% in edibles.

This could explain why there aren’t more Halloween themed edibles being made and sold. Having said that, there is a Caviar Gold Pumpkin Spice CaviCone. According to Krista Whitely of Elevate Cannabis products, Caviar Gold is the world’s strongest medicine, so this pumpkin spice is a special treat. She said that organic pumpkin extracts are infused into every cone and that Caviar Gold combines the most premium cannabis flower with their patent-pending cannabis oil infused evenly through the cannabis flower.

“Halloweed is our favorite holiday, which happens to fall in Las Vegas just in time for the annual LGBTQ Pride Parade,” said Whitely. “Altitude Products and Social Media Unicorn are sponsoring the Uni-Rhino from Burning Man, who will be joining us to celebrate equality for all. With room for 50 of our closest friends, we will be in full costume as unicorns parading through downtown Las Vegas on Friday, October 20th. The art of transformation and celebration of acceptance is on full display in Sin City throughout the month of October, culminating in several dispensaries throwing Halloweed parties.”

Since concentrates are the number two product of choice for Halloween cannabis consumption, DaVinci vaporizers have a new product that is being launched ahead of the holiday. “We actually have a new limited edition green IQ vaporizer that we are debuting just in time for Halloween. I think that we’ll officially launch the 5000 piece limited run on October 18th, with some influencer push prior. In addition, we will be unveiling a connoisseur kit upgrade available for another $99, which includes an engraved wooden branded Davinci box, glass stash jar, carrying case, stash hat, and some swag.”

Oakland-based cannabis company GOOD CO-OP launched the edible blondie exclusively on the Eaze delivery platform, a marijuana marketplace that’ll ensure your treat gets delivered in 20 minutes or less. A delicious mix of organic pumpkin, spice, and everything nice (10mg of THC), the blondie is a perfect treat to snack on while watching your favorite scary movie on a cozy night in or to liven up a Halloween potluck.

Since all cannabis consumers are over the age of 21, most don’t have to worry whether it’s a school night or not. They can start their parties over the weekend and even continue to celebrate on Tuesday night. As more states legalize cannabis for adult-use, Halloween sales are expected to grow.

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