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Tabitha ClayApril 18, 2018


Quim Rock is a “self-care line for humans with vaginas and humans without vaginas who love vaginas.” The company, co-founded by Cyo Ray Nystrom and Rachel Washtien presented this year at CNvest and has been turning heads in the cannabis industry with their unique approach and product.  

“CNvest was an amazing opportunity for us,” said Nystrom, “It allowed us to pitch to a room pretty much entirely of private investors and we had some really exciting conversations.”

Quim Rock’s Intimate Oil is infused with THC and is designed to intensify climax, enhance sensation, increase libido, and promote overall vaginal health. Nystrom started making her own vaginal health products six years ago and started including cannabis into the equation three years ago.

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“Really it was just a side project,” said Nystrom, “My own product for my own needs and for my friends until I started working with my co-founder Rachel [Washtien], who is head of operations and really is the one who had the longevity, and the hunger, and the aptitude, and detail-orientedness to really incorporate the business.”

Quim Rock was incorporated in October 2016 and launched its first product, Quim Rock Intimate Oil, in April 2017. The recommended usage amount contains 8-10 mg of THC, which can help ease intercourse-related pain and heighten pleasurable sensations while promoting overall vaginal health. The company focuses on vaginal health and wellness and works to promote open conversations about the quim. Already in multiple retail locations in California, Quim Rock is currently building out a new manufacturing facility and has even more products in the pipeline.

“We’ll be launching a latex-safe cannabis-infused lubricant, which is probably the biggest limitation of our current product [which is oil based]. We’re also going to launch what I call eye cream for your vagina, for your quim if you will,” said Nystrom, “and that will be our actual first THC-free product.”  

Having a THC-free product means that Quim Rock will be able to expand beyond California into other markets. Because the cannabis industry is regulated at the state level, reaching other markets with their THC infused Intimate Oil presents a lot of unique challenges.

There are a lot of uphill battles for a vaginal health and wellness company, even in the cannabis industry which is known for its proportionally high number of women executives. Quim Rock is still seeking funding, and that means meeting with investors that may not have personally experienced the problems that Quim Rock is addressing.

“I’m talking about vaginal health issues and a lot of the people that I’m talking to, they don’t have vaginas, they don’t know what it’s felt like to have a recurring yeast infection, or go in a cycle of UTI yeast infection for years and years and years on end, because these things are so coated with shame,” explained Nystrom. “We want to create products that solve these problems, solve these issues, but the real goal is that in doing so we remove the shame around such a vital part of our bodies.”


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