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StaffApril 12, 2021


The Emerald Cup Festival and Awards was broadcasted live on Social Club TV (www.thesocialclub.TV) – and is available on April 20, 2021 for on-demand viewing on the world’s only cannabis TV network – making 2021’s celebration the most attended in the event’s 17-year history. With musical performances with Ziggy Marley, Michael Franti and Krayzie Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony along with special appearances by Chelsea Handler, B Real, and Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Winona LaDuke, the event transformed into a TV channel with hundreds of hours of exclusive content. As with tradition, this year’s virtual affair was hosted by founder Tim Blake and his daughter Taylor maintaining the intimate setting the event is known for with fireside chats, expert panels, video of past events, and behind-the-scenes footage.

The Emerald Cup announces its winners for 2021 in each category:

(view list HERE or download the full list in a word document HERE)

Sungrown Flower – Category Winners:

  1. The Farmer and the Felon – Gorilla Snacks, CannaCraft

  2. Canna Country #26, Canna Country Farm

  3. POG (Passion Orange Guava), Greenshock Farms

  4. Legacy Sour, StarSong Farms

  5. Dosilato, Sugar Leaf Extracts

  6. Honey Dew, Esensia

  7. Peppermint Sleigh Ride, Greenshock Farms

  8. Pixie Dust, Esensia

  9. Lime Juice, Esensia

  10. Grease Monkey Flower, Telos Farms

  11. Tire Fire, StarSong Farms

  12. Vanilla Frosting, Sugar Leaf Extracts

  13. LA Kush Cake, Luminescent Farms

  14. Citrus Sunrise, Vacation

  15. Surfin’ Bird, Sunnabis: Humboldt’s Full Sun Farm x Humboldt Heirlooms x Redwood Roots

  16. Purple Sleigh Ride, Greenshock Farms

  17. Hippie Crippler, Cache Creek Orangewood

  18. Orange Terpentine, Greenshock Farms

  19. #9, Canna Country Farm

  20. Gelonade Flower, Booney Acres


Sungrown Flower – Breeder’s Cup Winner:

Canna Country #26, Canna Country Farm


Mixed Light Flower – Category Winners:

  1. Ice Cream Cake, Local Cannabis Company

  2. Sherbhead, Local Cannabis Company

  3. Modified Grapes, LitHouse

  4. Lemon Crush, Phytologie x Napro Research

  5. Citrus Squirt, Phytologie x Napro Research

  6. Royal Crown, NUG

  7. Monterey Kush Co Gelato 41, Monterey Kush Co

  8. Mochi, Old Briceland Holding Company

  9. Monterey Kush Co Trop Cookies, Monterey Kush Co

  10. Orange Daiquiri, LitHouse


Mixed Light Flower – Breeder’s Cup Winner:

Lemon Crush, Phytologie x Napro Research


Indoor Flower – Category Winners:

  1. Gelonade, Connected Cannabis

  2. Super Lemon Haze, Garcia Hand Picked x NorCal Cannabis Company

  3. Biskante, Alien Labs

  4. Julius, FloraCal Farms x Seed Junky Genetics

  5. Classic Trainwreck, Abatin Farms x Napro Research

  6. DDV, Panacea (NCC) x Compound Genetics

  7. Juicy Gushy, Atrium Cultivation

  8. Peach Preserves, Phytologie x Biotech Institute

  9. Talking Trees Farms Zmashers, Talking Trees Farms

  10. Chocolate Mintz, Sovereign x Small Boutique Farmz x Hendrix Farm


Indoor Flower – Breeder’s Cup Winner:

Gelonade, Connected Cannabis


Personal Use Flower – Category Winners:

  1. Tropical Sleigh Ride #1, Mark Greyshock

  2. Steve Urkle, Tim Warda

  3. Orange Terpentine #27, Mark Greyshock

  4. In the Pines, Derek Roseboom

  5. Skangie, Josh Young

  6. Dirty Zkittlez x Lemon O.G., Derek Roseboom

  7. Sol Shine, Walter Wood

  8. Peanut Butter Breath, Tara Mahony

  9. Sherballistic, Star Fargey

  10. Strawberry Danish, Andrew Leitch


3rd Party Certified Sungrown Flower – Category Winners

  1. Pink Boost Goddess, Emerald Spirit Botanicals


3rd Party Certified Mixed Light Flower – Category Winners

  1. Sour Tangie, Redwood Remedies


Hemp Flower – Category Winners

  1. Guava Jam 2.0, Hakira x Biotech Institute


Solvent-Less (Ice Water Hash) Concentrates – Category Winners:

  1. Strawberry Jelly 120u Water Hash, Papa’s Select

  2. Kombucha 90u Water Hash, Papa’s Select

  3. Garlic Juice 120u Water Hash, Papa’s Select

  4. Zkittlezmintz, Kalya Extracts by Zenganic Inc x Mojave Cannabis Co

  5. Gargoyle Melon Berry Full Melt, Feeling Frosty x Tar Hill Cannabis


Solvent-Less Rosin – Category Winners:

  1. Patty’s Cake, Kalya Extracts by Zenganic Inc x Landhammer Farms

  2. Garlic Juice #3 Fresh Pressed Live Rosin, Rosin Tech Labs

  3. Strawberry Jelly Premium Live Rosin, Papa’s Select

  4. Tropic Sauce, Kalya Extracts by Zenganic Inc x Vesuvio Gardens x Dancing Dog Ranch

  5. Rainbow Belts Solventless Live Rosin, Humboldt Terp Council x Devi

  6. Banana Peel x Wilson, True Hash Company x ABR Farms

  7. Garlic Cookies Live Rosin Batter, Rosin Tech Labs

  8. Papaya Cake, Kalya Extracts by Zenganic Inc x Dancing Dog Ranch x Landhammer Farms

  9. Uncrustable Headstash Live Rosin, Feeling Frosty

  10. Lemon Berry Premium Live Rosin Badder, Papa’s Select


Solventless Personal Use – Category Winners:

  1. Orange Elixir Full Spectrum 45-159 Live Rosin, Brett Byrd

  2. Fat Tropaya, Michael Alamares

  3. Tahoe C4 Full Spectrum 45-159 Live Rosin, Brett Byrd


Hydrocarbon Liquid – Category Winners

  1. Gelonade Live Resin, Humboldt Terp Council x Booney Acres Farm

  2. Sugaree – Live Resin Sauce, Terphogz x Humboldt Terp Council

  3. Cresco “Lemon Bean” – Sauce, SLO Cultivation Inc

  4. Pineapple Passion Zkittlez- Live Resin Sauce, Terphogz

  5. Tar Hill Strawberry Lemonade Live Resin, WOX EXTRACTS x Tar Hill Cannabis

  6. Holy Water And Diamonds, Chanel Group Of Oakland x Grandiflora Genetics x Holy Water

  7. Wedding Cake Live Resin Sauce, Accentian, Inc. x Gold Drop

  8. Medusa Cosmic Live Resin Diamonds & Sauce, Cosmic x Norse Organics

  9. URSA Extracts Runtz Live Resin, URSA Extracts/Bear Extraction House

  10. Refined Live Resin Diamonds – Strawberry Rosé, Raw Garden


Hydrocarbon Solid – Category Winners

  1. Moonbow Butter Frosting, Suprize Suprize x High Water Farms x Field Extracts

  2. Dosilato (Live Resin Budder), Beezle Brands x Bon Vivant Farms

  3. Sapphire Shiznit, Suprize Suprize x High Water Farms

  4. Strawnana Runtz, CaliStripe Concentrates x Kali Farms x Mendoja Farms

  5. Zerbert frosting, Cali Kosher

  6. Super Lemon Haze, Moxie (Pure CA, LLC.)

  7. Vanilla Frosting, Suprize Suprize

  8. Lemonnade – Cake Mix 1g Badder, ArcataX x Willow Creekside Farms

  9. Purple Medusa Cosmic Live Resin Batter, Cosmic x Norse Organics

  10. Lemonnade – Lion’s Mane 1g Badder, ArcataX x 1L Garden Supply


Pre-Rolled Infused – Category Winners

  1. Dirty Zkittles Hash Roll, Compassionate Manufacturing x Pinnacle Farms

  2. Mother’s Milk Geode Joint, Sovereign

  3. Banana OG x Cherry Fritter 1g Infused PreRoll, Lift Tickets x Fresh Baked


Pre-Rolled Non-Infused – Category Winners

  1. GMO Cookies x Juice Z, Atrium Cultivation

  2. ZRUNTZ Pre Roll 5 pack, Terphogz

  3. Lemon Lava, LitHouse


CBD Flower – Category Winners:

  1. Citrus Gummies, Abatin Farms x Biotech Institute

  2. Pennywise, Esensia

  3. Mountain Medicine, Hogwash Pharms


CBD Flower Breeders Cup Winner:

Citrus Gummies, Abatin Farms x Biotech Institute


CBD Cartridge – Category Winners:

  1. Tsunami Dog, Chemistry. x Moon Made Farms

  2. Canna Banana, Savage Farms x Humboldt Alchemy Group

  3. Care by Design 18:1 Vape Cartridge, CRFT Manufacturing, Inc.


CBD Edibles – Category Winners:

  1. Potli Dream Honey, Haute Supply LLC

  2. CBD Gummy Space Gems, Space Gems

  3. Care by Design 4:1 Gummies, Lemon, CRFT Manufacturing, Inc.


CBD Topicals – Category Winners:

  1. Himalayan Kush Mineral Salt, OM

  2. Rasta Cream, C.A.D (Carter’s Aromatherapy Designs)


CBD Tinctures – Category Winners:

  1. Extra Strength CBD Elixir Made With Sun Grown ACDC, OM x Island Mountain Organics

  2. Fiddler’s Greens, Kindred Spirit Raw Tincture, Fiddler’s Greens x High Tide Distribution

  3. AC/DC, Chemistry. x Lazy Moon Ranch


CBD Concentrates – Category Winners:

  1. Cremedy Full Spectrum Oil, Bird Valley Organics

  2. High CBD Full Spectrum Oil, Bird Valley Organics


Hemp Derived Topicals – Category Winners:

  1. Icey Stick, OM

  2. Extra Strength CBD Cream, Vital Body Therapy LLC

  3. CBD Releaf Body Oil, Papa & Barkley


Cartridges CO2 – Category Winners:

  1. Burzt, Rove

  2. Red Velvet Balanced, Savage Farms x Humboldt Alchemy Group

  3. Mistifi Houdini, Cannabistry


Cartridges Live Resin – Category Winners:

  1. Arcata Fire Live Resin Vape – Runtz, ArcataX x Great Expectations Farm x Lightwork Distributors

  2. URSA Liquid Diamond Sauce Cartridge “Tar Hill Pink Lemonade”, URSA EXTRACTS (Bear Extraction House) x Tar Hill Cannabis

  3. URSA Nova Blueberry Muffin Cartridge, URSA Extracts

  4. Banana Creme – Solventless Vape, Jetty Extracts

  5. KryptoChronic – Live Resin Pen, Alien Labs

  6. Lemonatti – Live Resin Pen, Connected Cannabis

  7. URSA Extracts Lemon Super Glue Liquid Diamond Sauce, URSA Extracts

  8. Alien Mints – Live Resin Pen, Alien Labs

  9. Collins Ave – Pink Rozay 0.5g Cartridge, ArcataX x 1L Garden Supply

  10. Cresco x Floracal Mentholotti – Liquid Live Resin, SLO Cultivation Inc. dba Cresco Labs x Floracal Farms


Cartridge – Distillate – Category Winners

  1. Blue River Chocolate Orange Jelly Sauce Cartridge, fresh baked x Blue River

  2. Banana Cream, Beezle Brands

  3. The Monarch, Golden Tangie, Solventless Terpenes, LEGION of Bloom


Cosmetic Topicals – Category Winner

  1. RENEWING SERUM, Green Bee Botanicals

  2. Rose Geranium Bath & Body Oil, OM


Therapeutic Topicals – Category Winners:

  1. Arnica Pain Relief Epsom Salt, OM

  2. Sweet Releaf Comfort Warms 30ml Cannabis-Infused Dry Oil Roll On For Pain & Inflammation, Strictly Topical

  3. Lion Balm, OM


Tincture – Category Winners:

  1. Lempire Farmaseed Dirty Zkittlez Rosin Tincture, LH Manufacturing, LLC x Compassionate Heart Mutual Benefits Corporation

  2. Extra Strength Nighttime Elixir, OM

  3. Compassionate Heart Garlic Logs 300mg THC 10mg CBD Rosin Tincture, LH Manufacturing, LLC x Compassionate Heart Mutual Benefits Corporation


Innovative Products Winner:

SOW YOUR OWN MAGIC-mom and pop seed pucks, Huckleberry Hill Farms


Edibles – Beverages – Category Winners:

  1. Hi-Fi Hops Unplugged, CRFT Manufacturing, Inc.

  2. Mad Lilly- Passion Fruit Mango Spritzer, K-Zen Beverages manufactured by Spacestation

  3. The Fizz- Ginger Root, Manzanita Naturals


Edibles – Sweet – Category Winners:

  1. OM & Feeling Frosty Vegan Rosin Gummi, Mixed Berry, OM x Feeling Frosty Hash x Tar Hill Cannabis
  2. GO, CLICK Spray
  3. Sour Gummy Space Drops, Space Gem
  4. Satori Chai Spiced White Chocolate, CRFT Manufacturing, Inc.
  5. Assorted Flavors 12pk Marshmallows, Mellows
  6. “Munchie” THC Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar, Chocolate Haus
  7. Strawberries & Cream Super Mellows Marshmallows, Mellows
  8. Brown Butter Sage & Smoky Vanilla Super Mellows Marshmallows, Mellows
  9. “White w/ Oreo” THC White Chocolate w/ Oreos Bar, Chocolate Haus
  10. “Strawberry” THC White Chocolate w/ Strawberries Bar, Chocolate Haus

Edibles – Savory – Category Winners:

  1. Potli SrirachaHaute Supply LLC

  2. GF Rosemary Garlic Crackers 100mg Hybrid – 4 PackHigher Edibles

  3. Chile Limon Canna-Corn Kernels – GFHigher Edibles

Eco-Conscious Packaging Category Winner:

Tree Hugger Container’s Sustainable 6-pack Eco-Conscious packaging, Tree Hugger Containers

The Emerald Cup 2021 Photo Contest Winner:

Resilience, David Cooper

William SumnerDecember 21, 2018


Amidst the glitz and the glamor of the growing cannabis industry, it can be easy to lose touch with the industry’s communal roots. Before billion-dollar companies and institutional investors swooped in to infuse the industry with cash and an air of legitimacy, outlaw growers and sellers gathered together to swap stories and honor one another for excellence in the then-illegal art of growing cannabis; and it is in this spirit that the first Emerald Cup was born.

Taking place in Santa Rosa, California, the fifteenth annual Emerald Cup is a far cry from the original. Where once the Emerald Cup, also known as the Academy Awards of Cannabis, was just a small gathering of cannabis cultivators and enthusiasts, the event now attracts national media outlets and world-famous celebrities like Willie Nelson and Kevin Smith.

Throughout the course of the two-event, the Emerald Cup saw approximately 27,000 attendees and over 250 vendors. In stark contrast to other investor-focused cannabis conferences, where cannabis-use is often banned, dozens of booths and tents were erected to allow attendees to talk with judges and partake in many of the cannabis brands on display at the event.

This year’s event also had the distinction of being the first Emerald Cup to take place since adult-use cannabis sales became legal in the state of California. Although many welcomed California’s first year of adult-use sales, it was also a year where many cannabis companies in the state where forced to close their doors; due primarily to shifting regulations on both a state and local level.

Consequently, many of the cannabis brands that entered the Emerald Cup already felt like winners, if only for the fact that they survived a tumultuous year in California cannabis. Other cannabis brands, like The Original Jack Herer, found the event’s timing particularly poignant.

Named after the late cannabis activist, Jack Here, The Original Jack Herer took home the Emerald Cup price for best cannabis distillate.

“It’s poetic that Jack wins this year, the first that cannabis is legalized for adults statewide,” said Jack Herer brand writer Jorie Henrickson.

Accepting the award for the brand was Herer’s son, Dan Herer, who gave a moving acceptance speech.

“Thank you to my partner Latif and our formulator Dustin [Snyder] for working for nearly a year to perfect the product that we put out. And I’m so grateful for all the love and response that we got back,” said Herer.

Here is the full list of 2018 Emerald Cup Winners:

Licensed Sun-Grown
Ridgeline Farms – Green Lantern
Rebel Grown– Double OG Chem #15
Tar Hill – Cherimoya

Licensed Mixed Light
Tar Hill – Pink Lemonade
Josh D. – OG Kush Story
DEVI – Peanut Butter Breath

Personal Sun-Grown
JD Lee – Chili Verde
Paula Hudgins – Wedding Cake
Cory Rodgers – Cherry Punch 15

Utopia – Raspberry Macarons
SolDaze – Tropical Mango Bites
Budlette Confections – Mellows Black Sesame

Alchemy Jane – Create THC Tincture
OM Edibles – Nighttime Elixer
Humboldt Apothecary – Love Potion No. 7

Newell’s Botanicals – Deep Skin Penetrating Roll-on
OM – Lavender Bath Salts
CAD – Mimosa

Herer Group – The Original Jack Herer
Gold Drop/Lemon Tree/Blue River – Lemon Tree
Gold Drop/Bon Vivant/Blue River – Blueberry Muffin

Peak – Huckleberry Zkittlez Amber
WildSeed – Candyland
Big Sur Extracts – Cloud Drop

The Humboldt Cure – The Humboldt Cure Blend Diamonds
WildSeed, LLC – White Recluse Diamonds
NUG – White Buffalo OG Live Resin Diamonds

Live Resin Carts
Fieldz Extracts – Zkittlez Sauce Pen
Friendly Farms – Forbidden Fruit
Fiddler’s Green – Rogue OG Kush

GDP Genetics – Super Glue
Fieldz – Zkittles Premium Rosin
Field Extracts – Papaya Premium Rosin

Humboldt Terp Council – Zkittlez Cake
Raw Garden – Zookies
Summit Boys – Sundae Driver

Shatter Batter
Suprize Suprize – Cherry Tangerine
Suprize Suprize – Royal Kush BX1 “Badder”
Suprize Suprize – Holy Nana Crack Batter

Frosty – Papaya 120u
Tar Hill and Frosty – Tar Hill Pink Lemonade
Papa’s Select, in collaboration with Select Solventless grown by Emerald Queen Farms – GMO 1st Pull 120u Water Hash

CBDs Co2/Distillate
Gold Drop – Lemon Penny

CBD Edibles
Somatik – Goji Berry
OM Edibles – CBD Gummi Melange
Space Gems – VITA Gems

CBD Tinctures
Humboldt Apothecary – Relax
Fiddler’s Green – ACDC Rogue Tincture
Humboldt Harvest – 13:1 CBD Terpene Rich

CBD Topical
Om Edibles – Rose Geranium Bath Salt

CBD Flower
Molecular Farms – Blueberry Banana Bread
Molecular Farms – Dr. Fizz
Molecular Farms – Garlic Jam

CBD Concentrate
Sublime – Sleep
Sublime – High-C

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